FBI siezes Russian botnet
Report that Fancy Bear's botnet of compromised consumer routers has been taken over by the US
cyberwarfare  cyberwar  badtech  russia  politics  fbi  botnet 
20 hours ago
Facial recognition arrests
Chinese police arrested 3 different wanted people based on facial recognition at a concert. Similar tech is being used in the US.
china  privacy  police  surveillance  civilrights  ai 
20 hours ago
Uber fatality report
Details from NTSB about systems failure in the self driving car
ntsb  uber  selfdrivingcars  ai  safety  badtech 
21 hours ago
Trump tweet drafts
His writers emulate his grammatical and punctuation style
trump  twitter  apocalypse  politics 
Mapplethorpe biopic
New movie about the famous gay photographer
mapplethorpe  gay  lgbt  photos  photography  movie  film 
2 days ago
Balwani of Theranos
Profile of the COO as villain; he was also dating Holmes, the CEO
theranos  companies  fraud  startup  medical 
2 days ago
Theranos culture
How a whole company participates in a medical fraud
theranos  leadership  fraud  medical  startups 
2 days ago
Boiled Dressing
Salad dressing before the ready availability of vegetable oils
food  cooking  dressing  salad  via:metafilter 
2 days ago
Wikipedia link previews
Details on a new page summary for Wikipedia
wikipedia  previews  summary 
2 days ago
Sun Ra
Tour de force set of links and information on the prolific afrofuturist Jazz musician
sunra  music  jazz  afrofuturism 
2 days ago
Fascism in public
Dehumanization by the government is a very dangerous step along the road
fascism  whitehouse  politics  trump  ms13 
3 days ago
WSL background tasks
Linux-on-Windows now supports background daemons without a console
wsl  windows  linux  software  daemons 
3 days ago
Sci-Hub repository torrents
Terabytes of academic papers here for bulk downloading
library  scihub  science  openscience  copyright  via:hackernews 
3 days ago
US child firearm injuries
Peer reviewed study with basic numbers from CDC researchers
guns  politics  guncontrol  america  kids  children 
4 days ago
Queen Charlotte's racial features
18th century Queen of England probably had African ancestry via Portugal and the Moors. Europe has never been homogeneous.
portugal  race  racism  moors  england  royalty  uk  queen  genealogy 
4 days ago
OSM completeness
Study of OpenStreetMap measures completeness
maps  openstreetmap  osm  data 
5 days ago
A new Internet community founded on principles of decency
internet  reddit  community 
6 days ago
Jordan Peterson profile
Remarkably detailed and insightful info on the current darling of the anti-feminist crowd
feminism  gender  manosphere  sexism  jordanpeterson  mra 
6 days ago
Pie menu retrospective
30 years of an innovative UI idea always just on the cusp of success
hci  ui  userinterface  piemenu  simcity 
6 days ago
Kenneth Reitz's Journal
Python programmer behind Requests, pipenv, etc
python  journal  programming  coding  blog  pipenv  requests 
6 days ago
ICO scams
WSJ analysis of obviously scam cryptocurrency offerings
ico  scam  fraud  bitcoin  cryptocurrency 
7 days ago
Diamond and Silk
Editorial about a Black comedy duo doing a pro-Trump shtick
trump  politics  black  race  america  racism  diamondandsilk 
7 days ago
Python testing rig for tests that are flaky.
funny  testing  python  flaky  nosepy  pytest 
7 days ago
Bitcoin energy usage
Magic beans burns something like 5 Gigawatts all the time
money  bitcoin  power  energy 
7 days ago
Xbox Adaptive Controller
Microsoft input device that's configurable for people with various mobility limitations
handicap  accessibility  xbox  games  controller  disability 
7 days ago
Cohen leak source
Financial documents leaked because it looks like the official record was doctored
cohen  trump  corruption  mueller  leak  journalism 
8 days ago
Trump calls people animals
A crucial step to dehumanization, abuse, potentially genocide
trump  politics  shame  genocide 
8 days ago
SEC trolling; a fake ICO scam site
ico  funny  via:hackernews  bitcoin  scam 
8 days ago
Softbank's Vision Fund
Detailed description of $100B tech venture fund and its likely impact on the industry
tech  vc  investment  softbank  son 
8 days ago
Neat URL
Strip tracking garbage like UTM from URLs
url  web  privacy  firefox  extension 
8 days ago
Twitch emotes
Details and history of a culture's private visual language
twitch  culture  games  racism  via:metafilter 
9 days ago
American economic warfare
Details on how we use US banking law to target foreign companies we don't like
zte  america  power  economics  dollars 
9 days ago
US cell location tracking
Third party company LocationSmart tracks phones through cell towers, sells data to law enforcement
privacy  location  phone  mobile  cellular 
9 days ago
Autechre: NTS Sessions review
A bit pretentious, but captures what I like about Autechre. "It’s that sense of perpetual rhythmic collapse, the feeling that entire songs are slipping out from under your feet."
autechre  music  idm  electronica 
9 days ago
Google Street View: remote islands
Photographs from various middle of the ocean spots
islands  photography  google  maps 
10 days ago
Lewinsky on being disinvited
Woman treated poorly because the man who she had sex with might be in the room
clinton  politics  women  lewinsky  gender  feminism  sexism 
10 days ago
Segmented type
Marcin Wichary's fun text rendering toy
fonts  text  led  7segment 
10 days ago
We don't have homos in Texas...
