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Makes it easier to run userscripts in Chrome
chrome  greasemonkey  javascript  extensions  userscript 
december 2013 by nelson
Patches to Youtube UI to give more control to sizes, buffering, downloads, etc
youtube  download  greasemonkey  chrome  browser  extension 
april 2013 by nelson
Better UI for enabling Google verbatim search
google  search  verbatim  userscript  greasemonkey  via:waxy 
november 2011 by nelson
Google Link Cleanup
Greasemonkey script to remove Google's obnoxious URL rewriting
google  url  web  greasemonkey 
november 2011 by nelson
GreaseMonkey hole
Whee! Greasemonkey lets anyone download files from your hard drive (via HotLinks)
web  javascript  firefox  mozilla  extensions  news  security  software  ukq:irc  greasemonkey  browser  nelson:autotagged 
july 2005 by nelson
Firefox extension that lets you augment any web page with your own code
web  javascript  firefox  dhtml  extension  mozilla  programming  extensions  tools  greasemonkey  software  nelson:autotagged 
march 2005 by nelson

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