Possible Crashplan alternative for Linux
crashplan  linux  backup 
14 hours ago
BBC Pidgin
New version of news service localized for Nigeria and nearby speakers of Pidgin
pidgin  language  nigeria  bbc  news 
20 hours ago
Lekking (n)
When men compete with each other to impress women
sexism  feminism  behavior  funny  language 
21 hours ago
Verizon throttling all video
Mobile plans will be limited to 10Mbps streams, 1080p video
verizon  throttling  bandwidth  video 
21 hours ago
Trump supporters' fake news outlets
Data on Trump supporters relying on garbage sites like Gateway Pundit and InfoWars
conspiracy  news  trump  politics 
22 hours ago
Black Death and lead levels
Clever ice core study quantifies the impact of the Black Death
blackdeath  europe  economy  via:metafilter  history  science 
23 hours ago
Mastodon and Lolicon
Decentralized social media is used for cartoon child porn in Japan
japan  lolicon  pornography  media  socialmedia 
23 hours ago
How I Became Fake News
Aftermath for the guy who filmed the Nazi murder in Charlottesville
nazis  politics  trump  charlottesville  propaganda  infowars 
23 hours ago
Eclipse traffic
One of many maps showing national traffic jams after the eclipse
eclipse  maps  traffic  mapbox 
23 hours ago
Did you damage your eyes?
A quick web test for eclipse-staring damage
funny  sun  guardian  lol  eclipse  trump  politics 
Trump collaborator justifications
Twisted logic to justify working with Trump
trump  politics  batshitinsane 
Ellen Pao book excerpt
Details of her discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins
vc  sexism  tech  feminism  ellenpao  ekp 
Why PS4 downloads are so slow
Playstation has a "feature" where TCP is throttled if any other app is running
sony  ps4  psn  playstation  games 
2 days ago
Berlin 1871
A lovely historical map
maps  berlin  germany  history  1870s 
2 days ago
Camp Logan riot, Houston 1917
Ugly racial history from my home town
texas  houston  racism  riot 
2 days ago
EFF is wrong about Nazis
A thoughtful rebuttal to the EFF
eff  politics  freespeech  nazis 
2 days ago
EFF on Nazis and free expression
Not sure I agree, but it's carefully reasoned
eff  freespeech  politics  nazis 
2 days ago
Compromise of 1877
Part of America's ugly history of Reconstruction
reconstruction  civilwar  history  hayes 
2 days ago
Mah Na Mah Na
History of the classic Muppet song; appeared first on Sesame Street
muppets  music  manamana  manahmanah  funny  sesamestreet 
2 days ago
North Korea: Notel
Small portable media device is popular for watching illegal video
northkorea  civilliberties  dvd  usb  korea  culture 
3 days ago
Damore refutation
Long, citation laden takedown to bad sexist science
sexism  damore  google  women  metafilter 
3 days ago
Coin Dance
Visualizations of the BitCoin fork
bitcoin  btc  fork  visualization  blockchain 
3 days ago
Nazi Discord dump
Chat room from the Charlottesville planning
nazis  leak  discord  chat  fascism  politics 
3 days ago
European health care models
Intro material for the future of America's healthcare system
america  healthcare  medical  insurance  europe 
3 days ago
Crosswalk the Musical
Hair performed in snippets when the light is green
hair  funny  musical  linmanuelmiranda  tv 
4 days ago
Pakistan embroidery map
From a Lahore clothing company, Generation
maps  pakistan  clothing  embroidery  design 
4 days ago
Sentinel-2 cloudless map
High resolution photographic map of earth, free
maps  satellite  free  esa  eu 
4 days ago
Amazon patent controversy
Year 2000 history about software patent debate
patents  softwarepatents  oreilly  bezos  1click 
4 days ago
ACLU on armed protest
A good decision on an issue of conflict
aclu  gunrights  protest  civilliberties  america  guns 
4 days ago
Armed militia in SF
Gun nut group Oath Keepers saying they'll be at the SF fascist rally
fascism  america  sanfrancisco  oathkeepers  militia  guns 
4 days ago
Ban Open Carry
Open carry of guns is a historic aberration, not to mention a threat
guns  america  security  protest  safety  nra  secondamendment 
4 days ago
Jefferson Davis Highway
Confederate roads are named because of 1910s propaganda
confederacy  monument  california  sandiego  lostcause 
5 days ago
Detailed and nuanced response to a frequently-fraudulent investment vehicle
ico  bitcoin  blockchain  investment  sec 
5 days ago
The Eclipse Conspiracy
How do we really know the sun is going to disappear?
