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AI art knockoff
Open source code used to create a piece up for auction, controversy ensues
art  graphics  machinelearning  ai  christies  tootme  originality 
12 weeks ago by nelson
A file format for 3d scenes; Facebook understands it
3d  facebook  webgl  vrml  graphics  tootme 
october 2018 by nelson
Primitive bitmap display support in VT200 terminals
graphics  terminal  tty  vt200 
november 2017 by nelson
WebGL on laptops
Notes on choosing which GPU to use
nvidia  webgl  graphics  games  performance  optimus 
july 2017 by nelson
GPU procedural games
Horizon: Zero Dawn's beautiful landscapes are generated on the GPU
graphics  gpu  programming  games  horizon 
march 2017 by nelson
Graphic design feedback
Classic posters redesigned by the client
funny  design  graphics  art 
october 2016 by nelson
More dynamic range for new TVs; HDR10 vs Dolby Vision
tv  video  hdr  graphics 
september 2016 by nelson
JPL Visions of the Future
Official collection of the space travel posters
jpl  nasa  spacetravel  caltech  design  graphics 
february 2016 by nelson
Star Wars CG breakdown
Details of some of the visual effects added to movie
movies  film  starwars  vfx  cg  graphics  animation 
january 2016 by nelson
A user makes lovely mathematical illustrations for Wikipedia
wikipedia  math  graphics  visualization 
january 2016 by nelson
Earthbound Backgrounds
Javascript recreation of SNES-era animated background images
animation  javascript  earthbound  graphics 
january 2016 by nelson
1978 video graphics
Beautiful, very retro demo reel of video effects
video  effects  fx  graphics  70s 
november 2015 by nelson
GTA V - Graphics Study
How the rendering pipeline works for one of the best videogames ever
games  gta  graphics  programming  via:hackernews 
november 2015 by nelson
share SVGs; like imgur, but for SVG
svg  d3  d3js  graphics  imgur 
august 2015 by nelson
Tangram map library
Slippy maps in WebGL with shader support
maps  visualization  graphics  fun  webgl  glsl 
march 2015 by nelson
Rocket: the making of a space raccoon
Notes on the Guardians of the Galaxy character, some excellent animation
movies  guardiansofthegalaxy  mcu  rocket  racoon  animation  graphics 
march 2015 by nelson
The Book of Shaders
Promising interactive primer on GL shader programming
gl  graphics  opengl  glsl  shaders  programming  visualization 
march 2015 by nelson
An eventual replacement for X11 for Linux graphics
graphics  x11  windows  ui 
january 2015 by nelson
Face projection
Slick real time face tracking / projection mapping demo reel
graphics  via:waxy  mocap 
august 2014 by nelson
1915 chart style guide
From the US Census department, guidelines for making data visualizations
infovis  census  charts  graphics 
august 2014 by nelson
HTML5 8 bit color cycling
Old school game effect repurposed
games  graphics  palette  html5  hacks 
august 2014 by nelson
SVG grouping
Interesting constructs, some of which could be nice in D3
d3js  svg  graphics 
july 2014 by nelson
Drawing lines in OpenGL
Amazing detailed info on what should be simple. /cc @korkyplunger
opengl  webgl  maps  graphics  design 
june 2014 by nelson
Oculus Rift vs Gender
Women and men experience 3d graphics differently, women get more nausea
gender  oculusrift  vr  3d  graphics 
march 2014 by nelson
Minard visualizations
Nice collection of maps and charts by the famous 19th century visualizer
minard  napolean  graphics  via:burritojustice 
march 2014 by nelson
Optimizing twitter images
440x220 is native size, various tricks for making Twitter display images the way you want
twitter  seo  graphics 
february 2014 by nelson
Just Enough SVG
Nice intro to using SVG, particularly for D3
svg  web  html  d3js  graphics 
june 2013 by nelson
Eager Pies
Iinfovis advice on turning a boring bar chart into a beautiful animated 3d pie chart
graphics  funny  infovis 
may 2013 by nelson
3d graphics in the DOM, implemented as WebGL
webgl  graphics  3d  d3  dom 
december 2012 by nelson
The Recode Project
Reimplement 1970s computer art in Processing
processing  art  graphics  code  generative 
november 2012 by nelson
Towards A Retina Web
Various options for multi-resolution graphics. This is all too complicated.
