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High end cloud gaming
Details on using a monster new GPU for gaming on a cloud server
games  cloud  azure  ec2 
october 2016 by nelson
Gaming on EC2
Notes and an AMI for running games on EC2
games  ec2  amazon  aws  lol  leagueoflegends 
october 2015 by nelson
Simple table of all EC2 computer types.
amazon  aws  ec2  cloudcomputing 
september 2015 by nelson
AWS in Plain English
Amazon's notoriously opaque products given simple names
amazon  cloud  ec2  aws 
september 2015 by nelson
Xen Security Advisories 108
The bug that had Amazon and Rackspace rebooting all of their computers
security  badtech  xen  amazon  ec2 
october 2014 by nelson
EC2 Origins
Benjamin Black (Amazon employee) claims partial credit for starting Amazon's cloud computing business
amazon  ec2  aws  cloud 
july 2014 by nelson
Instant Server
One button free Linux box, for 35 minutes
via:metafilter  linux  server  ec2 
june 2013 by nelson
Hadoop for OSM data
Migurski breaks down how to use parallel EC2 instances to do big work on OSM data
maps  osm  hadoop  aws  ec2 
february 2013 by nelson
Cloud computing for compute intensive jobs, buy CPU by the millisecond
cpu  computing  performance  cloud  amazing  aws  ec2 
july 2012 by nelson
Skynet is down
Amazon's EC2 service is having trouble, causing problems for customers like Reddit, Foursquare, etc
reddit  foursquare  amazon  ec2  cloudcomputing 
april 2011 by nelson
Tile Drawer
OpenStreetMap renderer packaged as a plug-and-play Amazon EC2 instance
maps  cartography  osm  openstreetmap  ec2  amazon 
august 2009 by nelson
Hadoop + EC2 + S3 = NYT PDF
Nice breakdown of how to use cloud computing services to do a large scale rendering job
nytimes  hadoop  ec2  amazon  s3  systems  news 
february 2008 by nelson
Amazon computing
Rent Amazon's servers for $72/month. Useful, but how does it really help Amazon?
web2.0  web  programming  hosting  ec2  amazon  virtualization  linux  webdev  technology  architecture  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson

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