Oud Amsterdam genever
A touristy liquor store in central Amsterdam, sells aged genever from barrels
genever  gin  liquor  spirits  amsterdam 
xkcd with the reality of statistical presentation
tootme  visualization  statistics  xkcd  curvefitting  regression 
4 days ago
Children as bait
ICE arresting people who came forward to take care of children orphaned by ICE
ice  immigration  politics  atrocity  outrage  children 
4 days ago
Mueller's silence
Details about the prosecutor's complete avoidance of leaks and gossip
mueller  politics  trump  russia 
5 days ago
American connectedness
Smart visualizations of Facebook friendship data, showing geographical connectedness in social relationships
america  maps  visualization  facebook 
5 days ago
Russia Story so Far
Valiant effort by the NYT to summarize what we know to date
politics  trump  russia 
5 days ago
New site helping you register and vote in the United States
unitedstates  voting  politics  tootme 
5 days ago
1500 missing migrant kids
Yet more incompetence by the Trump administration; losing track of children after placing them with sponsor families
children  kids  immigration  politics  humanrights 
6 days ago
Men are more afraid than ever
The shift in conversation towards normalizing the kind of sexual assault Kavanaugh is accused of
sex  rape  sexualassault  politics  kavanaugh  rapeculture 
6 days ago
Gary Sherman of QGIS
Interview with the founder of the open source GIS tool
qgis  gis  opensource  via:hackernews  tootme 
6 days ago
Magecart attacks
Major ecommerce sites are compromised for weeks by malicious Javascript that steals credit card info
fraud  badtech  creditcards  magecart  newegg  britishairways  ticketmaster 
6 days ago
No, I Will Not Debate You
A carefully reasoned piece about the dangers of fascist speech
freespeech  politics  debate  platform  speech  via:metafilter 
6 days ago
B.A.R. Obituaries
An archive of the AIDS crisis; the random obituary button is one way to sample
aids  hiv  gay  lgbt  history  sanfrancisco  california 
6 days ago
Kavanaugh and Vince Foster
Yet another ugly episode from the Supreme Court nominee's life
politics  kavanaugh  conspiracy  clinton  vincefoster 
6 days ago
Women cheated on stock options
Women get half the equity in tech jobs that men do
gender  tirefire  fairness  startups  stock 
7 days ago
Gay Sesame Street
One of the show's writers talks about gay muppets history
muppets  lgbt  gay  via:metafilter  tootme 
7 days ago
Against medical advice
Investigating the folk wisdom that insurance will refuse to pay for your health care if you leave against medical advice. (Spoiler: it's not true).
medicine  patient  insurance  healthcare 
7 days ago
Kavanaugh's attempted rape
Details from the victim of his drunken teenage rape attempt
kavanaugh  politics  supremecourt 
9 days ago
Blistering Moments: Clean Thyself
Experimental Houston electronic duo that blew my mind in the 80s
music  houston  tootme  blisteringmoments  electronica  therapeuticdreams 
9 days ago
Typhoon Mangkhut video
Horrifying clips from a massive storm in Hong Kong / Shenzhen
typhoon  hurricane  weather  hongkong  shenzhen  tootme 
9 days ago
On stage with Bannon
Andrew McLaughlin's thoughts on going to the Economist event despite Steve Bannon being there
politics  freespeech  bannon  economist  racism  demagogues 
10 days ago
Fascinating and smart cultural and philosophical criticism
xoxo  tootme  transgender  trans  lgbt  criticism 
10 days ago
Guerilla rainbow crosswalk
Oakland residents got tired of waiting, painted the street themselves
lgbt  oakland  tootme  gayrights  gay 
10 days ago
Vat19.com: Kitchen
Ridiculous gadgets you absolutely do not need
kitchen  tootme  cooking  funny  gadget  store 
10 days ago
Unauthorized carrier landing
Remarkable story of the escape of a Vietnamese officer and his family
aviation  tootme  vietnam  vietnamwar  carrier 
11 days ago
