It was then that I carried you
Forbidden Planet + insipid religious quote
funny  religion  parody  forbiddenplanet 
3 hours ago
WSJ on indie.vc
Bryce's experimental VC fund gets some press, as does my friend's company
venturecapital  startups  entrepreneurs  marc  bryce 
7 hours ago
Indie.vc v.2
An experiment in alternate venture funding
startups  entrepreneurs  indievc 
DNS Privacy
Speculation on privacy-preserving DNS systems
dns  protocols  internet  privacy  tls 
2 days ago
Software to prevent Windows from upgrading to Windows 10
windows  upgrade  windows10 
2 days ago
Mexican baiting
Trump personally insults the ethnicity of a judge hearing a case against him
trump  trumpuniversity  mexican  politics  judge 
3 days ago
Geocoding in 5 minutes
Simple installation of OpenAddresses data and Pelias geocoder
maps  geocoding  openaddresses 
4 days ago
❤️ Peter Thiel
Good satire on the Gawker suit
gawker  thiel  journalism  funny  satire 
5 days ago
Automatic for the Sheeple
Thoughtful Paul Ford piece on Thiel and Gawker
society  gawker  thiel  law  justice 
5 days ago
Factory idle
Neat cookie-clicker style idle game, but with factory layout puzzle too
games  factory  layout 
5 days ago
Search aerial imagery for images of things
maps  aerial  machinelearning  ml 
6 days ago
Windows 10 trickery
Dark pattern in the Windows upgrade dialog
windows  os  microsoft  darkpatterns 
6 days ago
A reddit of things that are confusingly human
robot  funny  reddit 
7 days ago
A cross-editor way for a software project to define standards for newlines, indentation, etc
editing  coding  standards  editors 
8 days ago
Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow
Taking the piss out of tech interviews
funny  interview  google  ml  machinelearning  via:waxy 
8 days ago
JSON Client
iOS app that displays JSON data. Sort of like a web browser but easier to script
JSON  data  via:onethingwell  ios  iphone  development 
8 days ago
19th c. ASCII art ads
Fun exploration of a forgotten byway of typography
ads  ascii  typography 
8 days ago
"advice" for aspiring tech bloggers
Thoughtful words from a masterful writer in a medium that should be more popular
blogs  blogging  tech  writing 
9 days ago
SWIFT malware
Analysis of the software used to steal $951M from a banking network
banking  security  badtech  via:hackernews 
9 days ago
METAL MACHINE Music For Airports
Brian Eno + Lou Reed together at last
music  funny  eno  loureed 
10 days ago
Vape Nation
Dank video about vapid culture
vaping  funny  drugs 
11 days ago
Trump v Bernie
A Second Life drama, with swastikas
trump  bernie  politics  secondlife  funny  games 
11 days ago
Convenience tools for Python virtual environments
python  venv  pyvenv  virtualenv  programming 
12 days ago
This is how fascism comes to America
Very strongly worded editorial from a traditional conservative
politics  trump  america  fascism 
12 days ago
Rapping deconstructed
Nice explanation of meter and rhyme in rap
rap  music  poetry  via:metafilter 
12 days ago
Machine learning chips
Google deep learning includes custom low power hardware
ai  ml  machinelearning  google  tensorflow  tpu 
13 days ago
Cache files vs. pornography
Local California politician's public service career ruined by a probably false child porn charge
california  porn  childporn  lamphier  nevadacounty  politics  justice 
13 days ago
Mt St Helens from the air
GA pilot took a look-see during the eruption. /cc @vruba
photography  aviation  mtsthelens  via:Reddit  washington  oregon 
13 days ago
Hanging tables
Neat idea of a table that disappears into the ceiling
architecture  table  furnishing  via:metafilter 
13 days ago
Soviet topo maps
Cache of many maps from the Soviet Union
maps  russia  sovietunion 
13 days ago
Nick Johnson
Nice remembrance of an author famous for writing about Antarctica
obituary  suicide  antarctica  writing 
13 days ago
mypy Python type checker
Part of the effort to add optional typechecking to Python
python  typechecking 
14 days ago
January | Disasterpeace
Generative music toy by a great game musician
music  disasterpeace  generative 
14 days ago
A never-implemented game from 1986 based on procedural generation
games  openworld  procedural 
14 days ago
Attorney privilege in email
Google accidentally disclosed an email it didn't want to
google  gmail  oracle  legal  lawsuit  java 
14 days ago
Sigmoid functions
Simple explanation of why machine learning uses logistic and sigmoid functions
