Russian troll farms
Insider account; the goal is to create FUD
propaganda  russia  trump  politics 
2 days ago
Disco spiders
Mirrored spiders are freaky looking
spiders  insects  nature 
6 days ago
Palmer Luckey
Oculus rift founder is funding hateful anti-Clinton shitposts
clinton  politics  facebook  oculus 
7 days ago
Nazis in Manhattan
Rallies in Madison Square Garden in the 1930s
politics  newyork  nazis  america 
7 days ago
Yahoo user database breach?
rumor. "The data allegedly included user names, easily decrypted passwords and personal information"
yahoo  hack  badtech  passwords 
7 days ago
Beale U-2 crash
Sadness, a fatality on a training mission
beale  u2  aviation 
7 days ago
MIT license detail
A lawyer breaks down every sentence in the open source license
legal  license  opensource 
8 days ago
Pertussis in Nevada County
Another growing outbreak for a vaccinatable disease
whoopingcough  pertussis  health  nevadacounty  california 
8 days ago
Let's Encrypt costs
New free security service costs $3M/year to run
security  ssl  tls  web  infrastructure 
8 days ago
Eyebrows on fleek
Video that originated the phrase, PEACHES MONROEE
language  fleek  funny  culture 
8 days ago
Dark Sky for Web
The awesome weather app is now a website too
weather  darksky  local 
8 days ago
Zip codes vs parcels
Flint water data almost overlooked because of geocoding by zip code
geocoding  spatialanalysis  zipcode  flint 
9 days ago
Offline Movie Reviews
A project demonstration data scraping and mobile access without Internet
movies  data  internet  scraping  wikidata 
9 days ago
Trump Foundation fraud
More evidence of malfeasance; using foundation money to pay off personal legal problems
trump  fraud  politics  charity 
9 days ago
North Korean domain names
Complete list; DNS servers for .kp accidentally enabled AXFR
axfr  dns  via:reddit  korea  northkorea 
9 days ago
Little Planet Factory
3d printed colored models of planets
science  astronomy  printing 
10 days ago
Mean absolute deviation
Statistical alternative to standard deviation
math  statistics 
10 days ago
One gun nut
Remarkably direct portrait of a broken man and his obsession with being armed
guns  gunculture  walmart 
10 days ago
The cypherpunk revolution
Long, detailed history of cultural trends in crypto
crypto  cypherpunks  via:hackernews  privacy 
10 days ago
WashPo vs Snowden
Greenwald calls out the paper for calling to prosecute its own source
snowden  liberty  washingtonpost  journalism 
11 days ago
Stories of software companies behaving badly
software  freedom  gnu  gpl  rms 
11 days ago
Bottleneck Bandwidth and RTT
A new Internet congestion control algorithm from Google and the legendary Van Jacboson
internet  google  tcp  linux  networking  congestion 
12 days ago
Relief map techniques
Historical view of cartography
maps  terrain  imhof  relief 
12 days ago
Internet Trolls and election
More details on 4chan trolling, pepe
memes  internet  pepe  politics  stupid  4chan 
13 days ago
Reigns editorial
Notes from a successful new game
games  reigns 
13 days ago
My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard
Took me several hours to read, but phenomenal piece of investigative journalism
journalism  prison  louisiana  cca 
14 days ago
AirBnB experience
Personal account from a host
airbnb  funny  hotel 
14 days ago
Yes, I’d lie to you
Long, detailed look at untruths in politics. Social media's role examined.
