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EPA ❤️ asbestos
The gradual dismantlement of all government functions
epa  asbestos  cancer  trump  health  politics  regulation  corruption 
12 days ago by nelson
On demand PrEP works
Other big news from Amsterdam AIDS conference; PrEP seems to work as well "on demand" as on a daily dose
prep  aids  hiv  prevention  health  prevenir 
26 days ago by nelson
Undetectable = Untrasmittable
Great news from the AIDS conference in Amsterdam
hiv  aids  gay  lgbt  health  aids2018  partner2 
26 days ago by nelson
Vaccinations in CA 2018
Despite the law many kids are still not vaccinated
california  vaccination  health 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Aging vampires
Snake oil salesmen in Palm Beach
palmbeach  blood  health  aging  scam 
march 2018 by nelson
My experiment taking PrEP
Direct and honest account from a gay man
lgbt  gay  aids  hiv  prep  medicine  health 
june 2017 by nelson
Obamacare sabotage
Details on funding cuts from Trump designed to destroy our health insurance system
obamacare  aca  health  trump  politics 
may 2017 by nelson
GoFundMe for health
Heartbreaking comic about a friend who died $50 short of being able to afford insulin
medicine  healthinsurance  health  america  politics  diabetes  comic 
may 2017 by nelson
California vaccinations
New law requiring vaccinations is working
california  health  vaccination  kids 
april 2017 by nelson
What a miscarriage is like (NSFW)
Warning: intense writing and upsetting pictures. Also an excellent essay.
miscarriage  pregnancy  health  abortion 
december 2016 by nelson
A PrEP failure
HIV prevention mechanism working for 100,000 people; two failures. Some very detailed medical specifics.
hiv  aids  gay  lgbt  prep  medicine  health 
october 2016 by nelson
Pertussis in Nevada County
Another growing outbreak for a vaccinatable disease
whoopingcough  pertussis  health  nevadacounty  california 
september 2016 by nelson
Sugar industry killed
Smoking gun documents about buying off diet researchers in the 60s
sugar  health  science 
september 2016 by nelson
CA vaccination working
Nevada County reports new law means kids are now being vaccinated
health  vaccination  nevadacounty  california 
august 2016 by nelson
Life expectancy vs health expenditure
Country by country; American Exceptionalism at work again
america  healthcare  politics  health 
august 2016 by nelson
Interview with a late-term abortion patient
Honest, sad story of a woman who chose to abort at 32 weeks rather than give birth to a non-viable baby
abortion  honestly  women  health 
june 2016 by nelson
Jeff Huber's new job
One of the best managers I knew at Google has moved on to a cancer diagnostics startup
cancer  health  google  jeffhuber 
february 2016 by nelson
The second coming of scurvy
Essay about a 19th century failure of science
science  knowledge  scott  scurvy  health  disease  induction  antarctica 
january 2016 by nelson
Food tracker
Excellent visualization of people trying to lose weight
loseit  visualization  diet  weight  health 
november 2015 by nelson
US healthcare spending
We spend 2x as much as any other nation, have a lower life expectancy
health  healthcare  obamacare  usa 
november 2015 by nelson
Marijuana v opioids
When marijuana is semi-legal, deaths from opioids goes down. Duh.
drugs  policy  marijuana  health 
november 2015 by nelson
HIV denialism
Nice historical overview of a deadly fallacy
hiv  aids  health  via:metafilter  science 
october 2015 by nelson
Gluten myth
Op/ed on evolution, diet, and immunity
health  gluten  via:hackernews  evolution 
july 2015 by nelson
California immunization levels
Public health report from before the new vaccine law
health  california  politics  vaccination  vaccines  medicine 
july 2015 by nelson
MIT's ongoing suicide problem
4 students have committed suicide in the last year
mit  via:hackernews  depression  suicide  mentalhealth  health 
march 2015 by nelson
Love Your Condom
NSFW: sexually explicit safe sex guides for gay men
sex  aids  health  gay  newzealand 
september 2014 by nelson
Vaccine preventable outbreak map
Visualization of where vaccination programs are failing
vaccines  health  maps 
january 2014 by nelson
HIV in teens and young adults
Far too many young black men who have sex with men
gay  aids  hiv  health 
september 2013 by nelson
Cocaine mule
Crazy CT scan of 1kg of drugs in the GI tract
smuggling  cocaine  health  ctscan  catscan  via:metafilter 
september 2011 by nelson
Arterial turbine
Put a turbine generator inside your arteries; what could possibly go wrong?
