Clinton email explained
A straightforward explanation on the mistake Clinton made and why it's not massively evil
clinton  email  privacy  politics 
10 hours ago
Emoji ZWJ Sequences
A crazy kind of combining Unicode that Microsoft is playing around with
microsoft  emoji  unicode 
11 hours ago
High end cloud gaming
Details on using a monster new GPU for gaming on a cloud server
games  cloud  azure  ec2 
14 hours ago
Mirai botnet stats
Details on the Internet of Things botnet
mirai  botnet  badtech  via:marc  hacking  ddos 
14 hours ago
Politics of Sexual Assault
thoughtful analysis of Trump's rape culture talk
trump  assault  politics  rape 
14 hours ago
Sound Voltex III
Insane rhythm game performance
games  rhythm  speed  via:reddit 
15 hours ago
A specific form of overcoat worn by working men in shops
clothing  fashion  dustcoat  jacket  coat 
16 hours ago
You Girls Having Fun?
Lovely story of a bar's staff handling a creeper
lgbtq  gay  privacy  dining 
17 hours ago
Mapzen Terrain data
DEM tiles and relief shaded raster images
maps  terrain  mapzen 
17 hours ago
New Google ad tracking
Finally erased the line dividing Doubleclick cookies from Google ads
google  doubleclick  privacy  adwords 
Slack stats
Signalling strength with revenue, user counts, etc
slack  business  startup 
2 days ago
Synthetic porn
NSFWish: Run a porn image classifier in reverse, a la Deep Dream
nsfw  porn  deepdream  via:hackernews  machinelearning 
2 days ago
Podesta and Powell phishing
Details of the attacks by Russian operatives against US politicians
badtech  russia  politics  fancybear  apt28 
2 days ago
Indicator of compromise
Computer security tool; fingerprints of malware used to identify specific Advanced Persistent Threats
apt  ioc  security  badtech  malware 
2 days ago
NSA leak
Hacking tools taken by Martin and given to Shadow Brokers. Maybe.
nsa  badtech  via:hackernews  hacking 
2 days ago
Ann Arbor Ambassador 60
Lovely project to resurrect an old terminal
tty  terminal  aaa-60  termcap  emacs  jwz  hacking  computers 
2 days ago
Lessig's graciousness
Response to a WikiLeaks email is remarkably thoughtful
lessig  privacy  wikileaks 
3 days ago
su filindeu
A thin hand-made Sardinian pasta
food  slowfood  pasta  italy  sardinia  cooking 
3 days ago
Empty call to monitor polls
Details of Trump's efforts to delegitimize the vote
trump  politics  voterfraud  vote  civilrights 
3 days ago
About Chuck Tingle
Nice profile of the bizarro erotica writer
gay  lgbt  erotica  chucktingle 
4 days ago
No Man's Sky procedural analysis
Reverse engineering how the creatures are made
games  nomanssky  procedural 
4 days ago
Border orientations
Interesting treatment of political boundaries by continent
via:Reddit  maps  geography 
4 days ago
IoT botnets
Details on the inevitable malware
botnet  iot  badtech  via:metafilter 
4 days ago
A PrEP failure
HIV prevention mechanism working for 100,000 people; two failures. Some very detailed medical specifics.
hiv  aids  gay  lgbt  prep  medicine  health 
4 days ago
Election rigging debunked
Trump's dangerous rhetoric is nonsense
politics  election  trump  democracy 
5 days ago
Election confidence undermined
Trump's baseless accusation that the election will be stolen is having a dangerous effect
politics  election  polls  trump 
5 days ago
Rollerskating steadicam
Nice depiction of how movie magic is made
movies  steadicam  via:reddit 
5 days ago
Trump in 2012
Openly calling for "revolution" after Obama won
politics  trump  treason 
6 days ago
Russian election influence
Nightmare scenarios of rigged elections
russia  trump  politics  election  democracy 
7 days ago
Trump Mahna Mahna
It's funny, a classic Sesame Street track overdubbed on debate
trump  politics  funny  muppets  sesamestreet 
7 days ago
Concept film for an augmented reality future
ar  vr  ads  badtech 
7 days ago
River map print
Company selling high quality prints of a map inspired by my rivers map
maps  rivers  prints  art 
8 days ago
Voter suppression
States ignoring federal court orders to allow people to vote
voting  civilrights  politics 
8 days ago
California proposition funding
See who is spending what to influence state election
california  spending  corruption  politics 
8 days ago
Command line tool to render web pages to images and PDF
web  screenshot 
8 days ago
USA Topo Maps
Tiled USGS topo maps
maps  topo  usgs  esri 
8 days ago
Dictator alert
Twitter bot watches airplanes coming in and out of Geneva. /cc @lemonodor
