Mad Max / The Odyssey
Nice take on how the new movie subverts a trope as old as Homer's Odyssey
madmax  movies  odyssey  homer 
19 minutes ago
Random Internet culture slang; I love the detailed etymology research that Know Your Meme does
meme  otaku  japanese  4chan  culture  slang 
3 hours ago
Chip Delany on Mad Max
A film review from the sci-fi author
books  movies  madmax  delany 
19 hours ago
Greek debt timeline
What's due when; they may be defaulting in a couple of weeks
greece  finance  imf  europe  economy 
takena animation
A series of disturbing stop motion videos
movies  animation 
2 days ago
Family Research Council monster
Sex predator working with the anti-gay group
lgbt  civilrights  frc 
2 days ago
40 hot dogs
Tube steaks with the fixins
food  hotdog  via:metafilter 
2 days ago
Mad Max and amputees
Excellent personal appreciation of Furiosa's being an amputee in Mad Max
movies  madmax  disabilities  amputees  via:metafilter 
2 days ago
Uber vs ADA
In every matter of principle, Uber takes the morally repugnant side
uber  ethics  ada  disabilities 
3 days ago
Whois Accuracy Program
Newish ICANN rule requires verifying domain ownership
dns  whois  icann 
4 days ago
Table Flip
Funny image of an angry Go player
japan  go  games  tableflip 
4 days ago
Mapbox Mobile
Big release, efficient map rendering on iOS and Android
mapbox  maps  mobile  iphone 
4 days ago
Turntable postmortem
Nice writeup of a failed social music startup
music  startups  turntable  sacca 
4 days ago
New SSL hack
Yet another cryptosystem weakened by government tampering
security  badtech  ssl  dh 
4 days ago
PayPal fined for credit product
Their invasive advertisements for credit cards turn out to also be deceptive
paypal  fraud  regulation  via:hackernews 
5 days ago
Yahoo failed tax dodge
IRS actually challenges an obvious tax scam
taxes  yahoo  alibaba 
5 days ago
AWS leap second plan
Some services are smearing the second over 24 hours, some are going to simply add it all at once
aws  amazon  time  ntp 
5 days ago
SVG Crowbar
Chrome extension to download SVG graphics, as with D3
d3js  svg  chrome  extension 
6 days ago
UK election maps
Excellent roundup of various visualizations
maps  elections  visualization 
6 days ago
Export Cities: Skylines maps to OSM format
maps  games  cities  citiesskylines 
8 days ago
Take Hersh seriously
Excellent defense of Seymour Hersh's recent reporting on the assassination of Bin Laden
hersh  journalism  reporting  binladen 
8 days ago
4chan tripcodes
4chan has a way to post non-anonymously
4chan  anonymity 
8 days ago
Data on game popularity in Korean PC Bangs
games  korea 
9 days ago
Kanye Quest easter egg
Weird hidden part of Kanye Quest... cult recruiting tool?
games  kanye  via:waxy  kanyequest  easteregg 
9 days ago
LoL streamer stats
Twitch viewership of pro and popular amateur League of Legends players. 30,000 viewers for Bjergsen!
games  lol  leagueoflegends  twitch  streaming 
9 days ago
Google 2FA: 40M users?
Attempt to estimate how many people use Google's two factor authentication system
google  security  tfa  2fa 
9 days ago
US marriage map
Location, income, political affiliation all affect marriage rates
data  maps  marriage  visualization  demographics 
10 days ago
Reddit against harassment
More policy changes, towards making the community less awful
reddit  harassment  community  moderation 
10 days ago
Kerbal Space Program review
Excellent take on the amazing spaceflight game now that it's officially released
games  ksp  space  nasa 
11 days ago
New Galileoscopes
Decent $50 telescope has a new production run
telescope  space  astronomy 
11 days ago
Black Widow trailer
Finally, a superhero movie for girls!
funny  parody  marvel  snl  blackwidow  movies 
11 days ago
Prison rape failures
States dragging their feet at federally required reform
humanrights  rape  prison  via:metafilter  gay  lgbt 
11 days ago
Suspension BASE jump
Crazy man attaches parachute to flesh hooks
batshitinsane  parachute  suspension 
11 days ago
Amtrak train data
@enf happens to have been recording train speeds, has info on the recent fatal derailment
amtrak  trains  data  maps 
11 days ago
Pro LoL gossip
CLG Link rants for 8 pages after quitting his team. Interesting, but very scattered.
