COVID-19 class divide
How the epidemic and lockdown is playing out across America's economic strata
america  covid19  coronavirus  weath  privilege  work  class 
4 hours ago
Ventilator prevarication
Trump and federal government can't decide how many ventilators it might pay to get built nor how much to pay for them
trump  ventilator  covid19  incompetence  coronavirus  politics  health 
Instacart strike
Workers asking for some basic accommodations as they become an essential service during the Coronavirus outbreak
instacart  labor  strike  union  tech  covid19  coronavirus 
Essential jobs
A precise 14 page list of who can still be working in California right now
california  covid19  coronavirus  lockdown  quarantine  jobs 
#HamAtHome - "Non-Stop"
Amazingly edited recording of the Hamilton number done with clips from bunches of fans
hamilton  musical  cheery  tootme  hamathome 
Spritz speed reader
An RSVP app for mobile; always wondered why this idea wasn't more popular
rsvp  reading  mobile  app  via:reddit  tootme 
Yelp bullshit stops
Go fast and break things even in the time of plague, because there's customers to capture! Assholes.
yelp  gofundme  fraud  scam  restaurants  alinea 
Chloroquine malfeasance?
Charge that the paper behind the idea that Chloroquine could help with COVID-19 is based on fake data, from an unreliable scientist
covid19  coronavirus  disease  chloroquine  science  badtech 
Yelp sleaze
Attempt to raise funds for small businesses turns into a aggressive set of unasked-for GoFundMe pages for businesses that did not opt in
yelp  sleaze  fraud  gofundme  covid19  coronavirus  badtech 
CDC weakness
Former leader within the CDC talks about why the agency's poor response to COVID-19.
disease  covid19  coronavirus  cdc  politics  trump 
Running your own mail server
2020 edition, complete with making sure Gmail will accept your mail and a script to automate it all
email  smtp  imap  mail  server  internet  gmail  tootme 
2 days ago
COVID-19 Local travel changes
MapBox shares some global data showing how its users aren't moving around as much
covid19  coronavirus  maps  location  telemetry 
2 days ago
Monkeybrains COVID traffic
Showing a 30% increase. Also Monkeybrains seems to average about 10 Gbps. TIL.
wisp  isp  monkeybrains  traffic  network  internet  covid19  coronavirus 
2 days ago
Toki Pona and Ithkuil
Artificial languages, from very simple to very complex
language  linguistics  culture  tootme 
2 days ago
Empty San Francisco
Drone videography from the time of quarantine
sanfrancisco  empty  drone  photos  videos  california 
2 days ago
Senate COVID-19 vacation
Biggest crisis this nation has faced in years, GOP-led Senate takes three weeks off
covid19  coronavirus  senate  politics  trump  gop  republicans  craven 
2 days ago
California COVID testing update
Bunch of new tests reported as private test facility numbers get integrated
california  covid19  coronavirus  testing  disease  cdc 
2 days ago
Stewart on COVID and Slack
Heartfelt and personal story of running a big remote work company in the time of a rush to remote working
covid19  coronavirus  slack  work  stewart 
2 days ago
Where is the CDC?
On the strange absence of our public health organization from the public stage
coronavirus  covid19  trump  politics  disease 
2 days ago
Handling Trump's lies
Networks considering unprecedented step of simply not airing Trump press events because they are so full of misinformation
trump  politics  lies  journalism  covid19  coronavirus 
2 days ago
Hydroxychloroquine shortage
Crucial medication for sufferers of Lupus and other chronic conditions no longer available because Trump hyped it up as a cure for COVID-19. It's not a cure, it's a promising option that needs testing.
