Economist obituary for a Japanese cat
cats  japan  trains  obituary 
3 hours ago
Slavery and the Declaration of Independence
Jefferson drafted an anti-slavery paragraph which was removed
slavery  history  america  jefferson 
3 hours ago
Gluten myth
Op/ed on evolution, diet, and immunity
health  gluten  via:hackernews  evolution 
3 hours ago
git backends
Alternate git implementations store data in databases instead of files
git  performance  database 
3 hours ago
Bitcoin consensus failure
Accidental fork in the blockchain rules causes chaos
bitcoin  via:hackernews 
4th of July fireworks
A celebration of vernacular design
fireworks  design  funny 
Implementation of a virtual DOM like React has, but standalone
performance  javascript  dom  vdom  virtualdom  react  reactjs 
React’s diff algorithm
Details of how React uses a virtual DOM for performance
vdom  dom  performance  javascript  react  reactjs 
BGP fragility
Some of the problems behind the routing protocol that runs the Internet
bgp  badtech  security 
2 days ago
Reddit IAmA disruption
Victoria Taylor, Reddit's Director of Communications, was let go. She was a big part of IAmA's success.
reddit  communication  chooter  victoria 
3 days ago
Experimental sans
A collection of regrettable typefaces
fonts  funny 
3 days ago
Leap second routing fallout
Details on the leap second related router mess; 2000 networks briefly offline
internet  networks  bgp  leapsecond  routing 
4 days ago
Leap second routing instability
15x increase in published Internet routes around the leap second.
internet  routing  bgp  badtech  bugs 
4 days ago
Mapzen on open data
Clear statement of why they require open source and open data
opensource  maps  mapzen  opendata  openaddresses  openstreetmap  osm 
4 days ago
LoL Twitch revenue
Student estimate at what popular League of Legends streamers make on Twitch
ads  games  lol  esports  via:matasar 
4 days ago
Fiber optic sabotage
10 separate incidents of cables being cut in the Bay Area in the last year
sabotage  cable  fiber  internet 
4 days ago
California immunization levels
Public health report from before the new vaccine law
health  california  politics  vaccination  vaccines  medicine 
4 days ago
Coding on an iPad
2015 details on text editing, git, etc on an iPad
ipad  coding  programming  editing  git 
4 days ago
Casio watches
Photos of various crazy wrist computers
watches  casio  applewatch  design  wearables 
4 days ago
Bing + AOL
Big shift in the search ads business
ads  search  bing  microsoft  aol 
4 days ago
s2n TLS
New SSL implementation from amazing, 6000 lines of code
code  ssl  amazon  aws  security 
5 days ago
Standalone app for turning OSM data into vector tiles
maps  tiles  vectors  osm  openstreetmap 
5 days ago
Alternative NTP implementation particularly suited for not-always-connected systems
ntp  time  linux 
7 days ago
peco shell tool
Interactive grep for manual filtering of stdout
grep  tools  via:onethingwell  software  unix 
10 days ago
Protect My Choices
New interest-based ad blocker, an industry initiative
ads  privacy  chrome 
10 days ago
US spying on France
Details of NSA activities against French governments
france  us  espionage  politics  wikileaks 
11 days ago
A bunch of Unix source trees all in one git repository
git  history  unix  code 
11 days ago
Reddit 10th birthday
Retrospective and best ofs
11 days ago
Wiener on Muni
Humane thoughts from local politician after riding a lot of public transit
muni  transit  wiener  politics  sanfrancisco 
12 days ago
L0pht retrospective
Looking back at 1990s testimonial about computer security threats
security  badtech  hackers  boston  l0pht 
12 days ago
Leaguecraft 101
College-style course on how to play LoL
games  lol  leagueoflegends  training 
13 days ago
LoL win predictor
Student project predicting who is going to win a game
games  lol  machinelearning  bayesian 
13 days ago
LoL + machine learning
Student project on predicting who will win a game. Paper at http://web.stanford.edu/~haoyi/projects.html
games  machinelearning  lol  ai 
14 days ago
What is Code?
