youtube-dl merge
Tool for downloading video can grab separate video and audio, then merge them
youtube  download  ffmpeg  merge  video 
Rap Genius bro on Bitcoin
Disgraced former Genius guy has the Bitcoin religion
bitcoin  bro  rapgenius  genius 
Television designs
Nice graphic of the look of TV consoles since 1928
television  design 
6502 emulator detector
Cool hack from Mark Pilgrim, who's been scarce lately
markpilgrim  diveintomark  hack  assembly  6502  apple 
2 days ago
Google really buying Twitch
Still not official, but a strong journalistic source
google  twitch  video 
3 days ago
Hapax legomenon
Words that only occur once in some corpus
language  writing  zipfslaw 
3 days ago
80s Computer Hacking
A supercut of what computers looked like in movies.
via:metafilter  hacking  supercut  films  1980s 
3 days ago
America's Flight 17
In 1988 the US shot down a civilian airliner by accident
iran  iranair655  ia655  mh17  aviation  military 
3 days ago
Sun Noodles
purveyors of fine ramen (attn @marcprecipice)
ramen  food  noodles 
4 days ago
Twitter employee diversity
Welcome transparency, disappointing but predictable numbers
diversity  twitter 
4 days ago
Deaths in the Iliad
finally an infographic that isn't awful
homer  iliad  classics  infographics 
4 days ago
EC2 Origins
Benjamin Black (Amazon employee) claims partial credit for starting Amazon's cloud computing business
amazon  ec2  aws  cloud 
4 days ago
Women on Metafilter making "posts by women" for the month of July
women  gender  metafilter  feminism 
5 days ago
Scarlett, Starcraft pro
One of the strongest players of Starcraft is a transgender woman
gender  women  starcraft  transgender  games  esports 
5 days ago
turf JS GIS
GIS library written in Javascript
javascript  gis  maps  nodejs 
5 days ago
Game dev sexual harassment
Ugly stories of experiences women in the games business have
gender  games  harassment 
5 days ago
Canvas fingerprinting
Yet another web tracking tool; using differences in browser rendering
cookies  privacy  canvas  badtech 
6 days ago
FCC's failure on broadband
2011 post about how FCC's policy created our existing monopoly broadband situation
broadband  internet  fcc  policy 
6 days ago
ScanLine Generator 3000
For reproducing the look of crappy old CRTs
games  emulation  scanline  tv  crt  video 
6 days ago
The secret of Minecraft
Lovely essay on the way you learn to play Minecraft
games  minecraft  books  fandom  via:waxy 
6 days ago
Some very smart ex-Googlers building an open source robust datastore
spencerkimball  bendarnell  spanner  bigtable  google  software  database 
6 days ago
Russian MH17 view
Conspiracy theories in Russian media
russia  ukraine  mh17  news  conspiracy 
6 days ago
Software for downloading unlicensed TV and movies
tv  movies  torrent  nzb  usenet 
8 days ago
Popout for YouTube
Chrome extension to let you pop just the video out of a Youtube page
youtube  chrome  extension  video 
9 days ago
Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Animated GIF of a tiny tumbling comet that we're about to land a probe on
space  comets  rosetta  astronomy 
9 days ago
Level 3 calls out Verizon
Significant Internet backbone provider explains how Verizon is lying about bandwidth
netflix  verizon  netneutrality  level3  internet 
10 days ago
BUK anti-air missile
System rumored to have shot down MH17
mh17  malaysia  ukraine  missile  war 
10 days ago
Kara Swisher profile
The respectable tech gossip journalist
tech  journalism  swisher  allthingsd  recode 
11 days ago
Guilty Remnant
Website for the religious movement taking the (fictional) world by storm
leftovers  tv  religion 
11 days ago
Fancy unit testing for Python
tests  python  programming  code 
11 days ago
Hacker vs. League of Legends
Details of account thefts, DDOS attacks, etc
games  lol  leagueoflegends  badtech 
12 days ago
DashCon disaster
Fandom conference fails, hilarity ensues
fandom  tumblr  via:metafilter  fail 
13 days ago
Soccer in Côte d’Ivoire
An American's reflections on playing teenage street soccer in Côte d’Ivoire
football  soccer  kwindla  worldcup 
14 days ago
Dear white gays
Controversial op/ed calling out cultural appropriation
race  gender  gay  black  via:metafilter 
15 days ago
Ultima's ethics
The virtues, aspects, etc in the 80s computer games
ultima  ethics  games 
15 days ago
Ian Thorpe comes out
Famous Australian swimmer is gay
gay  sports  swimming  thorpedo  ianthorpe 
15 days ago
On selling social tech
Interesting analysis of how the Tinder co-founder was essential in early creation of the social system
women  tech  tinder  community 
16 days ago
Grindr remembers the holocaust
Gay personal ads featuring photos taken at the Berlin holocaust memorial
gay  sex  berlin  holocaust 
16 days ago
Buttcoin.org subverted
Popular Bitcoin critique site was bought by a mining rig company a few months ago
bitcoin  funny  scam 
16 days ago
$470k Kickstarter failure
Company fails to deliver its pre-sold hardware
fraud  kickstarter  scam 
17 days ago
CYNK market weirdness
Some non-existent company recently went from $20M to $5B in market value. No one knows why.
