GDC Sarkeesian bomb threat
From March 2014, a terrorist threat against feminist game critic
women  sarkeesian  gamers 
1 hour ago
MapZen + Code for America
Phenomenally generous gift to support open parcel data
maps  mapzen  cfa  codeforamerica  migurski 
3 hours ago
Apple stream failure
Root cause: uncacheable page, some encoding mistakes
akamai  apple  cdn  caching  badtech  postmortem 
3 hours ago
XOXO summary
Decent overview of the XOXO Festival for 2014
xoxofest  xoxo  waxy  conference  culture 
7 hours ago
HotS Logs
analysis of top players of Blizzard's game Heroes of the Storm
games  hots  blizzard  moba 
7 hours ago
Vector tiles talk
Dane Springmeyer of MapBox gave a great talk on vector tiles
maps  vectors  vectortiles  mapbox  foss4g 
7 hours ago
Love Your Condom
NSFW: sexually explicit safe sex guides for gay men
sex  aids  health  gay  newzealand 
8 hours ago
Startup pitches
This American Life with @Sacca on giving startup pitches
entrepreneurs  startups  sacca  podcast 
8 hours ago
Rescuing Salyut 7
Insane story of a Soviet mission to salvage a dead space station
space  sovietunion  russia  via:metafilter 
21 hours ago
PUC + PG&E 4evah
State regulatory agency colluding with energy company to fix court cases
sanbruno  pge  corruption  puc  california 
23 hours ago
Birth control probabilities
Nice simple data on practical efficacy
via:reddit  birthcontrol  sex 
3 days ago
GeoJSON Diff
Ruby library GitHub uses to show geographic data changes
diff  git  github  geojson  maps 
5 days ago
Strava Slide
Mapping tool; use GPS heatmaps to draw accurate maps of hiking trails, etc
maps  optimization  strata  gps  id  osm 
6 days ago
Promising-looking web analytics package for slippy maps
analytics  web  geo  maps  sparkgeo  foss4g 
6 days ago
Null Archipelago
All the places in the world (0,0) maps to in different coordinate systems
maps  nullisland  funny  bugs 
7 days ago
NWS Enhanced data display
Very fancy government weather map
weather  maps  d3js 
7 days ago
Cloak VPN
Very simple turnkey VPN service for MacOS and iOS
via:jnoxon  vpn  privacy  security  goodtech 
7 days ago
Star Trek in Cinerama
Lovely bit of panorama stitching
startrek  tv  via:metafilter 
7 days ago
High-speed rail in Europe
Decent map with a system overview
maps  train  rail  europe  travel 
8 days ago
US map (Alaska projection)
If the usual US map treatment of Alaska were reversed
maps  funny  via:reddit  alaska 
8 days ago
Reddit raising $50M
Rumors of fundraising from the community website
reddit  fundraising  startups 
9 days ago
Islamic State magazine, full of English language jihad
jihad  islamicstate  syria  propaganda 
10 days ago
Communion lunchables
Convenience products for Protestants
religion  funny  food  christianity  communion 
10 days ago
Useful web page archival service
archive  wayback  web 
11 days ago
debugging tool for HTTP, etc
via:onethingwell  proxy  http 
11 days ago
Besançon Canon Medicinae
Interesting 13th century illuminations from a medical text
medicine  medieval  france  canonmedicinae  testicles  illumination 
11 days ago
Chef Charlie: Dont Drink and Drive
Former Google chef makes a video of remorse for a DUI
driving  google  charlie  dui 
12 days ago
Drag pro wrestlers
The Exótico tradition in lucha libré
wrestling  luchalibre  drag  crossdressing  gay 
13 days ago
Standard Markdown
Regrettably trollish name, but a good effort at standardizing humane markup
markdown  markup  html  standard 
13 days ago
Fake cell tower?
Reports that rogue cell towers are compromising US phones. Take with a grain of salt.
security  badtech  cellular  mobile 
13 days ago
Sensual Sendak
Famed illustrator did a series of lovely, erotic male illustrations for a Melville novel
sendal  melville  gay  art  nude  homoerotic 
13 days ago
New White House tech people
Megan Smith and Alex MacGillivray heading to Washington. They're good people.
cto  america  us  government  amac 
13 days ago
Xbox One launch in Japan
Sad photos of empty stores, queues set up but no one in them
xbox  microsoft  japan  games 
13 days ago
Saudi Twitter investor
Update on some interesting international investments
twitter  jack  dorsey  saudi  startups  investment 
14 days ago
Web tool for drawing on maps using OpenStreetMap
openstreetmap  maps  osm 
14 days ago
Two Factor Auth List
Simple list of Internet services providing more secure login
authentication  tfa  twofactor 
14 days ago
Fighting hospital fraud
How to deal with incorrect billing from a hospital. good luck.
