Tor is being attacked
There were warnings this was coming
tor  privacy  security  badtech 
4 hours ago
Sony hack overview
Excellent timeline of events from a Redditor
reddit  sony  badteech  hack  malware 
7 hours ago
On PewDiePie
Explaining the appeal of one of YouTube's biggest things
pewdiepie  games  twitch  youtube  culture  loneliness 
13 hours ago
On Internet outrage
Remarkably thoughtful piece from Sam Biddle about pitchfork-wielding mobs
twitter  outrage  biddle  valleywag  sacco 
NTP vulnerabilities
Several significant security flaws in timekeeping software
security  badtech  ntp  time 
Alfreda Bikowsky
Another CIA torture architect
cia  torture  civilrights  america 
28x collateral damage
Drone strikes: 27 other people killed for every 1 target
drones  warfare  military  warcrimes 
North Korea v Sony
FBI offers some info on the evidence for the unprecedented acquisition
cyberwar  northkorea  sony  hack  badtech 
2 days ago
Everyone's got to find someone somehow
via:jwz  funny  icp  juggalo  dating 
4 days ago
Uber vs PDX
Details of the broken neogtiation
uber  portland  government  regulation 
4 days ago
A new trend towards degraded meme images
memes  via:metafilter  instagram 
4 days ago
United States of Torture
Majority of Americans in almost every demographic agree torture is sometimes justified
torture  civilrights  america  poll 
4 days ago
Unedited Footage of a Bear
NSFW: Adult Swim delivers WTF again
video  adultswim  claridryl  horror 
5 days ago
Top Star Trek episodes
Every single episode ranked. (SFW despite host.)
via:kottke  startrek  tv  television  netflix 
6 days ago
Tech policies on employee data access
What companies have thought through privacy of their customers from employees?
privacy  uber  policy 
6 days ago
Cheney on Torture
Analysis of his appearance on Sunday TV
cheney  torture  civilrights  cia 
6 days ago
Life of a CIA torturer
Matthew Zirbel continues to work for CIA despite being judged unfit
torture  via:metafilter  cia 
6 days ago
Unthinkable (2010)
A really disturbing but interesting film about torture
movies  via:metafilter  torture  samueljackson 
6 days ago
A Brenham synagogue
Jewish community near Houston has slowly shrunk, so they are moving the synagogue
religion  texas  judaism 
7 days ago
Like Scribd, but not awful. Publish PDF documents with annotations, search, etc on the Web
scribd  documents  pdf 
7 days ago
Wikipedia calumny
Great paradox that such a terrible community produces a mostly great resource
wikipedia  culture  sexism 
10 days ago
CIA director's lying testimony
Details of the ways Hayden lied to the Senate
democracy  civilrights  hayden  cia 
10 days ago
More on CHP cop thug
KTVU stands behind story that an undercover CHP officer went way over the line
police  civilrights  chp  oakland 
10 days ago
CHP undercover in Oakland protest
Lots of photos alleging that undercover cops were armed, acting as provocateurs in a protest
oakland  police  protest  civilrights 
10 days ago
Tuxedo No.2
Lovely classic cocktail site
cocktails  drinks  beverages  design 
10 days ago
Auto-Password Change
LastPass moves further in to turning passwords into an actual authentication protocol
authentication  passwords  security  lastpass 
11 days ago
Google ad coloring
12 years of data on how Google's ads have started to blend in to the page
google  ads 
12 days ago
Roman Empire map 211 AD
Lovely detailed historical map
maps  rome  history 
12 days ago
Browser tool to slice big GeoJSON files into vector tiles
geojson  maps  javascript  tiles  vectortiles 
12 days ago
A video game education
Andy raises his kid on classic games to good effect
games  history  retro 
12 days ago
Pardon Bush?
Provocative argument to pardon the people responsible for torture
bush  politics  torture  cia 
12 days ago
Torture report problems
Last ditch effort by the Obama Administration to prevent the release of the torture report
politics  torture  humanrights 
14 days ago
CartoDB rivers
A take on the NHD data set using CartoDB
cartodb  maps 
14 days ago
Data on game popularity
steam  games  analytics 
15 days ago
Lag and CRTs in games
Serious Smash Bros player talks about why analog displays are still preferred
lag  video  crt  lcd  games 
15 days ago
Ferguson AMA
Owners of a looted store answer questions on Reddit.
reddit  ferguson 
15 days ago
FUSE filesystem that's in memory, temporary, per-process
filesystem  code  programming  fuse  via:onethingwell 
16 days ago
BPG Image format
Efficient lossy image format that can be decompressed in Javascript.