politics  oped  truth  facebook 
15 days ago
Art of the lie
Short, excellent op/ed on the growth of untruth in politics
politics  truth 
15 days ago
Palantir troubles
Article from May about problems at the creepy company
palantir  spooks  startups 
15 days ago
More dynamic range for new TVs; HDR10 vs Dolby Vision
tv  video  hdr  graphics 
15 days ago
micro editor
tty screen editor with modern features
micro  editor  via:metafilter  nano  emacs  programming 
16 days ago
Threat to Internet
Schneier reports on increasing DDOS attacks against Internet infrastructure
via:hackernews  badtech  ddos  internet 
16 days ago
League of Legends revenue
Guess that Riot is making $150M / month
games  lol  leagueoflegends  riotgames  revenue 
16 days ago
Riot Games history
Detailed interview with the League of Legends company
games  startups  lol  leagueoflegends  riotgames 
16 days ago
Adblock Plus sells ads
Completely sleazy evolution; stealing revenue from publishers
ads  adblock  web  internet  badtech 
16 days ago
Sugar industry killed
Smoking gun documents about buying off diet researchers in the 60s
sugar  health  science 
16 days ago
Brand New Subway
Browser game simulating NYC subway design
games  subway  transit 
16 days ago
Gay marriage map
Demographic inference from tax records
gay  lgbt  marriage  maps  visualization 
17 days ago
Miracle Mattress 9/11 ad
2016's winner in the "don't market the anniversary of a tragedy" sweepstakes
911  9/11  mattress  ads  advertising  offensive 
17 days ago
Import Wikipedia data into Postgres
postgres  wikipedia  import 
17 days ago
Leaving Triposo
A friend leaves the travel guide startup he founded
triposo  startups  douwe  business  travel 
17 days ago
Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness
Remote part of New Mexico has amazing scenery
outdoors  blm  park  nature  newmexico 
17 days ago
CIA vs Senate: torture
Long, detailed article about the CIA's resistance to being investigated for torturing prisoners
torture  humanrights  politics  cia  senate 
18 days ago
Table of nuclides
A remarkably structured Wikipedia article
wikipedia  science  physics  nuclides 
18 days ago
ML for NLP class
Stanford CS224d; a machine learning course for natural language processing
language  nlp  ml  machinelearning  ai 
18 days ago
Sugarcubes / Birthday
My favorite from the band a young Björk was in
music  bjork  sugarcubes  birthday 
18 days ago
Ginsburg's poem, one phrase at a time
twitter  poetry  ginsburg  howl 
18 days ago
1888 anti-slavery map
Phenomenal bit of American propaganda
maps  propaganda  slavery  america  via:reddit 
19 days ago
Cocaine ads (NSFW)
Coke paraphernalia from the 80s
drugs  cocaine  ads  via:reddit  80s 
19 days ago
Where is the cloud?
Mr. Robot easter egg site
mrrobot  tv 
20 days ago
Apple's control
How removing the headphone jack furthers the company's aims
apple  freedom  analoghole  iphone 
20 days ago
Dropbox Mac hack
File storing company does some dirty tricks to install itself
macos  hack  dropbox  security  badtech 
20 days ago
Boneli Reflex-Arc Test
The alternate reality version of the Voigt-Kampff test
bladerunner  pkdick  scifi  voightkampff 
20 days ago
Machine learning applied to speech (and music)
machinelearning  speech  synthesis  via:metafilter 
21 days ago
Data Packages
Lightweight wrapper for tabular data; fancified CSV files
data  csv  python 
21 days ago
Apple Plug
Upgrade your iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7!
apple  iphone  parody  funny  headphones 
22 days ago
The Network
New Nicolas Jaar project, new mixes streamed live right now on NTS
music  nts  nicolasjaar  mixes 
22 days ago
Flame coming out of your butthole
Crazy hate-speech from some religious nutjub #asbestosdiaper
gay  funny  lgbt  flamingbutthole 
22 days ago
Snowden’s Guardian Angels
Snowden hid out with impoverished refugees in Kowloon / Hong Kong
hongkong  snowden  nsa 
22 days ago
GOMX-3 satellite
A small CubeSat for picking up ADS-B signals from space
cubesat  space  ads-b  atc  aviation 
22 days ago
Philae found
Lost comet lander imaged, in a tight spot
philae  rosetta  comet  space  via:hackernews  science 
24 days ago
Mini Metro Maps
City transit systems reduced to icons
maps  via:reddit  visualization  metro  transit 
24 days ago
massively multiplayer golf, in the browser
games  golf  desertgolf 
25 days ago
Urchin retrospective
Story of the startup that became Google Analytics
google  urchin  metrics  startups  business 
25 days ago
Immigrant crime
First generation immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native born and second generation immigrants
crime  statistics  politics  trump  immigration  justice 
27 days ago
Bannon: Warcraft gold seller
Trump's campaign CEO used to be involved in the sleazier side of online gaming businesses
trump  bannon  politics  zam  affinitymedia  ige  goldselling  wow 
28 days ago
National Tracing Center
US law forbids a searchable database of guns. This is the paper/microfiche altenrative
guns  crime  nra  gunculture  violence  cops 
29 days ago
Women headphones history
That offensive "how to talk to a woman wearing headphones" article has a long and strange history
headphones  sexism  rapeculture  women 
4 weeks ago
Web tool for generating subsets of Mozilla's trusted certificates
mozilla  ssl  certificates  trust  security 
4 weeks ago
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