Uber was hacked and hid it
57M user accounts hacked, Uber paid a ransom and didn't disclose the breach
uber  fraud  hack  security  badtech  kalanick 
gzthermal web
simple webapp to visualize compression efficiency
gzip  compression  gzthermal  visualization  optimiziation 
Odd little tool to visualize efficiency of gzip compression
gzip  compression  visualization  optimization 
Tartine croissant recipe
Details on San Francisco's most-loved croissant
croissant  pastry  baking  tartine  sf  sanfrancisco 
Opus Magnum Turing complete
Puzzle game now has a Brainfuck interpreter
programming  computers  games  opusmagnum  zachtronics 
2 days ago
FCC to wreck the Internet
Official notice of unwinding net neutrality
politics  internet  trump  fcc  netneutrality  policy 
2 days ago
Tech political naivete
How a lack of nuanced education has led companies like Google and Facebook to build dangerous political machines
politics  tech  education  liberalarts  rant 
2 days ago
Voter suppression committee
Strongly worded editorial about Kobach and Trump's effort to stop people from voting
vote  votingrights  democracy  politics  america 
3 days ago
Jurvetson's disgrace
Big name VC pushed out of his firm for various social and sexual transgressions
jurvetson  dfj  vc  tech  asshole 
3 days ago
Mastodon analytics
Details of user growth and usage, per instance
mastodon  stats  socialmedia 
4 days ago
Cathedral reptition
Interesting zoetrope animation of architecture
architecture  cathedral  church  temple  animation  zoetrope 
5 days ago
TED harassment
Technoutopian conference also has disgusting sexual behavior
ted  harassment  women  feminism  conference  standards 
5 days ago
Hitman / Transgender
Sweet comic about how the Hitman game relates to the experience of being transgender
trans  transgender  lgbt  games  hitman  comic 
5 days ago
Trump assault timeline
13 women documenting sexual harassment or assault over 30 years
trump  politics  assault  women  sexualharassment  rape 
5 days ago
WikiLeaks are scoundrels
Details on the malfeasance of the group
wikileaks  politics  assange  trump 
5 days ago
Spacewar tournament 1972
Very first esports competition, with Stewart Brand at the center
culture  internet  games  spacewar  esports  stewartbrand 
5 days ago
Nevada City medical marijuana shop
Interesting look at the details of how a city picks who to give a marijuana license to
marijuana  pot  grassvalley  nevadacity  nevadacounty  california 
6 days ago
TechShop bankruptcy
Grand Maker experiment has shut the doors
make  maker  culture  tech  engineering  techshop  fabrication 
7 days ago
Patreon Statistics
Details on crowdfunding for creators
funding  patreon  crowdfunding  money  statistics 
7 days ago
Ghost the leopard
Lovely wildlife photograph, read the story from the photographer
reddit  photos  photography  wildlife  tanzania  cat  leopard 
8 days ago
Twitch business
Some details on the professional world of video game streaming
games  twitch  culture  leagueoflegends  tv 
8 days ago
Uber stock outcome for SF
Company is not exempt from San Francisco's special 0.7% payroll tax
tax  california  sanfrancisco  uber  stock  taxes 
8 days ago
100,000 users on an old ARM PC
The largest Mastodon instance is run on a small machine
mastodon  twitter  social  scaling 
8 days ago
Alabama rape culture
Everyone in Roy Moore's town knew he was creepy with young girls
roymoore  rapeculture  politics  alabama 
8 days ago
Dealing with angry users
Riot Games director talks about how to communicate in the toxic environment of abusive gamers
support  users  games  riotgames  lol  leagueoflegends  ghostcrawler 
8 days ago
Aerial Views
Satisfyingly geometric photography from Bernhard Lang
art  photography  aviation  aerial  photos 
9 days ago
Whitefish scandal
Yet more Trump administration malfeasance; Puerto Rico is getting seriously screwed on rebuilding electricity infrastructure
trump  fraud  politics  whitefish  puertorico 
9 days ago
A Mastodon client that looks just like Twitter's UI. Works with any Mastodon account.
mastodon  twitter  ui 
9 days ago
Sally Ride's partner
Tam O'Shaughnessy on her gay, closeted relationship with astronaut Sally Ride. They did as well as they could IMHO.
