Aphyr on sexual openness
Brilliant software guy / BDSM enthusiast talks about his blend of personae online
twitter  persona  identity  gay  bdsm  software  aphyr 
1 hour ago
Google OnHub router review
Mostly positive, no specifics on wifi performance
google  onhub  router 
22 hours ago
Trump bankruptcies
Being a deadbeat as a business strategy
business  bankruptcy  trump  politics 
Python type hints
Coming in Python 3.5: optional annotations for static type checking
python  types  programming  languages 
Vincent Lau 刘梓晨
A plastic surgery enthusiast popular on Weibo
webio  china  plasticsurgery 
Practical ramda
In praise of a Javascript functional programming library
programming  javascript  code 
Ligatures in coding fonts
Monospace fonts that replace common programming digraphs and trigraphs with a single glyph, a ligature
programming  ligature  coding  fonts 
Trump loves China
Hilarious supercut of Donald Trump saying China
china  trump 
2 days ago
The VCs' investors
About the limited partners who invest in VC funds
startups  entrepreneurs  vcs  venturecapital  lps 
3 days ago
Blog engine that publishes to GitHub
github  publishing  blog 
4 days ago
Augmented reality sandbox
Details on how to build your own projection topo map
maps  augmentedreality  ar  terrain 
4 days ago
Australia's gun experiment
Statistics and data from a country that enacted gun control
guns  america  australia 
5 days ago
In defense of Rentboy
Gay escort talks about safe online hustling
sex  prostitution  gay  rentboy 
5 days ago
grsecurity fed up
Open source security team regularly abused by embedded systems vendors, starts restricting code releases to sponsors only
security  linux  opensource  verifone  intel 
5 days ago
share SVGs; like imgur, but for SVG
svg  d3  d3js  graphics  imgur 
5 days ago
Code for exporting matplotlib graphics to an HTML web page, supports interactivity
d3  d3js  matplotlib  python  programming  visualization 
5 days ago
D3 + iPython
Towards doing more complex HTML rendering in iPython
python  ipython  d3  d3js  via:hackernews 
5 days ago
Ad blocking performance
Chrome is 3x faster, uses half the memory with an ad blocker
chrome  adblocker  ads  browser  web 
5 days ago
Google's network design
Details of datacenter networking technology
google  network  internet  switching  hardware 
5 days ago
History and definitions for Emoji
emoji  unicode  etymology 
5 days ago
Common Lisp 2015
Notes on what to use for Lisp development today
lisp  programming  commonlisp 
5 days ago
NumbaPro Mandelbrot
Programming example if fast modern Python, in a nice IPython Notebook
python  ipython  numba  cuda  jit  programming 
7 days ago
CUDA on Python
GPU accelerated computing in Python
python  jit  cuda  gpu  optimization 
7 days ago
Python Numba
JIT compiling for Python with an emphasis on vectorizing numeric computation
python  jit  numpy  optimization 
7 days ago
Python/C advice
2015 landscape for C integration with Python. CFFI, Cython, Numba
python  numba  cffi  c  performance  programming 
7 days ago
American Deep Dream
Trump campaign photo looks fantastic as reimagined by our AI overlords
deepdream  trump  funny  politics 
8 days ago
Thalys takedown
Crazy story of US marines taking down an armed gunman on a Belgian train
marines  terrorism  heroism  france  thalys 
9 days ago
Judges 3:22
The Bible has the most remarkable things in it
bible  sword  funny 
11 days ago
Regex 101
Very good interactive regex tester
regexp  regex  testing  programming 
11 days ago
$1.7M to delete users
Ashley Madison charged $19 / user to delete data. And it's not clear they even did actually delete it.
