Modern Love
Poignant NYTimes story of casual sex mixing with tragedy
gay  lgbt  casualsex  culture 
58 minutes ago
Torture lawsuit
CIA psychologists facing trial
torture  america  iraq  civilrights  bush 
1 hour ago
Trump lies about military
His claim he consulted the military about the transgender ban is transparently false
trans  lgbt  transgender  military  politics  civilrights  trump 
1 hour ago
Under Trump, the FCC is ignoring legal requests for information
foia  fcc  trump  politics  ajitpai 
Transgender horse trading
Where Trump's hateful new policy came from
trump  politics  lgbt  trans  transgender  military 
Breaking the MtGox case
Tracking Bitcoins reveals a potential thief
bitcoin  mtgox  theft  vinnik 
2017 Transcontinental Race
Friend of mine is riding a 4000km bicycle race across Europe
europe  bicycling  terryjones  terry  racing  endurance  batshitinsane 
2 days ago
RAND on trans in military
Estimates of how many transgender people are in the US military and what health care would cost
trans  transgender  lgbt  civilrights  military  us  politics  trump 
2 days ago
Snopes' contract problem
Divorce, half of the company sold, fight with new owner
snopes  divorce  tech  bad  contract  gofundme 
3 days ago
Securing the Vote 2016
Detailed account of various Russian hacking efforts and the US response
politics  trump  obama  badtech  voting  russia 
4 days ago
Atom editor malware
Startup called Kite is taking over popular plugins and adding dangerous code to them
kite  editors  atom  ads  badtech 
4 days ago
Spicer gossip
Insider detail on his resignation
spicer  press  trump  politics 
6 days ago
40 year old boys
Sharp op/ed on grown ass men acting like irresponsible teenagers
men  masculinity  politics  trump  gender 
7 days ago
Ethereum hack details
Decent breakdown of why code alone should not control property
ethereum  badtech  theft  bitcoin 
7 days ago
KQED ransomware victim
Local PBS station's computers have been compromised for a month
kqed  journalism  ransomware  badtech  malware 
7 days ago
HHS sabotaging health care
Under Trump, the Department of Health and Human Services has been producing anti-ACA propaganda
trump  politics  healthcare  propaganda 
7 days ago
NIST Randomness Beacon
Nice service; timestamped, hashchained random numbers
nist  random  rng  via:hackernews 
7 days ago
Kaifeng Jews
A small Jewish group in China dating back 1000 years
china  jews  history 
8 days ago
Fanna-Fi-Allah in Nevada City
Sufi Qawwali music in the California foothills
grassvalley  nevadacity  music  sufi  islam  concert 
8 days ago
FPS and human perception
Details from cognitive science on 144Hz monitors, 90Hz VR, etc
oculus  games  perception  fps  vision 
8 days ago
FCC comment malfeasance
Some details on a mess with telcos forging FCC comments and FCC apparently covering for them
fcc  politics  netneutrality  fraud  comcast  verizon 
8 days ago
Swiss sport; a little like discus, if the enemy team is trying to catch your discus
sports  switzerland  swiss  hornussen 
8 days ago
The Voter Purges Are Coming
Op/Ed on the Pence/Kobach commission to suppress the vote
vote  votingrights  pence  kobach  politics  trump 
9 days ago
Animated optimal routes
Nice visualization of map routing from San Francisco
sanfrancisco  maps  routing  routes  osm 
9 days ago
PR crises
How companies handle disasters
pr  publicrelations  startups  kvox  press 
9 days ago
Voting security
Friend in Texas talks about need to secure voting machines
voting  security  votingrights  politics  texas 
9 days ago
Building a tiny blockchain
Nice demystification of a piece of Bitcoin tech
bitcoin  blockchain  python  ledger  via:hackernews 
10 days ago
A vector tile server in Node, inspired by TileStache
tiles  maps  vectortiles  postgis  tilestache 
10 days ago
USB bandwidth problems
Oculus notes on high bandwidth USB usage
usb  bandwidth  computers  hardware 
10 days ago
Bitcoin disaster looming
Clear explanation of a potential community schism
bitcoin  consensus  segwit 
10 days ago
Inside the Uber gulag
Report of horrible working conditions, compensation, etc
uber  culture  startups  evil  sociopathy 
10 days ago
Civil War reasons
Refuting the revisionist lie that the Confederacy didn't fight for slavery
slavery  politics  confederacy  civilwar  civilrights  south 
11 days ago
Company working on 3d data visualization in Oculus Rift, etc
oculus  vr  visualization  dataviz 
11 days ago
Berlin party police
Patch for the police that got in trouble for having a raucous party
party  berlin  germany  funny 
11 days ago
Pinboard metrics
My favorite lifestyle business; I'm using it right now!
