Migrant Caravan
Astonishing photos of people willing to do almost anything to get out of Honduras
honduras  immigration  travel  politics  tootme 
9 hours ago
A file format for 3d scenes; Facebook understands it
3d  facebook  webgl  vrml  graphics  tootme 
13 hours ago
California Voter's Choice Act
The law by which some counties in CA are doing all vote by mail
voting  votingrights  politics  california  tootme 
13 hours ago
Maritime day shapes
A simple signalling system for boats
boats  sailing  signal  via:metafilter 
13 hours ago
866 Our Vote
Phone hotline for people having trouble voting
votingrights  voting  politics  tootme  election 
15 hours ago
Democrats tech challenges
Another article about the work Raffi Krikorian and the tech team at the DNC is doing
dnc  politics  voterfile  democrats  technology  tootme 
15 hours ago
Ethnographic map of Austrian Empire, 1855
I georectified a beautifully detailed map posted to reddit
maps  reddit  tootme  austria  europe  1855  hungary  ethnicgroups 
Evelyne Farkas, private chef
Friend of mine in Paris is available to hire as a private chef
cooking  chef  evelyne  paris  france  food  tootme 
Saudi Twitter manipulation
Not just bots and paid tweets; they had a spy working as a Twitter engineer
saudiarabia  saudi  twitter  politics 
2 days ago
Red Dead Redemption recap
Story recap ahead of RDR2, which will be a prequel
games  rdr  reddeadredemption  tootme 
2 days ago
107,000 Georgia voters purged
People removed from the poll for not voting in prior elections
georgia  politics  voting  votingrights 
2 days ago
Effort to vote by state
Map of which states make it hard to vote
vote  voting  politics  votingrights  tootme  map 
2 days ago
SF homeless infosystem
One System tracks individual homeless people to help provide services more efficiently
homeless  sf  sanfrancisco  politics  tootme 
3 days ago
Slack on a SNES
Using a cartridge that interfaced with a modem receiving satellite broadcasts
snes  nes  nintendo  slack  hack  via:waxy 
3 days ago
Signature voter suppresion
Georgia has amateurs comparing handwriting in signatures to disqualify votes. Guess who suffers the most?
georgia  voting  votingrights  politics  votersuppression 
3 days ago
Heirloom fruit trees
Gold Rush orchard remnants in Nevada County with apples, etc. /cc @celesteramsay @scrumphousecidr
cider  apple  fruit  farming  grassvalley  nevadacounty  tootme 
3 days ago
Daily life of an HSBC exec
This has to be a parody. For instance, it's not realistic to take Caltrain to visit VCs in Palo Alto for a couple of hours in the afternoon
business  lifestyle  tootme  hsbc  venturecapital 
3 days ago
Heritage cider
Apple cider is an interesting thing making a comeback
cider  drinks  beverages  food  tootme  apples 
3 days ago
Day of the Devs
SF indie gaming event Nov 11
games  sf  sanfrancisco  gaming  tootme 
3 days ago
Nonesuch in OKC
Fun food writing about a very fine restaurant in an unlikely location
okc  oklahoma  food  travel  restaurants  tootme 
4 days ago
CA-50 picture
An odd and close political race in California between an indicted Republican and a Democrat
politics  california  ca50  ca-50  tootme 
4 days ago
Pump and Trump
Another major investigation into Trump Organization fraud; this one on international business dealings based on lies
trump  politics  fraud  realestate  emoluments 
4 days ago
Non-compete abuse
Janitors, dog walkers, fast food employees being told to sign their right to future work away
abuse  labor  via:hackernews  noncompete 
4 days ago
Patriot Prayer's gun nest
Fascist group stationed themselves in a sniper position at a Portland protest
portland  guns  fascism  patriotprayer  politics 
5 days ago
Zinke fired his investigator
Corrupt Interior Secretary just fired the person overseeing investigations into his corruption
politics  zinke  corruption  trump  interior 
5 days ago
Apple data export
Big step for data transparency and portability
apple  export  data  privacy  goodtech 
5 days ago
Stratospheric aerosol injection
Geoengineering, a solution to global warming no one wants to consider because it is so frightening
globalwarming  climate  geoengineering  aerosol  environment 
5 days ago
GOP adoptiong Proud Boys
Literal fascist group becoming the Republican's own brownshirts
politics  fascism  proudboys  republicans  rnc  gop  violence  america 
5 days ago
Trump supporters as marketing list
Voter and donator lists are never used for commercial marketing. Until now.
