The African Enlightenment
17th and 18th century philosophers from Ghana and Ethiopia
africa  ethiopia  ghana  philosophy  via:metafilter 
Trump's Russia blindness
Why the US president is ignoring an obvious foreign threat
trump  putin  politics  russia 
Salesforce fountain
This majestic column needs a stream of water jetting from its tip
salesforce  phallic  funny  sanfrancisco  architecture 
Mirai Botnet and Minecraft
World's biggest DDOS network built to knock competing Minecraft server businesses offline
minecraft  badtech  mirai  botnet  ddos 
Texas German
Fredericksburg woman speaking a nearly lost language
german  language  texas  fredericksburg 
Alabama's gerrymander
Senate election reveals the crafty district boundaries in Alabama
alabama  politics  votingrights  gerrymandering 
Work around ISP hijacking of users by hiding DNS traffic inside web traffic
dns  http  protocols  isp  netneutrality 
2 days ago
TP-Link abusing NTP
Wasting public resources and your bandwidth
tplink  badtech  ntp  via:hackernews 
2 days ago
Neural networks in browsers using WebGL
tensorflow  webgl  browser  machinelearning  ml  ai  neuralnetworks 
2 days ago
Breitbart #war on Twitter
Milo and Bannon tried to sabotage Twitter
twitter  politics  breitbart  ethics  shortselling  bannon  milo 
2 days ago
How to read an encrypted Blu-Ray disc on Windows
windows  backup  movie  video  mkv  handbrake 
2 days ago
Guns / Glitter
Gender reveal party cake; this is so absurd it has to be fake?
gender  stupid  america 
4 days ago
First Women in Tech
WSJ on systemic sexism at the beginning of computer science
women  feminism  tech  sexism  eniac 
4 days ago
TPUs in production
Details from a datacenter of Google's special purpose machine learning hardware
tensorflow  tpu  google  production  performance 
4 days ago
Jeff Dean at NIPS 2017
Details about machine learning in production from Google
google  machinelearning  ai  tpu  tensorflow 
4 days ago
Bad Sex
Thoughts on having sex out of obligation rather than desire
sex  relationships  via:metafilter 
4 days ago
Comcast Javascript injection
Ads from your ISP. Scroll down for the link to the RFC
javascript  privacy  comcast  internet  ads  rfcs 
5 days ago
PLATO computer system
Excellent MeFi post about the 1960s-era distributed computing system
computing  history  plato 
6 days ago
The Amazon Honor System, 2001-2008
Amazon used to run a Patreon-like donation service
patreon  amazon  donations  micropayments 
6 days ago
Pandas programmer profile
Wes McKinney, the guy behind the popular data science library
programming  python  pandas 
7 days ago
Cooperative effort to reproduce AlphaGo Zero by using donated CPU and GPU cycles
machinelearning  go  games  ai  alphago 
7 days ago
Oracle v Google
When the elephants fight the mice get trod upon
oracle  google  politics  tech 
7 days ago
Humanity game
Bizarre looking game coming out next year
games  humanity  simulation  crowds 
7 days ago
Discord and user safety
Policy needs for a growing gamer community
games  discord  trustandsafety  policy 
7 days ago
Amazon Key in practice
Thoughtful critique of a new Amazon service
amazon  privacy  security  amazonkey 
7 days ago
Pulp Federation
Tarantino wants to do a Star Trek movie
startrek  tarantino  funny 
8 days ago
A Netflix-like video streaming service. They have a deal with the SF Public Library so you can watch videos for free
netflix  kanopy  video  library  sfpl  documentaries 
8 days ago
Deceptive ads on bad websites
Crappy sites like Forbes, HuffPo, and Fast Company have writers taking undisclosed money from advertisers
ads  deception  journalism  ethics 
8 days ago
The Shed at Dulwich
Scamming TripAdvisor with a fake restaurant
tripadvisor  london  funny  via:metafilter 
9 days ago
When Tamagotchi meets Magic Beans
bitcoin  ethereum  kitties  tamagotchi  collectible 
9 days ago
Epic Metafilter post on bringing Maori language in to New Zealand at large
maori  language  newzealand  aotearoa 
10 days ago
Look at the big boy!