pinboard  business  metrics  bookmarking 
12 days ago
Trump's Russian buddies
Details on the sort of corrupt things Russian lobbyists are up to
russia  politics  cyprus  trump  magnitskyact  sanctions  corruption 
12 days ago
Trump <3 OpenGov
Tiny startup is a Kushner investment, gets to come to the White House
whitehouse  kushner  corruption  trump  politics 
13 days ago
Trump knew
Trump legal team was informed of Russian collusion email weeks ago; the President has said he didn't know about it
trump  politics  lies  scandal  russia 
14 days ago
Bot that forwards tweeted links to the Wayback Machine for archival
wayback  archive  twitter  bot  linkblog 
14 days ago
Bitcoin threat explainer
Accessible explanation of what's going on in the community
bitcoin  badtech  network  scaling 
14 days ago
Countdown to SegWit (Bitcoin)
Details on the possible changes to allow more scaling; still no consensus?
bitcoin  badtech  network  scaling 
14 days ago
Bitcoin disruption July 31
Major changes may make payments unreliable
bitcoin  badtech  network  scaling 
14 days ago
Origins of Gamergate
Re-examining Old Man Murray, it had a lot of awful sexism
sexism  games  feminism  oldmanmurry  gamergate 
15 days ago
Google's paid shills
Google gives money to academics doing work supporting their political positions
google  corruption  academics  antitrust  regulation 
15 days ago
Format a Twitter thread as a proper blog post
blogs  twitter  content  tweetstorm  thread  hack 
15 days ago
Paper Bag test
Famous scene about racism from the great sit-com Frank's Place
franksplace  tv  racism  america  neworleans 
15 days ago
Trump Russia denials
A trip down memory lane, with video on the record
trump  russia  politics  lies 
16 days ago
Verizon S3 breach
Customer database left online for anyone to download
aws  s3  verizon  badtech  security 
16 days ago
Mueller investigation rumors
Said to be looking at whether Trump campaign helped Russians target propaganda efforts
trump  politics  russia  treason  kushner 
16 days ago
How Discord Scaled Elixir
Erlang in practice for the Slack-like gamer product
games  discord  slack  erlang  messages  performance  via:hackernews 
16 days ago
Notes on Collusion
A summary and perspective on the Trump Russia scandal
trump  russia  politics  treason  collusion 
16 days ago
Qubes OS
A Xen/Linux distro for secure laptops
security  linux  operatingsystem  os  xen 
16 days ago
DNC hiring full stack engineers
Work for the Democrats writing software to save the country!
dnc  politics  engineering  hiring 
16 days ago
More on SFO near miss
Pilot discussion, extra ground tracks, etc
aviation  sfo  accident  faa  safety 
16 days ago
SFO near-accident
Air Canada plane almost landed on a taxiway with airplanes on it
aircanada  aviation  flying  sfo  safety 
16 days ago
Google crayon graph
One of my favorite artifacts from early Google
google  crayon  graph  timeseries  culture 
16 days ago
Gerrymandering metrics
Some nuance on the efficiency gap and the coming Wisconsin case in the Supreme Court
voting  politics  gerrymandering  wisconsin 
17 days ago
Voter suppression panel stopped
EPIC files a lawsuit that temporarily stops Trump's voter panel from collecting data
epic  privacy  trump  politics  votingrights 
17 days ago
Homophobia in Trump opposition
A detailed treatment of an unpleasant smear from the Trump opposition
trump  politics  lgbt 
17 days ago
Why Persona failed
Succinct list of reasons Mozilla's login system failed
mozilla  personal  login  openid  password  passport  authentication 
17 days ago
.io TLD hijacked
Someone poking around accidentally siezes control over an entire TLD's nameserving
dns  badtech  io  tld  nic 
17 days ago
Baidu search scandal
Referrals to private hospitals with alleged business ties to the search engine
baidu  maps  search  china 
18 days ago
Health Care secrecy
Comparison of Democrat and Republican processes
healthcare  politics  congress 
18 days ago
Observations of Lagos
Ghanaian tech guy spends a month in Nigeria
nigeria  lagos  tech  startups  entrepreneurs 
18 days ago
50Hz power in the US
LA used a different AC standard until 1948
losangeles  la  via:hackernews  standards  electricity  history 
19 days ago
Clumsy Twitter propaganda
State Department trying to enlist private institutions in a fake Twitter feud
propaganda  trump  politics  ip  stupid  twitter 
21 days ago
Trump blackmails CNN
Threat to have DOJ block a merger if they don't like CNN's coverage of Trump
trump  politics  press  media  journalism  ethics 
21 days ago
Trump’s Voter Suppression Efforts
Detailed analysis on Kobach's voter suppression panel
kobach  trump  votingrights  voting  election  politics 
21 days ago
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