Undertaking LA
A progressive funeral home, offering no-nonsense affordable cremation and burial
funeral  death  burial  losangeles  tootme  california 
11 days ago
Automatic Speech Recognition
Comparison of various services for text transcription
via:hackernews  tootme  speech  ai  text  transcription 
11 days ago
Today's Guardian
Excellent alternate user interface, very thin
guardian  news  newspaper  mobile  tootme  design 
11 days ago
NRA vs Thomas the Tank Engine
Pro-murder organization now also anti-diversity, has no limit to how low they'll go
nra  propaganda  politics  thomas  thomasthetankengine 
12 days ago
ICE interrogating children
Kids asked if they have family in the US; then the family is arrested
ice  immigration  politics  trump  republicans  gop  humanrights 
12 days ago
Forbidden Snacks
Subreddit for pictures of things that look like delicious food but are not
funny  food  tootme  pictures 
12 days ago
Spider-Man proposal story
Reality behind that creepy story of a marriage proposal in a videogame
games  spiderman  marriage  gamergate 
12 days ago
5x kids in detention camps
Migrant kids being kept in immigration detention at a much higher rate because Republicans are making it hard to find temporary homes for them
migrants  immigrations  kids  prison  civilrights  humanrights 
12 days ago
Riot's ongoing problem
No sign of any real change as the perpetrators of harassment continue to run the company
games  riotgames  sexism  tirefire  harassment 
13 days ago
College football blowouts
Details of the disgusting greed that drives stupidly overmatched football games
football  sports  corruption  injury  college  tootme 
13 days ago
Trans' right to vote
Strict enforcement of voter registration may disenfranchise transgender people
trans  lgbt  transgender  politics  voting  votingrights 
13 days ago
Beatles kinky sex
NY Daily News really outdoes itself covering salacious memories of Paul McCartney
funny  sex  beatles  music  tootme 
13 days ago
Palmyra Atoll
A piece of US land with unusual jurisdiction
america  colonialism  polynesia  island  tootme 
14 days ago
XOXO art+code
Nice summary of presentations at XOXO Festival
xoxo  art  culture  tootme  glitch 
14 days ago
Aadhaar hack
Anyone can create new fake people in India's national person database
india  politics  badtech  hacking  aadhaar  tootme 
14 days ago
Terrance Davis' life and death
Excellent article about the creator of TempleOS, the outsider operating system
mentalillness  suicide  templeos  via:metafilter 
14 days ago
Google hate result
Hate group is top result for a search looking for support
lgbt  gay  google  search  focusonfamily 
15 days ago
The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out.
tootme  funny  finland  finnish  drinking  alcohol 
15 days ago
Video game proposal
... gone wrong. Most hilarious thing I've read all weekend
games  marriage  funny  via:reddit 
15 days ago
Williams v Osaka video
Clips of Williams' standing up for herself to the tennis judge
williams  osaka  tennis  usopen  sports  tootme 
16 days ago
Williams v Osaka
A failure of judging at the US Open
tennis  usopen  serenawilliams  racism  sexism  tootme 
16 days ago
Kavanaugh perjury
GOP stole documents from Democrats; Kavanaugh used them and lied about it
politics  supremecourt  kavanaugh  perjury 
17 days ago
Riot Games' retaliation
Employees and ex-employees being threatened and harassed for speaking out against the company
riot  riotgames  games  harassment  tirefire 
18 days ago
Becoming American
Laurie Seldo with a very thoughtful essay
tootme  citizenship  america  politics  immigration  trinidad 
18 days ago
India legalizes LGBTs
Supreme Court finally struck down 377, the colonial era law outlawing homosexual sex
lgbt  civilrights  gay  india  politics  tootme 
19 days ago
Third party cookie evaluation
Detailed analysis of how well tracking protection works. Summary: it doesn't.
