Nice generative art project
tootme  art  generative  polygons 
6 hours ago
/r/leagueoflegends bans Riot sexism discussion
Most popular English forum for the game apparently has a new policy of not allowing discussion of the continuing story of sexism and lawsuits against the company
riot  riotgames  lol  leagueoflegends  games  reddit  moderation  policy 
7 hours ago
European language map
Very detailed map with an emphasis on minority languages
maps  languages  linguistics  culture  europe  tootme 
8 hours ago
Google steals NHS data
DeepMind goes back on a promise to never share its health data with the rest of Google
google  deepmind  privacy  health  nhs 
8 hours ago
Tripartite Identity
Separate user ID from login ID from display name / public ID
identity  login  webdev  tootme  habitat 
10 hours ago
Old school project to use economics as a basis for computer system design has a new life as smart contracts
bitcoin  ethereum  agoriccomputing  agoric  computing  tootme 
11 hours ago
Vocaloid / Hatsune Miku music as a sort of soundboard
music  fun  hatsunemiku  vocaloid  via:metafilter  tootme 
12 hours ago
Meth on BART
Remarkably well composed photo
bart  meth  sanfrancisco  transit  photo  tootme 
12 hours ago
Flickr export mini-review
I exported my photos from Flickr, here's what's in the export bundle
flickr  photos  export  archive  tootme 
13 hours ago
Sex in America
Major new article studying the idea that young people are having less sex. The details are much more complicated.
tootme  sex  relationships  psychology  america 
Google BGP hijacked
All traffic to a big chunk of Google services was routed to China and Russia after a small Nigerian ISP made a mistake
badtech  bgp  nigeria  internet  tootme  google 
I Hanker for a Hunka Cheese
Childhood memories of TV ads masquerading as public service announcements
tv  ads  cheese  tootme  food  abc 
2 days ago
Eve Cemetery explained
Article with screenshots about the in-game graveyard
eveonline  eve  games  cemetery  tootme 
2 days ago
EVE Cemetery
Eve Online has a player-run cemetery, where corpses are in permanent orbit around a moon
eveonline  games  mmos  cemetery  corpse  tootme 
2 days ago
RIP email security
Another true crypto believer gives up
email  security  badtech  signatures  tootme  via:robey  pgp 
2 days ago
Skeleton CSS
A simple / lightweight page framework
skeleton  html  css  development  web  tootme 
2 days ago
Gerrymandering job
Princeton hiring someone to collect data for OpenPrecincts, a project to let citizens participate in redistricting
tootme  politics  gerrymandering  districts  redistricting  openprecincts 
2 days ago
Princeton Gerrymandering Project
Academic team working on gerrymandering from a technical and statistical point of view
gerrymandering  politics  princeton 
2 days ago
44,631 people imprisoned by ICE
Record number, and more than there is funding for
ice  immigration  politics  trump  dhs 
3 days ago
Palm Beach can't count votes
They lack the machines and process to get the recount done by deadline. This aids the Republicans.
politics  election  voting  votingrights  florida 
3 days ago
Radio Garden
Globe interface to streaming radio all over the Internet
maps  via:hackernews  streaming  radio 
3 days ago
Brooks Brothers riot
Paid Republican operators shut down a vote recount in Florida in the year 2000
florida  politics  elections  voting  votingrights  republicans  gop  bush  sweeney 
3 days ago
Multimember districts
Argument that the US should return to having a Congress where each district is larger, elects several representatives
congress  politics  house  gerrymandering 
3 days ago
A larger House
Argument we should expand from 435 congresspeople to 593
politics  america  gerrymandering  congress 
3 days ago
About ContraPoints
Year old article about the YouTube phenom, a leftist transgender philosopher who is hilarious
youtube  contrapoints  trans  lgbt  transgender  tootme 
3 days ago
Florida congressman's vote tossed
Former Congressman had his vote discarded because signatures didn't match
florida  voting  politics  votingrights 
4 days ago
Inside the border deployment
5600 Army soliders doing their job, as dumb as it might be
army  politics  trump  border  faithfulpatriot 
4 days ago
History of the 17th Amendment
Until 1913 senators were appointed, not elected. It took a threatened constitutional convention to change that
politics  america  elections  tootme  senate  constitution  17thamendment 
4 days ago
Twitter vs Saudi Activists
Heartfelt editorial on how Twitter is failing and endangering Saudi activists
twitter  saudi  saudiarabia  politics  protest  safety 
4 days ago
Dick Code (NSFW)
Police sketches for penises. (cis and anatomy normative)
penis  funny  gay  lgbt  tootme 
4 days ago
Election problem in Indiana
One county's election was a complete logistical mess. Sounds like incompetence, not malice, but a good example of how polling can be poorly executed
indiana  election  politics  voting  votingrights 
4 days ago
Broward County undervote
Details of the controversy of the Florida senate vote
florida  voting  politics  ballot  votingrights 
5 days ago
Kristallnacht photos
Horrible pictures of happy Nazis destroying Jewish homes, businesses, places of worship
kristallnach  nazis  photos  history  germany  jews 
5 days ago
Hiding from the Internet
Detailed instructions on how to remove information collected about you from public databases
privacy  internet  security  tootme 
5 days ago
Obamas used IVF
Michelle Obama discloses very personal story about having her children
obama  michelleobama  ivf  pregnancy  tootme  miscarriage 
5 days ago
Whitaker's appointment is unconstitutional
Interesting argument that Whitaker must be approved by the Senate before he can legally act as Attorney General
politics  trump  whitaker 
6 days ago
Details on faked White House video
Press Secretary apparently uploaded doctored video from a Nazi at Infowars
infowars  propaganda  journalism  acosta  cnn  lies  trump  politics 