space  astronaut  nasa  gay  lgbt  lesbian  sallyride 
9 days ago
Humans in Star Trek
Funny riff on goofy Star Trek technology
startrek  funny  engineering 
9 days ago
Politics at Thanksgiving
Economics research show that in 2016, politically divided families spent less time at the Thanksgiving table
thanksgiving  politics  family  dinner  via:mastodon 
10 days ago
Lovely little PC game. Generative 3d terrain you fly through, the controls and sound design make this really fun
games  flying  superflight  steam  pc 
11 days ago
Tool to post RSS feed content to Mastodon. Good for Pinboard
pinboard  mastodon  twitter  feed  rss 
11 days ago
Mastodon Bridge
Follow people from Twitter on Mastodon too
mastodown  twitter  bridge  import 
12 days ago
A Net Before the Web
Series of blog posts about pre-Web infosystems. First post is on The Source
internet  history  web  thesource  via:waxy 
12 days ago
Social media and democracy
Long detailed piece about society and Internet communication
twitter  politics  china  abuse  democracy  propaganda  facebook 
12 days ago
Time Well Spent
Consumer interest group pushing back against advertising and tech companies stealing our attention
time  attention  ethics  advertising  mobile  ads 
12 days ago
Naomi Wu
Profile of the woman inventor from China
china  women  fashion  sexism  naomiwu  make 
14 days ago
As Fast as Possible
John Cage conceptual music piece rendered listenable
music  cage  johncage  funny 
14 days ago
Solving the DNC Hack
Detailed story about Johnston, the lead at CrowdStrike who handled the DNC hack investigation
dnc  crowdstrike  russia  trump  politics 
14 days ago
About Naomi Wu
Very thoughtful essay about how damaging it is when a powerful white man questions the authenticity of a Chinese woman
make  culture  tirefire  gender  sexism 
14 days ago
Cornelia Bailey obit
Geechee matriarch of Georgia. /cc @kellegous
geechee  gullah  georgia  south  islands  africa  slavery  history  obituary 
14 days ago
Indian cooking technique of cooking spices in oil and adding them to the dish at precise intervals
tadka  indian  cooking  food 
15 days ago
Stepping into digital life
Major new report from Mozilla in first-time users of information tech, particularly Internet phots
culture  mozilla  phones  internet  sociology 
15 days ago
Funny snark and analysis on celebrity non-apologies
apology  weinstein  spacey  funny 
15 days ago
Turn off retweets!
New simple webapp to disable retweets for every account
twitter  retweets  filtering  detweet 
15 days ago
Weinstein's spies
This is why women don't speak up
weinstein  harassment  women  feminism  mossad  spies 
15 days ago
Our Moloch
2012 essay about American gun worship
guns  death  murder  america  politics 
16 days ago
Paradise Papers
Overview of new document leak about tax shelters
bermuda  america  politics  corruption  taxfraud  fraud 
16 days ago
Yuri Milner and the Kremlin
Major Russian investor in tech companies connected to Putin
putin  russia  politics  twitter  facebook  investing 
17 days ago
Transvestite passes
Magnus Hirschfeld / 1920s Berlin LGBT history
history  lgbt  trans  transgender  germany  hirschfeld 
19 days ago
Epistemic crisis
The danger of right wing people simply not believing reality
politics  trump  truth  science  america 
19 days ago
Robert Mercer, deadbeat
Hedge fund billionaire and kooky alt-right supporter owes $7B in back taxes
taxes  fraud  mercer  trump  politics 
20 days ago
Reed College turmoil
More reporting on RAR and protests that shut classes down
reed  college  rar  racism 
20 days ago
Netrek archives
Records from an online game culture of the early 1990s
games  netrek  history  cmu  ogg 
20 days ago
Russian propaganda ads
Examples from the congressional hearing
propaganda  ads  twitter  facebook  russia  trump  politics 
20 days ago
Strava global heatmap
Lovely visualization of 3T GPS points. Their localized normalization is clever.
strava  heatmap  gps  visualization 
20 days ago
Trump's incompetence
Second tier appointees appear unqualified
trump  politics  corruption 
20 days ago
Civil War reading list
Some basic books on American history
civilwar  history  reading  racism  slavery  politics 
21 days ago
Primitive bitmap display support in VT200 terminals
graphics  terminal  tty  vt200 
21 days ago
Crosscheck voter fraud
GOP tool for suppressing the vote has a 99% false positive rate
votingrights  voting  indiana 
21 days ago
Manafort flight risk
Jaw dropping story on how crooked Trump's campaign manager looks
manafort  politics  trump  russia 
21 days ago
Seashells tty tool
Pipe output of a program to this web server, get a public web view of it
seashells  via:hackernews  shell  programming  bash  hack 
21 days ago
US Navy accident report
Details on the two destroyers that had collisions this summer in the Pacific
pacific  navy  military  negligence  sailing 
21 days ago
Tusheti shepherds
Excellent photo essay of sheep herding in the Caucasuses
sheep  shepherd  georgia  mountains  dogs 
22 days ago
Coates on John Kelly
Clear, firm pushback on the lionization of Robert E. Lee
civilwar  trump  politics  slavery 
22 days ago
Gatwick drone incident
Unauthorized aircraft shuts down a major international airport
diversion  visualization  aviation  drone  via:metafilter 
22 days ago
Google deleting docs?
People saying they lost their work because Google claimed it violated terms of service
google  censorship  tos  cloud  googledocs 
22 days ago
1Password and Windows
Clear statement the 1Password UI isn't as good on Windows but they're working on it
1password  windows 
23 days ago
Trump's very bad day
Holed up in the White House residence yelling at the TV
trump  politics  tv  indictment  russia 
23 days ago
Hacking my Bitcoin
Fabulous story of trying to recover Bitcoin from a PIN-locked device
bitcoin  trezor  hacking  pin  exploit 
23 days ago
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