Metafilter profile
Long piece about one of my favorite places on the Web
via:Waxy  metafilter  internet  culture 
4 hours ago
Hacking Hearthstone
Defcon talk about applying machine learning to the game, some assisted AI
ai  hearthstone  games  defcon 
7 hours ago
Basic browser for Postgres, written in Go
via:onethingwell  postgres  database  golang 
7 hours ago
Crazy collaborative pixel art creation MMO
games  mmo  via:metafilter  pixel 
8 hours ago
Chip credit cards in US
Details on which banks have modern credit cards
security  creditcard  us  banks  emv 
10 hours ago
Slopes of SF
Nice writeup of a map project
maps  sanfrancisco  d3js 
10 hours ago
Chip and Signature
Details on why US credit cards have moved to a different security mechanism than standard
security  credticard  banks  emv  chipandpin 
10 hours ago
Collateral Internet damage
Comcast / Netflix war also hurt anyone else who happened to connect via Cogent
netneutrality  isp  comcast  netflix  cogent  internet  via:Reddit 
11 hours ago
Nomad Digital
ISP Amtrak uses, at least for the Capitol Corridor in California
isp  amtrak  wifi  mobile  california 
BitTorrent Sync commentary
User is happy with what he's found with the DropBox replacement
bittorrent  sync  dropbox  files 
2 days ago
Common Crawl
Non-profit that crawls the web and makes snapshots available to the public for free
crawl  web  searchengine  search  opendata 
2 days ago
ODbL analysis
Legal white paper looking at OpenStreetMap licensing issues
osm  openstreetmap  license  odbl  maps 
3 days ago
Trouble with the ODbL
New thoughts on OpenStreetMap licensing
license  osm  openstreetmap  viral  maps 
3 days ago
Fresh slate for OSM
A prolific OpenStreetMap old timer argues it's time for a fresh start for OSM
osm  openstreetmap  maps  osmf 
3 days ago
Failure testing at Stripe
Details on some "game day" exercises seeing how resilient their system is
testing  software  stripe  redis  faulttolerance 
3 days ago
Sarkeesian NYT op/ed
Great observation on how gaming has become for everyone
games  gaming  gamergate  nyt  nytimes  sarkeesian  feminism 
3 days ago
Uber, Lyft pricing
Details on surge pricing, relative costs, etc
uber  lyft  sidecar  ridesharing  via:rodbegbie 
4 days ago
GamerGate tweets
Waxy does some simple data collection and analysis
gamergate  feminism  twitter  harassment 
4 days ago
Voter suppression in Texas
The details of why voter ID requirements are anti-democratic
democracy  texas  vote  civilrights 
4 days ago
Plazas de soberanía
Bits of Europe in North Africa; Spanish exclaves in Morocco
morocco  spain  geography  europe 
5 days ago
sexism 1.0
Stories of sexual harassment in tech journalism
tech  journalism  sexism  feminism 
5 days ago
360 Secure Browser
Very popular browser in China; alleged to be malware
malware  badtech  china  browser 
6 days ago
Notes From Behind the Firewall
Quick overview of some differences in the parallel Chinese Internet
china  internet  firewall  design 
6 days ago
1852 foldable globe
Very cool globe that folds up into a book
maps  globe  via:reddit 
6 days ago
Palua: Mac function keys
Software to make switching keyboard mode for function keys better
apple  macos  palua  keyboard  games 
6 days ago
Ello funding: PBC
Bold move, incorporated in a way that prevents them showing ads or selling user data
ello  ethics  vc  startups  pbc 
8 days ago
Burrito unboxing
What's inside the wrapper?