probability  math  machinelearning  ml 
14 days ago
California copyright
State effort afoot to make copyright taxpayer-funded works
california  copyright  publicdomain 
15 days ago
CIA vs torture report
Somehow CIA loses its only copy of the report documenting CIA torture
cia  torture  humanrights 
15 days ago
Driving stoned
Statistics suggest marijuana doesn't impair driving ability
drugs  via:hackernews  alcohol  marijuana  safety  driving 
15 days ago
Scruff face pics
Stats on a gay hookup app, who is willing to show their face
gay  lgbt  statistics  scruff  grindr 
15 days ago
Visual Center
A tool to find the perceptual center of an image
via:reddit  center  image  design 
15 days ago
US nuke plan 1956
Chilling visualization of American nuclear targets in Russia
russia  america  coldwar  maps  visualization  nuclear 
15 days ago
Nurse WIth Wound list
Obscure music from the 60s to 80s /cc @celesteramsay
music  via:metafilter  alternative 
15 days ago
Shuffleboard At McMurdo
Installment 1 of Maciej's kickstarter travelogue to Antarctica
antarctica  travel  idlewords  maciej  pinboard  kickstarter 
15 days ago
Sea slugs that look like David Bowie
davidbowie  costume  music  via:celeste 
17 days ago
Runway graves
Airports built on top of graveyards
via:Reddit  grave  aviation  airport 
17 days ago
Trump and women
Detailed interviews from the NYTimes
nytimes  politics  trump  feminism  women 
17 days ago
US spy SUVs
Surveillance vehicles disguised as Google mapping cars
google  maps  civilrights  privacy  via:hackernews 
19 days ago
Ambrosia Starling v Judge Moore
Drag queen takes on the bigoted Alabama chief justice
lgbt  gayrights  dragqueen  alabama 
20 days ago
Panama Papers database
From the shell company scandal: large datasets available for download
panamapapers  corruption  business  fraud 
22 days ago
Jim Bakker survival food
Weird prepper video from disgraced televangelist / alleged rapist
jimbakker  bakker  religion  survivalism  food 
22 days ago
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
Remarkably good weird TV from a few years ago
television  tv  comedy  funny  adultswim 
22 days ago
Color name visualization
Nice treatment of words for colors in Chinese and English
color  language  chinese  english  via:reddit 
24 days ago
Bitcoin Alert system
Baked in the protocol, including a private key only held by 3 people
bitcoin  alert  publickey  crypto 
24 days ago
The Green Papers
Political wonk site, old school web
web  internet  polls  politics 
25 days ago
Isso blog comments
A self-hosted Disqus alternative
comments  blogs  disqus 
25 days ago
Y Combinator zeitgeist
Discussion of popular topics in years of startup applications
ycombinator  startup  trends  technology 
26 days ago
East Texas patent court
Details on the patent troll's favored jurisdiction
patents  texas  law  legal 
26 days ago
Cheap Ruler
New approach for measuring geographic distance, very clever
math  algorithms  geo  gis  mapbox 
26 days ago
Command line program for extracting pieces of web pages using CSS selectors
via:onethingwell  html  scraping  css 
26 days ago
GOP on Trump
Nicely edited Clinton campaign ad
politics  government  trump  clinton 
26 days ago
Quiet Europeans
Reflections on a cultural difference
european  american  kids  culture  via:metafilter 
27 days ago
Python curio
Alternative async API for Python, more thread-like in how to program it
programming  python  async  asyncio 
28 days ago
Python uvloop
Replacement implementation of the asyncio event loop; faster
asyncio  python  programming  async  libuv 
28 days ago
mathowie on Metafilter
Very honest story about the rise and fall of the community weblog and his personal involvement
metafilter  ads  adsense  google  startups  indievc 
28 days ago
Quantized neural networks
Train a neural network then reduce the accuracy of the math and it still works
ml  machinelearning  neuralnetworks  8bit  quantization 
28 days ago
Culture of "meh"
Thoughtful complaint about contemporary disdain for people who try
culture  meh  tryhard 
28 days ago
Reddit interview with a San Francisco transportation planner
sanfrancisco  sf  muni  sfmta 
28 days ago
generative bot
Lovely generative art as tweets
art  generative  generativeart 
28 days ago
Typeset math cleanly for web pages
math  tex  latex  web  publishing 
29 days ago
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