Guccifer 2.0 is Russia
Supposed lone hacker of DNC email is actually the GRU, possibly Fancy Bear
3 hours ago
Stats vs gerrymandering
The power of well communicated statistics
10 hours ago
Details on Uber fatality
Technical details on how a self-driving car should have been able to avoid killing the pedestrian
13 hours ago
Theranos fire alarm
Reporter's story of a fraud coverup
Fair Play Alliance
Bunch of game companies working together to fight abusive behavior
Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission
Insane commission to suppress civil rights in Mississippi by intrusive investigations
Jihadi reform in the US
Detailed story of a Somali-American who got a second chance
Social Enterprise Is Not Social Change
Clearly written article about problems with neoliberal social enterprise initiatives, charter schools, etc
Facebook + Cambridge Analytica
Tech/legal analysis of details of what happened, particularly the transitivity of trust
100 Māori words
Some very basic language, with recordings
maori  newzealand  language  Māori 
2 days ago
Chinese tech ascendant
Deep dive on the growth of tech in China, particularly AI
china  politics  america  tech  siliconvalley  ai 
2 days ago
Blockchain for child porn
Bitcoin has images of child sexual abuse embedded in its history
bitcoin  porn  troll  blockchain 
2 days ago
Hawaiian blood test
Colonialist legacy about land and race persists in Hawai'i
hawaii  hawai'i  land  native  homelands  hawaiianhomelands 
2 days ago
Machine learning reproducibility
In practice training AI is not always reproducible
machinelearning  ai  programming  ml 
3 days ago
The Exchange
Buying something on Craigslist
funny  craigslist  ecommerce  movie 
3 days ago
Uber self-driving fatality
Not clear whether there was a backup human driver
tempe  uber  selfdrivingcar 
3 days ago
Hope Hicks profile
Details of part of Trump's inner circle
trump  politics  hopehicks 
3 days ago
Kansas disenfranchisement
Update from Kris Kobach's un-American efforts to stop citizens from voting
voting  votingrights  politics  kobach 
3 days ago
Worst of OSM
Screenshots of bad mapping with snarky commentary
funny  osm  openstreetmap  maps  fail 
3 days ago
About @anonymaps
Interview with some part of the shadowy collective behind a snarky mapping Twitter account
maps  funny  twitter  osm  openstreetmap  anonymaps 
3 days ago
Revenge porn on Slack
I feel the company is not equipped to deal with this kind of trust and safety issue
slack  moderation  discord  policy  porn  misogyny  anonib 
4 days ago
Cambridge Analytica founding
Details on Chris Wylie, an architect of the "cyberwarfare for elections" company
politics  trump  propaganda  mercer  bannon  cambridgeanalytica 
4 days ago
Facebook v Cambridge Analytica
Facebook finally suspends the sleazy political firm
facebook  cambridgeanalytica  politics  trump 
5 days ago
Cambridge Analytica Facebook source
How the sleazy political firm got the Facebook data in the first place, exploiting Mechanical Turk workers
facebook  mechanicalturk  amazon  aws  cambridgeanalytica  politics 
5 days ago
Telugu crash
Technical analysis of an Apple text rendering bug
unicode  bug  apple  ios  macos  badtech 
6 days ago
Fox News double standard
Video clips about Obama vs Trump meeting with North Korea
northkorea  trump  obama  politics  journalism  foxnews  propaganda 
6 days ago
Stormy Daniels' agency
Excellent editorial about how the President's sex worker is playing her hand very smart, exploiting Trump's own shtick
trump  politics  sexworker  sex  prostitution  scandal 
6 days ago
Russia vs US power plants
Cyberattacks already carried out, ready to sabotage
russia  cyberwar  trump  politics  power  infrastructure  badtech 
6 days ago
Ready Player One for Girls
Trashy 80s culture novel, now in pink!