market  scam  pumping 
17 days ago
"Content" as product
The sleaziness of the current crop of fake Internet journalism
journalism  writing  sleaze  ads 
17 days ago
Presbyterians in Utah
America's own counter-reformation; 1870s Presbyterians moved to Utah to proselytize to Mormons
religion  utah  history  lds  mormon  presbyterian 
17 days ago
50 states in Lego
cute dioramas of stereotypes
america  via:Reddit  lego  diorama 
17 days ago
ISEE-3 Plan B
30 year old salvage spacecraft turns out to have no fuel, still will be useful for a few months
space  isee3 
17 days ago
Pinboard Turns Five
Hilarious as always, state of a small web service company. Great thoughts on burnout.
funny  maciej  lifestylebusiness 
17 days ago
Bad SSL certs spoof Google
Another example of incompetence or malice in the Internet's trust infrastructure
ssl  badtech  google  security  india 
18 days ago
Apple maps on the web
Totally unofficial, but handy map viewer
maps  apple 
19 days ago
ISEE-3 telemetry
Real time view of the satellite
space  satellite  isee3 
19 days ago
Criminalized HIV
Detailed story of one man in jail for not disclosing HIV status
hiv  aids  race  gay  wrestling 
19 days ago
CA planning insanity
The expensive, long delays introduced by environmental reviews on simple things like better bus service
brt  california  sanfrancisco  bureaucracy  vanness  eir 
19 days ago
Stripe and open source
Recognition of the startup contributing back
stripe  opensource 
19 days ago
How to play Street Fighter
Ridiculously detailed primer on fighting games
games  via:metafilter  streetfighter 
19 days ago
Virtual Economies
New academic book on game economies
games  economics  mmos 
20 days ago
Visiting Sana'a
Maciej Ceglowski goes to Yeme
yemen  travel  sana 
20 days ago
C9 Hai interview
Thoughtful take on the pressures of being a pro gamer
games  leagueoflegends  cloud9  c9  hai 
20 days ago
NSA newspeak
Decoder ring for the misleading language NSA uses
nsa  spying  surveillance  civilrights  privacy  clapper 
20 days ago
Justin Bieber update
Long but nuanced portrait of the child star growing up
fame  bieber  music  via:metafilter 
21 days ago
NSA illegal overview
Broad summary of what we've learned from Snowden, the breadth of NSA's spying on US citizens
fourthamendment  civilrights  nsa  surveillance  snowden 
22 days ago
Islands of Portland
Nice treatment of rising sea levels in Portland
maps  portland  globalwarming  burritojustice 
22 days ago
Root Zone DB
Top level domains; the list is getting big
dns  domains  tlds  iana 
22 days ago
SVG grouping
Interesting constructs, some of which could be nice in D3
d3js  svg  graphics 
23 days ago
Estonia global digital ID
Country takes its pioneering national ID program international
estonia  identity  oauth  openid  login  authentication  passwords 
23 days ago
NSA / Wall Street
More revolving door, concerns about national secrets
nsa  wallstreet  corruption  politics 
25 days ago
Twitch is 10% of YouTube
As measured by bandwidth, Twitch accounts for 1.35% of Internet traffic
twitch  streaming  video  bandwidth 
25 days ago
open source data portal product
opensource  data  opendata  gis 
25 days ago
Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No
Hilarious video of an unlikely pitching performance
acid  lsd  funny  baseball  nohitter  dockellis 
25 days ago
Snowden / NSA revelations
Handy chart showing all the illegal activities
nsa  civilrights  snowden  privacy 
27 days ago
MPEG Streamclip
It's a bit ghetto, but it's simple software for trimming a video and saving it.
video  edit  trim  mpeg 
27 days ago
World map of natural hazards
Munich RE map showing earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, etc
via:reddit  maps  insurance  hazards  hurricane  tornado  earthquake 
27 days ago
Blackwater was out of control
Mercenaries hired by the US threatened assassination
via:metafilter  blackwater  academi  xe  murder  assassination  iraq 
28 days ago
SB Language Maps
Fascinating detailed language dialect maps
maps  languages 
28 days ago
Mars animation
Amazing amateur astrophotography
via:reddit  space  astrophotography  mars 
28 days ago
Football video tracking
Cameras on field in real time track player, ball movements
sports  soccer  football  tracking  video 
29 days ago
Bitcoin max transaction rate
The protocol works out to about 10 transactions / second, a toy
bitcoin  currency 
29 days ago
MH370 update report
New info from ATSB with a very thorough treatment of the search area
via:metafilter  mh370  aviation 
29 days ago
Right wing nut job
Brent Douglas Cole tried to murder a ranger up in Nevada County
murder  guns  rightwing  nevadacounty 
29 days ago
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