GoFundMe for health
Heartbreaking comic about a friend who died $50 short of being able to afford insulin
medicine  healthinsurance  health  america  politics  diabetes  comic 
3 hours ago
antifa brawls
Details of violence between neo-Nazis and anti-fascists in Portland
portland  politics  riot  civilwar  trump 
Windows git repo
Some performance stats from a very large git repo
git  performance  via:hackernews  microsoft  windows 
Medieval City Generator
Naturalistic shapes. /cc @amitp
generative  games  cities  maps 
2 days ago
Uber steals from drivers
$900 / New York driver stolen
newyork  uber  theft  fraud 
2 days ago
Landrieu on the Confederacy
An honest appraisal of Civil War history
slavery  racism  history  south  civilwar  confederacy 
2 days ago
MOnSter 6502
A 6502 built with discrete components
6502  apple  computers  history  hardware 
4 days ago
Twitter drops Do Not Track
One of the few companies to honor users' privacy wishes decides to stop
twitter  ads  privacy 
5 days ago
A 42 inch yacht
Insane tiny boat for crossing the Atlantic
sailing  yacht  crazy 
5 days ago
Uber vs customers
Details on surveillance programs
uber  privacy  surveillance  greyballing 
6 days ago
Facebook + Russia
Trump propaganda via targeted ads
trump  politics  facebook  russia 
7 days ago
Flynn malfeasance 3
Refusing to honor a subpoena
trump  politics  flynn 
7 days ago
Flynn malfeasance 2
Contacts with Turkey, his undisclosed financial benefactor
flynn  turkey  politics  trump 
7 days ago
Hacking Mar-a-Lago
Private club unsurprisingly has terrible computer security
trump  security  badtech  politics 
8 days ago
Square Kufic
Detailed design notes for an Arabic calligraphy style
arabic  kufic  calligraphy  design  grid 
9 days ago
Skyliner shuts down
Friend's AWS startup is shutting down, team joining Mailchimp. Very classy announcement
aws  startup  skyliner  marc  mailchimp 
9 days ago
GOP leak hypocrisy
Collection of tweets from Republicans criticizing mishandling of intelligence
gop  republicans  politics  trump  russia 
9 days ago
Trump's reveal to Russians
Details of the implications of Trump spilling highly classified intelligence
trump  politics  intelligence  treason  impeachment 
9 days ago

An obscure Unicode character
unicode  cyrillic  via:jwz 
10 days ago
Minka Guides
Drag queen authored travel guides, fun and dishy
gay  lgbt  funny  travel  drag 
11 days ago
Trading antennas
Microsecond advantages in financial parasites
finance  trading  speed  latency 
12 days ago
Pearl Parties
MLM scam exploiting Facebook
facebook  scam  mlm  pearls 
12 days ago
Street artist in Porto
porto  art  streetart  portugal 
13 days ago
Week 25 of Trump
Weekly lists of the eroding of American norms
america  politics  trump  normality 
13 days ago
Migurski's open geodata projects
OpenStreetmap, OpenAddresses, and Who's on First
maps  opensource  opendata  migurski 
16 days ago
Meme warfare in France
Failures of the US style online propaganda
france  politics  election  4chan  stupid 
17 days ago
Apple curvature
Design detail; softer curves make for nicer aesthetics
apple  design  curve  squircle 
27 days ago
Mike Bostock's new interactive programming environment for Javascript visualizations
javascript  programming  jupyter  notebook  ide 
27 days ago
Fyre Festival Fiasco
Expensive Bahamas music event collapses
bahamas  funny  fraud  jarule  music  fiasco 
27 days ago
Russian BGP hijack
Someone hijacked all Internet traffic for major financial service companies
bgp  finance  security  badtech  russia  hijack  cyberwar 
27 days ago
Silicon Valley 1982
Extraordinary fanciful map; almost none of this is still there
maps  technology  siliconvalley 
28 days ago
Kalanick and Wii Tennis
A throwaway bit of hagiography cannot be verified
uber  kalanick  games  funny 
28 days ago
Gorka's PhD
Trump's pet neo-Nazi has a very dodgy PhD
gorka  politics  trump  phd  fraud 
29 days ago
Surprise Maps
Visualizing data accounting both for density and variance
bayesian  surprise  maps  visualization  statistics 
4 weeks ago
Red Pill Republican
Rape culture meets state legislature
politics  feminism  reddit  redpill  gop  republican 
4 weeks ago
Scroll down; scammy sounding rideshare company doing a JOBS IPO
yayyo  uber  funny  scam  investment  sec 
4 weeks ago
Nevada County Peeps
Local community in the age of Facebook
facebook  nevadacounty  grassvalley  community 
4 weeks ago
Comey in 2016
Detailed article on decision to speak about Clinton, not Trump. Not sure I believe the conclusions.