burrito  funny  theonion  onion  parody 
9 days ago
Twitter's new app strategy
From Twitter Flight, building various mobile developer tools
twitter  developer  mobile 
9 days ago
Gyro-Stabilized Systems
Grass Valley tech company; aerial imaging
grassvalley  nevadacounty  startups  camera  drones 
9 days ago
OpenVPN instructions
Humane-looking set of notes on how to set up an OpenVPN system
openvpn  vpn  privacy  security  networking  linux 
10 days ago
Poor man's VPN, scripts to automate setting up IP in IP tunnelling over SSH
ssh  tunnel  vpn  network  privacy  security 
10 days ago
Abstract polygon art
polygons  art  gifs  via:sha 
10 days ago
Yet another ad blocking extension for Chrome; aims to be lighter weight
ads  adblock  chrome  extension 
11 days ago
Cindy Brewer profile
Geography professor behind the excellent perceptual color scales
colorbrewer  brewer  via:mbostock  maps  design 
11 days ago
Playboy on LoL
SFW: great profile of eSports, Cloud 9
games  playboy  leagueoflegends  lol  via:reddit  cloud9  c9 
11 days ago
X-37B orbit
Secret military spaceplane flew around 400 km, 43° inclination
space  x37b  classified  orbit 
11 days ago
eSports in Korea
Some coverage of the gaming phenomenon
korea  games  lol  esports 
12 days ago
Robot space plan returns home
2 years in orbit for X-37B, running autonomously, now it's back
space  x37b  drone 
12 days ago
Write desktop apps using Javascript and HTML
apps  webkit  javascript  node  nodejs 
12 days ago
Silence of the Lambs analysis
Terrific breakdown of how Demme works the camera
via:boingboing  film  silenceofthelambs  hopkinds  foster 
12 days ago
Twitter Block Bot
A spam filter of sorts for Twitter, blocking anti-feminist obsessives
twitter  feminism  gamergate  spam 
12 days ago
Slovakian Tokaj
They make dessert wine like Hungarian Tokaji in Slovakia
slovakia  tourism  via:ckline  wine  tokaj  tokaji  tokay 
13 days ago
UDP in practice
Some data for low bandwidth UDP uses
udp  network  internet 
13 days ago
Faroe islands maps
Some confusing geometry for a tiny northern nation
faroes  maps  via:reddit 
14 days ago
Yosemite vs /usr/local
Apple manges to screw up their upgrader
apple  homebrew  macos  badtech 
14 days ago
Sarkeesian interview
Clear, inspiring words from the feminist game critic
gamergate  games  sarkeesian  feminism 
14 days ago
Very easy site for uploading a file to share via HTTP; command line friendly
via:onethingwell  sharing  http  tools 
15 days ago
Plex on Xbox
Big news for the best play-video-on-your-TV system
plex  xbox  video 
15 days ago
n'est pas un sextoy
Eyebrow raising sculpture installed in Paris
funny  paris  france  sex  buttplug 
15 days ago
The Making Of Berzerk
Classic arcade game, the story of design
games  berzerk  stern 
15 days ago
Chrono Trigger design
"Reversing the design", game analaysis
games  chronotrigger  snes  via:metafilter 
17 days ago
The NSA and Me
Spy agency's first public historian reminesces
nsa  civilrights  bamford  via:metafilter 
18 days ago
Cardinal Fashion Plate
Jackass cardinal known for saying jackass things also has a flair for costume
catholic  cardinal  priest  gay  fashion 
18 days ago
NYT on LoL
Mainstream press about the esports game, awkward article
lol  nyt  games  mobas  esports 
20 days ago
Organs of Paris
Guides for hearing organ music in Paris
paris  organ  music  concert 
20 days ago
The First Female Gamers
Detailed history of women playing D&D
games  dnd  women  feminism  via:metafilter 
21 days ago
thefork Paris
Online restaurant reservations. Like OpenTable for Paris, reports are it actually works
paris  dining  restaurants  opentable 
22 days ago
10 ways to be a male advocate
Simple, actionable ways men can help women in tech
tech  feminism  sexism 
22 days ago
GamerGate deconstruction
Analysis of how the "movement" is structurally flawed
gamergate  games  feminism 
22 days ago
Trouble at the Koolaid Point
Amazingly thoughtful essay about online harassment, the culture we have built. "Twitter, for all its good, is a hate amplifier."
twitter  harassment  gender  sexism  feminism  weev  seriouspony  kathysierra 
23 days ago
Belkin router fiasco
Firmware fails when some Internet service is broken
router  badtech  belkin  fail 
24 days ago
New browser tool for managing what advertisers know
ads  google  chrome  extension  privacy  advertising 
24 days ago
Sarkeesian at XOXO
Talking about sexist backlash to her feminist critique of gaming
gaming  feminism  gamergate  sarkeesian  xoxo  xoxofest 
24 days ago
monit dmca claim
Open source project goes after a rewrite clone
go  monit  dmca  copyright  github 
24 days ago
Konrad Zuse
German computer designer; built arguably the first working stored program computer
computers  history  zuse  z1  z3  berlin  germany 
24 days ago
Twin Peaks 2600
Fan-made Atari game, "Black Lodge"
games  atari  twinpeaks  retrogaming 
24 days ago
Internet troll talks about his growing racism, sexism, his swastika tattoo
nazi  batshitinsane  weev  awful  ugly 
25 days ago
BGP 512k problem
Detailed analysis of the routing problem that screwed the Internet in August 2014
bgp  badtech  router  bug  internet 
25 days ago
Why nerd culture must die
"We’re still behaving like the rebel alliance, but now we’re the Empire."
feminism  sexism  tech  geek  culture 
25 days ago
SF's shittiest streets
A handy guide to our urban dysfunction
sanfrancisco  shit  gross  disgusting  sf  city 
28 days ago
Xen Security Advisories 108
The bug that had Amazon and Rackspace rebooting all of their computers
security  badtech  xen  amazon  ec2 
4 weeks ago
The subreddit alternative to 'Murica
murica  yurop  funny  europe  reddit  stereotypes 
4 weeks ago
Hadza fecal transplant
Random Western biologist decides to hot-swap in some shit from a Tanzanian hunter-gatherer
batshitinsane  microbiome  biology  hadz  tanzania  shit 
4 weeks ago
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