Microsoft BASIC for 6502
Source code for the BASIC that drove the Apple ][
basic  microsoft  billgates  6502  assembly  code  programming  history 
An eventual replacement for X11 for Linux graphics
graphics  x11  windows  ui 
Nice long article on the history and etymology of the condiment
language  ketchup  catsup  etymology  history  food 
Like cat, but returns just a random sample
via:onethingwell  unix  commandline  statistics 
NSFWish summary of the culture of an Internet sexcam site
sex  chaturbate  culture  internet  pornography  nsfw 
Bees with Machine Guns
HTTP load generator using EC2 micro instance
loadtesting  ddos  aws  performance  testing 
2 days ago
Can I have A pet fox?
Details on efforts to domesticate or tame foxes
fox  pets  canids  foxes 
2 days ago
ASCII graphs for quickie data visualization
python  graphs  visualization 
2 days ago
Fear Chinese Firewall
What happens when your server becomes the victim of a Chinese Great Firewall misconfiguration?
dns  badtech  china  via:hackernews  ddos  funny 
2 days ago
nPlayer iOS
Alternate video player that does many formats. Better than VLC?
video  ios  ipad  vlc 
2 days ago
A new offline Wikipedia reader for iOS
minipedia  wikipedia  offline  ios 
2 days ago
Galileo Offline Maps
New OSM map downloader, quite nice
maps  offline  ios  iphone 
2 days ago
Pirating the 2015 Oscars
Academy members only get DVD quality screeners, so pirates have moved on to HD sources
movies  piracy  oscars  waxy 
3 days ago
healthcare.gov privacy debacle
Government website is sending data to DoubleClick. WTF?
ads  privacy  healthcare  badtech 
3 days ago
Hyperion (moon)
One of Saturn's moons is quite bizarre, including chaotic rotation.
saturn  moon  astronomy 
4 days ago
Keurig Freedom Clip
Simple hack to fake out the stupid K-Cup DRM
coffee  keurig  drm 
4 days ago
The Hobbit: 4 hour edit
Someone cut the 3 movies down to 1 very long movie
movies  hobbit  tolkein  thehobbit  via:reddit  lotr 
5 days ago
Clever Little Clock
A battery powered clock that magically improves your AV system, merely by being in the same room
audiophile  batshitinsane  av  funny  via:metafilter 
7 days ago
Internet Resistance
Fun looking art class at CMU
cmu  art  internet  4chan 
8 days ago
Against DNSSEC
Arguments that DNSSEC is a flawed system that provides no extra security
dnssec  security  crypto 
9 days ago
Swiss franc 20% appreciation
Details on currency exchange and how rates shift dramatically
europe  currency  forex  switzerland  finance 
10 days ago
CA High Speed Rail collection
Index of thoughtful articles from James Fallows
transportation  california  trains  hsr 
10 days ago
NSA regret
Some inadequate words of contrition for subverting national securtiy
nsa  crypto  badtech  snowden 
10 days ago
Madrone Cabins
Friend recommends this as a nice cabin camping experience north of SF
camping  redwoods  vacation 
10 days ago
GTA: Clockwork Orange
Scenes from the movie re-created in Grand Theft Auto: Online
games  funny  movies  clockworkorange  gtav  gta5  grandtheftauto 
11 days ago
A choose your own adventure story in Twitter accounts
twitter  via:metafilter  books  clever  chooseyourownadventure 
11 days ago
Google Domains
Google has a product now for a simple company website
Google  business  dns  domain 
11 days ago
100 Charts Project
Data visualization project showing demographic changes over time
demographics  charts  visualization  economics 
12 days ago
Modern CPUs
Interesting notes on complex new features in CPU design
cpu  optimization  programming  assembly 
12 days ago
Chilling Effects withdraws
They've blocked themselves from being indexed on search engines.