billing  hospital  healthcare  fraud 
14 days ago
TVTropes: Black Index
Various terrible ways pop culture deals with race
racism  magicalnegro  tv  film  criticism 
14 days ago
MagiQuest experience
Stories from folks who've played the game
games  ar  augmentedreality 
14 days ago
Augmented reality game for kids
games  via:metafilter  ar  augmentedreality 
14 days ago
Shenzhen trip report
Joi Ito and bunnie visit the greatest electronics manufacturing place in the world
shenzen  china  manufacturing  circuits 
14 days ago
Fake court order
Timeshare company Sundance Vacations sends Metafilter a fake court order. That sounds like a felony.
metafilter  sundancevacations  timeshare  scam  fraud 
14 days ago
Nix, NixOS
Unix package manager with some good properties. Supports MacOS, own Linux distro.
nix  nixos  software  homebrew  linux  macos  packages 
14 days ago
Ruin Jam 2014
Social Justice Warriors decide to ruin videogames for real
games  funny  feminism 
15 days ago
Wi-Fi Direct
Ad hoc wifi made into a standard
wifi  internet  networking  adhoc  mesh 
15 days ago
Sonos wifi change
Company is starting to trust user's WiFi networks
wifi  sonos  audio 
15 days ago
Twitter load testing
Simulating enormous traffic spikes is hard
twitter  raffi  testing 
15 days ago
Gay Board Games
70s and 80s tacky gay rights
gay  games  funny 
16 days ago
NYT on eSports
Phenomenon becoming mainstream
games  esports 
16 days ago
Hipparcos errors?
Dispute over distance to Pleiades calls into question our primary method of measuring stellar distance
satellite  esa  distance  parallax  pleiades  hipparcos 
18 days ago
Pornhub OS report
SFW. Includes interesting alternate pie-chart visualization technique
pornhub  porn  survey  operatingsystem 
19 days ago
New Stamen map work
New funding from Knight to update and improve Stamen's maps
maps  stamen  design  osm 
19 days ago
Internet device heatmap
Guy pings the whole Internet in 5 hours
maps  via:Reddit  internet  shodan 
19 days ago
csvkit is to tabular data what the standard Unix text processing suite (grep, sed, cut, sort) is to text
via:Tinyapps  csv  text  unix  commandline 
20 days ago
Medium CSS
Details of new-gen web stylesheets
css  web  programming 
20 days ago
Hellraiser box supercut
Every scene featuring Lemarchand's Box
hellraiser  horror  via:jwz 
20 days ago
Racetrack playa solved
Mysterious moving rocks; turns out to be ice + wind
geology  deathvalley  rocks  science 
20 days ago
Posner on gay marriage
Delightful to see a formidable intellectual drop the knowledge
law  posner  gay  lgbt  marriage 
20 days ago
Comcast / Netflix shakedown
details of how Netflix got forced to pay Comcast
comcast  netflix  netneutrality  monopoly 
20 days ago
Ice bucket challenge critique
Careful articulation of what's kind of weird about the ALS charity stunt
als  charity 
20 days ago
Kowloon cross-section
Detailed side view of the old walled city
kowloon  hongkong  walledcity  architecture  vertical  map 
20 days ago
Death threats against game critique
Anita Sarkeesian having to deal with monstrous response to her very thoughtful critique of video game tropes
games  feminism  sexism 
21 days ago
Great critique of women in video games, other pop culture
games  feminism 
21 days ago
Uber's dirty tactics
Aggressive attempts to undermine Lyft
uber  lyft  evil  competition  business 
21 days ago
Kreyos: Indiegogo scam?
$1.5M in crowd funding, problematic delivery
indiegogo  kreyos  watch  scam  crowdfunding  kickstarter 
22 days ago
On the Roofs: Hong Kong
Insane urban explorers, great high-up photographs
hongkong  photography  photos  climbing  parkour 
22 days ago
Do better than PGP
Thoughtful critique of the venerable crypography system
crypto  security  pgp  gpg  via:metafilter 
23 days ago
Rivers in Tableau
Mapping major rivers of the world using off the shelf tech
maps  tableau  rivers 
23 days ago
Android fragmentation
Various statistics about Android OS versions, devices
android  market  mobile  ios 
23 days ago
Nevada County gold mining
Or rather the lack of it; no one wants mines to reopen
mining  california  environmentalism  nevadacounty  grassvalley 
23 days ago
Face projection
Slick real time face tracking / projection mapping demo reel
graphics  via:waxy  mocap 
23 days ago
Flash Invaders
French street artist Invader has made an iOS/Android game
games  ios  android  spaceinvader  invader  streetart 
24 days ago
Quick traffic graph from the SF Bay Area of tweets after the earthquake
twitter  earthquake  bayarea  napa 
24 days ago
Seeburg 1000
Funiture music, 1959 recordings of innocuous background music
music  furniture 
24 days ago
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