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Nevada City shelter cruelty
Homeless shelter operator says they will open *after* three days of rain; not on the first day when three days of rain are predicted
homeless  cruelty  politics  nevadacity  grassvalley  nevadacounty  shelter 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Los Angeles typhus
Over 100 people victims of California's cruelty to homless people
california  losangeles  typhus  politics  disease  homeless 
11 weeks ago by nelson
SF homeless infosystem
One System tracks individual homeless people to help provide services more efficiently
homeless  sf  sanfrancisco  politics  tootme 
october 2018 by nelson
Homeless mother, dead baby
Heartbreaking story of mental illness and homelessness in Portland
portland  homeless  mentalhealth 
january 2017 by nelson
SF homelessness
Thoughtful letter about San Francisco's greatest shame
sf  sanfrancisco  homeless  poverty  mentalillness 
april 2015 by nelson
SF poop map
San Francisco, the city where people shit on the sidewalks
sanfrancisco  homeless  shit  shame 
november 2014 by nelson
San Francisco's shame
continuing dysfunction in dealing with mentally ill people living on the streets
sanfrancisco  homeless  compassion 
january 2014 by nelson
A tumblr of photos of the filth on San Francisco's streets
homeless  sanfrancisco  city 
october 2013 by nelson
Paris tents
This year's homeless protest is right in the middle of the city
paris  france  homeless  politics 
october 2007 by nelson
Behavioral health court
Alternative courts for mentally ill folks in San Francisco
sanfrancisco  california  homeless  politics  mentalillness  court 
august 2007 by nelson
Jorn Barger's life
Creative guy, but sounds like he found himself in a mess (via Metafilter)
jornbarger  google  people  blogs  blogging  blog  weblog  wired  homeless  robotwisdom  history  nelson:autotagged 
july 2005 by nelson

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