Cheap static hosting
Various ways to host a simple website for cheap or free
hosting  aws  web 
1 hour ago
The first Thanksgiving
A bit of historical record from Mann's _1491_
indians  thanksgiving  america  history  squanto 
22 hours ago
God's lonely programmer
Details about the guy behind TempleOS, the religious / schizophrenic outsider operating system
computers  templeos  batshitinsane  programming 
SQLite in Javascript via a cross-compiler. 1.5M minified JS file.
sqlite  sql  database  javascript 
2 days ago
Popular Electronics
PDF archives of the classic magazine
electronics  hacking  via:reddit 
2 days ago
A text editor for writers. Not a word processor, more of an outliner, notes, and prose writing tool.
text  writing  software  mac 
2 days ago
Silk Road Bitcoin analytics
Company traces drug market's currency through the blockchain
bitcoin  money  drugs  crime  fraud 
2 days ago
Magic Leap details
Info on the mysterious augmented reality startup
vr  augmentedreality  tech  startups 
3 days ago
a simple data charting tool from Medium
charts  graphs  datavis  visualization 
3 days ago
HandBrake 0.10.0
AV re-encoding tool gets a major update. Includes VP8
video  codecs  software 
4 days ago
Detailed notes, pretty manual process
vpn  pptp  security  router  networking 
4 days ago
A daemon for making a very fancy shell prompt
bash  shell  prompt  software  unix 
4 days ago
An archive tool designed for incremental backups
via:onethingwell  software  compression  backup  zip 
5 days ago
WiFi Signal
MacOS menu bar doodad that gives more details on wifi quality. Costs $0.99.
wifi  osx  macos  mac  via:onethingwell  software 
5 days ago
Cosby details
WashPo has a carefully researched, detailed story on rape allegations against Bill Cosby
cosby  rape  crime 
5 days ago
Reddit FCC rebellion
FCC Commissioner does a bad IAmA on Reddit, gets called out
reddit  netneutrality  politics  fcc 
5 days ago
Parody game, MLG montages made playable
funny  games  montage  mlg 
5 days ago
Solving Earth Problems
Various tools for dealing with spatial data; spatial indices, etc
geo  maps  coding  gis  kdtree 
6 days ago
Cheezburger: Behind the Music
Personal detailed story of the struggle running the cat meme joke sites
memes  startups 
6 days ago
Reed Software Design Studio
A project I'm helping set up at my old alma mater
reed  dlab  students  programming  education  mentors 
7 days ago
Uber financials leak
Details of revenue, etc for Dec 2013
uber  financials  leak 
7 days ago
PS4 vs XBone
A year later, they are more or less the same
games  xbox  playstation  consoles 
7 days ago
Fake journal accepts troll paper
David Mazières up to some hilarious pranksterism
funny  stanford  journal  publishing  fuck 
7 days ago
Peering DB
A simple viewer of BGP routing data. Requires guest login
peering  bgp  internet  networking 
8 days ago
open address machine
Migurski's work on OpenAddresses automation
maps  osm  openaddresses 
8 days ago
Browser Unicode normalization
WebKit browsers screw up user input when POSTing data to a server
unicode  chrome  bug  webkit 
8 days ago
Vib-Ribbon revival
Odd story of a quirky Playstation games
games  vibribbon  playstation  sony 
8 days ago
SF poop map
San Francisco, the city where people shit on the sidewalks
sanfrancisco  homeless  shit  shame 
8 days ago
Uber vs another journalist
More concerns that Uber may misuse its rider data
uber  privacy  journalism 
8 days ago
ASL writing systems
Overview of various options for writing ASL
asl  sign  deaf  language  writing 
9 days ago
ASL Wikipedia
One approach to transcribing a sign language to web pages
language  asl  deaf  sign 
9 days ago
A complete Tweet index
Engineering details for a large search engine
search  twitter  indexing 
10 days ago
Let's Encrypt
EFF project to make a very easy to set up SSL certificate
security  ssl  encryption  ca 
10 days ago
Google profile tools
Simple collection of 6 sites at Google that shows data they have on you
via:reddit  google  privacy 
10 days ago
Simple leaderboard listing of static site generators
sites  web  development  jekyll  pelican 
10 days ago
Fix the one drawback of HandBrake
converstion  video  handbrake  mp4 
10 days ago
Uber opposition research
Yet more evidence of a corrupt internal culture
uber  journalism  ridiculous  batshitinsane  pandodaily  sarahlacy 
10 days ago
Uber CEO profile
Great article by @elcush about Travis Kalanick, the thorny guy in charge
uber  sanfrancisco  startups 
10 days ago
Worth a reload or three
toomanycooks  funny  tv  via:waxy  smarf 
