Evergreen aviation museum woes
Airplane museum in Oregon that has the Spruce Goose; it's completely broke
museum  finance  aviation 
21 hours ago
Google employee settlement
Website for the class action lawsuit against Google, Apple, etc for illegal collusion against employees
google  fraud  apple 
23 hours ago
A library for writing Minecraft mods in Javascript
minecraft  javascript  mods 
23 hours ago
Pilot Suicide
Details about the Germanwings crash, other recent suicidal commercial pilots
aviation  suicide  depression  germanwings  lufthansa 
Louis CK on Twitter
Thoughtful critique about it being too instant, thoughtless
twitter  louisck  comedy 
Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows
Great little video on black culture appropriation
racism  america  via:waxy  hungergames 
First Apple Homepage
Screenshot unearthed from a CD-R backup
apple  history  web 
Twitter API strategy
Excellent critical analysis of channel conflict
twitter  business  api  google  antitrust 
Victorian jewelry; a chain with tools worn by women around the waiste
fashion  via:metafilter  victorian 
2 days ago
Jack on Square
Great new article about how the payment company is doing
square  startups 
2 days ago
Tool for visualizing data and then having people comment / collaborate
visualization  data  sharing  plots  charts  d3js 
2 days ago
Open parcel data
The challenges of getting basic property map data in the US
opendata  maps  openaddresses  osm  parcels 
2 days ago
uBlock fork
Popular ad blocker got forked. Looks amicable, but confusing.
ublock  ads  chrome  adblocker 
2 days ago
Hiring sales
Startup advice from a friend who's on the technical side
startups  entrepreneurship  sales  marketing 
3 days ago
TSA groping
Agents deliberately flagged attractive men so they could sexually assault them
tsa  airports  civilrights 
4 days ago
strace zine
An alternate, awesome style of explanation for a useful Unix tool
strace  unix  programming  kernel 
4 days ago
NSFW text: Subreddit for posting creepy, predatory sexual text messages, etc
sexism  dating  creepy  redpill 
4 days ago
The Work Number
Equifax service to verify the salary of anyone you ask about
salary  privacy  via:metafilter  employment 
5 days ago
Eve Online espionage
Great comment explaining how creepy the game gets as it leaks into real life
games  eveonline  ccp  espionage  security 
5 days ago
Get Satisfaction comments
Overview and detail of the startup firesale from Lane Becker
getsatisfaction  startups  financing  entrepreneurs  lanebecker  monstro 
5 days ago
A/A testing
Proper statistical testing is hard
testing  usability  statistics 
5 days ago
Use mature tech
Nice engineering blog post by Pinterest in defense of proven technologies
engineering  trends  nosql 
6 days ago
Apple app store problems
Thorough critique of the problem with the walled garden
apple  apps  freedom  software 
7 days ago
.SUCKS shakedown
New TLD seems to exist solely for extortion
internet  names  reputation  tld  icann 
8 days ago
National Address Database
Notes from a meeting to get something good going
openaddresses  maps  addresses  government 
8 days ago
Filtered linkblogs
Nice piece on belong.io and latest.is
linkblogs  blogs  web  culture 
8 days ago
Python hypothesis
Unit testing tool that generates randomized input
testing  python  unittest  programming 
9 days ago
China's Great Cannon
Technical details on a new Chinese cyberwar capability
china  badtech  cyberwar  github  ddos 
9 days ago
Portland neighborhood names
History of various names. /cc @celesteramsay
portland  names  reed  neighborhoods 
9 days ago
Street address standard
US government's official standard for street addresses
openaddresses  maps  geo  fgdc 
9 days ago
4 angles on a mid-air
Crazy skydiving accident; everyone lived
aviation  flying  midair  skydiving  via:reddit 
9 days ago
Stewart B. on money
Nice to see a humble perspective
stewart  slack  money  startups 
10 days ago
Mad Style: Severance
Detailed analysis of costumes from an episode of Mad Men
tv  madmen  via:metafilter  fashion  costume  clothing 
10 days ago
Call metadata back to 1992
Illegal blanket surveillance by DOJ and DEA goes back to 1992
privacy  civilrights  surveillance 
11 days ago
Pay phones converted to free service, a sort of hacker / arty project
kra  karlanderson  futel  phones 
11 days ago
Put a dot in your Mac menu bar, control its color however you want
