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System Shock 2 revival
Mysterious patches from "Le Corbeau" may have come from a found disk of original source code
systemshock2  games  lookingglass  tootme 
13 days ago by nelson
Riot Games a year later
A year after the big story about sexism at the games company. Some change, some questions
riotgames  games  sexism  tirefire  harassment  lol  leagueoflegends 
18 days ago by nelson
Sims Design Documents
Details from the milestone game, including some details on the LGBT content
lgbt  gay  sims  games  programming  tootme 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Poker AI
CMU and Facebook team up to beat six humans at poker
poker  games  ai  tootme  via:hackernews 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Sean Murray on staying quiet
Game developer talks about the virtue of shutting up and just fixing your product
games  nomanssky  hellogames  tootme 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Moderating Roblox
90M kids, many quite young, play this game. Details from someone responsible for keeping them safe
kids  moderation  games  roblox 
7 weeks ago by nelson
The Anita Sarkeesian story
A profile of ten years of critique and activism
feminism  sarkeesian  games  culture  tootme 
9 weeks ago by nelson
AC: Origins story creator
Xena the Warrior Princess simulator adds ability for players to make their own story quests
games  acorigins  assassinscreed  tootme  usercontent 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Black Girl Gamers
Excellent Metafilter roundup of links about an underrepresented community in gaming
games  metafilter  africanamerican  black  culture  tootme  women  girls 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Trolling as a art in Sea of Thieves
trolling  funny  games  seaofthieves  tootme 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Online gaming for male bonding
Men who aren't comfortable with intimate conversation still have meaningful conversations with friends while gaming
games  gaming  men  feminism  socialization  tootme  discord 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Star Citizen, continuing scam
Another major press article investigating the $300M vaporware
games  vaporware  starcitizen  scam  tootme 
may 2019 by nelson
Notch not invited
10 year anniversary of the incredibly important game Minecraft. Its original author is not welcome at the party because he's deplorable
minecraft  notch  games  socialjustice  tootme 
april 2019 by nelson
Twitch hacked
Unintended consequences; Path of Exile ran a promotion encouraging people to link their Twitch accounts, now their PoE accounts are compromised
twitch  poe  pathofexile  games  hack  badtech  tootme 
april 2019 by nelson
Riot forcing arbitration on employees
Disgraced company is denying employees the right to sue because they signed arbitration agreements in their contracts
riotgames  games  lol  leagueoflegends  arbitration  legal  abuse  sexism  tirefire 
april 2019 by nelson
The Mane Quest
A website devoted to horses in videogames
horses  games  tootme 
april 2019 by nelson
Film Crit Hulk on RDR2
Remarkably detailed reflective review. Also very negative, it's like they focussed only on the problem parts and overlooked what made the game so great
games  rdr2  rockstar  review  tootme  reddeadredemption 
april 2019 by nelson
SNES Mode 7 HD
New emulator cleans up graphics from old SNES games
games  mode7  snes  emulation  via:reddit  tootme  graphics 
april 2019 by nelson
Learning ZIL
Infocom's 1989 manual for their internal programming language
infocom  zork  games  interactivefiction  zil  lisp  programming  tootme 
april 2019 by nelson
Procedurally generated garbage games
Art project / absurd demonstration of making total trash games makes $50,000
games  procedural  mobile  ads  tootme 
march 2019 by nelson
8088 MPH
A PC / CGA demo from 2015. Link to video, plus technical explanation of how it works
games  demos  demoscene  scene  tootme  via:metafilter  pc  dos 
february 2019 by nelson
17 Angry Birds
Someone sits down and plays almost every game in the franchise
via:metafilter  games  angrybirds  tootme 
february 2019 by nelson
Facebook's Friendly Fraud
Damning internal communications about Facebook's online game ecosystem
facebook  games  fraud 
january 2019 by nelson
Training AlphaStar
Some details on DeepMind's new game AI for Starcraft; interesting multiagent technique
machinelearning  games  starcraft  deepmind  tootme  ai 
january 2019 by nelson
Riot Games still garbage
Strongly worded article about Riot's "new company values"
riotgames  games  leagueoflegends  sexism 
january 2019 by nelson
Destroying Fort Knocks
Eve Online players spend a year hiding battleships in a system to then pull the trigger and blow up a massive space station
eveonline  eve  games  ccp  tootme 
january 2019 by nelson
Gaming while older
Thoughtful article on videogames and people getting older
games  age  gaming  tootme 
january 2019 by nelson
More on Ellie
The stupidity behind some men pretending to be women playing pro Overwatch. Perpetrator had been dropped because of bad behavior before.