nytimes  politics  trump  clinton  comey  fbi  democracy 
4 weeks ago
Kalanick profile
Lots of detail on the odious Uber founder
uber  kalanick  startups 
4 weeks ago
A Hundred Days of Trump
A realignment to reality and normalcy, should your head be spinning
trump  politics  normal 
4 weeks ago
Gay erasure
Reflections on the cost of America's ignoring LGBT people
gay  lgbt  jamesbeard  beard 
4 weeks ago
Heroes of the Storm networking
Details on how the MOBA uses the Starcraft engine
games  heroesofthestorm  hots  starcraft  rts  latency 
4 weeks ago
Banana Blender Surprise
Remarkably good article about a band from some friends of mine in high school years ago
music  sjs  stjohns  rccolamoonpie  bananablendersurprise  highschool 
4 weeks ago
Monkeybrains Outage Map
Interesting map of the current SF power outage
maps  power  pge  network  sanfrancisco 
4 weeks ago
Fearmongering at Homeland Security
Strongly worded essay on the dangers of incendiary rhetoric
nytimes  nyt  editorial  security  terrorism  politics  trump  dhs 
4 weeks ago
Exploring Unicode-equivalents of base64 ASCII encoding
encoding  ascii  twitter  unicode 
4 weeks ago
A Mind Is Born
256 byte C64 demo with great music
commodore64  c64  music  demoscene  scene  via:metafilter  demo 
4 weeks ago
Proud Boys
Dumb proto-brownshirt movement
trump  politics  antifa  facism  violence 
4 weeks ago
Gerrymandering in the court
Great overview on redistricting and upcoming Supreme Court cases
supremecourt  republicans  politics  redistricting  gerrymandering 
4 weeks ago
Is It Snappy?
Use iPhone camera to measure lag to 4ms
latency  lag  iphone  games  via:ckline  tools  responsiveness  hci 
5 weeks ago
Hawaii is a state
Sessions expresses confusion about how circuit courts work
hawaii  politics  trump  sessions 
5 weeks ago
Build a Better Monster
Maciej on Internet technology, politics, privacy. Very thoughtful
politics  maciej  advertising  facebook  internet 
5 weeks ago
MIT selling 8M IPv4 addresses
Rumor has it Amazon bought them for ~$100M
amazon  mit  ipv4  internet 
5 weeks ago
Canadian redistricting history
Brookings report on Canadian redistribution; content starts about halfway through
canada  politics  redistricting  gerrymandering 
5 weeks ago
Redistricting: something Canada does better
Editorial on how Canadian redistricting works in practice
politics  canada  america  redistricting  gerrymandering 
5 weeks ago
Canadian districting
Non-partisan process for defining electoral districts
canada  politics  gerrymandering  districting 
5 weeks ago
Erik Prince + Trump
More details on the mercenary boss' advice. Trump team has denied the connection.
trump  politics  erikprince  blackwater  xe 
5 weeks ago
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