covid19  coronavirus  disease  lupus  kaiser  politics  trump 
2 days ago
Germany's COVID-19 approach
Detailed testing, contact tracing, some good luck all contributing to a better outcome in Germany
germany  health  politics  covid19  coronavirus  testing 
2 days ago
Coronavirus and Red Scare
A detailed roundup of the history of the anti-Chinese coverage of COVID-19
disease  china  racism  covid19  coronavirus  journalism  politics  trump 
3 days ago
Contact tracing with privacy
Singapore tech solution to using cell phone location to tracking if you've been exposed to COVID-19
covid19  coronavirus  disease  tech  privacy  singapore 
3 days ago
Coronavirus testing visualizations
Maps and charts of tests performed in the US, based on the reliable Covid Tracking Project data
maps  visualization  coronavirus  covid19  disease 
4 days ago
Amazon delivery delays
Non-crucial stuff is getting low priority, as much as a month long delay on shipping
amazon  shipping  covid19  coronavirus  business  logistics 
5 days ago
Yet another visualization site; this one has per-capita and per-US-state graphs of COVID case growth. Uses John Hopkins' data
coronavirus  covid19  jhu  visualization  disease 
5 days ago
PG&E plea deal
Accepting some responsibility in exchange for emerging intact from bankruptcy
pge  power  california  campfire 
5 days ago
NYC Health on COVID and sex
Direct two pager on health risks from Coronavirus
covid19  coronavirus  sex  nyc  health  tootme 
6 days ago
Phone Sex Is Safe Sex
Another op/ed on queer love in the time of COVID-19
gay  lgbt  sex  covid  coronavirus  health  grindr 
6 days ago
US COVID-19 propaganda
State Department pushing the line the Chinese are awful and the US are heroes
china  us  politics  lies  coronavirus  covid19  diplomacy  propaganda 
6 days ago
Queer sex vs COVID-19
Thoughtful essay on casual sex culture
lgbt  gay  queer  covid19  sex  coronavirus  disease 
6 days ago
Coronavirus, American catastrophe
Details on our country's failure to act fast enough to stop a dangerous disease
coronavirus  covid19  disease  politics  trump  cdc 
6 days ago
COVID-19: The Hammer and the Dance
I'm skeptical of the author and am exhausted seeing this kind of article, but it does a good job explaining how we might have some hope of getting back to normal in a couple of months by following the Chinese and South Korean model
covid19  coronavirus  disease  pandemic 
7 days ago
Netflix lowering bandwidth
COVID-19 response, lowering bandwidth usage to give underprovisioned European ISPs a break
netflix  covid19  coronavirus  europe  isp  bandwidth 
8 days ago
"Chinese" virus
Racism hand-added to transcript of speech Trump read
trump  racism  politics  covid19  coronavirus 
8 days ago
COVID Tracking
Reliable, daily updated data on number of COVID-19 tests performed in the US
covid19  coronavirus  disease  health  data 
9 days ago
Refusing COVID-19 tests
Only 1/3 of passengers on the cruise ship that was infected have agreed to be tested
covid19  coronavirus  disease  cruiseship  grandprincess 
9 days ago
Amazon ARM64
A real world test of a server load on Amazon's non-Intel platform
amazon  arm64  arm  servers  efficiency  aws  tootme 
10 days ago
COVID-19 biology
Scientific details on how the coronavirus works and possible methods of medical treatment
covid19  coronavirus  medicine  health  science  tootme 
10 days ago
Sonos S2 plan
A coherent technical plan for a new Sonos operating system. Old players won't be able to run it, but will continue to work and get bug fixes
sonos  stereo  hometheater  tootme 
11 days ago
Trump's COVID turn
Details from inside about our disastrously irrational president and his change of mind
trump  covid  politics  coronavirus  covid19  incompetence 
11 days ago
Fox News about face on COVID-19
Network now seems to understand the disease is serious.
politics  trump  foxnews  fox  covid19  coronavirus 
11 days ago
COVID-19 patent trolling
Out of the ashes of Theranos comes a SoftBank-funded patent troll to fuck with Coronavirus
covid19  patents  coronavirus  badtech  softbank  theranos 
11 days ago
US lockdown legality
Details on what powers the government has to restrict movement
us  politics  law  civilrights  quarantine  lockdown  covid19  coronavirus 
11 days ago
Buhid script
Interesting writing system, entirely straight lines
buhid  filipino  philippines  writing  script  tootme 
12 days ago
Trump's early coronavirus response
A historical record of a president who helped enable a public health crisis
trump  politics  coronavirus  covid19  history  health 
12 days ago
The Economist on Piketty
Review of his new book Capital and Ideology. The Economist is institutionally opposed to Marxist thought, but this review seems fairly useful
piketty  economics  marxism  books  bookreview  tootme 
13 days ago
Coronavirus facts
Good, sourced set of more technical information
coronavirus  covid19  disease 
13 days ago
The Trove
A collection of scans of roleplaying game books. Uncertain license status, but excellent archive.