twitter  politics  aviation  dictator  switzerland  geneva 
9 days ago
Natasha Stoynoff on Trump
Very detailed story of sexual assault
trump  rape  politics  sexualassault 
9 days ago
Yahoo Mail trap
Yahoo turns off ability to forward mail just as users are trying to flee
yahoo  business  badtech  email 
11 days ago
Stan Smiths
Everyone in Paris was wearing these shoes
paris  shoes  fashion 
11 days ago
Trump and his daughter
All the creepy sexualized comments a father made about his daughter
trump  politics  daughter  creepy  sexist 
18 days ago
Tile generation
Quantum mechanics inspired generative art
via:metafilter  programming  tiles  generative 
20 days ago
Aurelion Sol bug
Nice postmortem on a game synchronization but
games  bugs  lol  riotgames 
20 days ago
Death and MetaFilter
Dealing with the loss of a member of an Internet community
internet  metafilter  community  death 
21 days ago
Russian troll farms
Insider account; the goal is to create FUD
propaganda  russia  trump  politics 
24 days ago
Disco spiders
Mirrored spiders are freaky looking
spiders  insects  nature 
29 days ago
Palmer Luckey
Oculus rift founder is funding hateful anti-Clinton shitposts
clinton  politics  facebook  oculus 
4 weeks ago
Nazis in Manhattan
Rallies in Madison Square Garden in the 1930s
politics  newyork  nazis  america 
4 weeks ago
Yahoo user database breach?
rumor. "The data allegedly included user names, easily decrypted passwords and personal information"
yahoo  hack  badtech  passwords 
4 weeks ago
Beale U-2 crash
Sadness, a fatality on a training mission
beale  u2  aviation 
4 weeks ago
MIT license detail
A lawyer breaks down every sentence in the open source license
legal  license  opensource 
4 weeks ago
Pertussis in Nevada County
Another growing outbreak for a vaccinatable disease
whoopingcough  pertussis  health  nevadacounty  california 
4 weeks ago
Let's Encrypt costs
New free security service costs $3M/year to run
security  ssl  tls  web  infrastructure 
4 weeks ago
Eyebrows on fleek
Video that originated the phrase, PEACHES MONROEE
language  fleek  funny  culture 
4 weeks ago
Dark Sky for Web
The awesome weather app is now a website too
weather  darksky  local 
4 weeks ago
Zip codes vs parcels
Flint water data almost overlooked because of geocoding by zip code
geocoding  spatialanalysis  zipcode  flint 
4 weeks ago
Offline Movie Reviews
A project demonstration data scraping and mobile access without Internet
movies  data  internet  scraping  wikidata 
4 weeks ago
Trump Foundation fraud
More evidence of malfeasance; using foundation money to pay off personal legal problems
trump  fraud  politics  charity 
4 weeks ago
North Korean domain names
Complete list; DNS servers for .kp accidentally enabled AXFR
axfr  dns  via:reddit  korea  northkorea 
4 weeks ago
Little Planet Factory
3d printed colored models of planets
science  astronomy  printing 
4 weeks ago
Mean absolute deviation
Statistical alternative to standard deviation
math  statistics 
4 weeks ago
One gun nut
Remarkably direct portrait of a broken man and his obsession with being armed
guns  gunculture  walmart 
4 weeks ago
The cypherpunk revolution
Long, detailed history of cultural trends in crypto
crypto  cypherpunks  via:hackernews  privacy 
4 weeks ago
WashPo vs Snowden
Greenwald calls out the paper for calling to prosecute its own source
snowden  liberty  washingtonpost  journalism 
4 weeks ago
Stories of software companies behaving badly
software  freedom  gnu  gpl  rms 
4 weeks ago
Bottleneck Bandwidth and RTT
A new Internet congestion control algorithm from Google and the legendary Van Jacboson
internet  google  tcp  linux  networking  congestion 
5 weeks ago
Relief map techniques
Historical view of cartography
maps  terrain  imhof  relief 
5 weeks ago
Internet Trolls and election
More details on 4chan trolling, pepe
memes  internet  pepe  politics  stupid  4chan 
5 weeks ago
Reigns editorial
Notes from a successful new game
games  reigns 
5 weeks ago
My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard
Took me several hours to read, but phenomenal piece of investigative journalism
journalism  prison  louisiana  cca 
5 weeks ago
AirBnB experience
Personal account from a host
airbnb  funny  hotel 
5 weeks ago
Yes, I’d lie to you
Long, detailed look at untruths in politics. Social media's role examined.
politics  oped  truth  facebook 
5 weeks ago
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