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Nice generative art project
tootme  art  generative  polygons 
4 hours ago by nelson
Astérion the Minotaur
New puppet / vehicle / animatronics from La Machine
tootme  art  france  nantes  toulouse  minotaur 
11 days ago by nelson
AI art knockoff
Open source code used to create a piece up for auction, controversy ensues
art  graphics  machinelearning  ai  christies  tootme  originality 
20 days ago by nelson
Royal de Luxe
photos of the giant puppet company
puppet  france  art  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Banksy Bought My House
A funny story of an artist trying to be anonymous
banksy  art  funny  anonymity  england 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Banky shredding story
Some details on the event; remarkable if Sotheby's wasn't in on it
art  banksy  funny 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Self destructing Banksy
Piece of art shreds itself after being bought at auction
banksy  art  funny 
5 weeks ago by nelson
XOXO art+code
Nice summary of presentations at XOXO Festival
xoxo  art  culture  tootme  glitch 
9 weeks ago by nelson
People in to keyboards as aesthetic objects. /cc @mwichary
tootme  keyboard  art  computers 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Why Love Generative Art?
Nice retrospective on computational aesthetics
art  generative  medialab  history 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Fountain not by Duchamp 2
Also possible Louise Norton created the sculpture, or at least implemented it
art  sculpture  surrealism  dadaism  fountain  duchamp 
july 2018 by nelson
Fountain not by Duchamp
Famous Dada sculpture may actually be the work of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
art  duchamp  dadaism  surrealism  sculpture 
july 2018 by nelson
Blockchain artist
System for verifying art ownership verifies a random guy as the artist of the Mona Lisa
funny  prank  blockchain  art  authentication  badtech 
june 2018 by nelson
Elon Musk ignores copyright
Artist's farting unicorn publically loved by Musk, then copied without compensation
musk  elonmusk  copyright  art  tesla 
june 2018 by nelson
Metro gun share
Chicago art project; rent assault rifles like bikes
art  chicago  guns  via:jwz  politics  nra 
may 2018 by nelson
Danakil Depression
Extreme desert environment with many colors in Ethiopia
ethiopia  photography  photos  art 
april 2018 by nelson
City DNA
Abstract paintings inspired by city grids
maps  cities  via:kottke  via:migurski  painting  art 
april 2018 by nelson
Short film of shapes found in aerial imagery
art  maps  shapes 
april 2018 by nelson
NYT on the royal wedding
Fantastic interactive web article from the NYT team
nytimes  art  web  funny  wedding  via:metafilter 
april 2018 by nelson
Moon Museum
Art smuggled on Apollo 12 to the moon. Includes a Warhol scribble of a p enis
warhol  art  funny  nasa  moon 
february 2018 by nelson
Accomplished peacock
That "emotional support peacock" seems to be some sort of art project
peacock  art  bushwick  newyork  united 
january 2018 by nelson
May be NSFW; odd little Internet meme
sparkledog  internet  google  meme  fetish  art  color 
january 2018 by nelson
Elephant drawings
600 years of drawing an animal the illustrator had never seen
elephants  drawing  via:amitp  art  history 
december 2017 by nelson
Looping noise
Multi-dimensional noise techniques to produce looping animations
art  animation  noise  perlin 
november 2017 by nelson
Aerial Views
Satisfyingly geometric photography from Bernhard Lang
art  photography  aviation  aerial  photos 
november 2017 by nelson
Stencil Art Prize
Awards for a popular form of street art
stencil  art  streetart 
october 2017 by nelson
Soviet control rooms
Photos from 1960s-ish computing and logistics /cc @migurski
art  computers  history  soviet  1960s 
september 2017 by nelson
Third Thumb
RCA art project, prosthetics that enhance humanity
prosthetics  art  sculpture  hand  via:jwz 
july 2017 by nelson
Particle Mirror
New interactive art by Karl Sims
art  museum  karlsims  particles  mirror 
june 2017 by nelson
Gunpowder maps
Stencils filled with gunpowder and ignited
gunpowder  maps  art  rivers  via:migurski 
june 2017 by nelson
Physical Visualizations
A list of objects that visualize data
visualization  data  via:metafilter  art 
june 2017 by nelson
Trash Polka