compression  images  via:hackernews  javascript 
16 days ago
Riker Googling
Star Trek is funny on Twitter
funny  twitter  tv  startrek 
16 days ago
MacOS input bug
Apple logs all user keyboard input to a file in /tmp. Great job, geniuses.
apple  macos  bugs  firefox 
16 days ago
Zuse computers
Berlin museum housing a contender for first digital computer
computers  berlin  germany  zuse 
17 days ago
Overpass turbo
Map tool to run queries on OpenStreetMap data and visualize results
osm  openstreetmap  maps  query 
17 days ago
Adding the price of coffee to OpenStreetMap. Not sure if performance art or brilliant.
osm  openstreetmap  coffee 
17 days ago
more open address machine
Work notes from making real stuff work
coding  openaddresses  migurski 
18 days ago
Detailed tweet map
Eric Fischer drops some dot map details
maps  enf  mapbox  twitter 
18 days ago
O3b Networks
Satellite Internet from Medium Earth Orbit; better latency than geosync
space  internet  satellite  broadband 
18 days ago
Mat Honan to Buzzfeed
Becoming new Silicon Valley bureau chief. Quite a good gig for an interesting writer.
mathonan  siliconvalley  journalism  gossip  sanfrancisco 
18 days ago
Spectrum Dashboard
FCC's interactive database of spectrum allocations
spectrum  broadband  fcc  regulation 
18 days ago
US Frequency Allocation chart
Details of who can use what parts of the electromagnetic spectrum
bandwidth  broadband  spectrum  fcc  regulation 
18 days ago
Unix Hater's Handbook
Much ancient wisdom from our greybearded elders
unix  funny  computing 
18 days ago
Sony Pictures hack
Very bad; 100TB of corporate internal data
sony  hack  badtech  via:reddit 
18 days ago
chan vs twitter
Thoughtful analysis of the conflict of culture, related to GamerGate, etc
chan  4chan  culture  twitter  gamergate 
18 days ago
All the streams in Australia
Rivers map from someone based on Australian data
maps  australia  rivers 
18 days ago
ThinkUp update
Nice honest post about a business that's doing OK but not a doorbuster
twitter  stats  analytics  anildash  ginatrapani  startups 
19 days ago
LoL Worlds viewer numbers
esports growth, but not ridiculous amounts
esports  lol  riot  games  leagueoflegends 
19 days ago
2^31 views on a YouTube video
Gangnam Style breaks the YouTube view counter
youtube  funny  via:reddit  psy 
19 days ago
Chrome extension malware
Year old report that Chrome extensions are being subverted by ad trackers, etc
chrome  security  badtech  extensions  google 
19 days ago
Buy Viagra online?
Google's famous SEO spam fighter @mattcutts discusses the most popular Web topic
funny  seo  viagra  cialis  mattcutts  google 
20 days ago
Yik Yak funding
$62M on a $300–$400M valuation
chat  anonymous  startup 
20 days ago
Null Island weather
Buoy is actually anchored at 0°N, 0°E.
weather  nullisland  gps  maps 
20 days ago
Native wrapper for Javascript webapps. Like PhoneGap, but for MacOS desktop
apps  macos  phonegap  javascript 
20 days ago
Internet monopolies
Excellent overview of the state of Internet competition, particularly Google
monopoly  antitrust  ftc  google  amazon 
20 days ago
Nice short film encouraging space exploration
space  sagan  astronauts 
22 days ago
Potsdam Gravity Potato
Geoid models show variable gravity on Earth (attn @vruba)
gravity  science  geoid  gps 
22 days ago
Fruit and Spice Park
Tropical botanical garden in Florida
florida  fruit  tropical  garden 
22 days ago
Jalapeños are ruined
Details of the scourge of breeding heat out of chile peppers
food  jalapeno  jalapeño  breeding  blandness 
22 days ago
Sand Creek Massacre
Horrifying US massacre against Indians during the Civil War
indian  history  massacre  civilwar  america  via:metafilter 
22 days ago
Star Wars Christmas
Mercifully edited to the best 15 minutes
starwars  funny  christmas 
22 days ago
How linkers work
20 part essay on an essential part of the software toolchain
linker  software  code 
22 days ago
Jack Dorsey profile
Major new article; partly nasty, partly insightful.
dorsey  twitter  square  gossip  startups 
22 days ago
Op/Ed on gay blood
NYTimes supports allowing gay men to give blood
redcross  blood  homophobia  gay  aids  hiv 
23 days ago
Cheap static hosting
Various ways to host a simple website for cheap or free
hosting  aws  web 
23 days ago
The first Thanksgiving
A bit of historical record from Mann's _1491_
indians  thanksgiving  america  history  squanto 
24 days ago
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