books  funny  parody  feminism  readyplayerone 
7 days ago
Cyberattacks vs petro plant
Saudi Arabian business destroyed by what looks like a government cyberattack
warfare  petro  saudi  saudiarabia  iran  badtech 
7 days ago
White men and guns
Light piece on research about American gun ownership
guns  america  politics  masculinity 
7 days ago
LoL matchmaking
Stats from Riot's game creation system
games  matchmaking  lol  elo  ranking 
8 days ago
Discord + SPLC
Social media working with experts to root out hategroups
splc  discord  hategroups  nazis 
8 days ago
Travel power / USB adapter
Used one of these in Australia and it worked great
travel  australia  power  adapter 
9 days ago
Project Veritas v Twitter
Scumbag activist group offers fake jobs and dates, illegal records victims
twitter  projectveritas  politics  scumbag  tirefire 
9 days ago
ICE and Sessions lied
800 people did not elude arrest because of the Oakland Mayor
ice  lies  trump  politics  sessions 
9 days ago
Inside El Paquete
Details on Cuba's unique media piracy drops
via:waxy  cuba  software  media 
10 days ago
Slingshot APT
Sophisticated malware found hidden for six years
malware  badtech  via:hackernews  nsa  government  mikrotik 
10 days ago
Telegram $1B ICO
Less scammy than most ICOs, but still sounds like a terrible idea
ico  telegram  tech  fundraising 
12 days ago
Private drone ATC
Tech companies building their own systems to manage flying UAVs
drones  atc  via:hackernews  google  amazon  aviation 
12 days ago
About Tex Mex
Long detailed story about Texas' other excellent cuisine
texmex  food  texas  cooking 
14 days ago
Slow news experiment
Two months of only print journalism
nyt  nytimes  journalism  slownews  news  socialmedia 
15 days ago
NSA APT detection
How NSA identifies cyberattack enemies in real time
nsa  security  badtech  via:hackernews  apt 
15 days ago
A watermark to indicate digitally manipulated imagery
fake  counterfeit  authentic  images  ethics 
15 days ago
Bluff oyster
Special New Zealand oyster that's in season right now. Very mild flavor, large, plump
oyster  food  newzealand 
15 days ago
Fox news authorized keys
Bad security practice at a news website
fox  news  politics  funny  ssh  badtech 
16 days ago
Simple web-based GIS tool for doing spatial calculations on data
gis  maps  spatial  cartography 
16 days ago
Māori placenames
Maps of which place names in New Zealand are in the indigenous language
maps  maori  newzealand 
17 days ago
Aging vampires
Snake oil salesmen in Palm Beach
palmbeach  blood  health  aging  scam 
18 days ago
Prescription gag orders
Insane price gouging driven in part by abusive contracts
drugs  america  healthcare  pharmacy 
18 days ago
Bitcoin computer heist
Computers stolen out of a datacenter in Iceland
iceland  bitcoin  via:hackernews  theft  crime 
18 days ago
Gates 2018 letter
Bill & Melinda Gates answe their 10 toughest questions
gates  philanthropy  gatesfoundation 
25 days ago
Twitter verified scam
Blue checkmark for a phishing fraud
twitter  verified  scam  fraud  cryptocurrency 
26 days ago
AR-15 wounds
High powered rifle shatters bodies in a way normal handguns don't
guns  politics  ar15  guncontrol  medicine 
28 days ago
MapBox hillshading
Dynamic hillshading in a style editor; remembering Migurski laboriously doing this by hand with code years ago
maps  terrain  migurski  mapbox  stamen 
28 days ago
Former Jehovah's Witness
Reddit AMA with someone who left the cult
religion  jehovahswitnesses  cult  reddit 
29 days ago
Continues to be an excellent offline mode mobile map
maps  openstreetmap  osm  mapsme  mapswithme 
29 days ago
Evolution of notebook computing
jupyter  notebook  ipython  python  programming 
4 weeks ago
African-Americans who fought for the British in the War of 1812 and were relocated to Trinidad
trinidad  america  history  merikin  africanamerican  1812 
4 weeks ago
Bots vs Al Franken
Sexual harassment allegations amplified with digital propaganda
alfranken  politics  franken  twitter  bots  sexualharassment 
4 weeks ago
Twitter abuse management
Details about bad leadership possibly being part of Twitter's abuse problem
twitter  abuse  spam  delharvey  jackdorsey  jack  trustandsafety 
4 weeks ago
Taxes and charitable donations
An economic argument that charitable donations should not be tax deductible
taxes  charity  politics  economist  economics  philanthropy 
4 weeks ago
Chimerical colors
Fun color illusion; fatigue the eye and it can see impossible colors
color  impossiblecolor  stygianblue 
4 weeks ago
“Black Panther” and the Invention of “Africa”
Thoughts on colonialism from an African-American perspective
movies  blackpanther  wakanda 
4 weeks ago
Africans on Black Panther
Some thoughts from Kenya on the American movie
movies  africanamerican  africa  blackpanther 
4 weeks ago
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