Macsween's haggis
Restaurants in Edinburgh proudly display this brand name
haggis  food  scotland  macsween 
7 days ago
Clay Shirky on opposing Trump
"we'e brought fact checkers to a culture war"
trump  politics  racism  america 
7 days ago
Blacks in SF
Humane story on the dwindling African-American population in San Francisco
race  sf  sanfrancisco 
9 days ago
Atmospheric railway
Old propulsion technique that has some similarities to Hyperloop
hyperloop  trains  pneumatic  engineering  propulsion 
9 days ago
Pokemon Go map
Someone's reverse engineered the protocols enough to make maps of Pokemon, gyms, and pokestops
games  pokemon  niantic 
11 days ago
141 outrageous Trump things
Vote for which makes him most unsuitable for running the country
trump  president  politics 
12 days ago
Tech Companies and Diversity Hiring
Excellent, clear writing on how most tech companies are doing a terrible job hiring
hiring  racism  facebook  google  twitter 
15 days ago
Pokemon Go implicit racism
Striking example of inequality trickling down into videogames
games  race  america  pokemongo  niantic  ingress 
15 days ago
WSJ on Null Island
Fun article with lots of friends
nullisland  geography  gis  wsj  maps 
17 days ago
OpenGL and Macs
Interesting detail from Blizzard about how they support OpenGL on Macs and Windows
opengl  windows  maps  games  wow 
17 days ago
Trump tapping divisiveness
On the deep and ugly racism that underlies Trump's support
trump  politics  racism  america 
17 days ago
Contract buying houses
A history of racism in real estate
racism  chicago  politics  realestate 
18 days ago
Bush Iraq lies
Keeping a clear view on the deliberate misleading of the country
politics  bush  iraq 
19 days ago
Hilarious, but offensive variant of the dumb What3Words addressing system
what3words  parody  funny  fuck  maps 
20 days ago
Pinboard stats
Seven years; making $150k+ a year (attn @indievc)
pinboard  revenue  startup 
21 days ago
All houses redux
Slightly funny expansion on the reactionary attitude to "black lives matter"
blm  blacklivesmatter  joke  comic  funny 
21 days ago
Gretchen Carlson supercut
A short reel of jaw-droppingly sexist comments on Fox News
fox  tv  journalism  sexism  news 
22 days ago
Discord: 1M concurrent users
Amazing numbers for a Slack-like startup for gamers
games  discord  slack 
23 days ago
Raw video of racism
Examples of abuse of African-Americans on video
video  racism  america  politics 
23 days ago
Comey's abuse of power
Observation on the FBI announcement about Clinton's exoneration
clinton  fbi  comey  government  politics 
23 days ago
Harvard Sentences
Standard English text for audiology research
audio  sound  research  via:metafilter 
23 days ago
CloudFlare high perf TCP
Details on how the DDOS protection service does high performance networking
networking  performance  tcp  tcpip  ddos  cloudflare  cdn 
23 days ago
Quilted maps
Fabric art, rich embroidery
maps  quilts  art  crafts  rivers 
23 days ago
Sphere Map maps
Using GL lighting techniques for relief shading
terrain  maps  opengl  webgl 
24 days ago
US police killings
Excellent data + visualization of 558 people killed by police in the US in 2016
police  killing  america 
24 days ago
Securing an iPhone
How to bring an iPhone into a hostile environment
iphone  ios  security 
24 days ago
Baron von Steuben
Gay revolutionary war figure
gay  lgbt  america  history 
25 days ago
Bojart Horseblog
Art from the awesome animated TV show
bojackhorseman  bojack  tv  funny 
25 days ago
CS:GO gambling scandal
Ridiculous side economy that's unhealthy for gamers
games  gambling  valve  steam  csgo 
25 days ago
Trump's anti-semitic post origins
The Star of David wasn't an accident
racism  politics  trump 
27 days ago
Mapzen outdoor map style
Major new terrain / hiking map
maps  outdoor  terrain  mapzen 
29 days ago
User-space TCP
Roundup of options for non-traditional networking for high performance
hft  networking  tcpip  tcp  linux  code 
29 days ago
Bitcoin politics
Excellent detail on all the Chinese activity in Bitcoin
china  bitcoin  money 
4 weeks ago
Riot Games API
Details on how the game company's web services API works
games  riot  lol  leagueoflegends  api  ratelimiting 
4 weeks ago
DAO / second system
Reflection on the massive failure
ethereum  dao  bitcoin  secondsystem 
4 weeks ago
Google's source code control
Details and stats on their billion file monorepo
google  code  vcs  piper  perforce  git 
4 weeks ago
Mass Shootings Bot
Tweets out each American mass shooting, a year later
guns  murder  america  massshooting 
4 weeks ago
Concealed carry lifestyle
An American sickness of the spirit
guns  gunculture  america 
4 weeks ago
Uber driver earnings
Leaked documents show drivers earning ~$12/hour
drivers  uber  ridesharing  taxis 
5 weeks ago
XNU kernel
MacOS and iOS are both based on an open source Mach kernel
mach  machos  kernel  apple  ios  macos  software  opensource 
5 weeks ago
iOS kernel no longer encrypted
One theory: this means Apple can no longer be coerced to hide a backdoor for the FBI
fbi  nsa  civilliberties  apple  ios  security 
5 weeks ago
Trump supporter attacks
Vile threats for a man who wrote something critical of Trump
trump  online  threats  criticism 
5 weeks ago
What3Words examined
Thoughtful piece about the risks of the proprietary addressing system
what3words  maps  opendata  addressing 
5 weeks ago
Our friend the AR-15
The NRA pays its respects to the slaughtered in Orlando by praising the weapon that murdered them
nra  guns  ar-15  orlando 
5 weeks ago
Is Trump Broke?
