Ongoing attacks on Leslie Jones
Racist monsters continue to harass African-American actress online
racism  america  acting  movies  ghostbusters 
9 hours ago
Legalist startup
Automating making a profit with civil lawsuits
legal  startup  thiel 
9 hours ago
DJ Shadow / Nobody Speak
Jaw dropping video of political violence
music  djshadow  politics  trump 
10 hours ago
Uber flat fares
$20/month to get fixed cost in the north half of San Francisco
sanfrancisco  uber  pricing  taxi 
10 hours ago
Mayan codex discovered
Most written Mayan documents were destroyed by the Catholic Church; just found a new one in a palimpsest
mexico  history  archaeology  codex  mayan 
Clinton health history
Background behind the smear campaign about Clinton's health
clinton  politics  trump  lies 
Ethernet PAUSE
Obscure protocol thing causes network failure
ethernet  network  via:hackernews  networking 
2 days ago
DIY autonomous boat sailing across the Pacific
drone  boat  diy  via:metafilter 
2 days ago
Atomic motels
Nice collection of photos from New Jersey
wildwood  newjersey  motel  architecture  googie  50s 
3 days ago
The Truth About Voter Fraud
2007 study showing voter fraud is very rare in the US
fraud  voting  politics  elections  civilrights 
3 days ago
Trump and voter fraud
More details on a troubling allegation
trump  fraud  politics  election 
3 days ago
Cisco VPNs failed
NSA subverted the most popular Internet router security
cisco  nsa  badtech  pix 
4 days ago
ShadowBrokers bitcoin
Bitcoin seized by the US government from Silk Road are being used to pay the Russian hackers (a very small amount of money)
silkroad  espionage  bitcoin  hacking 
4 days ago
Trump finance details
Trying to unwind a bunch of complex investments
trump  finance  debt  politics  money 
4 days ago
Cuba's internet workaround
Homes get 1TB drives once a week preloaded with new stuff
cuba  internet  cdn  copyright  sharing 
5 days ago
Bitcoin safety warning
Unprecedented pre-release warning about state attackers against binaries
bitcoin  security  badtech 
6 days ago
Equation Group catalog
A list of all the NSA malware that was stolen / dumped
nsa  security  badtech  hacking  russia  shadowbrokers  equationgroup 
6 days ago
Maeda to Wordpress
My old professor joins Automattic as a UX lead
wordpress  automattic  maeda  design  medialab 
6 days ago
Uber self-driving cars
My friend Raffi is working on this project
cars  driving  self-driving  uber  google  safety  raffi 
6 days ago
No Man's Sky review
Nicely captures the good and bad of the game
games  nomanssky 
7 days ago
Early investor experiment
Randomized trial of what startup pitches get attention. Summary: the team matters
startups  investment  via:hackernews  research 
7 days ago
Steve Bannon profile
Details on the new Trump campaign operative
trump  politics  stevebannon  bannon  breitbart 
7 days ago
Dune in emoji
As told by Kyle MacLachlan /cc @celesteramsay
dune  movies  emoji  twitter  funny 
8 days ago
NSA firewall hacks
Some details from the NSA breach; tools for attacking firewalls
badtech  security  nsa  equationgroup 
8 days ago
Snowden on NSA hack
Amazing details / politics of state cyberespionage
politics  nsa  badtech  snowden  hacking  rnc  russia 
8 days ago
NSA malware stolen?
Hacker group claims to have software from The Equation Group
hack  badtech  malware  nsa  privacy 
9 days ago
Genealogy and samples of music over time
music  visualization  via:metafilter  ishkur 
9 days ago
black hat and def con
surrounded by khaki pants and polo shirts and a pervasive air of menace
security  badtech  defcon  blackhat  conference 
9 days ago
Saving Trump from himself
Gossipy article about how Trump won't take direction from anyone
trump  politics  batshitinsane 
11 days ago
Ethernet vs. WiFi
Details on how connection type affects game lag. (Note: UDP game.)
