Gay Board Games
70s and 80s tacky gay rights
gay  games  funny 
21 hours ago
NYT on eSports
Phenomenon becoming mainstream
games  esports 
Hipparcos errors?
Dispute over distance to Pleiades calls into question our primary method of measuring stellar distance
satellite  esa  distance  parallax  pleiades  hipparcos 
3 days ago
Pornhub OS report
SFW. Includes interesting alternate pie-chart visualization technique
pornhub  porn  survey  operatingsystem 
3 days ago
New Stamen map work
New funding from Knight to update and improve Stamen's maps
maps  stamen  design  osm 
3 days ago
Internet device heatmap
Guy pings the whole Internet in 5 hours
maps  via:Reddit  internet  shodan 
4 days ago
csvkit is to tabular data what the standard Unix text processing suite (grep, sed, cut, sort) is to text
via:Tinyapps  csv  text  unix  commandline 
4 days ago
Medium CSS
Details of new-gen web stylesheets
css  web  programming 
4 days ago
Hellraiser box supercut
Every scene featuring Lemarchand's Box
hellraiser  horror  via:jwz 
4 days ago
Racetrack playa solved
Mysterious moving rocks; turns out to be ice + wind
geology  deathvalley  rocks  science 
4 days ago
Posner on gay marriage
Delightful to see a formidable intellectual drop the knowledge
law  posner  gay  lgbt  marriage 
4 days ago
Comcast / Netflix shakedown
details of how Netflix got forced to pay Comcast
comcast  netflix  netneutrality  monopoly 
4 days ago
Ice bucket challenge critique
Careful articulation of what's kind of weird about the ALS charity stunt
als  charity 
4 days ago
Kowloon cross-section
Detailed side view of the old walled city
kowloon  hongkong  walledcity  architecture  vertical  map 
4 days ago
Death threats against game critique
Anita Sarkeesian having to deal with monstrous response to her very thoughtful critique of video game tropes
games  feminism  sexism 
5 days ago
Great critique of women in video games, other pop culture
games  feminism 
5 days ago
Uber's dirty tactics
Aggressive attempts to undermine Lyft
uber  lyft  evil  competition  business 
6 days ago
Kreyos: Indiegogo scam?
$1.5M in crowd funding, problematic delivery
indiegogo  kreyos  watch  scam  crowdfunding  kickstarter 
6 days ago
On the Roofs: Hong Kong
Insane urban explorers, great high-up photographs
hongkong  photography  photos  climbing  parkour 
6 days ago
Do better than PGP
Thoughtful critique of the venerable crypography system
crypto  security  pgp  gpg  via:metafilter 
7 days ago
Rivers in Tableau
Mapping major rivers of the world using off the shelf tech
maps  tableau  rivers 
7 days ago
Android fragmentation
Various statistics about Android OS versions, devices
android  market  mobile  ios 
7 days ago
Nevada County gold mining
Or rather the lack of it; no one wants mines to reopen
mining  california  environmentalism  nevadacounty  grassvalley 
8 days ago
Guilty until proven innocent
One man's reflections on Ferguson
ferguson  racism  america  race 
8 days ago
Face projection
Slick real time face tracking / projection mapping demo reel
graphics  via:waxy  mocap 
8 days ago
Flash Invaders
French street artist Invader has made an iOS/Android game
games  ios  android  spaceinvader  invader  streetart 
8 days ago
Quick traffic graph from the SF Bay Area of tweets after the earthquake
twitter  earthquake  bayarea  napa 
8 days ago
Seeburg 1000
Funiture music, 1959 recordings of innocuous background music
music  furniture 
8 days ago
Languages of Islamic World
Nice thematic map, by Dr. Michael Izady
maps  islam  muslims  language  via:reddit 
9 days ago
New library for making map vector tiles with MapNik
mapnik  tiles  vector  maps 
10 days ago
Great American Eclipse
Total eclipse for August 21, 2017
via:kottke  eclipse  astronomy 
10 days ago
Secret exploits
Anonymous messaging app is having a hard time maintaining anonymity
secret  anonymity  badtech 
10 days ago
DRIVE: The Aphromoo Story
Short profile of one of the top League of Legends pro players
games  esports  via:reddit  clg  aphromoo 
11 days ago
2014 XOXO Arcade
Crazy list of indie games to play in person
games  xoxo  xoxofest  indie 
11 days ago
OSM Chicago import
Ian Dees' talk on importing Chicago city data into OpenStreetMap
osm  maps  chicago  import  data 
11 days ago
OSM New York import
Detailed notes from importing addresses and building footprints in New York
newyork  osm  maps  import  data  opendata 
11 days ago
soc.motss recollection
Nice early history of gay stuff on the net
usenet  soc.motss  motss  gay  lgbt 
11 days ago
Software defined radios
Roundup of current hacker hardware
sdr  radio  ham  hacking 
12 days ago
Nokia Maps schism
Head map guy leaves Here, the map arm of the remnants of Nokia
nokia  maps  here 
12 days ago
Defeating backscatter scans
One of TSA's full-body scanners is easily defeated
security  tsa  securitytheater  backscatter 
12 days ago
Wright Brothers photos
Great set of pictures from early flight
flying  aviation  wrightbrothers  photos 
12 days ago
Last Call
Clay Shirky's brutally honest description of the state of print journalism
journalism  news  advertising  ads 
13 days ago
US Segregation Scores
Measures of how segregated states and metros are. St. Louis has a high black/white segregation.
