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Valverde 1556 anatomy
Beautiful illustrations from the 16th century
bartholemew  valverde  anatomy  medical  16th  illustration 
march 2014 by nelson
Robert W. Richards
Interview with famous gay illustrator
art  gay  illustration 
march 2014 by nelson
Pin-Up Queens
Lovely article about women who painted classic pin-up girls
art  eroticism  via:metafilter  illustration 
may 2013 by nelson
Clip art loop
Beautiful little animation (via Metafilter)
funny  art  clipart  movie  awesome  illustration  movies  animation  video  fun  design  nelson:autotagged 
july 2006 by nelson
Battlestar Galactica characters drawn in Simpsons style (via Metafilter)
funny  humor  comics  illustration  simpsons  tv  cartoons  battlestargalactica  art  bsg  scifi  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson

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