AR-15 wounds
High powered rifle shatters bodies in a way normal handguns don't
guns  politics  ar15  guncontrol  medicine 
18 hours ago
MapBox hillshading
Dynamic hillshading in a style editor; remembering Migurski laboriously doing this by hand with code years ago
maps  terrain  migurski  mapbox  stamen 
21 hours ago
Former Jehovah's Witness
Reddit AMA with someone who left the cult
religion  jehovahswitnesses  cult  reddit 
Continues to be an excellent offline mode mobile map
maps  openstreetmap  osm  mapsme  mapswithme 
2 days ago
Evolution of notebook computing
jupyter  notebook  ipython  python  programming 
2 days ago
African-Americans who fought for the British in the War of 1812 and were relocated to Trinidad
trinidad  america  history  merikin  africanamerican  1812 
2 days ago
Bots vs Al Franken
Sexual harassment allegations amplified with digital propaganda
alfranken  politics  franken  twitter  bots  sexualharassment 
3 days ago
Twitter abuse management
Details about bad leadership possibly being part of Twitter's abuse problem
twitter  abuse  spam  delharvey  jackdorsey  jack  trustandsafety 
3 days ago
Taxes and charitable donations
An economic argument that charitable donations should not be tax deductible
taxes  charity  politics  economist  economics  philanthropy 
3 days ago
Chimerical colors
Fun color illusion; fatigue the eye and it can see impossible colors
color  impossiblecolor  stygianblue 
3 days ago
“Black Panther” and the Invention of “Africa”
Thoughts on colonialism from an African-American perspective
movies  blackpanther  wakanda 
4 days ago
Africans on Black Panther
Some thoughts from Kenya on the American movie
movies  africanamerican  africa  blackpanther 
4 days ago
Killmonger was right
A nice exploration of the central ethical quandry of Black Panther
blackpanther  killmonger  movies  black  africanamerican 
4 days ago
Russian troll protest
Both sides of a Houston protest over nothing was organized by Russian trolls
russia  trump  politics  facebook  houston  texas 
5 days ago
Black Panther's importance
Excellent essay on Black pride in America
movies  blackpanther  black  africanamerican  race 
6 days ago
OpenStreetMap critique
Thoughtful list of organizational problems
maps  openstreetmap  osm  serge  emacsen 
6 days ago
Kottke.org at 20
Thoughtful interview with Jason Kottke about old school blogging and Internet media
internet  culture  blogging  kottke 
6 days ago
Space is the Place
Sun Ra's 1974 afrofuturist film
movies  film  sunra  blackpanther 
6 days ago
Trump and Karen McDougal
Detailed account of his affair with yet another woman
trump  politics  sex  scandal  mcdougal 
7 days ago
New Zealand apocalypse prep
Story about the bizarre obsession Thiel and other Silicon Valley people have with New Zealand
newzealand  apocalypse  tech  thiel  via:metafilter 
8 days ago
VA Corruption
Random Trump administrator spending public money for a European vacation for him and his wife
trump  corruption  politics  veterans  va 
8 days ago
Challenges of building a login system for Internet software
internet  login  django  username  name  security 
8 days ago
CoinHive - Demo
A web page showing a Javascript cryptocurrency miner (Monero)
bitcoin  cryptocurrency  coinhive  monero 
8 days ago
Blocklists in practice
Study of how lists of accounts to block work for protecting against harassment and implications on free speech
blocklists  twitter  censorship  socialmedia 
9 days ago
KotakuInAction study
Acacdemic work looking at the GamerGate community on Reddit
gamergate  reddit  kotakuinaction  community  freespeech  hategroups  feminism 
9 days ago
Evolving a Decompiler
A sort of insane project in generating algorithms
geneticalgorithms  evolution  computing  decompiling  machinelearning  ai 
9 days ago
China on AI
Chinese government investing heavily in AI research
ai  china  unitedstates  america  trump  politics  computerscience 
9 days ago
The Bittersweet Beauty of Adam Rippon
Sweet essay on what it means to have an out gay athlete in the Olympics
olympics  gay  lgbt  comingout 
9 days ago
New data journalism website about partisan gerrymandering
gerrymandering  politics  data  journalism  migurski 
9 days ago
Give your Python plots a hand-drawn feel
xkcd  python  matplotlib  visualization  funny 
10 days ago
Alternatives to censorship
EFF's ideas for fighting hate speech on the Internet. Not sure I agree with this position any more, but it's thoughtful
eff  freespeech  censorship  twitter  politics 
10 days ago
Erlang racism in package name
Stupid debate about whether to name a package after a racist slur
software  erland  racism  tirefire 
10 days ago
Out LGBT Olympians
Medal results so far for openly LGBT athletes
lgbt  sports  olympics  gay 
10 days ago
Harassment of women developer
Young woman publishes a crypto app; hideous misogynists try to tear her down
crypto  reddit  programming  sexism  toxicmasculinity 
11 days ago
Gullah Geechee origins of a folk song / spiritual
music  blackhistory  gullah  geechee  kumbaya 
12 days ago
CHP + Nazis
California state police working with Nazi groups to pursue Antifa
antifa  nazis  california  police  facism 
13 days ago
The Alt-Right is Killing People
Details of how Internet hate culture leads to murders
murder  nazis  racism  misogyny  via:metafilter  pepe  altright  trump 
13 days ago
Russian probing voter lists
This story continues to be muddled; how much did Russian espionage target US election systems?
