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Russian Bank / Trump again
Alfa Bank story comes back; data comes from "Max", an anonymous researcher who has a global view of all DNS queries
dns  security  badtech  trump  politics 
october 2018 by nelson
History of the first largely known public DNS server
dns  level3  bbn  networks  internet 
april 2018 by nelson
DNS services compared
CloudFlare's new DNS service compared to Google, Quad9, others
dns  cloudflare  google  via:hackernews 
april 2018 by nelson
Cloudflare launches a new public DNS service
dns  cloudflare  internet 
april 2018 by nelson
Work around ISP hijacking of users by hiding DNS traffic inside web traffic
dns  http  protocols  isp  netneutrality 
december 2017 by nelson
.io TLD hijacked
Someone poking around accidentally siezes control over an entire TLD's nameserving
dns  badtech  io  tld  nic 
july 2017 by nelson
Slovakia's TLD
Crazy story of fraud and hijacking /cc @korkyplunger
slovakia  dns  icann  fraud 
july 2017 by nelson
DNS client resolver that uses Google's DNS-over-HTTPS
google  dns  privacy  security  golang  go 
march 2017 by nelson
North Korean domain names
Complete list; DNS servers for .kp accidentally enabled AXFR
axfr  dns  via:reddit  korea  northkorea 
september 2016 by nelson
DNS Privacy
Speculation on privacy-preserving DNS systems
dns  protocols  internet  privacy  tls 
may 2016 by nelson
DNSSEC name and shame!
List of major sites that do and don't support DNSSEC
dnssec  security  dns 
december 2015 by nelson
Whois Accuracy Program
Newish ICANN rule requires verifying domain ownership
dns  whois  icann 
may 2015 by nelson
Google Domains
Google has a product now for a simple company website
Google  business  dns  domain 
january 2015 by nelson
benchmark possible DNS servers
dns  speed  internet  optimization 
january 2015 by nelson
Harlem Shake DNS
HTML tags in DNS records causes bad webapps to do bad things
funny  badtech  security  dns 
september 2014 by nelson
Root Zone DB
Top level domains; the list is getting big
dns  domains  tlds  iana 
july 2014 by nelson
OpenDNS stops breaking DNS
Eight years later, admits hijacking DNS for application queries is a bad idea
dns  opendns  advertising  ads  nxdomain 
may 2014 by nelson
A handy name search tool
via:waxy  funny  dns  icann  internet 
may 2014 by nelson
A fun dynamic DNS service
ddns  dns  domain  name  router 
april 2014 by nelson
TLD proliferation will never stop giving
dns  icann  whois 
april 2014 by nelson
Google DNS intercept
Official statement that Turkey hijacked the Google service
badtech  google  turkey  dns 
april 2014 by nelson
DNS root key party
How the central keys to DNS are managed
via:metafilter  security  priesthood  dns  icann 
february 2014 by nelson
Code to use Hover's undocumented, unsupported, unofficial dynamic DNS API
hover  dns  dynamicdns 
may 2013 by nelson
DynDNS policy change
Popular dynamic DNS service is crippling their free product
dyndns  dns 
may 2013 by nelson
Transparent DNS proxy
Evil ISPs hijack all your DNS queries, substituting their own answers
dns  isp  evil  comcast 
april 2013 by nelson
NTP pool DNS uses Go
Interesting application of the new systems language
go  ntp  via:hackernews  dns  ntppool 
october 2012 by nelson
Clever international domain name
dns  domain  idn 
june 2012 by nelson
gTLD applications
The list of how ICANN is destroying DNS
via:metafilter  dns  domains  internet  brands 
june 2012 by nelson
Wildcard DNS for everyone: test virtual hosts without your own DNS setup
via:onethingwell  dns  service  ip  vhost  apache 
june 2012 by nelson
Vixie on DNS hacks
Reports from trying to clean up after a worm
dns  security  badtech  via:hackernews 
march 2012 by nelson
Google DNS stats
800,000 queries / second. It's a great service.
google  dns  stats  performance 
february 2012 by nelson
Comcast DNSSEC
They're still the devil's ISP, but this seems like a pretty good rollout
dns  dnssec  security  comcast  isp 
january 2012 by nelson
.aero policy
Strange set of requirements
aero  dns  aviation  registrar 
january 2012 by nelson
EasyDNS DDoS debrief
"ponzi/HYIP sites, porn sites or gambling/casino/betting."
dns  ddos  hacking  hosting  porn  gambling 
january 2012 by nelson
Black Lotus DNS
DNS host for sites regularly attacked by DDoS
ddos  dns  server  hosting  hacker 
january 2012 by nelson
There's a new TLD.
sex  porn  tld  dns 
september 2011 by nelson
Weird attack: register domain names that are a single cosmic ray bit-flip from well known domains, collect traffic from memory errors
badtech  security  dns  domains 
august 2011 by nelson
DHS seizing domain names
Customs is asking VeriSign to transfer domain names to them
verisign  dns  dhs  ice  customs  via:waxy 
december 2010 by nelson
EasyDNS is not EveryDNS
Wrong company gets blamed for Wikileaks cowardice. I made this mistake myself
dns  wikileaks  confusion 
december 2010 by nelson
Don't use EveryDNS
Abandoning a customer in the face of criticism and heavy traffic is no way to run a business
wikileaks  security  dns 
december 2010 by nelson
.p2p TLD
Group plans a peer to peer domain name system that can't be shut down
p2p  dns  internet  bittorrent 
november 2010 by nelson
WRT160N DNS flaw
A common consumer router gets DNS records mixed up
dns  internet  routers  badtech  bug 
july 2010 by nelson
Arabic TLDs
International domain names go live in a big way
idn  internationalization  arabic  internet  dns 
may 2010 by nelson
It's a valid URL, and it works.
tonga  url  dns  tinyurl  urlshortener 
february 2010 by nelson
Google Public DNS
Google now runs a public DNS server at
google  dns  opendns 
december 2009 by nelson
Why OpenDNS is evil
The DNS system is not the place to be providing application features
dns  badtech  google  speed  via:merlin 
november 2008 by nelson
China subverts DNS
Rumours that all search engine DNS requests now end at Baidu
dns  baidu  google  yahoo  search  badtech  china 
october 2007 by nelson
Domain name scams
Profile of a guy who makes money buying and selling names, including *.cm
via:metafilter  scam  dns  badtech  cameroon  verisign  wildcard 
may 2007 by nelson
SPF query tools
Various checks for the anti-spam system spf
smtp  spf  email  spam  dns 
february 2007 by nelson
Root DNS locations
Surprised there's not one in Australia (via Digg)
web  google  network  reference  interesting  server  maps  dns  internet  root  technology  nelson:autotagged 
july 2006 by nelson
Level3 outage
This link will only for another 18 hours, but here's the outage
latency  metrics  route  damage  isps  sysadmin  health  dns  internet  networking  tools  nelson:autotagged 
october 2005 by nelson
Snatching domains
This is ludicrous, but fascinating (via Waxy)
expiring  web  domain  business  howto  hosting  blog  dns  internet  domains  tips  nelson:autotagged 
march 2005 by nelson
the djb way
If you're into djb's way of building Unix tools, this site is for you
qmail  networking  howto  sysadmin  unix  djb  dns  linux  tools  email  software  nelson:autotagged 
february 2005 by nelson
Squish DNS
Nice web form for detailed DNS queries
web  networking  network  admin  tool  sysadmin  dns  internet  security  tools  utility  nelson:autotagged 
may 2004 by nelson

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