Open source software for synchronizing two directories. Nice GUI, Windows, Mac, and Unix.
gui  windows  unison  rsync  sync  backup  software 
8 hours ago
American Eid
Photos of Americans celebrating the end of Ramadan
muslim  eid  ramadan  america  photos 
14 hours ago
MIT switches to NAT
A bad sign for end to end networking. OTOH, an alternate take is "MIT moves to IPv6"
mit  network  nat  tcpip  via:hackernews 
14 hours ago
Intel CPU bug
Hyperthreading broken on Skylake and Kaby Lake processors; there is a microcode fix
intel  microcode  bug  linux  cpu  badtech 
Efficiency gap analysis
Another measurement of gerrymandering by the AP. /cc @migurski
politics  gerrymandering  voting  voterrights  efficiencygap 
Voter suppression
Argument that the election integrity commission should focus on a real issue and not something made up like voter fraud
votingrights  voting  florida  votersuppression  trump  politics 
2 days ago
A subreddit of reaction GIFs of cute cats
cats  funny  reddit  reaction  gif  meme 
2 days ago
Gunpowder maps
Stencils filled with gunpowder and ignited
gunpowder  maps  art  rivers  via:migurski 
2 days ago
William C. Bradford, vile racist
Trump's appointee to the Energy Department’s Office of Indian Energy has many revolting tweets
twitter  racism  trump  politics  energy  doe  indian  disgusting 
2 days ago
Brands' Arabic Logos
How big brands translate logo into Arabic script
brands  logos  design  arabic  calligraphy 
2 days ago
The Queen's hat
Hilariously arch British editorial
funny  england  uk  queen  eu  brexit  hat 
2 days ago
Why is the Internet so slow?!
Latency is about 37x theoretical minimum
latency  internet  speed  network 
3 days ago
Operation Tracer
Insane WW2 plan to maintain surveillance at Gibraltar in case the Nazis took over
ww2  history  germany  war  gibraltar 
3 days ago
Best outdoor US towns
Nice writeup of places in the US
america  outside  climbing  town  tourism 
3 days ago
Obama's Russia response
Remarkably detailed story on the White House's responses to Russian election tampering
russia  politics  trump  obama  hacking  badtech  security 
3 days ago
Thuan Pham at Uber
The house is not completely cleaned
uber  sexism  hr 
4 days ago
Voter roll tampered in 2016
Voting data wasn't just stolen, it was altered
politics  voting  russia  trump  election 
4 days ago
India's Dinosaur Princess
Aaliya Sultana Babi, a remarkable woman. We visited in 2015.
india  dinosaurs  paleontology 
4 days ago
My experiment taking PrEP
Direct and honest account from a gay man
lgbt  gay  aids  hiv  prep  medicine  health 
4 days ago
Skydiving From the Edge of Space
Lovely story about Alan Eustace's recordbreaking skydive
skydiving  kittinger  eustace  google  flying  aviation 
4 days ago
Trans March
Friday in SF: first big event to kick off Pride weekend
transgender  trans  lgbt  pride  gay 
4 days ago
Cubs of the Caliphate
Depressing story about child soldiers and jihadis recruited by Islamic State
is  terrorists  children  childsoldiers 
4 days ago
A collection of Trump supporter's salty tears
trump  politics  funny 
4 days ago
Trump Claims Database
WashPo tracking false claims made by Trump
trump  politics  lies 
5 days ago
katakana english font
A Japanese font designed to resemble English text
font  chingchong  language  japan  fonts  design 
5 days ago
15 Ken Dolls
Hilarious reads on Mattel's new diverse line
funny  ken  barbie  mattel  toys  dolls  via:metafilter 
5 days ago
Custom iOS keyboards for transcribing aviation shorthand
aviation  flying  keyboard  ios 
5 days ago
Determinism in League of Legends
Making a real time game simulation 100% reproducible
programming  engineering  games  lol  leagueoflegends  determinism  clock  rng 
6 days ago
Project Include on Erica Baker
Kickstarter's new Director of Engineering @ericajoy talks about diversity in the military and tech. Also chili.