ferguson  race  census  racism  stlouis  politics 
13 days ago
St. Louis: A city divided
Excellent background on how we got to Ferguson
race  stlouis  ferguson  politics  justice  racism 
13 days ago
Ferguson police misconduct
The details of what the Ferguson cops are doing are just awful
ferguson  justice  racism  police 
14 days ago
Set your clock by inspecting SSL handshake data
date  ssl  ntp 
14 days ago
Normalized Ferguson tweetmap
Better visualization of interest in the Ferguson story
ferguson  twitter  maps  via:flowingdata 
14 days ago
Tom Jennings (1996)
Early Wired profile of a pioneering network guy
homocore  internet  tlg  fidonet  tomjennings 
14 days ago
Early BBS network, alternate to Usenet and Internet
networks  fidonet  bbs  modem  tomjennings 
14 days ago
512k BGP route impact
Some of the fallout from the routing debacle on the Internet
internet  bgp  routing  cisco 
15 days ago
BGP table size
A 512,000 BGP route limit is breaking the Internet
internet  bgp  routing  bugs 
15 days ago
Windows Store scams
A brief stroll through Microsoft's negligence
windows  malware  scam  badtech  via:Reddit 
15 days ago
A Unicode encoding that's like UTF-8 for plane 0, then some surrogate mess for stuff that are uncommon characters
unicode  utf8  badtech 
15 days ago
1915 chart style guide
From the US Census department, guidelines for making data visualizations
infovis  census  charts  graphics 
15 days ago
Berkhamsted shaped like a penis
The map is funny because it looks like a penis
funny  penis  maps 
16 days ago
512K routes limit
Internet is breaking in various ways because of a static limit in BGP and Cisco routers
bgp  cisco  badtech  internet 
17 days ago
Open source Elite clone
games  elite  space  opensource 
17 days ago
Ferguson killing tweets
Someone livetweeted the police killing Michael Brown
ferguson  twitter  michaelbrown 
17 days ago
Queen Arwa
11th century Arab ruler, a woman in Yemen
yemen  history  islam  women  arwa 
17 days ago
Green Arabia
Part 2 of Maciej Cegłowski's amazing travelogue in Yemen
yemen  tourism 
17 days ago
Self-assembling bots
"Kilobots", 1000 small mobile robots that swarm and self-assemble
robots  swarming  emergence  harvard 
17 days ago
Chrome extension to improve disclosure of "native advertising"
ads  advertising  disclosure  chrome  extension 
18 days ago
Ferguson cops attacking a news crew
Video of tear gas being fired at Al Jazeera video crew, then the cops dismantling their camera setup
journalism  freedom  ferguson  press 
18 days ago
US paramilitary police
The dangers of giving police military weaponry
guns  military  police  civilrights  ferguson 
19 days ago
Python type annotations
Surprising proposal from Guido to add optional static types
python  typing  programming  lint  code 
19 days ago
NSA knocked Syria offline
2012 outage wasn't done by Syrian government; NSA hack team screwed up
nsa  snowden  syria  civilrights  internet 
19 days ago
Linux can't print on Tuesdays
Bizarre bug where OpenOffice files generated on Tuesdays won't print
bugs  badtech  funny  ubuntu  linux 
19 days ago
TCP in Python
Fun experiment writing a simple TCP stack
python  tcp  networking  hacking 
20 days ago
Ferguson NOTAM
FAA shuts down air space right over the neighborhood of St. Louis where the unarmed black kid got killed by cops
faa  notam  ferguson  police 
20 days ago
Clever protest against media stereotyping of African-American men.
twitter  images  stereotypes  race  ferguson 
20 days ago
Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?
Funny video game commentary shorts
games  parody  funny 
21 days ago
US Digital Service
New government group will try to do better building web sites, etc
heathcare  government  it  pahlka  mikey 
21 days ago
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