privacy  ads  cookies  tootme  internet  browser 
20 days ago
Trump Resistance
Anonymous op/ed from someone inside the White House talking about how there are adults in the room
whitehouse  politics  trump  oped  nyt 
20 days ago
2002 GOP email hacking
Ugly scandal from the Senate 15 years ago: Republicans stole confidential email from Democrats in the Senate
gop  republican  ethics  politics  government 
20 days ago
1980s chartmaking
From the old days of literal cut-and-paste
visualization  tootme  newspaper  charts 
20 days ago
Silicon Valley's wane
Detailed article on trends in tech companies that suggest more startup activity in other places
siliconvalley  business  startup  tech  tootme 
20 days ago
Precision Time Protocol
Microssecond-level synchronization of time on a local network
time  ntp  ptp  spanner  truetime  ieee1588  tootme 
20 days ago
Patreon projects ranked by number of patrons
patreon  statistics  internet  tootme 
21 days ago
Nikuyah Walker
Mayor of Charlottesville, elected after last year's murderous Nazi rally
nazis  politics  charlottesville  south  tootme 
21 days ago
Calafia closing
Chef Charlie from Google's restaurant was no longer financially viable
google  food  restaurant  charlie  calafia 
21 days ago
Neural network concepts
Reasonable overview with pictures of components of machine learning
neuralnetworks  machinelearning  programming  via:metafilter  tootme 
22 days ago
QAnon world map
Batshit insane conspiracy theory has an incomprehensible map
maps  qanon  charts  politics  conspiracy  batshitinsane 
22 days ago
Nakedly subverting the courts
The President directing his Attorney General about influencing the election.
corruption  trump  politics  sessions  attorneygeneral 
22 days ago
Decolonizing Virtual Worlds
AbTeC, a few examples of Indigenous people influencing tech development. /cc @mahelona
tootme  indigenous  native  tech  diversity  via:metafilter 
22 days ago
Corrupting SQLite
various ways the most careful database can fail
sqlite  database  reliability  computers 
22 days ago
Bishop Swan banned from Twitter
NAACP leader banned from Twitter for some intemperate language while Nazis and dangerously hateful people remain
twitter  policy  ban 
22 days ago
Twitter 1/2 CEO protects Nazis
WSJ reporting that Twitter's policy decisions on Richard Spencer and Alex Jones were personally overridden by the half-time CEO
twitter  politics  alexjones  richardspencer  jack  jackdorsey 
22 days ago
A programming language that is the evolution of Java (parody)
funny  programming  via:metafilter  java  tootme 
23 days ago
Google and bias
Trump's claims are lies, but there is a real concern about what bias at the search engine could do
google  search  ethics  politics  bias  antitrust  monopoly 
24 days ago
amac on content moderation
Internet expert lawyer lays out some notes and citations on moderation policies for web products
facebook  twitter  moderation  tootme  amac  policy 
25 days ago
Mapbox response to vandalism
Details on how Mapbox handled the hateful slur someone stuck in OSM
maps  osm  openstreetmap  mapbox  hatespeech  vandalism  moderation 
25 days ago
Population density vs. voting pattern
Interesting visualization technique, seeing which parts of America deviate from a norm
maps  visualization  tootme  politics  voting 
25 days ago
Dr. Pimple Popper
A whole TV show devoted to squeezing cysts and popping pustules. It is truly the end times.
tv  disgusting  popping  medical  tootme 
25 days ago
People in to keyboards as aesthetic objects. /cc @mwichary
tootme  keyboard  art  computers 
25 days ago
Bank of America freezing accounts
Demanding new documentation of citizenship, holding people's money hostage
bankofamerica  immigration  politics  trump  citizenship 
25 days ago
Google + Mastercard
Mastercard is sharing card purchase data with Google's ad program
google  ads  mastercard  finance  privacy 
26 days ago
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