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MoviePass is in a lot of trouble
Changing product from $10 / unlimited movies to $15 / three movies. Stock is worth 0.01% of what it was last year
moviepass  startups  companies  movies 
august 2018 by nelson
Onion reviews Mamma Mia
Remarkably insightful review of the summer comedy sequel
reviews  movies  funny  therapy  depression  mammamia 
july 2018 by nelson
RIP Tab Hunter
50s film star came out at age 84
gay  lgbt  tabhunter  movies  film  actors 
july 2018 by nelson
Molly Ringwold on John Hughes
Nuanced, complex discussion of rapey themes in Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, etc
movies  johnhuges  mollyringwald  metoo  gender  harassment 
april 2018 by nelson
“Black Panther” and the Invention of “Africa”
Thoughts on colonialism from an African-American perspective
movies  blackpanther  wakanda 
february 2018 by nelson
Africans on Black Panther
Some thoughts from Kenya on the American movie
movies  africanamerican  africa  blackpanther 
february 2018 by nelson
Killmonger was right
A nice exploration of the central ethical quandry of Black Panther
blackpanther  killmonger  movies  black  africanamerican 
february 2018 by nelson
Space is the Place
Sun Ra's 1974 afrofuturist film
movies  film  sunra  blackpanther 
february 2018 by nelson
Bruce Lee with Lightsabers
What makes a good kung fu action sequence even better? Laser swords
lightsaber  brucelee  effects  kungfu  hongkong  movies 
january 2018 by nelson
Who Killed Captain Alex?
Ugandan film turned meme incubator
memes  uganda  movies 
january 2018 by nelson
Star Wars and female military power
Excellent feminist reading of Admiral Holdo in Star Wars
starwars  gender  feminism  movies 
january 2018 by nelson
Streaming piracy profits
Analytics of pirate movie websites
movies  ads  badtech  piracy  malware 
december 2017 by nelson
That Guy
A list of character actors who show up in small parts in movies
movies  acting  thatguy  actors 
december 2017 by nelson
Liquid Sky 4K restoration!
Tragically underappreciated 80s movie getting a reissue. Stills look amazing
movies  liquidsky  newwave  heroin 
november 2017 by nelson
Figure out which streaming service has what TV and movie
tv  movies  streaming  video 
october 2017 by nelson
Buddy copy movie in a High Fantasy LA
la  movies  fantasy  trailer 
october 2017 by nelson
Liquid Sky
1980s postpunk classic movie, unauthorized copy on Youtube
movies  liquidsky 
may 2017 by nelson
Spelunky documentary
Noclip hour long movie about the game. Attn @waxpancake
games  spelunky  noclip  movies 
april 2017 by nelson
Ken Rudolph sample reel
Friend of mine's film editing work in the 70s-80s
film  movies  kenru  analog 
march 2017 by nelson
Mission Cinemas
Grand old movie palaces /cc @strongthomas
movies  sanfrancisco  mission  history  theaters 
february 2017 by nelson
Twelve Hundred Ghosts
A supercut of A Christmas Carol videos, phenomenal video editing
tv  movies  christmascarol  supercut  editing 
december 2016 by nelson
Meet cute
A trope from TV and film; the boy and the girl in a story always meet each other in a "cute" way
tv  film  narrative  movies 
december 2016 by nelson
Hina missing from Disneyʼs Moana
Cultural critique from a Polynesian expert
disney  movies  moana  religion 
november 2016 by nelson
Rollerskating steadicam
Nice depiction of how movie magic is made
movies  steadicam  via:reddit 
october 2016 by nelson
Offline Movie Reviews
A project demonstration data scraping and mobile access without Internet
movies  data  internet  scraping  wikidata 
september 2016 by nelson
Ongoing attacks on Leslie Jones
Racist monsters continue to harass African-American actress online
racism  america  acting  movies  ghostbusters 
august 2016 by nelson
Dune in emoji
As told by Kyle MacLachlan /cc @celesteramsay
dune  movies  emoji  twitter  funny 
august 2016 by nelson
Westworld (HBO)
Schlock sci-fi classic rebooting on HBO
hbo  westworld  tv  movies 
june 2016 by nelson
Star Wars CG breakdown
Details of some of the visual effects added to movie
movies  film  starwars  vfx  cg  graphics  animation 
january 2016 by nelson
Brando's Native American protest
Remarkable event at the 1973 Oscars, Brando refusing an award and having Sacheen Littlefeather (an Apache woman) deliver the protest
brando  indians  aim  nativeamerican  movies  oscars 
january 2016 by nelson
Bowie / Dietrich
Bad 1970s film had David Bowie playing a Weimer Germany gigolo, with an appearance by Marlene Dietrich
movies  bowie  dietrich  films 
january 2016 by nelson
Divine / Ursula
Little Mermaid writer was inspired by Divine, from Pink Flamingos
movies  via:metafilter  gay  lgbt  littlemermaid  divine 
january 2016 by nelson
Of Oz the Wizard
Alphabetized version of the classic movie. Exterminate all rational thought.