6 days ago
Amazon now owns
Major purchase of IPv4 space, from GE
amazon  internet  tcpip  ipv4  addresses  namespace  tootme  ge  aws 
6 days ago
Meaning of Acosta lies
Details of what conservatives are doing when they pretend to believe Acosta assaulted a woman on video
acosta  cnn  politics  trump  propaganda  journalism 
6 days ago
White House doctored video
Press secretary's version of Acosta protecting the microphone has been altered to look more violent
acosta  cnn  politics  trump  lies  press  journalism 
6 days ago
Georgia posts 300,000 voters' info
Everyone who voted absentee was listed in a spreadsheet on the public Internet by Kemp, the George Secretary of State / Governor candidate
politics  elections  voting  votingrights  kemp  georgia 
7 days ago
Florida re-enfranchises 1.5M voters
A big positive result in Florida, 1.5M people now have the right to vote again
politics  florida  voting  votingrights 
7 days ago
Vault 152
Wacky cold war bunker in Las Vegas
coldwar  bunker  fallout  funny  tootme 
7 days ago
Trump investigation strategy
A little inside baseball on what Democrats might do with the investigatory powers of the House
trump  politics  corruption  democrats 
7 days ago
Trump loses his shit on Acosta
Hideous behavior from our President, calls Acosta a horrible person and directly calls CNN "enemy of the people"
politics  trump  cnn  acosta 
7 days ago
2018 Blue Wave
A nice overview on the national trend of this election
politics  maps  election  2018  bluewave 
7 days ago
Citizen redistricting
4 states that are currently gerrymandered all passed new citizen redistricting laws
redistricting  politics  election 
7 days ago
Dropbox Python 3 rollout
Migrating all of Dropbox's customers clients to Python 3
python3  python  programming  dropbox  tootme  deployment 
7 days ago
Green’s Dictionary of Slang
Well researched collection of naughty words, now free
via:metafilter  tootme  slang  language  dictionary 
8 days ago
StatCounter malware
Popular web analytics got hacked; maybe as much as a month ago. Many sites including op.gg affected
malware  badtech  bitcoin  tootme  opgg 
8 days ago
Riot Games sued
Gender discrimination lawsuit from a current and former employee
riotgames  riot  lol  genderdiscrimination  harassment  games 
8 days ago
Jamal Khashoggi obituary
Detailed, personal profile of a journalist apparently much loved by his colleagues
tootme  saudiarabia  khashoggi  obituary  murder 
8 days ago
Atlanta voting problems
Georgia's crooked Secy of State Kemp may well have delivered the voter suppression he needs to win the governorship
atlanta  georgia  politics  voting  votingrights 
8 days ago
Georgia patches holes
Voter system made more secure even while they denied they had any security problems
georgia  voting  politics  votingrights  security 
8 days ago
/VoterFraud tweeters
200 Twitter accounts with an enormously outsized presence falsely claiming there is voter fraud in the US.
twitter  propaganda  politics  votingrights  voting 
9 days ago
AI and Meaning
Limitations of current AI techniques; the systems aren't able to understand the meaning of things
ai  programming  meaning  tootme  melaniemitchell 
9 days ago
Death of a Kinkster
Upsetting story of the death of Jack Chapman, possibly related to abuse from his BDSM master Dylan Ray Hafertepen
lgbt  kink  bdsm  abuse  hafertepen  death 
9 days ago
Georgia voter vulnerabilities
Some technical details on security problems with Georgia's voter registration system
georgia  voting  votingrights  security  badtech  politics 
9 days ago
A meme's growth
Tracing the use of the phrase "jobs not mobs"
politics  meme  twitter  jobsnotmobs 
9 days ago
Georgia voting insecure
Voting system is vulnerable to anyone changing anyone's records; a Democrat reports that, immediately accused of hacking by their political opponent
georgia  corruption  fraud  politics  voting  votingrights 
9 days ago
Written Plains Sign
Native American Sign language had a written form, or at least one beautiful example thereof
written  sign  language  tootme  indian  nativeamerican  plains 
10 days ago
AI VoTech
Teaching deep learning systems as a craft / skill in a few weeks
programming  computerscience  deeplearning  ai  tootme  jobs  hiring 
10 days ago
A form of water infrastructure developed by the Persians 2500+ years ago
water  aqueduct  persia  iran  well  engineering  tunnel  tootme 
10 days ago
Permanent minority rule
Gerrymandering, voter suppression, structural imbalances all lead to the Republicans ruling the US with only ~45% support
republican  politics  america  election  gerrymandering  votingrights 
10 days ago
Fascism is Not an Idea to Be Debated
Strongly worded op/ed on where America is today with incipient fascism
america  politics  fascism 
10 days ago
Search engine for ebooks; license not guaranteed
ebook  search  books  reading  tootme 
10 days ago
Hungary's loss of journalism
How Orban's authoritative government has undermined the press in Hungary
politics  hungary  orban  journalism 
11 days ago
Astérion the Minotaur
New puppet / vehicle / animatronics from La Machine
tootme  art  france  nantes  toulouse  minotaur 
11 days ago
ND Native American vote
Various quotes, etc about the heroic effort in North Dakota to comply with a racist voter ID law and protect the right of Native Americans to vote
northdakota  voting  votingrights  politics  indian  nativeamerican 
11 days ago
Scoring a redistricting plan
How to implement a tool to detect gerrymandering
politics  planscore  gerrymandering  tootme  maps 
11 days ago
Welcome to Micro.blog
2 minute video showing the new blog / social media platform
blog  microblog  twitter  facebook  tootme 
11 days ago
Riyadh solar time
Best description I can see of the wacky timezone experiment where 00:00 was defined as "time of sunset in Riyadh"
timezones  time  saudi  tootme  riyadh  pytz  tzinfo 
11 days ago
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