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Trump's embrace of anti-Muslim hate
Details on the anti-Islam group Trump is promoting
trump  politics  islam  muslim  prejudice 
november 2017 by nelson
Vikings for Allah
Evidence of cultural exchange in 10th century Sweden
viking  history  islam  muslim  silkroad 
october 2017 by nelson
American Eid
Photos of Americans celebrating the end of Ramadan
muslim  eid  ramadan  america  photos 
june 2017 by nelson
USPS Eid stamps
Postage stamps with beautiful Arabic calligraphy
usps  muslim  islam  arabic  eid  stamp  government 
april 2017 by nelson
FBI provacateurs
FBI sends a nutjob "undercover" to foment jihad in a California mosque. It backfires.
fbi  islam  muslim  civilrights  terrorism  stupid 
december 2010 by nelson
Observing Ramadan
Yet another amazing Big Picture
ramadan  islam  muslim  photography 
september 2008 by nelson

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