web  html  retina  apple  design  graphics 
august 2012 by nelson
TileMill compositing
Some nice Photoshop-like graphics abilities being added
maps  tilemill  graphics 
may 2012 by nelson
Good explanation of how hand work is better than automatic anti-aliasing
design  typography  graphics  antialiasing 
may 2012 by nelson
Amazing 4096 byte PC demo; YouTube video linked on this page
games  demos  scene  demoscene  procedural  art  graphics 
may 2012 by nelson
A hack for hi-res images for high density displays
graphics  javascript  web 
april 2012 by nelson
1989 groundbreaking video game
games  midwinter  atari  pc  design  graphics 
april 2012 by nelson
Another GL tutorial, much more comprehensive
graphics  gl  opengl  3d 
january 2012 by nelson
OpenGL tutorial
Part 1 has a nice description of the basic pipeline
opengl  progamming  via:hackernews  graphics 
january 2012 by nelson
A fork of ImageMagick, seems preferred
imagemagick  graphicsmagik  graphics  conversion  images 
january 2012 by nelson
OSM Bright Minimal
Beautiful, very spare / light basemap
maps  openstreetmap  osm  graphics  infovis  visualization 
january 2012 by nelson
1900 infographics
amazing sociology data from students of WEB DuBois
via:waxy  infovis  graphics  charts  blackhistory  dubois 
march 2011 by nelson
WebGL now in Chrome
3d rendering comes to the web browser
chrome  google  webgl  3d  graphics 
february 2011 by nelson
Wayland architecture
New display server, possibly to replace X in Ubuntu
display  xwindows  x  ubuntu  linux  graphics  desktop 
november 2010 by nelson
experiment with palettes for maps
cartography  mapping  color  graphics 
october 2010 by nelson
Improved pngnq
Highly optimized tool to crunch PNG images down to fewer colors
png  images  compression  graphics  quantization  colormap 
september 2010 by nelson
Overlay vector data on tile based maps on web pages.
protovis  polymaps  graphics  maps  visualization  svg  code 
august 2010 by nelson
Protovis primer
Nice introduction to the Javascript visualization library
protovis  graphics  javascript  code  tutorial 
june 2010 by nelson
Blur tech interview
Many details about the implementation of the beautiful arcade racer Blur. Multi-threaded rendering, aggressive dynamic level of detail, etc
games  blur  technology  graphics  realtime  xbox  playstation 
june 2010 by nelson
Protovis 3.2
The awesome Javascript visualization toolkit just got a big update
protovis  visualization  javascript  graphics 
may 2010 by nelson
Shader Toy WebGL
Lets you play with procedural shaders right in your browser
shaders  graphics  webgl  opengl 
february 2010 by nelson
Excel Sparklines
Sparklines seem to be the visualization tool in search of a problem, but maybe in a spreadsheet would work
excel  microsoft  sparklines  tufte  graphics  visualization 
november 2009 by nelson
VT220 rendering
I love all the weird hacks of old graphics hardware
terminal  vt100  vt220  fonts  graphics 
october 2009 by nelson
Skia graphics
Google Chrome has its own vector graphics library
graphics  cairo  svg  vector  webkit  android  mobile 
august 2009 by nelson
Pixel City code
Author got around to releasing a screensaver + source
code  graphics  pixelcity 
may 2009 by nelson
Pixel City
Great graphics demo, procedurally generated city
graphics  games  via:waxy  procedural  texture  generation 
may 2009 by nelson
MonaTweeta II
Trying to encode images in Twitter's 140 character limit
images  twitter  hack  graphics 
may 2009 by nelson
Rendering rocks
Major improvement coming to Eve Online: better asteroids
rendering  graphics  eveonline  mmo  ccp  games 
march 2009 by nelson
Morphable faces
impressive CG demonstration
via:mbostock  face  cgi  cg  graphics 
february 2009 by nelson
Election change map
good critique of a good NYT visualization
information  design  graphics  election  map  critique 
november 2008 by nelson
IBM Slides 1975
Beautiful graphic design
ibm  fonts  graphics 
july 2008 by nelson
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