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Death of a Kinkster
Upsetting story of the death of Jack Chapman, possibly related to abuse from his BDSM master Dylan Ray Hafertepen
lgbt  kink  bdsm  abuse  hafertepen  death 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Non-compete abuse
Janitors, dog walkers, fast food employees being told to sign their right to future work away
abuse  labor  via:hackernews  noncompete 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Measuring healthy conversation
Twitter partners with a couple of academic groups to study healthy communities.
nazis  twitter  abuse  politics  research 
july 2018 by nelson
Overwatch abuse prevention
Blizzard says abusive chat is down about 25% after they added a positive reinforcement system
blizzard  community  overwatch  abuse  moderation 
july 2018 by nelson
Child abuse in ICE detention
Court case with testimony from teenagers beaten by guards
children  immigration  abuse  violence  trump  politics 
june 2018 by nelson
Twitter abuse management
Details about bad leadership possibly being part of Twitter's abuse problem
twitter  abuse  spam  delharvey  jackdorsey  jack  trustandsafety 
february 2018 by nelson
Banning hate speech
Academic research shows you can change communities by banning horrible behavior
reddit  community  abuse  tirefire  hatespeech 
january 2018 by nelson
Man who silenced Trump
Twitter contractor who got Trump's Twitter account suspended for 11 minutes
trump  politics  twitter  abuse  policy 
november 2017 by nelson
Social media and democracy
Long detailed piece about society and Internet communication
twitter  politics  china  abuse  democracy  propaganda  facebook 
november 2017 by nelson
Uber charging drivers
Gambling scheme; pay up front for bonus pay during the week
uber  scummy  regulation  economics  abuse 
october 2017 by nelson
Jacob Appelbaum's abuse
Upsetting account from a colleague of a well known computer security person
appelbaum  tor  abuse  djb 
march 2017 by nelson
Toxic Wikipedia
Findings about abusive behavior by editors
abuse  wikipedia  community 
february 2017 by nelson
Ghostcrawler on abuse
Famous game designer talks about dealing with hostile gamer fans
games  blizzard  riotgames  riot  abuse 
january 2017 by nelson
Twitter fixes
Randi Harper schools Twitter on ways it could support better filtering against abuse
twitter  abuse  culture  engineering 
february 2016 by nelson
Prison phone prices
FCC blocks abusive treatment of prisoners
prison  phone  fcc  regulation  abuse 
october 2015 by nelson
RadiumOne / Willie Brown
Politician asked for $1M to help protect a domestic abuser at a tech company
sexism  abuse  sanfrancisco  williebrown  corruption  radiumone 
september 2015 by nelson
Oíche Mhaith
Disturbing art game from Cavanagh
games  art  childabuse  abuse  despair 
june 2014 by nelson
Meigs Field update
It sits unused after Mayor Daley illegally demolished an airport in the middle of the night
aviation  chicago  flying  meigsfield  daley  corruption  abuse 
december 2011 by nelson
Journey into Manhood
Sad, crazy story about a weekend "cure yourself of the gay" retreat
religion  gay  via:metafilter  homosexuality  abuse  sex  masculinity 
april 2010 by nelson
NTP abuse
Roundup of some NTP server problems over time
ntp  abuse  badtech  firmware  computers  internet  time 
september 2007 by nelson
More American shame
Salon gets the full set of Abu Ghraib data, presumably via a leak (via Metafilter)
torture  ghraib  photos  abuse  abughraib  abu  news  politics  iraq  war  nelson:autotagged 
february 2006 by nelson
Wikipedia vs. politics
RFC to ban US Congress IP addresses from editing Wikipedia entries (via Digg)
wiki  funny  usa  congress  government  wikipedia  abuse  web  internet  politics  technology  nelson:autotagged 
january 2006 by nelson
Webcam paedophiles
Detailed NYT investigative piece on a very creepy story (via Metafilter)
web  mefi  creepy  abuse  internet  article  children  pedophiles  nelson:autotagged 
december 2005 by nelson
63 Days
First person account of being sent to a teen reeducation camp (via MeFi)
story  interesting  blogs  youthcamps  read_later  daily  bootcamps  blog  storyblog  abuse  underholdning  nelson:autotagged 
april 2005 by nelson
Call girl chatter
Guestbook chat between employees of a call girl service. (via BoingBoing)
insane  jizz  boingboing  callgirl  prostitution  sex  abuse  fun  weird  conspiracy  toht  nelson:autotagged 
january 2005 by nelson

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