eclipse  parody  globalwarming  science  funny 
5 days ago
Overwatch Zombie game
Amazing hack involving watching the screen in spectator mode to implement a new game
games  overwatch  hack  mods 
5 days ago
Trump's isolation
Comments on Charlottesville have greatly expanded rifts
trump  politics  racism  charlottesville 
5 days ago
Military vs Nazis
Clear statement from military joint chiefs against racist extremism
racism  america  military  trump 
5 days ago
Pre-Roman peoples
Lovely hand drawn map. /cc @migurski
maps  europe  history  handdrawn 
5 days ago
Economist cover
Trump with a KKK hood as megaphone
kkk  trump  politics 
5 days ago
Charlottesville: Race and Terror
Remarkable flash documentary, reporter hanging out with Nazis
nazis  charlottesville  documentary  politics  trump 
6 days ago
Why Reconstruction Matters
2015 essay by Eric Foner, the historian of Reconstruction
reconstruction  slavery  south  america  history  civilwar 
6 days ago
Daily Stormer offline
A bunch of companies finally deny the Nazi site hosting
google  twitter  facebook  cloudflare  godaddy  nazis  dailystormer 
6 days ago
Germany's history
Contrast with America and the Confederacy
confederacy  america  racism  nazis  germany  history  memorial 
6 days ago
Antifa history
Some context on violent leftist resistance
antifa  politics  fascism 
6 days ago
Charlottesville permits
Trumps false equivalence is not even vaguely correct
trump  politics  charlottesville  nazis 
6 days ago
Synagogue in Charlottesville
When Nazis are outside the doors threatening the Jews inside
charlottesville  politics  trump  nazis  jews 
7 days ago
Right wing attacks
A list of murders, assaults, and threats
fascism  trump  politics 
7 days ago
Quantifying the "far left"
Some basic perspective on the danger posed by militant groups
america  politics  trump  antifa  fascism 
7 days ago
Nazi rally in SF
White supremacists are rallying in San Francisco. It's on federal land.
sanfrancisco  nazis  trump  politics  whitesupremacists 
7 days ago
Guns vs free speech
Not clear what the First Amendment means when people armed for war show up
freespeech  nazis  charlottesville  politics  civilrights  guns 
7 days ago
Behind YesYoureRacist
Very brave man calling out racism
racism  twitter  politics 
7 days ago
Trump train!
Trump posts cartoon that in the context of Charlottesville is just appalling
charlottesville  train  cnn  trump  twitter 
7 days ago
Whose Heritage
Details on the context of Confederate monuments
confederacy  politics  hate  splc 
7 days ago
Confederate monument history
Most Confederate monuments were created in the 1920s and 1960s
confederacy  treason  history  politics 
7 days ago
Antifa in America
Some history and op/ed on the violent left
america  antifa  politics  trump 
7 days ago
Texas A&M cancels Nazis
Texas university decides not to host white nationalist event
texasa&m  tamu  nazis  politics 
8 days ago
Germany vs Nazis
How other countries forbid unthinkable politics
germany  nazi  america  confederacy  trump 
8 days ago
Discord bans Nazis
Big step for a social media platform
games  discord  nazis  altright 
8 days ago
New Ng machine learning course
New course at Coursera based on Python and Tensorflow
coursera  machinelearning  ai  programming  course 
9 days ago
Password guessing password agents
Tool for breaking into password vaults. They can test about 100,000 passwords a second on a single GPU
passwords  badtech  security 
9 days ago
Portland police + militia
Details on some troubling blending of roles between right wing protestors and police
police  facism  militia  portland  oregon 
10 days ago
LIBOR replacement
Key financial index is based on a thin market, time for a new one
libor  interest  finance 
11 days ago
Feminist systems hacking
Woman's perspective on improving Linux performance with feminism and good system work
feminism  design  programming  atime  adainitiative 
11 days ago
Vinod Khosla loses beach appeal
VC loses his attempt to close a public beach, again
vinod  vinodkhosla  california  surfing  beach  property  vc  tech 
11 days ago
Google cancels all hands
Can't keep employees safe from harassment
google  harassment  allhands  doxxing  crisis 
12 days ago
Post-Trump trash news
Data on Facebook-driven news sites, both left and right
news  journalism  propaganda  trump  facebook 
12 days ago
Eloise / Hearthstone
Being a woman in top tier professional Hearthstone
gender  women  gaming  games  hearthstone  blizzard 
13 days ago
Cities mapped by AirBNB ratings
Clever visualization; city center apartments get higher ratings
cities  maps  airbnb  visualization 
14 days ago
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