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Dr. Pimple Popper
A whole TV show devoted to squeezing cysts and popping pustules. It is truly the end times.
tv  disgusting  popping  medical  tootme 
august 2018 by nelson
Balwani of Theranos
Profile of the COO as villain; he was also dating Holmes, the CEO
theranos  companies  fraud  startup  medical 
may 2018 by nelson
Theranos culture
How a whole company participates in a medical fraud
theranos  leadership  fraud  medical  startups 
may 2018 by nelson
European health care models
Intro material for the future of America's healthcare system
america  healthcare  medical  insurance  europe 
august 2017 by nelson
Valverde 1556 anatomy
Beautiful illustrations from the 16th century
bartholemew  valverde  anatomy  medical  16th  illustration 
march 2014 by nelson
Hospital charge insanity
Partial explanation of how crazy medical billing is
medical  hospital  billing  via:hackernews  scam 
january 2012 by nelson
Snap-on faces
Creepy, but also impressive
medical  prosthesis 
june 2008 by nelson
Tapeworm story
God this is horrible; no more steak tartare (via jwz)
funny  humor  scary  medical  binnikemask  worm  parasites  tapeworm  health  fun  weird  nelson:autotagged 
november 2006 by nelson
Bible fragrances
Smell like the world of the Bible! I think they mean the frankincense and myrrh part, not the pestilence and dung
medical  bible  health  oil  nelson:autotagged 
august 2004 by nelson

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