Airbnb lies
Company cooked its data in NYC to make it look better
airbnb  deception  data  lies  nyc  newyork  startups 
16 hours ago
Inside the Eye
Uncommonly good NatGeo science article
natgeo  science  via:metafilter  eyes  evolution 
17 hours ago
lovely aerial video
sheep  via:reddit  herding  aerial 
Gravitational Waves at Last
A scientist's reflection and contextualization
ligo  gravity  relativity  science 
JPL Visions of the Future
Official collection of the space travel posters
jpl  nasa  spacetravel  caltech  design  graphics 
Gravitational Waves 2
Another excellent bit of science journalism
science  ligo  gravity  relativity  via:metafilter 
Gravitational waves
Phenomenal bit of science journalism about a phenomenal result from LIGO
gravity  ligo  relativity  science  journalism 
ECMAScript 6 status
Compatibility of various Javascript runtime environments
javascript  es6  ecma6  languages  programming 
2 days ago
Jeff Huber's new job
One of the best managers I knew at Google has moved on to a cancer diagnostics startup
cancer  health  google  jeffhuber 
2 days ago
Snapchat Like “The Teens”
Hilarious, insightful article about youth Snapchat culture
snapchat  kidz  youth  teenagers  socialmedia 
3 days ago
Wired war on ad blockers
They're going to try freezing out ad blocker users unless they pay $1/week
wired  ads  advertising  adblocker 
3 days ago
RIP Ken Olsen
Founder of Digital, the computer company
dec  digital  obituary  kenolsen 
3 days ago
Mac package for Postgres+PostGIS
postgres  postgis  database  mac  macos 
3 days ago
Wumpus 2
1980s book about programming computer games
games  apple  davidahl  wumpus 
3 days ago
ABC debate screwup
Jawdroppingly flubbed introduction of the candidates
politics  funny  republicans  gop 
5 days ago
Quantified shitlords
R programmer investigates the hateful comments he gets
harassment  feminism  tech  r  sjw 
6 days ago
TempleOS 4.02
Outsider art operating system
schizophrenia  templeos  os  cmoputers  hacking 
6 days ago
Zenefits fraud
Selling insurance with unlicensed salespeople
zenefits  fraud  insurance  startups  business 
6 days ago
The Less You Know ★
A plea to request minimum permissions
slack  scatterdot  permissions  privacy 
7 days ago
Coding music
Daft punk track as live coding exercise
via:hackernews  music  daftpunk  aerodynamic 
7 days ago
LoL design values
Game design team talks about how they approach their job
games  design  lol  riot 
7 days ago
Python 3 Readiness
319 of the 360 most popular Python packages now support Python 3. upgrade!
python3  py3  python  coding  development 
8 days ago
Slack diversity report
Update from the startup about hiring
diversity  slack 
8 days ago
Linux internals; system calls are implemented with a fake shared library
linux  systemcall  syscall  ldso  linking 
9 days ago
Scatterdot for Slack
A little tool for discussing and annotating images
slack  social  images  matasar 
9 days ago
Sore Loser
Donald Trump loses his shit on Twitter after losing the Iowa caucus
politics  trump  cruz  iowa 
9 days ago
Uber logo snark
"What do you do for a living? Drive a car, while receiving no benefits? I work as a branding designer conceptualizing one “brand pillar” every three months. I get paid much more than you."
uber  branding  snark  funny 
9 days ago
Club music style from South Africa
music  via:metafilter  southafrica  gqom 
9 days ago
NBA minutes
Dense visualization of basketball scores
sports  visualization  basketball 
10 days ago
Series of Flash mini-games for testing / improving reaction time
games  reactiontime  psychology  reflexes  reaction 
11 days ago
Self driving car conversation
Hilarious little sci-fi short as Reddit post. (attn @raffi)
cars  ai  selfdriving  scifi  reddit  funny 
11 days ago
Oregon Trail IAmA
Creator of the beloved game answers questions on Reddit
games  oregontrail  reddit  iama 
11 days ago
Over the Hill at 24
Academic article about video game performance by age
starcraft  games  reactiontime  research  aging  reaction 
11 days ago
Flint military exercises
Not just the water; the Army was doing training with live explosives in Flint
flint  military  army  justice 
12 days ago
Call it Frisco
A hipster's impassioned plea to call the city Frisco
sanfrancisco  frisco  city  mathonan 
13 days ago
Indian recipe diversity
Fun article highlighting one dish from each state in India
india  food  cooking  recipes  via:metafilter 
14 days ago
Shodan vs NTP Pool
NTP pool admins sound annoyed that Shodan was using the service to collect IP addresses for hidden devices
ntp  security  shodan  badtech 
14 days ago
BGP in 2015
Excellent data on a core Internet protocol
internet  bgp  routing 
14 days ago
Pulgas Water Temple
A possible destination for a #geobeers excursion?