menubar  mac  status  simple  via:onethingwell 
11 days ago
AFK Gamer Lounge
New eSports bar in San Jose
games  lol  via:reddit  bar  sanjose 
11 days ago
X Lossless Decoder
Useful music conversion tool for MacOS
macos  mp3  mpeg  flac  alac  handbrake 
11 days ago
Stack Overflow dev survey
It's a biased sample, but good data and analysis
programming  careers  developers 
12 days ago
IPv4 address market
Romanians selling 32 bit numbers for $10/addresses
internet  badtech  ipv4  romania  via:hackernews 
12 days ago
Snowden monument
Artists drop a bust of Snowden in to a New York park
snowden  art  funny  via:hackernews 
12 days ago
Late stage fundraising
Growing trend to very large private financing for tech companies
tech  funding  financing  ipo  startups 
12 days ago
Timeline Maps
Remarkable collection of maps that mix time and space
maps  visualization  minard 
13 days ago
Amazing 80s TV show crossover
webster  startrek  funny  worf 
13 days ago
Economist editor interview
How the weekly newspaper sees the future of journalism
journalism  theeconomist  news  advertising  business 
15 days ago
Beautiful and depressing photos of the American West
water  america  drought 
16 days ago
Certificate Transparency
Make SSL more secure by requiring registrars publish authenticated logs of every certificate they issue
ssl  security  google 
16 days ago
Growth of tech stock secondary market
More info on trends in startup financing, raising money directly through SPV funds
financing  stock  startups  money  investment  spv 
16 days ago
Truecrypt report
Audit complete; code mostly looks OK
via:hackernews  truecrypt  privacy  encryption 
16 days ago
Apple Watch development
Nice insider story about product development
apple  watch  ios 
16 days ago
Gruber eats his words
2013 Daring Fireball had nasty things to say about Kevin Lynch. Turns out he's the Apple Watch head.
apple  gruber  watch  ios 
16 days ago
Mapbox Turf
"GIS for web maps"; Javascript for doing geographic computations
maps  gis  javascript  mapbox 
17 days ago
Photos of my friend Karl's phone project
phones  futel  kra  karlanderson  dclxvi  phreaking 
17 days ago
Cassandra security hole
Default config includes an open RMI interface. /facepalm
badtech  security  cassandra 
17 days ago
Reddit: "the button"
An April Fools thing that's actually kind of clever
aprilfools  funny  reddit 
17 days ago
Twitter harassment filter
New feature like a spam filter, being tested now
twitter  harassment  spam 
17 days ago
Periscope harassment
Trolls already ruining Twitter's new video service
twitter  periscope  harassment  sexism 
17 days ago
5% adware infection rate
5% of Google users have some sort of malware injecting ads into pages
malware  badtech  google  adware  ads 
17 days ago
Tech stock secondary market
The wild and wooly world of non-public securities
tech  ipo  stocks  markets 
18 days ago
Star Citizen update
$77M spent on the game and it still doesn't exist
games  starcitizen  scam  crowdfunding 
18 days ago
Privacy Badger
EFF's cookie tracking blocker, does some smart new stuff the competition doesn't
eff  privacy  cookies  tracking 
18 days ago
GreatFire statement on China DDOS
More details of Chinese attacks against GreatFire, Amazon, and GitHub
github  amazon  china  greatfire  ddos  security  badtech 
18 days ago
Riot Games and Reddit
Details of how the League of Legends company influences the 650,000 member subreddit about the game
games  moderation  lol  riot  marketing  reddit 
18 days ago
Amazon Dash button
Simple pushbutton to order more of any product automatically
amazon  dash  funny  via:Waxy 
18 days ago
Minimal Maps
Lovely thematic maps of the United States
maps  data  unitedstates 
19 days ago
Library of Babel
A universal library, in the Borgesian sense
borges  via:reddit  books  funny 
19 days ago
MapBox Tippecanoe
Vector tile generation tool
gis  maps  mapbox  vectortiles 
19 days ago
Art of Escape
3 day course in learning evasion and escape techniques
sanfrancisco  via:metafilter  spycraft  evasion 
19 days ago
63 pass FORTRAN compiler
Code from the long long ago when memory was precious. IBM 1401 compiler.
history  computers  programming  compiler  fortran  mainframe  ibm  via:hackernews 
20 days ago
DDoS visualization
Global statistics; the attack types graph is particularly interesting
internet  badtech  ddos 
21 days ago
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