The puzzle of the lack of financing
trump  politics 
5 weeks ago
Westworld (HBO)
Schlock sci-fi classic rebooting on HBO
hbo  westworld  tv  movies 
5 weeks ago
A transparent solution for storing secrets in git repos
git  encryption  security  code  github 
5 weeks ago
G2A and credit card fraud
Game developer claims the popular game code site is mostly trafficking keys from stolen credit cards
fraud  games  via:reddit  g2a 
5 weeks ago
Scott Wiener and pride
Local SF politician talks about what gay pride means to him
lgbt  pride  wiener  scottwiener 
5 weeks ago
Roy Cohn + Donald Trump
Evil man advised the younger Donald Trump
politics  roycohn  trump 
5 weeks ago
Face Transplant AMA
Answers from a man who had a full face transplant
iama  reddit  ama  transplant  faceoff 
6 weeks ago
Ev Williams profile
Long, positive article about the influential tech entrepreneur
ev  evhead  blogger  twitter  odeo  medium  evan 
6 weeks ago
Ethereum disaster
Some new cryptocurrency experiment has exploded hilariously
dao  ethereum  bitcoin 
6 weeks ago
Gun control data
High level view of data on efficacy of gun control
america  guns  australia 
6 weeks ago
D3: fewer lambdas
Some clever first class functions to make D3 accessors more convenient
d3js  javascript  d3  jetpack 
6 weeks ago
Interview with a late-term abortion patient
Honest, sad story of a woman who chose to abort at 32 weeks rather than give birth to a non-viable baby
abortion  honestly  women  health 
6 weeks ago
Trump vs Ebola
2014, called for doctors helping Ebola patients to be barred from coming home
trump  politics  ebola  disease 
6 weeks ago
Donald Trump's hair
Remarkably thorough speculation about a weave from Ivari
ivari  trump  politics  hair  wig  hairpiece 
6 weeks ago
America's gun industry
Details on top 10 gun sellers in the US
guns  guncontrol  via:metafilter  america 
6 weeks ago
1827 wireless trading network
Semaphore was used to communicate financial data
finance  communication  semaphore  telegraph  newyork  via:ckline 
6 weeks ago
What3Words detail
An analysis last year of how the proprietary location naming system works
what3words  maps  location 
6 weeks ago
Against What3Words
Nicely argued piece on the danger of proprietary addressing
what3words  addresses  mongolia  maps 
6 weeks ago
Gun control efficacy
Some links to academic studies on how well gun control laws work
guncontrol  guns  orlando  murder  australia 
6 weeks ago
What3Words prior art
Patents filed by the proprietary geodata company are probably invalid
priorart  patents  mapping  geodata 
6 weeks ago
Riot Games toxicity
Correlating in-game rudeness with employee problems
riot  games  leagueoflegends  culture 
6 weeks ago
Guns and domestic security
America's gun culture puts us all at risk
guns  terrorism  risk  america 
6 weeks ago
The Gun & The Bible
The Gun & The Bible carved this nation out of the wilderness
music  negativland  america  guns 
6 weeks ago
GOP gun shame
Republicans blocked a bill that might have stopped the Orlando murderer from getting his guns
guns  terrorism  security  orlando 
6 weeks ago
Accept requests for multiple applications on a single port
via:onethingwell  security  hack  network  ssl  ssh  vpn 
6 weeks ago
Coursera tightening up
Some free courses being taken offline
coursera  mooc  education 
7 weeks ago
Typosquatting libraries
Testing malware with software libraries with common typos in their names
badtech  malware  via:hackernews 
7 weeks ago
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