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Parody map backfire
Man tweets Thanksgiving pie map as a joke. People freak out.
maps  funny  parody  politics  tootme  pie  thanksgiving  visualization 
17 days ago by nelson
Ready Player One for Girls
Trashy 80s culture novel, now in pink!
books  funny  parody  feminism  readyplayerone 
march 2018 by nelson
Trump vs Talking Heads
Normally hate this kind of thing but it had me laughing out loud, a release of tension
trump  politics  talkingheads  parody  funny 
december 2017 by nelson
We Put 700 Red Dots On A Map
A crucial new visualization technique from ClickHole
funny  maps  visualization  parody 
october 2017 by nelson
The Eclipse Conspiracy
How do we really know the sun is going to disappear?
eclipse  parody  globalwarming  science  funny 
august 2017 by nelson
Very sharp parody of ethnographic films, hilarious
funny  australia  aborigine  parody  ethnography 
june 2017 by nelson
Pres. Supervillain
Dropping Trump words into Red Skull's mouth
comics  funny  trump  politics  parody  redskull  via:metafilter 
february 2017 by nelson
Satire account, it's funny because oh god it may be true
satire  parody  trump  politics  funny  cnn 
february 2017 by nelson
GOP Arcade
Your favorite political stories as low-fi videogames
games  politics  parody  funny 
october 2016 by nelson
Apple Plug
Upgrade your iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7!
apple  iphone  parody  funny  headphones 
september 2016 by nelson
Hilarious, but offensive variant of the dumb What3Words addressing system
what3words  parody  funny  fuck  maps 
july 2016 by nelson
It was then that I carried you
Forbidden Planet + insipid religious quote
funny  religion  parody  forbiddenplanet 
may 2016 by nelson
Can't Stump the Trump
Political parody videos made in the form of MLG gamer parody videos. An aggressively weird Internet culture mashup.
games  video  parody  politics  trump 
march 2016 by nelson
Donald Trump / anime
Donald Trump will make anime real
trump  politics  parody  funny  meme  via:reddit  4chan 
january 2016 by nelson
The Battle of Meme's Deep
Remarkably meta commentary on Internet culture. Also funny and dumb.
mlg  funny  parody  twitter  reddit  internetculture 
december 2015 by nelson
What 3 Emojis?
Revolutionary new mapping / addressing system
parody  maps  cartography  what3words 
september 2015 by nelson
git man pages
Parody documentation generator
git  funny  parody 
july 2015 by nelson
Black Widow trailer
Finally, a superhero movie for girls!
funny  parody  marvel  snl  blackwidow  movies 
may 2015 by nelson
What value creating winners do all day
funny  parody  startups 
april 2015 by nelson
The Faze Clansman
A parody of a parody of gaming videos
mlg  games  via:metafilter  parody  funny  noscope 
november 2014 by nelson
Too Many Cooks
Brilliance from Adult Swim; may require being high
funny  adultswim  parody  80s 
november 2014 by nelson
Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?
Funny video game commentary shorts
games  parody  funny 
august 2014 by nelson
Fastlane ISP
Parody of what buying Internet may soon look like
internet  funny  parody  netneutrality 
june 2014 by nelson
420 MLG Game Montages
Some history of the game montage parody meme
games  funny  parody 
may 2014 by nelson
How to Flip a Pancake
Parody video (attn @mbostock @shashashasha @migurski)
funny  parody  games  montage 
may 2014 by nelson
Satirizing over-hyped game videos. Mom get your camera.
games  funny  parody  video 
may 2014 by nelson
Cow Clicker Molyneux parody
Ian Bogost tweaks his absurd game to parody Peter Molyneux
molyneux  games  parody  cowclicker 
june 2012 by nelson
Princess Robot Bubblegum
An entire anime parody buried inside GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony
games  gta4  grandtheftauto  anime  parody  funny 
november 2011 by nelson
Cow Clicker IF
Ian Bogost's groundbreaking Cow Clicking game is now a playable Interactive Fiction work
games  funny  parody  bogost 
august 2011 by nelson
Yelp: Abortionplex
Reviews of a facility in Topeka.
funny  abortion  parody  yelp  theonion 
may 2011 by nelson
Reimagine :The Game:
Incomprehensibly brilliant game. Parody? Meme feeder? WTF?
games  parody 
may 2011 by nelson
Goodnight Dune
A reimagined children's book. Goodnight Shai-Hulud bursting out of the dune
dune  parody  via:metafilter  goodnightmoon 
march 2011 by nelson
Christian gene identified
Finally, an explanation of why some people are Christian
genetics  gay  parody  funny  via:ian 
february 2011 by nelson
Genderless baby
Funny spoof animation about Echinacea, who will be loved no matter what he or she turns out to be
video  gay  parody  lesbian  gender  transgendered  legos 
november 2010 by nelson
New Thomas Kinkaide
His work is taking a more complex theme. With robots.
funny  parody  thomaskinkaide  art  kitsch 
june 2010 by nelson
Clicks per banner
Finally, an Internet advertising company that understands what real Internet people want
ads  advertising  banners  clicks  funny  parody 
february 2010 by nelson
Super Bowl as film
Super Bowl produced in the style of Tarantino, Lynch, Anderson, etc
via:kottke  movies  film  parody  superbowl  sports  davidlynch  quentintarantino  wesanderson 
february 2010 by nelson
The Necronomicon
Promotional video, it could change your life!
parody  lovecraft  necronomicon  funny 
december 2009 by nelson
Sex Offender shuffle
1988 PSA video from Miami. Or a reasonable imitation of same
parody  funny  sexoffender  miami  florida 
december 2009 by nelson
Mass: We Pray
Worship simulator videogame (note: actually, advertisement for another game)
church  religion  games  parody  funny  via:metafilter  advertisement 
november 2009 by nelson
Modern Warfare 3
Sneak preview of the new ultrarealistic military game
games  parody  callofduty 
november 2009 by nelson
Masculine Halloween costumes
For your effeminate son. Wow, this made me uncomfortable.
halloween  parody  gay  gender  funny 
october 2009 by nelson
Windows 7 torrent party
Celebrate the launch of Microsoft's newest operating system!
parody  funny  video  microsoft  windows  marketing  via:metafilter 
october 2009 by nelson
Hitler learns of FriendFeed buyout
A lot of FriendFeed users seem to be pissed; good parody
friendfeed  facebook  hitler  funny  parody 
august 2009 by nelson
iPhone 3GI
For the truly faithful
funny  apple  iphone  parody 
july 2009 by nelson
Braid 2
Exclusive look, going mainstream
games  parody  funny  braid 
may 2009 by nelson
Java exceptions
Plain English explanations, a bit crooked
java  funny  programming  parody 
february 2009 by nelson
AppStore PEE
Tweetie adds a flashlight and fart noises to improve its iPhone app store rankings
parody  apple  twitter  iphone  fart 
january 2009 by nelson
HCI gone bad on TV
Great parody of all these silly interface gadgets TV stations are playing with
video  via:kottke  tv  parody  hci  chi  touchscreen  multitouch 
october 2008 by nelson
all the convenience of secret passwords online!
security  ssh  parody 
july 2008 by nelson
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