Funny / awkward identity politics from 1979 American TV
soap  america  billycrystal  gay  lgbt  tv  sitcom 
10 days ago
Metro gun share
Chicago art project; rent assault rifles like bikes
art  chicago  guns  via:jwz  politics  nra 
11 days ago
Saturation diving
Living and working at 20 atmospheres of pressure
diving  work  via:hackernews  pressure 
11 days ago
DNC security efforts
How do you harden against foreign attackers colluding with the party in power?
politics  dnc  security  badtech 
11 days ago
Disappearing Rivers
A map visualization of water in the American west
rivers  maps  water  data  visualization  mapbox 
14 days ago
NIN physical ticket sales
Big name act decides to only sell tickets in person, not online
music  tickets  nin  ticketmaster 
14 days ago
Grass Valley house for sale
My neighbor is selling his super-nice house up in the Sierra
grassvalley  realestate  housing  houses  california 
14 days ago
Trump / Cohen money details
Payments from foreign and domestic companies then turned around to pay off sex workers
corruption  scandal  trump  politics 
15 days ago
Python glom
New data access library for nested data
python  code  programming  glom  json  via:hackernews 
15 days ago
Women in esports
Complicated thoughts on being a fan
games  esports  overwatch  geguri  women  gender 
16 days ago
Chinese scam calls
Extortion racket via telephone spam
china  crime  scam  phone 
16 days ago
Mumble rap
Genre being parodied by This is America
music  glover  childishgambino  rap  hiphop  culture 
17 days ago
Childish Gambino / This Is America
Astonishing music video; part awesome hip-hop, part agitprop
music  donaldglover  america  guns  politics 
18 days ago
Velvet Mercedes
Great idea or Greatest idea? /cc @john_osborn @rchen
cars  velvet  funny  reddit 
22 days ago
African American genealogy
Erica Joy Baker on her interest in genealogy, excellent interview by Matt Haughey
genealogy  ancestry  africanamerican  history  slavery  black  culture  archiveorg 
23 days ago
Apple location protocol
Details from reverse engineering; would love to know more
maps  apple  protocol  location  geolocation 
25 days ago
Lynching memorial
The kind of history museum America needs, dealing with the horrors of slavery and racism in the US
america  politics  slavery  justice  lynching 
26 days ago
US political realignment
Heather Cox Richardson's argument that the US is seeing a major restructuring of its two party system
politics  democrats  republicans 
26 days ago
BGP leaks
Summary of an attack on Amazon DNS and Internet infrastructure yesterday. BGP is a security disaster in slow motion
security  bgp  networking  internet  badtech 
29 days ago
Russian election system hacking in 2016
We know they probed 21 states because we only had monitoring in 21 states
election  russia  politics 
4 weeks ago
incel culture explained
Details on a particularly odious pocket of misogyny on the Internet
misogyny  women  gender  feminism  incel  reddit  4chan  murder  manosphere 
4 weeks ago
First Family holding hand
This kind of political commentary is petty. OTOH this is really weird and remarkable.
trump  politics  family  melania  hands 
4 weeks ago
Gaia Data Release 2
Data on 1 billion stars in our galaxy
space  gaia  astronomy  data  via:hackernews 
4 weeks ago
Socotra photos
Yemen's odd and isolated island
socotra  nature  photography  photos  travel 
4 weeks ago
Karl Rove's kinky dad (NSFW)
Details on Louie Rove, his gay father, and his love of genital piercing
kink  rove  lgbt  gay  piercing  bme  karlrove 
4 weeks ago
Goodhart's law
When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure
economics  metrics  optimization 
4 weeks ago
ICE legal tactics
Various dodges ICE uses to avoid people's civil rights
civilrights  ice  politics  immigration  police 
5 weeks ago
ICE thuggery
Farmer reports outrageous behavior from immigration
ICE  immigration  civilrights  politics 
5 weeks ago
Dymaxion sunset
jwz simulates sunrise and sunset on an unusual map projection
maps  fuller  dymaxion  projection  sunset 
5 weeks ago
Computing Pi in Javascript
Observable notebook; Javascript sure has come a long way
javascript  programming  code  math  pi  webworkers  generators 
5 weeks ago
Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico
Various shady business bros formed a blockchain thing in Puerto Rico
tirefire  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  fraud  puertorico 
5 weeks ago
Underscores in Python
Various ways the _ character is used in Python; some idiomatic, some built in
python  programming  syntax  underscore 
5 weeks ago
Californian taxes in 2018
Impact of the GOP/Trump tax plan; richer Californias get a significant tax hike
california  taxes  politics  trump  gop  via:reddit 
5 weeks ago
"Yelp for Noise"; crowdsourced measurements of noise at restaurants
noise  sound  iphone  ios  app  restaurant  dining 
5 weeks ago
Papua New Guinea lodges
Luxury travel in an unlikely place
travel  png  papua  tourism 
5 weeks ago
Mexican Repatriation
American ethnic cleansing from the 1930s
mexico  america  politics  immigration 
5 weeks ago
PyPI postmortem
Failed rollout for the Python package hosting, nice writeup
pypi  python  hosting  postmortem  cdn 
5 weeks ago
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