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A surprisingly good Reddit collection of photos
photos  history  cool 
january 2013 by nelson
earnest vs. cool
A fantastic essay on the emptiness of hip
life  philosophy  mrrogers  cool  society  culture 
june 2007 by nelson
Crease patterns
Origami templates are more beautiful than the folded thing (via kottke)
art  howto  papercraft  patterns  paper  design  diy  crafts  fun  origami  cool  nelson:autotagged 
february 2007 by nelson
Death Star trench
Famous space battle, manually re-enacted (via MeFi)
funny  humor  videos  starwars  youtube  movies  animation  video  hands  fun  cool  nelson:autotagged 
january 2007 by nelson
Gates at Hooters
Hangin with Warren Buffet; money does not buy class
irc/nick/vard  business  money  linkblog  buffet  microsoft  bikini  fun  girl  hooters  cool  nelson:autotagged 
january 2007 by nelson
Flash Element TD
Nicely implemented tower defence game
web  defence  flash  free  game  warcraft  online  fun  games  tower  cool  nelson:autotagged 
january 2007 by nelson
Bezos' spaceship
Some secrecy slightly lifted (via BoingBoing)
gross  temp  space  blueorigin  blogit  dose  ideafestival  amazon  bezos  wild  cool  nelson:autotagged 
january 2007 by nelson
Dangerous roads
Amazing round of 10 roads, with pics (via Metafilter)
funny  interesting  photography  roads  blog  photos  dangerous  fun  weird  travel  cool  nelson:autotagged 
december 2006 by nelson
ZIP code scribbles
Interesting visualization of US zip code allocation (via Peter)
visualization  art  usa  map  interesting  mapping  zipcode  maps  design  cool  geography  nelson:autotagged 
december 2006 by nelson
Science mysteries
Some of the quandries of modern science, heavily physics oriented
articles  toread  space  interesting  research  science  article  weird  astronomy  physics  cool  nelson:autotagged 
november 2006 by nelson
Freaky fluid
Running across cornstarch liquid (via jwz)
funny  humor  liquid  science  youtube  fluid  water  cornstarch  video  physics  cool  nelson:autotagged 
november 2006 by nelson
Historical maps
Google Earth publishes some old maps; very cool
map  google  googleearth  cool  maps  googlemaps  time  earth  geography  tools  history  nelson:autotagged 
november 2006 by nelson
The most popular stolen Windows XP key (via mathowie)
funny  warez  humour  winxp  windows  wikipedia  geek  operatingsystems  trivia  microsoft  cool  nelson:autotagged 
november 2006 by nelson
Clever game concept (via MeFi)
funny  web  flash  free  game  games  online  fun  juegos  physics  cool  nelson:autotagged 
october 2006 by nelson
Poodle exercise
If Japan did not exist, we would have to invent it
funny  wierd  humor  video  cool  nelson:autotagged 
october 2006 by nelson
Size 20 model
Gaultier's comment on thin debates (via boingboing)
funny  fashion  weight  interesting  fat  signoftimes  news  model  gaultier  debate  cool  nelson:autotagged 
october 2006 by nelson
charming little Flash game (via Metafilter)
funny  web  flash  free  game  games  online  fun  gaming  software  cool  nelson:autotagged 
september 2006 by nelson
Hot Captcha (Web 2.0)
"I met my wife on your captcha" (via Metatalk)
funny  humor  web  mashup  javascript  hotornot  captcha  internet  fun  security  cool  nelson:autotagged 
september 2006 by nelson
6 years of self photos
The music on this is very nice (via Populicious)
media  art  interesting  photo  photography  youtube  video  time  fun  film  cool  nelson:autotagged 
september 2006 by nelson
Starry Lego Night
Van Gogh in Duplo (via kottke) (yes, not really Duplo)
toys  art  lego  legos  vangogh  design  mosaic  crafts  cool  projects  inspiration  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
Long Experiments
100+ year scientific installations (via kottke)
reference  clock  science  drop  research  experiments  pitch  fun  history  physics  cool  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
Safe for work
Proxy reformats web pages to look like Office (via Digg)
funny  office  web  work  privacy  proxy  internet  fun  cool  tools  browser  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
Web 2.0 logos
Spoof of traditional logos. (note: site is a mirror; main is down)
web2.0  funny  humor  logos  media  design  logo  fun  redesign  2.0  cool  nelson:autotagged 
july 2006 by nelson
Movie shot on SLR
Zillions of shots strung together (via BoingBoing)
art  movie  photography  youtube  camera  video  digital  inspiration  animation  film  cool  nelson:autotagged 
july 2006 by nelson
Blink of an Eye
Flickr members submit their single best photo
flikr  flickr  popular  photography  blink  photos  photo  images  fun  pool  cool  nelson:autotagged 
june 2006 by nelson
1948 ASCII Art
Typewriter creativity (via Metafilter)
art  typewriter  computers  typography  geek  design  retro  fun  history  ascii  cool  nelson:autotagged 
june 2006 by nelson
SF Bay boat positions
Real time tracking of ship traffic (via Digg)
visualization  tracking  sanfrancisco  map  ships  bayarea  maps  gps  sf  boat  cool  nelson:autotagged 
june 2006 by nelson
Busted speed cameras
Brits are dismantling surveillance devices (via Digg)
england  privacy  freedom  photography  surveillance  culture  video  politics  speed  activism  cool  nelson:autotagged 
june 2006 by nelson
10,000 sheep
Amazon MTurk art (via Waxy or Kottke, ya know)
sheep  funny  humor  collaboration  flash  amazon  design  fun  art  drawing  cool  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
Oblivion dominoes
Silly physics demonstration in the game
funny  humor  physics  domino  game  oblivion  games  fun  video  machinima  cool  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
SF Scar Tissue
Remnants of a railroad track as seen in overhead photos
urban  cities  aerial  maps  photography  photos  design  architecture  sanfrancisco  history  cool  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
Intense probe display
Amazing visualization of lots of data as a probe heads to Titan
visualization  space  science  titan  nasa  video  movie  design  astronomy  huygens  cool  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
Real Star Wars DVDs
Without the abominable extra material from the past few years. No need to steal laserdisc rips anymore.
starwars  shopping  culture  dvd  movies  video  scifi  star_wars  news  film  cool  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
Gas price map
Lovin the visualization (via Metafilter)
map  shopping  usa  money  energy  gas  maps  prices  tools  travel  cool  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Catch a snowflake
And preserve it in superglue (via Metafilter)
art  snowflakes  science  photography  howto  snow  diy  fun  education  snowflake  cool  nelson:autotagged 
march 2006 by nelson
Flickr toys
Amazing collection of little Flickr hacks
web2.0  web  photo  photography  photos  design  toys  fun  flickr  tools  cool  nelson:autotagged 
march 2006 by nelson
Oblivion panoramas
Immersive screenshots for the hot new game (via Slashdot)
scrolls  panorama  game  screenshots  panoramic  oblivion  games  rpg  xbox360  pano  cool  nelson:autotagged 
march 2006 by nelson
fingers breakdance
Just like it sounds, no robot though (via Kottke)
funny  breakdance  dance  youtube  fingers  hiphop  breakdancing  video  fun  humor  cool  nelson:autotagged 
march 2006 by nelson
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