Tom of Finland stamps
official postage featuring the iconic gay artist
gay  tomoffinland  via:reddit  stamps 
4 days ago
VLC region lock
iOS app will play audio for Canadian users, not American
vlc  ios  canada  america  legal 
4 days ago
Bay Bridge gap
Nice picture of the bridge with a hole in it
bridge  engineering  cantilever  sanfrancisco 
4 days ago
Passwords are Obsolete
Provocative essay saying online SMS/email verification is sufficient
passwords  heartbleed  authentication 
5 days ago
Mapbox Vector Tile Spec
a data format for efficient vector map data
maps  data  vectortile  geo  mapbox 
5 days ago
Data Science Toolkit
Free data sources, particularly a non-OSM geocoder
osm  maps  geocoding 
6 days ago
James Cameron AMA
Direct answers from the director
movies  films  cameron  avatar  terminator  aliens 
6 days ago
Don Pendleton
Artist who does skateboards, etc
art  streetart  skateboard  skater 
6 days ago
A Dropbox alternative without a torturer on the board of directors
dropbox  spideroak  storage  sync 
7 days ago
Google XXE attack
it's 2014 and this old XML bug is still around
google  xxe  badtech  security 
7 days ago
Heartbleed exploit last year?
Recorded server traffic shows exploits months before publication
heartbleed  badtech  ssl  security  nsa 
7 days ago
BitTorrent Sync
Another system for keeping files in sync between devices
sync  rsync  unison  bittorrent  dropbox 
8 days ago
Tamiflu scam
Roche suppressed info their flu drug doesn't work
healthcare  flu  scam  pharma  via:metafilter 
8 days ago
The Miracle of Bali
1969 half hour video of Balinese gamelan
via:metafilter  music  bali  gamelan 
8 days ago
Uchi Houston
Austin's awesome fusion sushi place is in Houston too
food  sushi  houston  uchi 
8 days ago
Wolf Hunters of Wall Street
Article about de-escalating the high frequency trader arms race
hft  money  trading  via:metafilter  wallstreet 
8 days ago
Theo on Firebleed
Pointed comment from OpenBSD guy on OpenSSL code quality
openssl  firebleed  badtech  ssl  security  openbsd 
9 days ago
20 ways to slice Europe
Funny map about prejudices
maps  europe  funny 
9 days ago
Flickr and Creative Commons
Apparently the geniuses at Yahoo broke one of Flickr's best features
flickr  yahoo  creativecommons  copyright 
9 days ago
Game of Firms
Game of Thrones houses done as corporate branding
design  logo  gameofthrones  funny 
9 days ago
About Z(4430)-
Readable overview of the new high energy physics discovery
cern  qcd  physics  via:reddit 
9 days ago
Minecraft qCraft
Quantum properties applied to Minecraft blocks; great intro video
games  minecraft  qcraft  computercraft 
9 days ago
IE6 usage map
Microsoft's stats on usage; 20% or more in China
msie  ie  china  microsoft  badtech 
10 days ago
Florida Man
Twitter account of funny news stories
funny  florida  news 
10 days ago
Visit Singapore!
Hilariously bad tourist video; worth staying for the end
singapore  funny  tourism  cringe 
10 days ago
Chrome Extensions Reloader
Chrome extension to help you developing extensions
chrome  development  code  extensions 
10 days ago
Heartbleed patch
the specific fix for the OpenSSL security hole
ssl  openssl  badtech  security  heartbleed 
10 days ago
Serious flaw in OpenSSL
badtech  ssl  openssl  security 
10 days ago
Top Android App
It's an anti-virus. Worse, it's a scam.