water  sanfrancisco  hetchhetchy 
14 days ago
Reclaim the comments
Clear writing by Anil Dash on why we should not give up web comments to abusers
community  moderation  comments  internet  culture 
15 days ago
Research Blog: AlphaGo
Details on Google's new AI for playing the game
go  ai  google  machinelearning 
16 days ago
Go AI breakthrough
New machine learning approach from Google much stronger than previous efforts
games  go  ai  machinelearning  deepmind 
16 days ago
IP address harvesting
Some NTP pool servers seem to be doing nefarious things with IP addresses
ntp  security  via:hackernews 
16 days ago
Simple tool to safely run possibly long-running jobs in a cron job
cron  linux  unix  ops  locking 
16 days ago
Flint lead history
Details on the public malfeasance that resulted in people being poisoned by city water
flint  water  michigan  crime  lead  epa 
16 days ago
Penrose tiling
Interactive tool for quasiperiodic layouts
pattern  tile  penrose  via:metafilter 
16 days ago
The original road trip
Ford, Edison, Firestone, and Burroughs went road tripping in 1914–1924
america  roadtrip  cars  history 
17 days ago
Piecloud visualization
Let's take two bad ideas and mash them up!
visualization  funny  via:Reddit  dataisugly 
17 days ago
Girih Designer
Make Islamic tile patterns in your browser
tiles  art  architecture  girih  islamic  via:metafilter 
17 days ago
Clinton email summary
Reasonably neutral, sourced history of the Clinton State Department email dispute
clinton  politics  email  foia 
18 days ago
Fun collection of animated surrealist films
animation  surrealism  art  via:reddit 
19 days ago
Star Wars CG breakdown
Details of some of the visual effects added to movie
movies  film  starwars  vfx  cg  graphics  animation 
19 days ago
Kill Ping
Gamer service promising faster networking
games  latency  lag  lol  leagueoflegends 
20 days ago
Good cabling
Photos of IT guys on fleek
cables  it  networks  datacenter  reddit  photos 
21 days ago
Raising the Bar
Podcast about diversity in the tech industry, featuring Leslie Miley
twitter  diversity  startups  hiring 
22 days ago
Obituary moderation
Online obit site Legacy deals with comment spam
moderation  obituary  legacy  community 
23 days ago
Strategic Butt Coverings
Sarkeesian on a specific form of objectifying women in video games
games  feminism  critique  butts  camera 
23 days ago
Brando's Native American protest
Remarkable event at the 1973 Oscars, Brando refusing an award and having Sacheen Littlefeather (an Apache woman) deliver the protest
brando  indians  aim  nativeamerican  movies  oscars 
23 days ago
The Experiment Experiment
Good radio on the reproducibility of psychology experiments
science  experiments  psychology 
24 days ago
Bowie / Dietrich
Bad 1970s film had David Bowie playing a Weimer Germany gigolo, with an appearance by Marlene Dietrich
movies  bowie  dietrich  films 
24 days ago
Divine / Ursula
Little Mermaid writer was inspired by Divine, from Pink Flamingos
movies  via:metafilter  gay  lgbt  littlemermaid  divine 
24 days ago
LastPass phishing attack
Security flaw leaves password vault users vulnerable, but it's pretty complex
lastpass  security  badtech  tfa 
25 days ago
The second coming of scurvy
Essay about a 19th century failure of science
science  knowledge  scott  scurvy  health  disease  induction  antarctica 
25 days ago
Donald Trump / anime
Donald Trump will make anime real
trump  politics  parody  funny  meme  via:reddit  4chan 
26 days ago
Discord game chat
A service for gamers, something like Slack + voice chat
games  lol  leagueoflegends  riot  teamspeak 
26 days ago
Satie Gymnopedie x60
60 recordings of the short Satie piece overlayed into shimmering texture
music  satie  via:metafilter 
26 days ago
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