Discord postmortem
Interesting system failure from cloud hosting
discord  redis  googlecloud  postmortem  engineering 
2 hours ago
Keyboard latency
Empirical study with notes on perception
latency  keyboard  lag  gaming  via:hackernews 
2 hours ago
We Put 700 Red Dots On A Map
A crucial new visualization technique from ClickHole
funny  maps  visualization  parody 
5 hours ago
Fire your Rick
Criticism of brilliant loners no one can work with
software  engineering  genius  10x 
9 hours ago
Wine Country fires
Excellent story telling about the first night of fire
fire  california  disaster  winecountry  sonoma  napa 
10 hours ago
Cliff Judkins' survival
Fun first person account of surviving an aircraft failure
flying  aviation  via:metafilter  badass 
10 hours ago
A new black hole
First simultaneous observation of gravity waves and EM radiation
ligo  gravitywaves  astronomy  blackhole 
10 hours ago
Monteiro on Twitter
"Twitter today is a cesspool of hate. A plague of frogs."
twitter  harassment  trump 
Vikings for Allah
Evidence of cultural exchange in 10th century Sweden
viking  history  islam  muslim  silkroad 
St Helena Independent
Newspaper from remote British territory
uk  britain  sainthelena  sthelena  news  journalism  newspaper  island 
Windows tool for enabling compressed storage on folders and files
windows  compression 
Damning description of the state of a broken standard
usb  usb-c  hardware  laptops  thunderbolt 
2 days ago
Camp John Waters
Misfits weekend at a campground
johnwaters  trash  lgbt  camping  culture 
2 days ago
Art Robinson
Bad scientist spreading fake science around America
gop  politics  mercers  science  badscience  trump 
3 days ago
Trump at the Family Research Council
President gives a 30 minute speech to a hate group
hate  lgbt  familyresearchcouncil  perkins  hypocrisy  gay  politics 
3 days ago
Charley Shively
Gay liberationist from the 70s with unfashionably radical ideas
gay  history  1970s  lgbt 
3 days ago
Equifax hacked. Again.
Consumer site serving malware.
equifax  hack  badtech  liability 
4 days ago
Essential django packages
A list of addons for web development
django  python  web 
5 days ago
CIA torture techniques
Details from the Bush Administration's torture program
torture  bush  humanrights  cia 
5 days ago
Kaspersky security concerns
Intelligence agencies fighting the battleground of private company security software
kapsersky  badtech  antivirus  russia  israel  nsa 
5 days ago
National Tracing Center
America has no database of guns; we have boxes of paper. By law.
america  guns  gunculture  policy  politics 
5 days ago
RIP Michael Friedman
More about the young theater genius behind Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
theater  aids  hiv  newyork 
5 days ago
U-Bahn ridership 1927
Map visualization of passengers in Berlin
berlin  maps  ubahn  1920s  transit 
5 days ago
Corker breaks ranks
GOP senator finally says out loud what a disaster Trump is
gop  republican  politics  trump 
7 days ago
Kottke, extra
Jason super excited about being on Halt and Catch Fire
tv  kottke  jason  jkottke  0sil8  haltandcatchfire 
8 days ago
Stencil Art Prize
Awards for a popular form of street art
stencil  art  streetart 
8 days ago
Jeffrey Hall's Nobel
Cranky scientist quit 10 years ago because funding sucked, now seems to be a grizzled hippie
science  nobel 
9 days ago
Monopoly Man IAmA
My new hero, a cause-playing activist
activism  funny  equifax  protest  monopolyman 
10 days ago
Computer gerrymandering
Overview of how software is used to pervert democracy
gerrymandering  voting  democracy 
10 days ago
Trump ACA sabotage
Personal intervention to make health insurance more expensive
trump  ohio  politics  healthcare  obamacare  aca 
10 days ago
Kaspersky NSA hack
Popular anti-virus was used to exfiltrate secrets from an NSA employee
kaspersky  kremlin  badtech  russia  nsa  spies 
10 days ago
Murderous fraternities
Penn State fraternity kills a pledge
hazing  fraternity  murder  psu  pennstate 
10 days ago
Loot box design
Behind predatory game design, gambling mechanics
gambling  games  overwatch  blizzard  hearthstone  lootbox  skinner 
10 days ago
Rep. Gosar is insane
Congressman suggests Charlottesville was all a secret Jewish Soros plot
conspiracy  infowars  arizona  gosar  charlottesville 
10 days ago
MongoDB marketing
How a dangerously bad database became a tech darling
marketing  mongodb  10gen  usergroups 
10 days ago
Andy Baio on Auerbach
Personal run-ins with a reporter named in the Breitbart article
auerbach  gamergate  politics  breitbart 
10 days ago
Inside Breitbart
Details of how the alt right operates, from Milo Yiannopoulos's private email
milo  breitbart  politics  media  news 
10 days ago
Firefox Health
Performance dashboards for Firefox's new Quantum browser, an ultra-fast browser
firefox  quantum  browser  performance  engineering 
10 days ago
The Champs Elysee of East Berlin, now feels empty, a lost opportunity
berlin  cityplanning  ddr  streets 
11 days ago
1953 DDR uprising
Resistance from the people against the communist government
germany  history  1953  sovietunion  ddr  rebellion  revolt  demonstration  uprising 
11 days ago
Google Clips
Always-on camera using AI to decide what photos to keep
camera  photos  google  ai  wearablecomputing  wearables 
11 days ago
Silencers for kidz!