medicine  health  via:jwz  power  turbine 
may 2011 by nelson
SF NIMBYs and cell towers
Part of why San Francisco's wireless infrastructure sucks is nutjobs who think wifi, microwave, and cell towers pose a health threat
sanfrancisco  politics  attfail  wireless  health 
december 2010 by nelson
HFCS is worse
Princeton study shows that high fructose corn syrup causes obesity faster than other sugars
diet  metabolism  sugar  via:mathowie  weight  health 
march 2010 by nelson
Fake autism data
Rumoured link between measles vaccine and autism based on fake data?!
vaccination  measles  health  via:metafilter  autism 
february 2009 by nelson
Predictor or cause?
Elderly people the cat sits near die two hours later
cat  bizarre  health 
july 2007 by nelson
Farm bill and fat
How US politics for corn and soy result in obese Americans
via:metafilter  food  farm  politics  health  fat  obesity 
april 2007 by nelson
Tapeworm story
God this is horrible; no more steak tartare (via jwz)
funny  humor  scary  medical  binnikemask  worm  parasites  tapeworm  health  fun  weird  nelson:autotagged 
november 2006 by nelson
Assisting in death
Heartbreaking story of a man helping his wife die
life  suicide  psychology  euthanasia  society  death  health  uk  article  politics  ethics  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
How to cut a mango
Extra tip: Yellow manila mangos are better than the red/green ones
food  interesting  cooking  howto  diet  mango  cutting  produce  health  healthydietforlife  tips  nelson:autotagged 
july 2006 by nelson
Pat Robertson insane
Claims he can lift an impossible amount of weight (via Daily Rotten)
funny  weight  articles  idiot  dick  religion  health  patrobertson  legpress  exercise  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
AYD'S Diet pills 1982
You have to hope this naming was unintentional
google  humor  humour  tv  media  commercials  commercial  video  retro  fun  health  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
Level3 outage
This link will only for another 18 hours, but here's the outage
latency  metrics  route  damage  isps  sysadmin  health  dns  internet  networking  tools  nelson:autotagged 
october 2005 by nelson
N.O. euthanasia
Killing people rather than evacuating them (via Metafilter)
disaster  nola  euthanasia  hurricane  katrina  health  2005  medicine  politics  ethics  news  nelson:autotagged 
september 2005 by nelson
US health economics
Malcolm Gladwell boils down the crazy US health insurance system to our obsession with "moral hazard" (via Danah)
toread  government  economics  medicine  health  gladwell  healthcare  policy  politics  insurance  history  nelson:autotagged 
september 2005 by nelson
Autism and vaccines
Detailed and damning story about a link between mercury preserved vaccines and autism (via Metafilter)
autistic  cdc  vaccination  money  autism  health  science  thimerosal  politics  education  coverup  nelson:autotagged 
june 2005 by nelson
The African cliff
What happens to a society where 40% of the adults die? (via Marc)
statistics  hiv  interesting  economics  africa  sex  lifeexpectancy  death  health  aids  politics  nelson:autotagged 
february 2005 by nelson
Sasha Shulgin
Profile of the psychoactive researcher (via Metafilter)
subcultures  drugs  science  nyt  shulgin  health  interview  nelson:autotagged 
january 2005 by nelson
High school sex graph
Visualization of the recent study. But why is it almost exclusively heterosexual? (via BoingBoing)
visualization  graphic  humor  science  sexuality  sex  culture  sociology  health  images  math  nelson:autotagged 
january 2005 by nelson
Bible fragrances
Smell like the world of the Bible! I think they mean the frankincense and myrrh part, not the pestilence and dung
medical  bible  health  oil  nelson:autotagged 
august 2004 by nelson
SUVs illegal on streets
In California 6000 pounds is the usual limit for residential streets (via MetaFilter)
planning  business  la  car  activism  suv  health  california  news  politics  law  nelson:autotagged 
august 2004 by nelson
Corn syrup / diabetes
Study Blames Corn Syrup for Rise of Diabetes in US
food  scary  medicine  health  diabetes  nelson:autotagged 
april 2004 by nelson
Medical Library: How to Read Your Eyeglasses Prescription
howto  interesting  life  health  reference  nelson:autotagged 
february 2004 by nelson

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