copyright  dmca 
12 days ago
Yerba Buena Island
Excellent photoessay on the oddest part of San Francisco
sanfrancisco  island  yerbabuena  baybridge 
12 days ago
EFF on harassment
Difficult challenge for a fundamentally libertarian organization
eff  civilrights  feminism  gamergate  harassment 
13 days ago
Palantir leak
Info on the spooky big data company's customers
palantir  bigdata 
13 days ago
August Never Ends
Depressing update from Zoe Quinn about the continued focussed harassment
gamergate  zoequinn  feminism  games 
13 days ago
benchmark possible DNS servers
dns  speed  internet  optimization 
13 days ago
1937 SF redline map
From the TechCrunch article about East Palo Alto; neighborhoods by security, a tool for mortgage lenders
maps  sanfrancisco  1930s  redlining  racism  history 
14 days ago
jfire animations
John Firebaugh's design experiments with D3.js
design  d3js  javascript  art 
14 days ago
D&D via Twitter
Dungeon master runs a game via Twitter
twitter  games  d&d  rpgs  via:metafilter 
15 days ago
Young love (vulgar)
Stock photo comic from /r/youdontsurf
funny  youdontsurf  stockphotos  via:reddit 
15 days ago
New Muni Metro
A bold plan to fix Muni by making Market its own route
muni  sfmuni  transit 
16 days ago
OpenAddresses: 100m locations
Nice milestone for the open geodata project
maps  openaddresses  openstreetmap  osm 
16 days ago
China astroturfing
Minor hack reveals government propaganda faking Internet buzz
china  astroturf  propaganda 
16 days ago
Address falsehoods
Various street naming assumptions programmers make that are wrong
maps  addresses  localization 
16 days ago
Adaptive map projection
Clever web map changes projections as you zoom and pan
maps  projections  cartography 
17 days ago
Nino Ferrer - Looking For You
Amazing 1974 song, used in a Nicolas Jarr mix
music  nicolasjarr  70s 
17 days ago
Joe Jamail
Loving profile of a famous Houston plaintiff's lawyer
houston  torts  jamail  legal  lawyer 
17 days ago
Map tiles without Mercator
Notes on how to fake out various map libraries to produce web maps in different projections
maps  projections  mapnik 
18 days ago
Elon Musk AMA
Reddit's crowd interview comes through again
tesla  spacex  elonmusk  iama  reddit  space 
19 days ago
Ev Williams on web metrics
Argues for measuring true influence, not just pageviews or other simple things
metrics  analytics  maus  attention 
19 days ago
Georgia Guidestones
Slightly creepy monument to reason, anonymously funded
georgia  monument  eschaton 
19 days ago
Cuban TV downloads
TV fans pass downloads around on memory sticks
cuba  tv 
19 days ago
Javascript code to turn genealogy data into something modern
genealogy  gedcom  ancestry  javascript 
20 days ago
Stewart / Slack profile
Another article about the amazing collaboration startup
slack  stewart  flickr  startups 
20 days ago
git-annex with GitHub
A solution of sorts for large binary files in git
git  binaries  git-annex  github 
20 days ago
USB 3.1 Type C
Yet another USB connector; this one is reversible
usb  connector 
21 days ago
ntpd bug details
How the recent exploit was found
ntpd  badtech  security 
21 days ago
Broken cap tables
Startups are sloppy in managing stock ownership
stocks  startups  investment 
22 days ago
Audiophile insanity
"Is it really possible that the sound quality of bit-identical audio files is influenced by their storage medium before being delivered to the hi-fi system's DAC?"
funny  audiophile  broken  music  batshitinsane 
22 days ago
Greenwald on NK/Sony
Righteous takedown of a fawning press
northkorea  sony  hack  journalism 
22 days ago
Skryim Romance Mod
Ambitious looking dating sim in the RPG
games  skyrim  mod  dating 
22 days ago
Volcano maps
New land brings out the color in cartographers
via:feltron  maps  color  usgs  volcano 
23 days ago
Infinite Sandstorm
Everyone's favorite EDM looped infinitely
music  funny  sandstorm  darude  via:reddit 
23 days ago
BART WiFi update
The company they chose to install has failed to deliver
bart  wifi  internet 
25 days ago
RIP Leelah Alcorn
Heartbreaking suicide note from a transgender teen
transgender  gender  lgbt  gay  via:metafilter  suicide 
25 days ago
Mavericks filesharing
Tips for dealing with MacOS's broken SMB implementation
samba  smb  macos  badtech 
26 days ago
Python logging practice
Some reasonable sounding suggestions
python  logging  coding 
27 days ago
A market for buying the anonymous release of secret data
cryptography  bitcoin  secrets 
28 days ago
Scan the entire Internet in 6 minutes, albeit with caveats
via:hackernews  internet  nmap  portscanning  tcpip 
28 days ago
Bro map
bro, dude, fella, pal, buddy: incidence by county
language  twitter  maps  via:reddit 
4 weeks ago
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