trump  politics  voterfile  privacy  marketing  ads 
5 days ago
Emoluments for dummies
Trump says out loud the reason he likes the Saudis is they give him money
trump  politics  saudiarabia  money  corruption 
5 days ago
Security at the DNC
Long detailed article on what Raffi Krikorian has done as CTO of the Democrats, improving their computer security
security  badtech  politics  raffi  tootme  dnc  democrats 
5 days ago
Remnants of English dative and an alternate meaning of the verb "think"
german  english  language  linguistics  grammer  methinks  dative  tootme 
5 days ago
Voting Rights Act fallout
Voting has gotten significantly harder in many states since the Supreme Court gutted the VRA
votingrights  voting  politics  elections  vra 
6 days ago
American assassin mercs
UAE hired American ex-special forces to murder people in Yemen
yemen  uae  assassination  america  politics  military  mercenaries 
6 days ago
Monterey Canyon
Remarkably deep underwater canyon just off the coast of California
california  ocean  maps  bathymetry  tootme  montereybay  montereycanyon 
6 days ago
Riot Games' ongoing garbage
LA Times update on a company culture rife with nepotism and sexism
sexism  games  leagueoflegends  lol  riotgames 
7 days ago
Trump at the Family Research Council
President speaking at an event for the anti-LGBT hate group
hate  hategroup  lgbt  politics  trump 
7 days ago
VC sexual harassment
Y Combinator surveys female founders; 20% report being sexually harassed by investors
tirefire  investors  yc  sexualharassment  feminism  metoo  vc 
7 days ago
Myanmar Facebook propaganda
Myanmar military spent years laying groundwork for genocide on Facebook
facebook  genocide  myanmar  civilrights  rohingya  propaganda 
7 days ago
GEDmatch profile
Details on the small genetics / genealogy company that's been used to break cold cases. /cc @ericajoy
gedmatch  genealogy  privacy  genetics  dna  crime  tootme 
7 days ago
Louisiana v. immigrant marriage
New law requires a birth certificate to get married, something impossible for many refugees to present
louisiana  politics  racism  immigration 
7 days ago
Painkiller - Judas Priest
Lovely cover by two kids totally rocking out and having a great time. They do a whole series of these
music  heavymetal  kids  funny  judaspriest  tootme 
7 days ago
Deep Sea biolumeniscence
75% of deep sea creatures emit light. Some beautiful photos and video
tootme  marine  monterey  deepsea  bioluminescence  biology  underwater  science 
7 days ago
Bizarro brownshirt rally in NY
Proud Boys re-enact a political assassination, then go out wilding
nazis  politics  trump  proudboys  facism 
8 days ago
Berlin rally for open and free society
Some hopeful news; quarter of a million people march in Berlin for openness
berlin  germany  politics  openness  tootme 
8 days ago
North Dakota voter suppression
More details on the Republican plan to prevent Native Americans from voting
gop  republican  northdakota  politics  native  indian  nativeamerican 
8 days ago
Google+ management
Former designer with a litany of complaints about Google management
vicgundotra  gundotra  googleplus  google+  google  tootme  management 
8 days ago
Unlink Spotify / Facebook
Not supported, but there's a workaround to stop using Facebook to log into Spotify
spotify  facebook  privacy  music  via:hackernews  tootme 
8 days ago
Male intimacy
Old timey photos of men being physically affectionate, but not sexual
male  feminism  gay  lgbt  history  photos  tootme 
9 days ago
Jared Kushner doesn't pay taxes
Trump's son in law apparently pays no taxes, thanks to depreciation rules
tax  politics  trump  scandal  taxes 
9 days ago
International airspace
The ways that various country's airspaces distort flight paths
aviation  flying  tootme  maps  airspace 
9 days ago
Magic Leap disappointment
One tech writer feels decidedly meh
magicleap  ar  vr  hci  ui  tootme 
9 days ago
Voter suppression roundup
Overview article of various efforts by Republicans to stop people from voting
voting  votingrights  politics  republicans 
9 days ago
New child separation
Trump and GOP want to snatch children from their parents again at the border
border  immigration  kids  politics  trump 
10 days ago
Hayden Pedigo for city council
Amarillo, Texas with some lovely surreal campaign advertising /cc @marfagringo
texas  amarillo  politics  funny  tootme 
10 days ago
OpenDyslexic fails
The hyped font that's supposed to help dyslexia doesn't
fonts  typography  dyslexia  psychology  research 
10 days ago
Hidden Tribes
A political analysis of American attitudes
america  politics 
10 days ago
8000 family units separated
A new accounting of the Trump/GOP policy of separating children from their parents at the border
immigration  kids  politics  trump  amnestyinternational 
10 days ago
Brian Acton on leaving Facebook
WhatsApp founder talks about privacy, Facebook corporate stance
whatsapp  facebook  tootme  privacy 
10 days ago
A five year old separated from her family after the supposed end of the separation policy. She gets lost in the US legal system
politics  trump  immigration  children 
10 days ago
Where We Live
NYT visualization of every building in America
maps  america  openstreetmap  microsoft  osm  buildings  tootme 
10 days ago
Voter suppression in North Dakota
ND passes a law not only requiring voter ID, but a residential street address to vote. The intended effect is to make it harder for Native Americans to vote
vote  politics  northdakota  votingrights  voterid  addresses 
10 days ago
Royal de Luxe
photos of the giant puppet company
puppet  france  art  tootme 
12 days ago
Georgia voter suppression
Ridiculously strict rules on name matching disproportionately prevent Black people from voting
voting  georgia  politics  votingrights 
12 days ago
Stolen children
Some of the children that were separated from their parents at the border are now being stolen via adoption.
immigration  politics  children  trump 
12 days ago
Paris bus line map
Lovely cartography; simple strip maps
maps  paris  bus  transit  tootme 
13 days ago
Portrait of a Campaign
Great Slate organizer talks about his view of Democrats and campaign finance
democrats  politics  campaignfinance  greatslate 
14 days ago
Russian Bank / Trump again
Alfa Bank story comes back; data comes from "Max", an anonymous researcher who has a global view of all DNS queries
dns  security  badtech  trump  politics 
14 days ago
Google finally killing Google+
Shutting down the world's worst pivot-to-social, for security reasons
google  googleplus  google+  security 
14 days ago
Right wing civil war theme
Observations on the American right's embrace of violent and military rhetoric
america  trump  politics  rightwing  civilwar 
14 days ago
Banksy Bought My House
A funny story of an artist trying to be anonymous
banksy  art  funny  anonymity  england 
15 days ago
Arago Medallions
The Paris Meridian, a cartographic curiosity
maps  cartography  paris  meridian  france  tootme 
15 days ago
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