Starship 1 Easter Egg
1977 videogame may have the oldest game easter egg
games  via:metafilter  backdoor  easteregg  atari 
7 minutes ago
Voter Fraud in 2016!
Republican loudmouth accused of filling out his ex-wife's absentee ballot
voterfraud  voting  politics  irony  funny  colorado 
6 hours ago
2038 problem
Details of efforts to fix a 32 bit limitation in Linux before 21 years goes by
linux  software  time  posix 
Alexsey’s TTPs
Details of the activities of m4g, a Russian hacker
russia  hacking  badtech  2fa 
Cloud9's business
Profile of one of the better maanaged eSports teams
cloud9  lol  riotgames  leagueoflegends  games  esports 
District plans by the hundredweight
Experiments with randomly generating voting districts
voting  politics  gerrymandering 
2 days ago
What to ask about Russian hacking
Some orientation on the investigation
politics  russia  trump 
3 days ago
Nevada County racism
Locals mistake Sikh business owner for another Sikh 100 miles away
racism  nevadacounty  pennvalley  sikhs 
4 days ago
Ken Rudolph sample reel
Friend of mine's film editing work in the 70s-80s
film  movies  kenru  analog 
4 days ago
UI saves lives
Story about why landing gear levers are shaped like wheels
airplane  aviation  ux  ui  userinterface 
5 days ago
Caramel Curves
Bad-ass New Orleans motorcycle club
black  africanamerican  women  neworleans  motorcycle 
5 days ago
Formal US apology
Trump's minions insult the UK, have to apologize
trump  politics  spicer  uk  gchq 
5 days ago
Wilmington insurrection
Successful racist coup in American, 1898
politics  wilmington  racism  america  history 
5 days ago
Jacob Appelbaum's abuse
Upsetting account from a colleague of a well known computer security person
appelbaum  tor  abuse  djb 
5 days ago
Political polarization in media
Major new Columbia Journalism Review study of politics in American media
politics  news  truth  trump  breitbart  democracy  journalism 
6 days ago
Binding a demon
Drawing a protective circle around an autonomous car
funny  ai  selfdrivingcars  cars 
6 days ago
op.gg logos
League of Legends site has new logo doodles frequently
art  logo  doodle  lol  leagueoflegends  games 
6 days ago
A redistricting simulator / genetic algorithm toy. Has lots of data embedded in it.
politics  redistricting  gerrymandering 
7 days ago
Public Mapping election data
Very detailed records on elections, districts, etc
voting  gerrymandering  politics  election  data 
7 days ago
Flawless Widescreen
Patches for various games to enable ultra-wide resolutions
games  monitor  lcd  ultrawide  21:9 
7 days ago
Quantum satellite
Chinese space experiment to facilitate quantum encryption with a satellite distributing entangled photons
space  quantum  crypto  encryption  china 
7 days ago
Swiss languages
Map mixing language and terrain
maps  switzerland  demographics 
7 days ago
CBP seizures
Art photos of personal items taken by border patrol
cbp  borderpatrol  immigrants  migrants  via:metafilter  art  photography 
7 days ago
Evgeniy Bogachev
Russian cybercrime guy also useful to Russian intelligence
cyberwar  russia  hacking  badtech 
8 days ago
Going to prison with Defy Ventures
Another account of volunteering for an entrepreneurship program at a prison
prison  rehabilitation  entrepreneur  defyventures 
9 days ago
No One Else Will Hire Them
Friend's experience supporting convicts turned entrepreneurs
prison  startup  rehabilitation 
9 days ago
Potential Uber bombshell
Detailed speculation on the nature of Google's case about intellectual property theft
google  uber  waymo  alphabet  levandowski  via:metafilter 
9 days ago
Deconstructed Planet
Bill Morris' gallery of machine learning art with planet imagery
art  ai  machinelearning  photos 
9 days ago
Car sensors
About MobileEye, the company Intel just paid $15B for
cars  selfdriving  mobileeye  intel  sensors 
9 days ago
Empty executive office
Trump White House is not hiring people to do the work
trump  politics  whitehouse  incompetence 
10 days ago
LGBT center vandalism
Trump Era wave of attacks against LGBT facilities
trump  politics  lgbt 
10 days ago
Virginia gerrymandering subtlety
Specific precedent on criteria for districting
voting  gerrymandering  voterrights  virginia 
10 days ago
Texas gerrymandering decision
Republicans found to be suppressing Latinx vote
voting  politics  gerrymandering  votingrights  latinx  latino 
10 days ago
Where does Bannon live?