games  rpgs  d&d  dnd  gammaworld  traveler  tootme 
13 days ago
US play for CureVac
Report that Trump is trying to buy a German vaccine development company to have a COVID-19 vaccine "only for the USA". Sounds insane, but report is from a well regarded German paper
germany  america  covid19  coronavirus  trump  politics  disease  vaccine 
13 days ago
RIP Genesis P-Orridge
Industrial music pioneer and gendernaut, dead at 70
music  industrial  psychictv  throbbinggristle  obituary  death  tootme 
13 days ago
Social distancing simulation
Excellent, simple agent-based simulation explaining how social distancing can help slow the spread of disease
visualization  simulation  covid19  coronavirus  socialdistancing  agentbasedsimulation  swarm  tootme 
13 days ago
Trump coronavirus chaos
Details of how badly organized the presidency is
trump  politics  covid19  coronavirus  kushner 
13 days ago
A Tingler for COVID-19
Not Pounded by Anything While I Practice Responsible Social Distancing, a short Tingler that (for once) is SFW.
tingle  chucktingle  gay  funny  covid19  coronavirus  tootme 
14 days ago
UK and Coronavirus
They're trying something different, let everyone get sick. I guess we'll see how that works out.
covid19  coronavirus  disease  uk  politics  policy 
14 days ago
Interpreting neural networks
A framework for understanding what a trained neural network is actually doing
visualization  algorithm  neuralnetwork  ai  ml  tootme 
15 days ago
Talking to your Boomer about COVID
Article about how to try to get through to older people at particular risk who are also brainwashed by the Trump/Fox News view that COVID-19 is no big deal
covid19  coronavirus  health  politics  boomer 
15 days ago
COVID testing problems
More details on failures of the US to have working tests
covid19  coronavirus  testing  government  politics  cdc  hhs  incompetence 
15 days ago
Dismantled State vs Pandemic
Short editorial on the dismal, inevitable conclusion of the GOP sabotage of federal government
government  politics  covid19  coronavirus  trump  cdc 
15 days ago
Trump, COVID, election
Quote specifically saying Trump suppressed Coronavirus testing because he was afraid the numbers would hurt his campaign
trump  politics  president  health  covid19  coronavirus  corruption 
15 days ago
Coronavirus Trump lies
Handy little summary of various insane things President Nero has been saying
trump  coronavirus  covid19  lies  quotes  politics 
16 days ago
Trump getting us all killed
Worried about maintaining his ignorant line that it's just a flu, and everything being about the market and the election.
trump  politics  covid19  coronavirus  incompetence 
16 days ago
My Life Is My Answer
Video ad for Blued, the Chinese gay dating app. (cw: anti-gay violence)
lgbt  gay  blued  china  via:metafilter  tootme 
17 days ago
Blued: gay in China
Profile of the company that makes the Grindr for China
china  gay  lgbt  grindr  blued  via:metafilter  tootme 
17 days ago
Working from home: emotional health
Excellent article about the social aspects of working from home
wfh  workingfromhome  covid19  coronavirus  remotework  work  tootme 
17 days ago
Still no COVID-19 testing
As of yesterday only 4400 Americans have been tested
covid  coronavirus  government  politics  incompetence  cdc  covid19 
17 days ago
National Security vs Android App
Commander of an intelligence unit told the unit to install an app that looks completely insecure
security  politics  badtech  military  army  tootme 
19 days ago
Trump COVID-19 response #2
A second version of the story, broadly similar
politics  trump  disease  coronavirus  covid19  incompetence 
20 days ago
Trump COVID-19 response
Detailed, devastating article about missteps and failures in the government
trump  politics  disease  coronavirus  covid19  incompetence 
20 days ago
Trump's invisible wall
Trump Administration foot-dragging is making immigration for high skilled legal applicants very difficult
politics  immigration  trump  h1b  visa  racism 
20 days ago
Brave Browser sleaze
Details of the predatory economic model
brave  bravebrowser  ads  internet  fraud  scam  tootme 
21 days ago
Geofence warrants
Law enforcement demanding Google hand over location data for anyone in a specific area
google  maps  privacy  badtech  surveillance  tracking 
21 days ago
CDC director is a monster
During the AIDS crisis he advocated mandatory HIV testing and quarantine, opposed condoms.
health  cdc  politics  trump  aids  actup  hiv 
21 days ago
CDC reporting fuckery
Federal government is deliberately hiding COVID-19 testing data
covid19  politics  cdc  coronavirus  health 
21 days ago
Quantum Dollars
Details of Flash Loans, a weird wrinkle in Ethereum where two people can possess the same money at the same time
ethereum  cryptocurrency  money  tootme 
22 days ago
Facial recognition abuse
Rich people using Clearview for shits and grins. Then again in a few years we'll all be doing this.
privacy  facialrecognition  clearview  badtech 
22 days ago
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