Paul Ford's tour de force about programming
code  programming  ftrain 
16 days ago
Economist Reddit IAmA
New editor in chief does an ask-me-anything
reddit  economist  journalism 
16 days ago
Jazz cup designer
Creator of design ephemera found
design  jazz  reddit  cups 
16 days ago
LoL reaction time
Example of a 350ms reaction in esports
games  esports  lol  reactiontime  psychology 
17 days ago
Ruby Rhod
Excellent campy scene from the Fifth Element
movies  fifthelement  gay  rubyrhod 
17 days ago
Private companies lie
Financials from startups can be complete fiction
twitter  mopub  reporting  finance  startups  revenue 
17 days ago
Minnesota waters
Maps that look a little like my vector river map
maps  rivers  minnesota  gis  data  via:iandees 
18 days ago
John Oliver on Torture
Appropriate outrage with Helen Mirrin
torture  funny  news  civilrights  america 
18 days ago
Mapbox Series B: $53M
Excellent mapping company raises a second round
maps  mapbox  startups  financing 
18 days ago
IPv6 update
World's slowest network upgrade
internet  network  ipv6 
19 days ago
SF delivery services
Handy flowchart of the new e-commerce frontier
via:reddit  food  sanfrancisco  delivery 
19 days ago
New Techies of DC
Profile of the tech talent the Obama administration has been hiring to improve government
obama  government  18f  usds  tech  mikeyd 
19 days ago
Old/new statistical atlas
Nathan Yau revisits a famous 1874 set of visualizations with modern data
visualization  demographics  america 
19 days ago
More child rape conspiracy
Yet more Catholic leadership enabled abuse of children
catholic  rape  church 
20 days ago
Journalism at its worst
Blistering criticism of an anti-Snowden article entirely sourced from anonymous intelligence services
snowden  russia  intelligence  journalism 
21 days ago
Reddit drama
Bad people of Reddit being awful
reddit  community  internet 
23 days ago
The Button wrapup
Reflection on Reddit's surprisingly interesting April Fool's thing
reddit  thebutton 
26 days ago
China: Through the Looking Glass
Great exhibit at the Met looking at Orientalist exoticism and China
china  exoticism  orientalism  chinoiserie 
26 days ago
OpenAddresses talk
Ian Dees describes the geo project I've been working on
openaddresses  maps  osm  addresses  geo 
26 days ago
OSM / Business syllabus
Notes from @randyme's talk at #sotmus about business and OpenStreetMap
maps  osm  business  license 
28 days ago
Simple tool for converting geodata to SVG and images
maps  rendering  svg  image  d3  geojson 
28 days ago
Yi action camera
Inexpensive, hackable video camera, Chinese competitor to GoPro
camera  gopro  china 
28 days ago
Togo Triangle
Black market for oil near Nigeria, in the ocean
blackmarket  oil  nigeria  ocean 
28 days ago
Plex SSL for the masses
Company figures out a way to give each user an SSL server with a certificate
ssl  certificates  security  plex  tv 
29 days ago
OpenStreetMap-based maps for bicyclists
maps  bicycle  osm  openstreetmap 
29 days ago
About CockroachDB
Some of Google's very smart systems engineers have a new database
database  storage  google  startup 
29 days ago
Post-terror generation
Excellent editorial from Snowden on surveillance culture
privacy  civilrights  surveillance  snowden 
4 weeks ago
Handy Moe
SF Bay Area handyman; just wall mounted a TV for me
handyman  television  repairs  home 
4 weeks ago
What Twitter Can Be
Some informed meddling from a knowledgable Twitter investor
twitter  product  sacca  investment 
4 weeks ago
Reporting on FIFA
Delicious story of a muckraking journalist
journalism  fifa  football  scandal 
4 weeks ago
SSDs: a gift and a curse
Etsy discovers firmware in SSDs is unreliable
ssd  firmware  storage  via:hackernews 
4 weeks ago
FBI aviation surveillance
More info on the mysterious program with the FBI illegally hoovering up cell phone signals
fbi  surveillance  civilrights  drones  aviation 
4 weeks ago
Kansas tax failure
Grand Republican experiment in supply-side economics is a failure
kansas  taxes  brownback  republicans  economics 
4 weeks ago
Tatjana van Vark
Dutch woman makes sculptures / reproductions of scientific machinery
steampunk  via:metafilter  art  sculpture 
4 weeks ago
SourceForge adds malware
Long-declining open source site now openly adding adware to free software
malware  badtech  sourceforge  opensource  via:metafilter 
5 weeks ago
Cobra Club NSFW
Really, NSFW: A computer game about photographing penises
games  penis  dick  funny 
5 weeks ago
Youtube alternative; very simple video sharing
video  reddit  sports 
5 weeks ago
Blockchain Android app bug
Stupid bad software causes $8100 to be mis-spent
android  bitcoin  badtech  facepalm 
5 weeks ago
AMA Disasters
Failed "ask me anything" Reddit threads.
reddit  iama  ama 
5 weeks ago
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