games  women  feminism  overwatch  scandal 
january 2019 by nelson
Far Cry 5's fake fascism
Montana local takes Far Cry 5's politics seriously, finds them severely lacking in reality
farcry5  farcry  games  montana  fascism  tootme 
january 2019 by nelson
Ellie was an impostor
Player that was the target of harassment turns out to have been an impostor afterall. What a shitshow.
shitshow  games  overwatch  gender  harassment 
january 2019 by nelson
Woman bullied out of pro Overwatch
Monstrous "fans" doxx her and invent elaborate conspiracy theories because they believe a woman can't be good at a videogame
gender  harassment  overwatch  gaming  games  feminism  blizzard 
january 2019 by nelson
Birding in RDR2
An appreciation of the well-simulated wildlife of the game
games  rdr2  birds  simulation  tootme  birding 
january 2019 by nelson
Tetris Guideline
Details of what makes a correct official Tetris game
games  tetris  tootme 
december 2018 by nelson
Riot Games Must Be Better
Painful to read this several months later, after the author was fired and Riot has changed nothing
games  riotgames  sexism  tirefire  lol  leagueoflegends 
december 2018 by nelson
Riot COO slap on the wrist
One of the chief executives involved in the cultural of sexual harassment gets a minor punishment
riotgames  leagueoflegends  harassment  tirefire  games 
december 2018 by nelson
Just Cause 4 Easter Egg
Lovely homage to Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy; listen to the narrative
tootme  games  justcause4  gettingoverit 
december 2018 by nelson
Broken Reality
90s style virtual reality turned into a modern game
games  vaporwave  tootme  brokenreality  vrml 
november 2018 by nelson
Amit Patel has reached a stopping point on his latest generative procedural map project
maps  generative  proceduralgeneration  games  tootme  amitp  amitpatel 
november 2018 by nelson
Making of RDR2
Detailed article from last month about creating the masterpiece
games  rdr2  rockstar  tootme  reddeadredemption 
november 2018 by nelson
/r/leagueoflegends bans Riot sexism discussion
Most popular English forum for the game apparently has a new policy of not allowing discussion of the continuing story of sexism and lawsuits against the company
riot  riotgames  lol  leagueoflegends  games  reddit  moderation  policy 
november 2018 by nelson
Eve Cemetery explained
Article with screenshots about the in-game graveyard
eveonline  eve  games  cemetery  tootme 
november 2018 by nelson
EVE Cemetery
Eve Online has a player-run cemetery, where corpses are in permanent orbit around a moon
eveonline  games  mmos  cemetery  corpse  tootme 
november 2018 by nelson
Riot Games sued
Gender discrimination lawsuit from a current and former employee
riotgames  riot  lol  genderdiscrimination  harassment  games 
november 2018 by nelson
Library of Codexes
Collections of texts from video games like Skyrim, etc
games  rpg  books  reading  tootme  skyrim 
october 2018 by nelson
Red Dead Redemption recap
Story recap ahead of RDR2, which will be a prequel
games  rdr  reddeadredemption  tootme 
october 2018 by nelson
Day of the Devs
SF indie gaming event Nov 11
games  sf  sanfrancisco  gaming  tootme 
october 2018 by nelson
Riot Games' ongoing garbage
LA Times update on a company culture rife with nepotism and sexism
sexism  games  leagueoflegends  lol  riotgames 
october 2018 by nelson
Spider-Man proposal story
Reality behind that creepy story of a marriage proposal in a videogame
games  spiderman  marriage  gamergate 
september 2018 by nelson
Riot's ongoing problem
No sign of any real change as the perpetrators of harassment continue to run the company
games  riotgames  sexism  tirefire  harassment 
september 2018 by nelson
Video game proposal
... gone wrong. Most hilarious thing I've read all weekend
games  marriage  funny  via:reddit 
september 2018 by nelson
Riot Games' retaliation
Employees and ex-employees being threatened and harassed for speaking out against the company
riot  riotgames  games  harassment  tirefire 