10 days ago
Scarlett profile
Excellent detailed article about a top Starcraft 2 player
via:metafilter  scarlett  starcraft  esports 
10 days ago
Funny old hack; kill processes by playing the FPS game
games  fps  doom  unix  process 
11 days ago
SpaceQuest Ltd
Satellite company that provides AIS monitoring to track ship postions
data  space  ais  shipping 
11 days ago
Satellite visualization
Every satellite in orbit, graphed by altitude
space  satellite  visualization 
11 days ago
ISPs stripping email encryption
Technical measure against spam backfires, prevents security
encryption  badtech  isp  endtoend 
11 days ago
Twitter election shenanigans
GOP posted information they couldn't share privately in public, but only barely
twitter  fraud  gop  republican  election 
11 days ago
MSN Messenger's last gasps
Apparently Microsoft is shutting down service; a bunch of third party clients broke this week
im  messenger  msn  chat 
12 days ago
TCPINC working group
IETF group to add encryption extensions to TCP
tcp  internet  tcpip  security  encryption 
12 days ago
Hire More Women In Tech
A list of simple things companies can do
diversity  women  tech  hiring 
12 days ago
The Faze Clansman
A parody of a parody of gaming videos
mlg  games  via:metafilter  parody  funny  noscope 
13 days ago
Netflix API death
Today is the day Netflix shuts off their public API
api  netflix  business 
13 days ago
New d3.js wrapper for simple kinds of data graphs
data  visualization  d3js  javascript  bootstrap 
13 days ago
Philae bounce
Simple visualization of the problematic comet landing
philae  space  comet 
13 days ago
D3 Deconstructor
Reads data + marks out of a D3 visualization so you can restyle
d3  d3js  code  javascript  visualization 
14 days ago
online code reviews for git repos
code  review  git  google 
14 days ago
Net Neutrality is just a symptom
Excellent editorial calling for more ISP competition
internet  isp  sonicnet  broadband  fcc  netneutrality 
14 days ago
Cast iron pans
Some detailed science lite for the old school cooking implement
cooking  food  castiron  via:kottke 
15 days ago
Space Age game
Retro adventure game for iOS and Mac
games  ios  mac  adventure  via:waxy 
15 days ago
Ninja / Waddy Jones
Amazing background on Die Antwoord's frontman
music  via:metafilter  ninja  southafrica 
15 days ago
Weaponized review embargoes
Game company Ubisoft abuses the gaming press
games  reviews  ubisoft  assassinscreed 
15 days ago
Flour tortillas you buy and cook yourself
tortillas  food  cooking 
15 days ago
Philae landing preview
Details of the comet landing taking place in about 16 hours
comet  astronomy  rosetta  philae  space 
16 days ago
Javscript text rendering in canvas
canvas  html5  javascript  typography  fonts 
16 days ago
Lovely story of Blizzard's World of Warcraft writing
games  warcraft  lore  wow  blizzard 
16 days ago
Browser databases
War stories from PouchDB, making WebSQL and IndexDB work
javascript  database  browser  pouchdb  couchdb 
17 days ago
Fred Wilson on Uber
Calls Uber's attempts to manipulate Lyft funding unethical. (and also pointless)
ethics  uber  vc  lyft  startups 
17 days ago
Deregister iMessage
Apple finally made a tool to recover your SMS number
sms  imessage  apple  iphone  ios 
17 days ago
Life in the potato pits
Remarkably great Metafilter comment about working peeling potatoes
potatoes  food  funny  metafilter 
17 days ago
Javascript Terrarium
A way to run code in a separate process so it can be inspected, etc
javascript  code  vm 
17 days ago
Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy
A book about Anonymous, the hacker identity
hacker  4chan  anonymous 
18 days ago
Third-party login problems
Real story about "login with Facebook" and the hidden costs
facebook  login  oauth  openid  authentication 
18 days ago
Women fighting Twitter harassment
Organization takes it on themselves to fight awful people on Twitter
gamergate  twitter  harassment  sexism  feminism 
18 days ago
Estonia eResidenciy
Estonia's innovative online authentication system extended to foreigners /cc @timbray
via:metafilter  estonia  identity  password  login  oauth  openid 
18 days ago
Korean ID woes
South Korea's impressive national identity system is hopelessly compromised
korea  southkorea  identity  oauth  openid  login  authentication  passwords  badtech 
18 days ago
The Amazing Randi
Lovely profile, with an interesting story about his personal life
randi  amazingrandi  skepticism  gay 
18 days ago
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