Heartbreaking photo of a child soldier in Yemen
yemen  soldier  atrocity  saudiarabia  iran  politics  trump  america  war 
10 days ago
A celebration of 80s/90s car culture. Full of irony, looks hilarious and fun
irony  funny  cars  radwood  80s  90s 
10 days ago
Bitcoin dead drops
Interesting story of shenanigans involving public but hidden Bitcoin wallets
bitocin  public  steganography  crypto  money  fraud 
11 days ago
That Guy
A list of character actors who show up in small parts in movies
movies  acting  thatguy  actors 
12 days ago
US Broadband coverage (June 2014)
Another depiction of US Broadband paucity; only the blue area is competitive
maps  broadband  isp  netneutrality 
13 days ago
Trump vs Talking Heads
Normally hate this kind of thing but it had me laughing out loud, a release of tension
trump  politics  talkingheads  parody  funny 
13 days ago
Micro Transport Protocol
UDP protocol used by modern BitTorrent, has congestion backoff strategies
networking  bittorrent  qos  ledbat 
13 days ago
Chapelier Fou
A very French sort of music happening
music  france  chapelierfou  madhatter 
13 days ago
Underserved Internet areas
US map: red shows areas with 0 or 1 broadband providers
broadband  internet  policy  isp  netneutrality 
14 days ago
Miss Universe 2017
National costumes are alternatingly beautiful, intriguing, and hilarious
missuniverse  pageant  beauty  via:metafilter 
14 days ago
US tax policy
Economist article on how our fiscal policies don't work very well for redistribution
america  politics  tax  policy 
15 days ago
Amazon Time Service
NTP for AWS. Does leap smearing, recommends chrony
ntp  amazon  time  synchronization  leapsecond  chrony 
15 days ago
Man who silenced Trump
Twitter contractor who got Trump's Twitter account suspended for 11 minutes
trump  politics  twitter  abuse  policy 
15 days ago
Licki Brush
For if you love your cat enough to groom him /cc @bookscout
cats  funny  via:reddit  brush  portland 
15 days ago
White House doubles down on falsehoods
Press Secretary asserts it doesn't matter if videos Trump shares are real
trump  politics  truth  reality 
15 days ago
Software Engineer Salary Data
Data from Triplebyte, a hiring middle-man. No idea how good this is.
salary  wages  compensation  siliconvalley  engineering  pay  via:hackernews 
15 days ago
The Limits of ‘Believe All Women’
An effort to get to more subtlety, I fear this conversation is impossible
feminism  women  politics  harassment  metoo 
15 days ago
Trump's delusions
Promoting false hoods about his sexual predation, the popular vote, and Obama's birth certificate. It seems mostly sad and funny but it's dangerous.
trump  politics  truth 
16 days ago
Trump's embrace of anti-Muslim hate
Details on the anti-Islam group Trump is promoting
trump  politics  islam  muslim  prejudice 
16 days ago
Dirty Tricks for Roy Moore
Scumbags at Project Veritas tried to entrap the Washington Post with a fake story
roymoore  politics  truth  journalism  washingtonpost 
17 days ago
Silk Road photo trip
Travel via photojournalism curation
photos  china  silkroad  tourism  travel 
17 days ago
Regulate ICOs
Former SEC regulator speaks out
fraud  ico  bitcoin  regulator  finance  sec  via:hackernews 
17 days ago
2018 election not secured
Congress has failed to help hack-proof American elections
politics  voting  security  badtech  hacking  russia  trump 
17 days ago
DNC creating a suite of tech tools for campaigns
politics  dnc  democrats  tech 
17 days ago
Visualization Universe
Details on what charts, books, and tools are most popular among visualization searchers
visualization  charts  d3js  data  google 
18 days ago
Looping noise
Multi-dimensional noise techniques to produce looping animations
art  animation  noise  perlin 
18 days ago
Net Neutrality in the courts
Tim Wu lays out the basic legal argument for net neutrality
netneutrality  fcc  judiciary  legal 
18 days ago
Goatse ICO
Famous shock site has become the latest Blockchain business. (SFW, I think)
goatse  funny  blockchain  bitcoin 
19 days ago
San Francisco in a nutshell
Muni bus with marijuana ad hits a meter maid's Cushman
sanfrancisco  photo  funny  muni  marijuana 
19 days ago
Gutting the State Department
Trump administration is systematically dismantling our capability for international diplomacy
america  politics  statedepartment  diplomacy  trump  tillerson 
20 days ago
what3words DMCA takedown
Someone reverse engineered the proprietary location service last year
maps  what3words  dmca  copyright 
20 days ago
Liquid Sky 4K restoration!
Tragically underappreciated 80s movie getting a reissue. Stills look amazing
movies  liquidsky  newwave  heroin 
20 days ago
Creepy Whitney Houston
Hilarious drag performance of that horrible warbling song
horror  funny  music  whitneyhouston  drag  philippines 
20 days ago
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