september 2018 by nelson
Why I Left Riot Games
Excruciating story of a culture of sexual harassment led from the very top
games  riotgames  lol  leagueoflegends  tirefire  sexualharassment 
august 2018 by nelson
Airships: Conquer the Skies
RTS/Tower Defenseish game from an Internet friend of mine
games  rts  towerdefense  indiegames  indie 
august 2018 by nelson
Building a computer by wiring together TTL logic, starting with NAND gates
programming  computers  games  via:metafilter 
august 2018 by nelson
Six Months at Riot Games
A former employee speaks of her experiences with sexual harassment at Riot Dublin
games  riot  riotgames  sexism  women  feminism  harassment 
august 2018 by nelson
Sexism at Riot Games
League of Legends' bro culture extends inside the company
sexism  harassment  gender  games  lol  leagueoflegends  feminism  women 
august 2018 by nelson
Factorio: Save the Base
A fun story of someone taking an overrun Factorio base and saving it from alien attack
factorio  games  story  via:reddit 
august 2018 by nelson
Spectrum ISP shakedown
Why net neutrality is important; forced Riot Games and Netflix to pay for reasonable network access
spectrum  isp  netneutrality  badtech  games  riotgames  leagueoflegends  lol 
august 2018 by nelson
Origins of gamer misogyny
Detailed history and cultural analysis of how gaming became dominated by toxic men
feminism  games  gaming  culture  via:metafilter 
july 2018 by nelson
History of game healthbars
Nice tour through visual and game design
games  healthbar  mechanics  history  arcades 
july 2018 by nelson
Factorio is solved
For the game, a very tidy self contained thing for turning raw materials into science
factorio  games  reddit 
july 2018 by nelson
Hello Games recovery
No Man's Sky had a bad launch but the team has stuck with the game and improved it significantly
games  nomanssky  seanmurray  hellogames 
july 2018 by nelson
Star Citizen still a scam
$190M for an unfinished game; now they're refusing refunds
games  scam  starcitizen  crowdfunding 
july 2018 by nelson
Riot's cheat protection
Strategies used to stop cheating in League of Legends
games  lol  leagueoflegends  drm  copyprotection  cheating 
july 2018 by nelson
LoL client hacked
Garena claims the Bitcoin mining script was placed by a hacker. That's worse, guys.
riotgames  lol  garena  security  badtech  games 
july 2018 by nelson
Oldest living PC games
Games from the 80s still being maintained, mostly fantasy RPGs
games  rpgs  history  nethack  mmos 
july 2018 by nelson
80s game commercials
Really great proto-VR segment starts around 4:20
games  atari  ads  via:boingboing 
july 2018 by nelson
It is as if you were making love
NSFWish: Windows 95 as a very specific lover.
sex  funny  games  via:rockpapershotgun 
july 2018 by nelson
Shahmeen Kasim
SF Twitch streamer does art and Fortnite
twitch  culture  games  streaming  sanfrancisco  sf 
june 2018 by nelson
Imaqtpie profile
Portrait of a professional League of Legends player and $MM streamer
lol  games  leagueoflegends  twitch  qtpie  imaqtpie 
june 2018 by nelson
New Steam policy
This will end poorly; Valve decides to stop having a content policy
games  steam  valve  tirefire 
june 2018 by nelson
Game harassment example
Popular streamer woman posts video of the sort of bullshit she gets
games  online  voicechat  harassment  feminism  twitch 
june 2018 by nelson
Red Shell
Ad tracking / spyware platform for games
eso  conan  games  spyware  malware  ads 
june 2018 by nelson
Xbox Adaptive Controller
Microsoft input device that's configurable for people with various mobility limitations
handicap  accessibility  xbox  games  controller  disability 
may 2018 by nelson
Twitch emotes
Details and history of a culture's private visual language
twitch  culture  games  racism  via:metafilter 
may 2018 by nelson
Women in esports
Complicated thoughts on being a fan
games  esports  overwatch  geguri  women  gender 
may 2018 by nelson
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