wizardofoz  movies  edit 
january 2016 by nelson
DVD screener leak
Pre-release DVDs for 40 films fell into the hides of a pirate group
movies  piracy  dvd  screeners 
december 2015 by nelson
633 Squadron v Star Wars
Another film inspiration for the trench run scene
starwars  movies 
december 2015 by nelson
Star Wars vs. Dam Busters
Lucas was, um, heavily inspired by a 1950s war film
movies  starwars 
december 2015 by nelson
Directors' congratulations
Roundup of a nice Hollywood tradition of film directors honoring each others' successes
movies  films  variety  collegiality 
december 2015 by nelson
YIFY shutdown
One of the most prolific movie pirating groups, now gone
yify  movies  torrents  piracy 
november 2015 by nelson
Hell's Club
Extended mashup of club scenes from movies
movies  editing  supercut  mashup  travolta 
september 2015 by nelson
Miéville on Tolkien
A thoughtful Marxist critique by one fantastical writer of another
fiction  tolkien  mieville  lotr  fantasy  scifi  books  movies 
july 2015 by nelson
Ruby Rhod
Excellent campy scene from the Fifth Element
movies  fifthelement  gay  rubyrhod 
june 2015 by nelson
Mad Max / The Odyssey
Nice take on how the new movie subverts a trope as old as Homer's Odyssey
madmax  movies  odyssey  homer 
may 2015 by nelson
Chip Delany on Mad Max
A film review from the sci-fi author
books  movies  madmax  delany 
may 2015 by nelson
takena animation
A series of disturbing stop motion videos
movies  animation 
may 2015 by nelson
Mad Max and amputees
Excellent personal appreciation of Furiosa's being an amputee in Mad Max
movies  madmax  disabilities  amputees  via:metafilter 
may 2015 by nelson
Black Widow trailer
Finally, a superhero movie for girls!
funny  parody  marvel  snl  blackwidow  movies 
may 2015 by nelson
Oldboy Hallway Fight
Inspiration for the great scene in Daredevil
daredevil  movies  choreography 
april 2015 by nelson
Rocket: the making of a space raccoon
Notes on the Guardians of the Galaxy character, some excellent animation
movies  guardiansofthegalaxy  mcu  rocket  racoon  animation  graphics 
march 2015 by nelson
Another movie player for iPad
vlc  movies  video  ipad  ios  via:metafilter 
march 2015 by nelson
Pirating the 2015 Oscars
Academy members only get DVD quality screeners, so pirates have moved on to HD sources
movies  piracy  oscars  waxy 
january 2015 by nelson
The Hobbit: 4 hour edit
Someone cut the 3 movies down to 1 very long movie
movies  hobbit  tolkein  thehobbit  via:reddit  lotr 
january 2015 by nelson
GTA: Clockwork Orange
Scenes from the movie re-created in Grand Theft Auto: Online
games  funny  movies  clockworkorange  gtav  gta5  grandtheftauto 
january 2015 by nelson
Unthinkable (2010)
A really disturbing but interesting film about torture
movies  via:metafilter  torture  samueljackson 
december 2014 by nelson
Fancy tool for creating time lapse movies
photography  movies  lightroom  via:raffi 
september 2014 by nelson
8-bit Matrix
Hilarious sound re-edit of fight scenes from Matrix Reloaded
retro  games  matrix  movies  funny  via:metafilter 
august 2014 by nelson
Susan Sarandon
Nice little brief interview, she's awesome
actors  sarandon  woodyallen  drugs  movies 
july 2014 by nelson
Software for downloading unlicensed TV and movies
tv  movies  torrent  nzb  usenet 
july 2014 by nelson
Isa (sci-fi film)
New movie airing on the Syfy channel
movies  scifi 
june 2014 by nelson
Lawnmower Man: CGI only
An edit of the shlock 90s cyberspace film with just the cyberspace parts
movies  cgi  ui  lawnmowerman 
may 2014 by nelson
Nick Fury's HUD
Design process behind a movie computer interface
movies  games  avengers  captainamerica  sfx 
may 2014 by nelson
The Divine Move
Upcoming movie about Go and gangsters and probably some martial arts
movies  go  games  via:marc  korea  southkorea 
may 2014 by nelson
A streaming video addon for XBMC that seems particularly good for unlicensed content
movies  xbmc  tv  video  boxee 
may 2014 by nelson
James Cameron AMA
Direct answers from the director
movies  films  cameron  avatar  terminator  aliens 
april 2014 by nelson
Turn Youtube snippets into animated GIFs
gifs  movies  youtube  via:metafilter 
march 2014 by nelson
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