games  clg  lol  leagueoflegends  link 
11 days ago
Crumbling capsule tower
Experimental architecture from 1972 Tokyo is not aging well
via:metafilter  japan  tokyo  architecture 
11 days ago
Verizon security idiocy
Their webapp trusts your browser's claim of what its IP address is
security  facepalm  badtech  ipaddress  ip  internet 
11 days ago
World Without End
Profile of the ambitious procedural game No Man's Sky
games  procedural  nomanssky 
12 days ago
Spiral Internet now a CA utility
Small Nevada County ISP has a plan to bring fiber to the home in rural California
california  internet  isp  broadband  spiralinternet 
13 days ago
Flickr auto tags
A collision of machine learning and user desire
flickr  privacy  tags  metadata 
13 days ago
Googlebot runs Javascript
Evidence that Google's indexer is quite sophisticated at picking up dynamic content
google  googlebot  search  javascript  seo 
13 days ago
HTTP/2 for geeks
Readable slides quickly explaining the state of HTTP/2
http  via:hackernews  internet  networking  web 
13 days ago
Census Reporter
Nice UI for exploring US census data
maps  data  us  census 
14 days ago
The first microprocessor
Detailed history of the development of an inevitable technology
computers  history  cpu  microprocessor  mos  intel  texasinstruments 
14 days ago
Semantic analysis of text in Python
text  python  semantics 
14 days ago
Battle of Palmdale
Insane 1956 story of Navy pilots failing to shoot down a drone over California
drones  military  palmdale  california  facepalm 
14 days ago
Pro LoL income
Some of the economics of being a professional gamer
lol  games  salary  sports  esports 
14 days ago
Tesla Powerwall analysis
Skeptical take on Tesla's home battery product
tesla  power  electricity  solar 
15 days ago
2011 pro LoL history
The drama at the start of LoL eSports
esports  lol  games  clg  tsm 
15 days ago
A rethought Python unit testing library. No boilerplate, use the stock assert statement, etc
python  testing  unittests 
15 days ago
The Great & Beautiful Lost Kingdoms
Dalrymple on India's global influence 400-1200 AD
india  history  via:metafilter  hinduism  buddhism  culture 
15 days ago
FBI game raids
History of federal law enforcement abuse, civil liberties
games  stevejackson  fbi  eff  civilliberties 
16 days ago
Energy visualization
Nice tool for showing electricity usage; works with Green Button, including PG&E
pge  greenbutton  energy  conservation  visualization 
16 days ago
PostgresSQL upsert
Single statement to insert or update data
database  postgres  sql 
16 days ago
The 4 maps of the world
Mapbox CEO lays out the 4 maps of the world: Google, Nokia, TomTom, and OSM. (I'd add Apple, maybe.)
maps  osm  openstreetmap 
16 days ago
Uber driver tricks
Ways to game the system; the passenger app provides useful info the driver app doesn't
uber  hacking  driving  taxi 
16 days ago
1881 isochrone map
How long it took to travel from Europe
travel  1881  maps  isochrone 
17 days ago
Ad Injection Economy
Details on ad malware infecting browsers
malware  badtech  ads  google 
18 days ago
Reddit values
Statement of a problematic community's core values
reddit  community  moderation 
18 days ago
discoveryd mess
Fine rant about some broken MacOS software
macos  rant  broken  funny 
19 days ago
Turns random audio on the Internet into a podcast feeds
audio  podcasts  rss 
20 days ago
European language map
Nice visualization using a lexical measure
language  linguistics  maps  visualization  via:reddit 
20 days ago
Verizon upsell tactics
Sales rep tries to mislead expert about bandwidth needs
netflix  verizon  sales  scam  via:reddit 
20 days ago
Selerity's Twitter report
How algorithms found and analyzed Twitter's earnings PDF in two seconds
ai  nlp  twitter  finance  algorithms 
20 days ago
Dragon Age art extracts
Art from the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. The very bottom (oldest posts) have some of the most beautiful stuff.
art  games  dragonage 
21 days ago
Corpus of Historical American English
400 million words in American usage, for download
text  analysis  english  language  linguistics 
21 days ago
Link Twitter replies to blog comments
twitter  blogs  web 
22 days ago
Encrypted lat/lon
Chinese maps use a deliberately distorted datum
maps  china  batshitinsane 
22 days ago
Dem Tull Pitcairn
Newspaper from tiny Pitcairn Island; the PDF downloads include samples of the local creole
language  pitcairn  newspaper  via:metafilter 
22 days ago
Butane hash oil
Modern marijuana industry manages to turn weed into something like crack
marijuana  hash  wax  honeyoil 
23 days ago
Smart TV malware
Webapps embedded in TV broadcasts are exploitable
badtech  malware  hdtv  tv  ddos 
23 days ago
Firefox deprecating HTTP
Very aggressive move for user security
firefox  mozilla  http  security  ssl  https 
24 days ago
"Rough Rides"
Police assault prisoners with their police vans
police  brutality  civilrights  crime  baltimore 
24 days ago
Penrose Binning
A fun goof on data visualization
maps  cartography  penrosetiling 
24 days ago
Leaked Lyft financials
Inside view of the ridesharing company
lyft  rideshare  startups 
24 days ago
"middlebrow dismissal"
A term for the unenlightening disdain demonstrated on Hacker News, other nerds places
hackernews  language  criticism 
24 days ago
6 square meter wall map
Printing a giant, detailed map for the wall
maps  googlemaps  cartography  crafting  project 
25 days ago
Census bump chart in D3
Famous historical visualization recreated in Javascript
d3js  javascript  visualization  d3 
25 days ago
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