networking  riot  lol  lag  logsoflag 
12 days ago
South Pacific countries
Nice map with territory boundaries, flags
maps  oceania  polynesia  pacific  southpacific 
12 days ago
Clever time lapse photographic technique
via:Reddit  timelapse  novascotia  photography 
12 days ago
Trump supporter stats
Detailed Gallup poll about which Americans support Donald Trump
trump  gallup  politics  polling 
12 days ago
McMansion bad architecture
Design breakdown on why bad houses are ugly
mcmansion  housing  design  architecture 
12 days ago
Life expectancy vs health expenditure
Country by country; American Exceptionalism at work again
america  healthcare  politics  health 
12 days ago
WeChat’s world
overview of a very popular social / payment app in China
china  internet  culture  facebook 
12 days ago
Pokestops in Paris
More evidence of unequal distribution
pokemon  games  paris 
13 days ago
Maine Coon cats
Classy portraits (/cc @korkyplunger)
cats  mainecoon  photos  photography 
13 days ago
Offline vector map for mobile devices; nice OSM viewer
osm  maps  offline  travel  ios  android 
13 days ago
Mapbox / OSM licensing
Interesting questions of derived work and viral licenses
odbl  osm  mapbox  maps  licensing 
13 days ago
Social media infrastructure
OG Blogger talks about all the open sharing technologies that are lost now that Facebook has colonized the Internet
internet  blogs  rss  sharing  socialmedia 
13 days ago
Trump: a true story
Notes from a 2007 court case where Trump had to come clean about some of his lies
trump  truth  politics 
14 days ago
Trump tweets analysis
Detailed breakdown of how the Trump account works
trump  politics  twitter 
14 days ago
GitHub repo attacked
Personal story of a security incident
github  security  badtech  via:reddit 
14 days ago
Stochastic Terrorism
Useful term for the danger of violent rhetoric. Equally applicable to ISIS.
terrorism  murder  politics  trump 
14 days ago
Ubiquiti Amplifi
A new home wifi network system that implements mesh networking
wifi  internet  router  ubiquiti 
15 days ago
ProjectSauron malware
Yet another state-sponsored malware package
hacking  badtech  malware  apt 
15 days ago
Voter fraud is hard in the US
details on what an actual rigged election would require
politics  trump  election  fraud  voterid 
16 days ago
Nixon's tax cheat
The history of why presidential candidates release their tax returns
politics  taxes  trump  nixon 
18 days ago
New Python driver for Postgres
postgres  python  sql 
20 days ago
Prepaid Data SIMs
Wiki of various mobile phone options for travellers
sim  mobile  travel  tourism 
21 days ago
Uber, Google, China
Perspective on Chinese trade protectionism
google  uber  china  startups  tech  internet 
21 days ago
"Cuck" explained
The subtext of a distressing insult
cuck  slang  4chan  feminism  culture  politics  trump 
22 days ago
Scotch Whisky Map
Best map I've found of distilleries
scotch  whisky  map  distilleries  tourism  scotland  maps 
25 days ago
Clan Donald Skye
Remarkably good history museum in Scotland, funded by an old clan family
scotland  museum  history  macdonald  skye  isleofskye 
25 days ago
Macsween's haggis
Restaurants in Edinburgh proudly display this brand name
haggis  food  scotland  macsween 
4 weeks ago
Clay Shirky on opposing Trump
"we'e brought fact checkers to a culture war"
trump  politics  racism  america 
4 weeks ago
Blacks in SF
Humane story on the dwindling African-American population in San Francisco
race  sf  sanfrancisco 
4 weeks ago
Atmospheric railway
Old propulsion technique that has some similarities to Hyperloop
hyperloop  trains  pneumatic  engineering  propulsion 
4 weeks ago
Pokemon Go map
Someone's reverse engineered the protocols enough to make maps of Pokemon, gyms, and pokestops
games  pokemon  niantic 
5 weeks ago
141 outrageous Trump things
Vote for which makes him most unsuitable for running the country
trump  president  politics 
5 weeks ago
Tech Companies and Diversity Hiring
Excellent, clear writing on how most tech companies are doing a terrible job hiring
hiring  racism  facebook  google  twitter 
5 weeks ago
Pokemon Go implicit racism
Striking example of inequality trickling down into videogames
games  race  america  pokemongo  niantic  ingress 
5 weeks ago
WSJ on Null Island
Fun article with lots of friends
nullisland  geography  gis  wsj  maps 
6 weeks ago
OpenGL and Macs
Interesting detail from Blizzard about how they support OpenGL on Macs and Windows
opengl  windows  maps  games  wow 
6 weeks ago
Trump tapping divisiveness
On the deep and ugly racism that underlies Trump's support
trump  politics  racism  america 
6 weeks ago
Contract buying houses
A history of racism in real estate
racism  chicago  politics  realestate 
6 weeks ago
Bush Iraq lies
Keeping a clear view on the deliberate misleading of the country
politics  bush  iraq 
6 weeks ago
Hilarious, but offensive variant of the dumb What3Words addressing system
what3words  parody  funny  fuck  maps 
6 weeks ago
Pinboard stats
Seven years; making $150k+ a year (attn @indievc)
pinboard  revenue  startup 
6 weeks ago
All houses redux
Slightly funny expansion on the reactionary attitude to "black lives matter"
blm  blacklivesmatter  joke  comic  funny 
6 weeks ago
Gretchen Carlson supercut
A short reel of jaw-droppingly sexist comments on Fox News
fox  tv  journalism  sexism  news 
6 weeks ago
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