diversity  chili  ericajoy  engineering  inclusion 
6 days ago
Very sharp parody of ethnographic films, hilarious
funny  australia  aborigine  parody  ethnography 
6 days ago
Week 31
A weekly journal of all the crazy things the Trump White House has been doing
politics  trump  diary  authoritarianism 
6 days ago
Hiding from the press
Trump White House is dismantling a cornerstone of American democracy
media  press  politics  trump 
6 days ago
RNC voter data
Massive leak of political intel on 200M American voters
voting  privacy  badtech  via:reddit  gop  republicans  civilrights  gerrymandering 
7 days ago
Hōkūleʻa's return
Polynesian Voyaging Society's traditional canoe completes its around-the-world trip
hawaii  polynesia  navigation  pvs  hokulea 
8 days ago
Stardust vis lib
Visualization using WebGL, in Javascript
javascript  webgl  d3  visualization  via:hackernews 
9 days ago
Senior House at MIT
University is dismantling the misfit's dorm
seniorhouse  sportdeath  seniorhaus  mit  culture  university 
9 days ago
Funeral Parade of Roses
Queer 1969 Japanese movie. /cc @strongthomas @arleavitt
lgbt  queer  japan  1960s  transgender  trans 
9 days ago
Trump's 50% poll
Amazing cherry-picking for a dismal result
politics  trump  polling 
10 days ago
Removing bug inside monitor
The article is good, but this comment is just *gold*
funny  monitor  bug  ritual  magick 
10 days ago
Hypothesis testing library
Python code to do randomized tests of software
python  testing 
10 days ago
Facebook moderation fiasco
Total security breach putting moderator's lives at risk
facebook  security  badtech  terrorism 
10 days ago
Physical Visualizations
A list of objects that visualize data
visualization  data  via:metafilter  art 
10 days ago
Email inventor fraud
An update on the lawsuit-wielding Shiva Ayyadurai
via:metafilter  email  history  gawker  techdirt  legal  lawsuit  copyright 
10 days ago
Uber deliveries
Muscling in with their monopoly power
uber  food  deliveries  jwz 
11 days ago
Maciej / Pinboard interview
Great details on how Maciej thinks of his business
maciej  pinboard  business  startups 
11 days ago
Sibierian mammoth tusking
Hunting the wilderness for ethical ivory
ivory  russia  siberia  via:reddit  mammoths 
11 days ago
Modern Falconry
“Video-game design is, to my mind, the art of creating endorphin releases in the brain within a predetermined window,” Iseppi said. “Falconry is similar.”
games  falcons  flying  birds 
11 days ago
Moonlight map style
Another very simple style for use as a base for projects
maps  mapbox  toner 
12 days ago
Mounir Mahjoub​i
Macron's tech expert, fought off Russian attacks on the campaign
russia  politics  france  macron  tech  badtech 
12 days ago
Boycott the Trump Summit
Well worded editorial that tech CEOs should not collaborate with Trump
trump  politics  tech  amazon  google  oracle  ibm  microsoft  apple 
12 days ago
Uber and Lyft in SF
Excellent detailed report from the city
sanfrancisco  sf  uber  lyft 
13 days ago
Houston fake antifa denouement
Details on the fake Facebook group that led to an armed protest
texas  houston  facebook  fakenews  propaganda  antifa  fascism 
13 days ago
200,000 SF rides
Visualized data from Uber and Lyft. /cc @enf
uber  lyft  rideshare  sanfrancisco  transit 
13 days ago
More Russian vote hacks
The attacks on our election in 2016 were bigger than originally reported
russia  hacking  vote  politics 
13 days ago
Chelsea Manning profile
Detailed NYTimes article, interview, photos, etc
via:metafilter  wikileaks  chelseamanning  transgender  lgbt  trans 
13 days ago
Amazon and non-competes
Trying to prevent a former employee from working
washington  amazon  noncompete  ethics  smartsheet 
14 days ago
AWS Inter-Region Latency
Simple table of round trip times between datacenters
aws  amazon  latency  ping 
14 days ago
Russia psyops vs US military
Getting chummy online with soldiers, sharing propaganda
russia  military  trump  politics  propaganda 
14 days ago
Five genders
Bugis society has five gender roles
gender  lgbt  transgender  indonesia  bugis 
15 days ago
LGBT in Indonesia
Interesting report on gay rights and economics in Indonesia
indonesia  lgbt  gay  economics  via:ckline 
15 days ago
Lisa UI controls
In the days before sliders were invented
lisa  hci  ui  controls 
16 days ago
Fascist trolling
Weird series of people creating fake "antifa" groups; Houston's newspaper fell for it
antifa  fascism  texas  houston  media 
16 days ago
Houston fascist event
Suburbanites with assault weapons, a bit frightening
houston  texas  facism  antifa 
16 days ago
Apple App Store scams
Advertising enables a new wave of predatory apps
apps  appstore  apple  fraud  scam 
16 days ago
Twitter Trump replies
Inside the struggle to be the top reply visible to Trump's tweets
trump  politics  seo  spam  twitter 
17 days ago
Poppy’s World
Update on synthetic celebrity
via:waxy  poppy  youtube  music  culture 
17 days ago
Trump as predator 1
Broader theme of Trump's creepy, abusive behavior
trump  comey  politics  women 
17 days ago
Trump as predator 1
Comparing Trumps dinner with Comey to a creepy man hitting on a woman
trump  comey  politics  women 
17 days ago
Bad volume sliders
Funny bit of anti-design
funny  reddit  design  hci  ui 
17 days ago
Anti-Comey ads
Ads trying to discredit the former FBI director running live during news event
comey  trump  politics  propaganda  ads 
18 days ago
Deleted City
Pad++-like zoomable UI for Geocities archive. /cc @bederson
geocities  archive  pad  pad++  zoomable  bederson  via:waxy 
18 days ago
One Thicc Bih
Internet culture never ceases to surprise
gay  lgbt  funny  thicc  via:metafilter  meme 
18 days ago
Apple privacy breach
Employees selling user personal info
apple  china  scandal  privacy  tech 
18 days ago
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