antivirus  android  phone  google  funny  fail  badtech 
11 days ago
Replacement Mac menubar clock has a popup calendar
mac  macos  menubar  via:onethingwell  calendar 
11 days ago
Bali New Years photos
Nyepi, the celebration of the new year in Bali
bali  photos  nyepi 
11 days ago
Space Invader authenticity
Street artist points out you can't really steal his art
spaceinvader  paris  streetart 
11 days ago
The 49-U6U Slaughterhouse
Biggest space battle in Eve Online to date happened on the Chinese server
eveonline  games  ccp  eve  china 
11 days ago
IBM S/360 legacy
Fifty year old computing platform, still going strong
ibm  mainframe  zos  s360 
11 days ago
Visual math demos
Great collection of diagrams explaining math concepts
math  visualization 
11 days ago
D3 blocks search
Organization for Mike's awesome way to share D3 examples with gists
github  d3js  d3  gist  example  search 
11 days ago
Managing iOS battery life
Apple's added enough background processing that battery drain is now a problem
apple  ios  battery 
11 days ago
Level0 OSM editor
Edit OpenStreetMap with text, a humane UI for the underlying XML
osm  openstreetmap  editor 
11 days ago
loophole cocktails
Cocktails that don't require a California liquor license
cocktail  drinks  licenses  california  liquor 
11 days ago
A MacPaint clone in your browser
macpaint  mac  software  ui 
11 days ago
Amazon Fire review
Matt gets one and tries it out
fire  amazon  tv  roku 
13 days ago
GemCraft: Chasing Shadows
new tower defense game in a classic series
via:metafilter  games  towerdefense  gemcraft 
13 days ago
MeyeA & Houston gaymers
Pro LoL player talks about being gay, building community
lol  leagueoflegends  gay  games 
13 days ago
Bee sting pain
"you’re going to want more stings to the penis over the nose, if you’re forced to choose"
via:metafilter  bees  pain  batshitinsane 
14 days ago
Google DNS intercept
Official statement that Turkey hijacked the Google service
badtech  google  turkey  dns 
14 days ago
GLONASS outage
Russian GPS alternative was broken for 12 hours
glonass  gps  outage  satellite 
14 days ago
GameSpy shutdown
Classic game matchmaking service is ending; old games will be harder to play
games  gamespy  multiplayer  pvp 
14 days ago
"Game of Thrones" reportage
Funny spoofs of how the press would report GoT. Spoilers.
gameofthrones  journalism  reporting 
14 days ago
Julia Language
Scientific computing language with parallelism and distributed computing
programming  math  matlab  r  julia  parallelism  distributed 
15 days ago
FAA charts go digital
Pilot map production process eliminates the "print and scan" step
maps  faa  aviation  foreflight 
15 days ago
Microsoft scam bust
One of those "This is Windows" telephone scams got busted
badtech  scam  microsoft  windows 
15 days ago
Twitter Manhattan
details on Twitter's distributed database
database  distributed  consistency  twitter 
15 days ago
70M eSports viewers in 2013
Statistics on how many people are watching games online
games  esports  lol  tv 
15 days ago
Danielle Berry
formerly Dan Bunten, famous game designer who made M.U.L.E.
games  mule  transgender 
15 days ago
"Git is to source code as Dat is to datasets"
data  database  versioncontrol  git 
16 days ago
National Parks Voronoi
Nice map showing which park is closest to you in the US
via:reddit  parks  nationalparks  maps  voronoi 
16 days ago
Cloak: iOS VPN
iOS software that maintains a VPN connection
ios  iphone  cloak  vpn  security 
16 days ago
Resilient Distributed Datasets
Distributed programming model that's like mapreduce but allows efficient data updates
mapreduce  distributed  rdd  spark 
16 days ago
Hilarious musical video for the zeitgeist
music  funny  instagram  selfie 
17 days ago
SkyCube found!
Amateur-launched satellite was lost at launch, they found it!
satellites  skycube  cubesat 
17 days ago
The Korean cable channel dedicated to broadcasting computer games
games  korea  esports  lol 
17 days ago
Chrome extension rewrites Imgur animated GIFs to smaller Gfycat hosted versions
imgur  gfycat  bandwidth  chrome  extension 
17 days ago
Image of Altair
One of a few stars to be directly imaged; spins so fast it's squashed
astronomy  star  altair 
17 days ago
Read the comments
AT&T customers tear apart AT&T's argument against net neutrality on AT&T's blog
att  netneutrality  netflix  funny 
17 days ago
Extended Random is NSA sabotage
Another baffling RSA technical choice turns out to be government sabotage
nsa  badtech  security  privacy  cryptography  rsa 
17 days ago
Half the Mozilla board resigns
New CEO's first impact is to cause a crisis at the company
brendaneich  mozilla  gayrights  gay 
20 days ago
Oculus Rift vs Gender
Women and men experience 3d graphics differently, women get more nausea
gender  oculusrift  vr  3d  graphics 
21 days ago
Making Threes
Lots of detail on the beautiful puzzle game's creation
games  threes  puzzles  ios 
21 days ago
Simple automation for Macs to do different things depending on WiFi network, etc
macos  automation  scripting 
21 days ago
Mozilla employees ask CEO to step down
Big public step for a bunch of employees to criticize their new CEO
brendaneich  mozilla  firefox  gayrights  gay 
21 days ago
Brendan Eich on inclusiveness
Says the right words in response to outcry over his anti-gay actions
brendaneich  mozilla  gayrights  gay  firefox 
22 days ago
Dogecoin mining malware
Android apps covertly mine cryptocurrency
android  badtech  dogecoin  litecoin 
22 days ago
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