An interesting tattoo style from a German studio
tattoo  art 
may 2017 by nelson
Street artist in Porto
porto  art  streetart  portugal 
may 2017 by nelson
Looking Back at r/Place
Roundup of the Reddit April Fools experiment
reddit  aprilfools  place  art  collaborative 
april 2017 by nelson
When Pixels Collide
A narrative of Reddit's /r/place experiment
place  reddit  art  community  collaborative 
april 2017 by nelson
Deeply Artificial Trees
Bob Ross gets the deep dream treatment
psychedelic  art  machinelearning  ml  ai  deepdream 
april 2017 by nelson
/r/place Atlas
Details of the cultures behind each part of Reddit's collaborative art project
reddit  art  place  culture  via:waxy 
april 2017 by nelson logos
League of Legends site has new logo doodles frequently
art  logo  doodle  lol  leagueoflegends  games 
march 2017 by nelson
CBP seizures
Art photos of personal items taken by border patrol
cbp  borderpatrol  immigrants  migrants  via:metafilter  art  photography 
march 2017 by nelson
Deconstructed Planet
Bill Morris' gallery of machine learning art with planet imagery
art  ai  machinelearning  photos 
march 2017 by nelson
Brady Bunch art
An exhaustive analysis of the set dresser's art
bradybunch  tv  via:metafilter  art 
march 2017 by nelson
He Will Not Divide Us shut down
Violent altercations at video protest lead to shutdown
trump  politics  violence  art 
february 2017 by nelson
Invader - Hello my game is ...
Major exhibition by the Paris street artist Space Invader. /cc @mariuswatz
art  invader  spaceinvader  paris 
february 2017 by nelson
Abstract geoart
Nice feature on Bill Morris' neat satellite photo / machine learning art
art  geography  maps  machinelearning 
january 2017 by nelson
Patreon: $100M
Direct payment to creative people is working!
financing  art  startups  patreon  games 
january 2017 by nelson
Matthew Picton | Artist
Paper sculpture based on city layouts
via:migurski  maps  art 
november 2016 by nelson
Through a Looking Glass Darkly
2013 bit of agitprop by Mr. Fish, newly topical
america  politics  racism  kkk  mrfish  art 
november 2016 by nelson
SF Clarion Alley
Details on one of San Francisco's biggest street art galleries
streetart  sf  sanfrancisco  art 
november 2016 by nelson
Drawing the planet in brushstrokes
Beautiful images produced with neural networks and satellite images
maps  art  neuralnetworks  satellites  planetlabs 
november 2016 by nelson
NSFWish; disturbing art
3d  art  strange 
october 2016 by nelson
Graphic design feedback
Classic posters redesigned by the client
funny  design  graphics  art 
october 2016 by nelson
Blotter Barn
Collection of LSD blotter paper art
art  lsd  drugs 
october 2016 by nelson
River map print
Company selling high quality prints of a map inspired by my rivers map
maps  rivers  prints  art 
october 2016 by nelson
Quilted maps
Fabric art, rich embroidery
maps  quilts  art  crafts  rivers 
july 2016 by nelson
generative bot
Lovely generative art as tweets
art  generative  generativeart 
may 2016 by nelson
A nifty machine learning art piece
ai  machinelearning  via:metafilter  art  previeux 
april 2016 by nelson
River map prints
Australian guy makes river maps like my US one, good enough to print and sell
maps  rivers  prints  art 
april 2016 by nelson
03 06 16 - andy gilmore
Interesting piece from a computational artist
art  generative  andygilmore 
march 2016 by nelson
3d art scans
Musings on free access to art
3d  art  museum  nefertiti 
march 2016 by nelson
Daniel Zeller
Artist with some cartographic themes
maps  art 
february 2016 by nelson
Computer und Kunst
1988 East German book about generative art
computers  art  generative  germany  soviet 
february 2016 by nelson
Girih Designer
Make Islamic tile patterns in your browser
tiles  art  architecture  girih  islamic  via:metafilter 
january 2016 by nelson
Fun collection of animated surrealist films
animation  surrealism  art  via:reddit 
january 2016 by nelson
Sanxingdui bronzes
Phenomenal sculptures from 3500 years ago
art  china  history  archaeology  bronze 
january 2016 by nelson
Jacob’s Ladder of coding
Interesting stuff at the start about learning to program in East Germany
programming  coding  art 
december 2015 by nelson
Not today death!
Lovely death imagery on the Fulton, GA county department of health and wellness
sculpture  art  death  georgia 
november 2015 by nelson
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