Don Trump Jr makes gun nut infomercials
trump  politics  guns  silencers  death  secondamendment  america 
11 days ago
Dan Gillmor: New Co/Lab
Excellent tech journalist has a new project improving media literacy
journalism  facebook  news 
12 days ago
Efficiency Gap explained
NYT Upshot takes a crack at explaining the political science measure
gerrymandering  politics  elections  votingrights  supremecourt  efficiencygap 
12 days ago
PIKO dat
Programmable computer from 1960s East Germany
germany  ddr  eastgermany  computer  soviet  1960s 
12 days ago
Russian ad targeting for Trump
Strange how the Russian ads exactly matched the Trump campaign strategy
russia  trump  politics 
12 days ago
Pot farming clashes
Cultural problems in rural California
california  marijuana  crime  farming 
12 days ago
Static type checking for Python
python  programming  tests  typechecking 
12 days ago
American Stasi
Report your neighbor! Bonus: ICE doesn't handle confidential data correctly
america  politics  immigration  ice  voice 
12 days ago
Gerrymandering at the Supreme Court
details on the hearing of the important Wisconsin case
wisconsin  supremecourt  gerrymandering  politics 
12 days ago
Hedge Funds scamming ICOs
Scammy investments are themselves being scammed by hedge funds
funny  hedgefund  ico  fraud 
13 days ago
Truffle Man goes legit
San Francisco's open secret marijuana provider switches to legal sales
pot  marijuana  sanfrancisco  weed  sf 
13 days ago
Facebook ads and politics
Details of how online advertising works in the political sphere
politics  russia  trump  facebook  ads 
13 days ago
Donald Trump’s dog
Vicious op/ed about the state of diplomacy in the United States
rextillerson  trump  politics  statedepartment  funny 
13 days ago
Python spinners
Halo, a package for terminal spinner indicators
spinner  python  progress  halo 
14 days ago
NFL / kneeling spam botnets
Propaganda bots twisting the knife creating divisons
trump  politics  russia  nfl  takeaknee 
15 days ago
Warrants for activists
DOJ requests personal Facebook info on political activists
civilrights  facebook  america  doj  trump  politics 
16 days ago
Trump Fog Machine
Impossible to keep a clear head in the face of so many outrages
trump  politics  lies 
16 days ago
Twitter is lying to you
Pushback from researchers on Twitter's claims of ignorance
twitter  propaganda  russia 
16 days ago
Trump golf vs Puerto Rico
Four days of no response as Trump golfed
trump  politics  puertorico  golf  corruption 
16 days ago
FAA vs Standing Rock
Another case of law enforcement abusing safety rules to shut down journalism
firstamendment  tfr  faa  journalism  drones  aviation  freespeech 
16 days ago
Mike Bostock's new company building a tool for thinking with code
d3js  d3  visualization  code  javascript 
16 days ago
Soviet control rooms
Photos from 1960s-ish computing and logistics /cc @migurski
art  computers  history  soviet  1960s 
16 days ago
Against collaboration
Thoughtful op/ed on not working with the Trump White House
politics  trump  girlswhocode  whitehouse  principles  democracy 
16 days ago
Grass Valley love walk
Community response to racist harassment
racism  california  grassvalley 
16 days ago
Twitter testimony inadequate
Criticism of Twitter's congressional testimony and disclosures
twitter  russia  politics  trump  2016 
17 days ago
Fake news in Idaho
Detailed heartbreaking story of a rumor that spread out of control
rumor  hatred  idaho  politics  journalism  fake  news 
18 days ago
Ban Trump from Twitter
Clear editorial by Mike Monteiro
trump  twitter  politics 
18 days ago
Levandowski profile
Details on the self-driving car and alleged thief
uber  Levandowski  ip  tradesecrets  lawsuit  google  waymo 
18 days ago
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