It's confusing, but his claim to live in Florida is pretty thin
florida  politics  trump  bannon  taxevasion 
11 days ago
Trump's NJ cemetery
Bizarre story of a cemetery project's stops and starts
trump  politics  newjersey  corruption 
11 days ago
Recovering Python code
McGyver decompiles code from a running process to fix a git mistake
python  reverseengineer  decompile  via:reddit 
11 days ago
Horizon Zero Dawn road trip
Popular new game is based on Colorado/Arizona/Utah
games  roadtrip  maps  horizonzerodawn 
11 days ago
Mar a Lago security
Or rather lack thereof, wide open for espionage
maralago  security  trump  politics  russia 
11 days ago
Flynn-flam man
Trump's campaigner was also working, undisclosed, for Turkey
trump  politics  corruption  flynn  russia  turkey 
11 days ago
White supremacists in Silicon Valley
Interviews with misogynists and racists who work in tech
siliconvalley  racism  tech  altright  politics 
11 days ago
Roger Stone + Guccifer 2.0
Trump campaign buddy had some chats with presumed Russian cyberespionage
russia  politics  trump  rogerstone  guccifer  hacking 
12 days ago
BBC father broken down
It gets funnier when analyzed carefully
funny  bbc  tv  father  homeoffice 
12 days ago
Laughing as democracy crumbles
Everyone gets a big laugh at Trump's distortions of economic reality
trump  politics  spicer 
12 days ago
Pidgin or creole mixing English and Russian
english  russian  language  creole  pidgin  brightonbeach 
12 days ago
About Axios
New journalism outlet founded by Politico alumni
politics  journalism  axios  politico  news 
12 days ago
Apache Struts exploit
Old web app framework has significant security hole
apache  badtech  struts  ognl  exploit 
12 days ago
General Magic Home Page
Resurrecting the web page of the pioneering 1990s company
agents  magiccap  generalmagic  mobile 
13 days ago
Pharmacy vs Organics
Hilariously awful propaganda
funny  organics  hippies 
13 days ago
Mapzen bike map
Beautiful work from Mapzen
maps  bikes  bicycling  mapzen 
13 days ago
Brady Bunch art
An exhaustive analysis of the set dresser's art
bradybunch  tv  via:metafilter  art 
13 days ago
Notepad++ vs CIA
Popular code editor hardens itself against compromised third party DLLs
badtech  hacking  cia  notepad 
13 days ago
SF 1943 streetcars
MUNI rail map from before everything was replaced by busses
streetcar  transit  sf  sanfrancisco  muni  rail 
14 days ago
GPU procedural games
Horizon: Zero Dawn's beautiful landscapes are generated on the GPU
graphics  gpu  programming  games  horizon 
14 days ago
Google and onions
Another AI failure; this feature of Google's is harmful
google  cooking  funny  via:metafilter  onions 
14 days ago
The Horse Brass
A great bar in Portland, OR
portland  drinking  bar  beer 
14 days ago
Hot Springs map
NOAA slippy map of thermal springs
maps  hotsprings  geothermal  via:reddit 
15 days ago
CIA hacking tools
Wikileaks releases "Vault 7", a dump of info on CIA hacking tools
badtech  hacking  cyberwar  espionage 
15 days ago
American Whiskey Distilleries
Comprehensive and nerdy list of American distilleries
whisky  whiskey  bourbon  alcohol 
15 days ago
Removing OneDrive
Microsoft's easy 15 step manual process for disabling bundled crapware
microsoft  onedrive  bundling  crapware  dropbox 
16 days ago
Stock options are really complicated
Another guide to understand equity compensation
stock  equity  options  startups  via:hackernews 
16 days ago
Trump's reasons
Details on why he'd make an unfounded allegation about wiretapping
trump  politics  batshitinsane 
16 days ago
Trump's tantrum
More evidence he acts like a petulant child
trump  politics 
16 days ago
US DNA analysis
Combining genealogy and genetic data to get a picture of where people in the US came from
dna  genetics  history  genealogy  race  america 
17 days ago
Is there a FISA wiretap?
Detailed investigation of the White House's scant evidence for a wiretap on Trump
trump  politics  fisa  wiretap 
17 days ago
Why WiFi sucks
Overview of the challenges of 802.11
wifi  networking  wireless 
18 days ago
SF racial disparity
Only 4% of SF is Black, and those folks are disproportionately unemployed
demographics  sanfrancisco  blacks  africanamericans  civilrights 
18 days ago
Uber Greyball
Unethical program to hide their lawbreaking from government officials
uber  ethics  greyball  police  fraud 
18 days ago
Discord communities
People using Discord as a means to avoid bad people online
games  discord  overwatch  harassment 
19 days ago
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