privacy  ashleymadison  data 
11 days ago
California sinking faster
Drought leads to more pumping, which leads to more subsidence
land  california  subsidence  drought 
12 days ago
Samoan firecrews
American Samoan park service comes to California to help fight fires
samoa  california  fires  firefighters 
12 days ago
Tonic NodeJS repl
Interactive shell for Javascript programming
javascript  node  nodejs  repl 
12 days ago
Better Internet ads
Interesting argument that ad blockers will force ad companies to make less-hostile Internet ads
ads  privacy  adblocker 
12 days ago
Back-UPS Connect
A small UPS designed for low load equipment: network routers, etc
ups  router  power 
13 days ago
Stuck in a hole
Hilarious Twitter account of a guy who got stuck in an empty pool
twitter  funny  via:metafilter  hole  skateboards 
13 days ago
Google router
Google is selling a consumer router. Looks interesting, but $200 is steep
google  router  network 
13 days ago
Cameron's World
A collection of GeoCities-style animated images, music, etc
geocities  web  history  via:metafilter  culture  gif 
14 days ago
DRM failure in Windows 10
Crappy copy protection breaks games in Windows 10
windows  drm  copyprotection  securom  safedisc 
14 days ago
Spacecraft chart
Diagram of what's going on in solar system exploration this month
planetary  space  astronomy  spacecraft 
14 days ago
Mapbox + Runkeeper
New data for cycling and running routes for OpenStreetmap
maps  running  cycling  osm  openstreetmap  mapbox 
14 days ago
Paris street name history
A map that gives you descriptions of the history of every street name in Paris
paris  history  maps 
15 days ago
Machine learning overview
Some "useful things to know" about machine learning in application
machinelearning  computation  cs  ml 
16 days ago
Google S2
Explanation of a Google spatial indexing library
via:hackernews  google  maps  hilbertcurve  geometry 
16 days ago
Yet more evidence America's largest telco sells out citizens to illegal spying
nsa  att  civilrights  spying 
16 days ago
LoL Remilia profile
First woman to make the big leagues in League of Legends
leagueoflegends  women  esports  gender 
17 days ago
Itanium architecture review
Nice roundup of Intel's failed CPU architecture
intel  cpu  registers  computers 
17 days ago
Amazon management
Long, detailed view in how Amazon is run
amazon  management  workplace  jobs  tech 
17 days ago
Free software for working with .mkv video files
video  muxing  matroska  mkv 
17 days ago
Effective comment moderation
Jessamyn shares lessons from Metafilter, other sites with good online comments
metafilter  comments  community 
17 days ago
CIA and Senate spying
Brennan never sent this apology letter for illegally spying on the US Senate
senate  government  cia  privacy  spying  bigbrother 
18 days ago
Don't buy Lenovo
Second time in a year Lenovo puts nasty malware on the machines they sell.
lenovo  rootkit  malware  badtech 
18 days ago
Tiny, flexible CSS grid system
design  html  grid  css 
19 days ago
Pure Storage IPO
Interesting tech infrastructure company going public
tech  storage  flash  ipo  startups 
19 days ago
A brief overview of new location naming methods that try to improve on GeoHash
geohash  maps  location  geocoding  addresses  whatthreewords 
19 days ago
Pentagon tiling
there are 15 known convex pentagons that tile the plane, but it's an open problem if there are more
tiling  math  geometry  pentagons  via:vtcraghead 
20 days ago
Ethics of ad blocking
A characterization of the escalating arms race
ads  browsers  privacy  javascript 
20 days ago
1895 chloropleth
Map visualization technique is old!
via:feltron  maps  visualization  nytimes 
21 days ago
Hate Selling
The peculiarly hostile way travel products are sold online
travel  customer  service 
21 days ago
$1B fraud in Moldova
12% of country's GDP stolen
moldova  fraud  banking 
21 days ago
Ad Blocking stats
Something like 15% of Internet users block ads now
adblocker  ads  via:reddit 
21 days ago
Fox News v. Trump
Behind the scenes in the right wing echo chamber
america  politics  trump  fox 
21 days ago
Black boy suicide rate
Black kids age 5-11 now 2x more likely to commit suicide
suicide  blacks  racism  sad  children 
22 days ago
Old Spanish Trail
100 year old American highway
america  travel  roads 
22 days ago
realtime visualization of Twitter emoji
emoji  twitter 
24 days ago
A collection of interesting visualization accidents
art  visualization  d3js  d3 
24 days ago
Oh god no no no
A caving GIF full of claustrophobia
caving  via:reddit  gif 
25 days ago
Tufte CSS
Make your web pages look like an archaic but beautiful print format!
tufte  design  css  via:metafilter 
25 days ago
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