elections  votingrights  russia  trump  politics  badtech 
15 days ago
Photos from Assassin’s Creed Origins
Nice travelogue from an astonishingly beautiful videogame
games  assassinscreed  egypt  screenshots 
15 days ago
Coining "open source"
Etymology of the phrase that changed an entire industry
software  opensource  timoreilly  freesoftware 
15 days ago
FEMA Puerto Rico failures
Republicans aren't very good at hurricane relief
hurricane  fema  puertorico  trump  politics 
15 days ago
Citizen Thiel
Details on Peter Thiel's New Zealand citizenship
peterthiel  newzealand  billionaires  wealth 
15 days ago
New hillshading map
MapBox releases client-side hill shaded relief / terrain maps
maps  terrain  relief  hillshading  mapbox 
16 days ago
"Reply-To" Munging Still Considered Harmful
A very old debate about mailing lists and spam
mail  email  rfc822  rfc2822  replyto  replyall 
17 days ago
Gerrymandering and the courts
The long difficult legal road for having fair elections in the US
gerrymandering  politics  courts  supremecourt  votingrights 
17 days ago
#ReleaseTheMemo propaganda campaign
Details on how information warfare works on Twitter
twitter  politics  trump  propaganda  releasethememo 
19 days ago
"What Time Does The Super Bowl Start?"
A roundup of when websites started spamming the popular query
superbowl  seo  google  funny 
19 days ago
Chrome adblocking
Details on the new feature Feb 15; will default to on
google  ads  blocking  browser 
20 days ago
Deep learning math
All the multivariable calculus required for neural networks. Truthfully you can hack the code without understanding this stuff
math  programming  machinelearning  ai  matrix 
20 days ago
Moon Museum
Art smuggled on Apollo 12 to the moon. Includes a Warhol scribble of a p enis
warhol  art  funny  nasa  moon 
20 days ago
4chan's cryptocurrency
Ponzi scheme riddled with bugs, all the money stolen
4chan  ponzi  bitcoin  blockchain 
21 days ago
Python library that lets you access many resources as if they were a filesystem
python  filesystem  fuse  sshfs  ftp 
21 days ago
The Bayeux Tapestry
A silly but engaging tour of the famous 11th century graphic novel
bayeuxtapestry  history  hastings  1066  bayeux  tapestry 
21 days ago
A new kind of notebook for exploratory computing. Congratulations @mbostock and @tmcw!
d3js  d3  notebook  jupyter  observable  bostock 
22 days ago
M&M Tavern
A website about an old newspaper bar
sanfrancisco  history  bar  newspaper  chronicle  examiner 
22 days ago
Gamble on Bitcoin with Square
Square adds Bitcoin gambling to the Cash app. No Bitcoin *use*, merely buying and selling.
bitcoin  square  gambling  cash  finance 
22 days ago
Accomplished peacock
That "emotional support peacock" seems to be some sort of art project
peacock  art  bushwick  newyork  united 
22 days ago
Twitter loves Nazis
Jew-hating verified Twitter user brags about how Twitter lets him speak
twitter  nazis  jews  politics 
23 days ago
Steve Jobs' 1973 resume
Funny thing from when he was 18
reed  stevejobs  funny  resume 
23 days ago
Minigo machine learning
A new AlphaGoZero clone written in Python using TensorFlow
go  alphagozero  machinelearning  gogame  games  ai 
23 days ago
Ben Matasar to the DNC
Former Twitter engineer joins the tech team at the Democratic Party
democrats  politics  matasar  twitter 
24 days ago
Paris history: la Bièvre
Nice description of the old creek that ran through the left bank
paris  maps  metafilter  france  history  river  bievre 
24 days ago
Twitter bots
NYT overview of all the fake following accounts on Twitter
twitter  spam  bots  via:metafilter 
26 days ago
Google malware ads
YouTube showing ads that contain cryptomining malware
malware  badtech  google  youtube  ads 
26 days ago
Google toxic tire fire
Employees at Google are getting monsters at right wing hate sites to harass other employees
google  tirefire  harassment 
28 days ago
DNC security
Bob Lord hired to be chief security officer for the Democrats
dnc  politics  security  badtech  boblord  democrats 
28 days ago
The Atlas Of Redistricting
538 tackles different ways to draw district boundaries and shows their results
gerrymandering  voting  votingrights  politics  visualization 
28 days ago
Dutch intel on Russian hackers
Dutch intelligence service had hacked Cozy Bear
cozybear  russia  trump  politics  hacking  denmark 
28 days ago
Javascript library providing a bunch of basic data type functions
javascript  programming  utility  clone 
28 days ago
D3 to MP4
How to record video of a D3 animated visualization
d3js  visualization  video  recording  d3 
28 days ago
May be NSFW; odd little Internet meme
sparkledog  internet  google  meme  fetish  art  color 
29 days ago
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