DDoS visualization
Global statistics; the attack types graph is particularly interesting
internet  badtech  ddos 
10 hours ago
China vs GitHub
3 days in now to a massive DDoS attack, apparently by the Chinese government
china  github  ddos 
11 hours ago
Nice article about the geodata project I'm helping with
maps  addresses  geodata  openaddresses  opendata 
C9 Hai profile
Interview with a pro League of Legends player
hai  c9  cloud9  lol  games  esports 
2 days ago
Git from the inside out
How git works, how it tracks data
git  scm  software  via:hackernews 
3 days ago
Homes without broadband
Sad, insane story of an underserved residential area
network  broadband  isp  competition  via:metafilter 
3 days ago
A visit to Naypyidaw
Myanmar's artificial capital city is empty
burma  myanmar  abandoned  city  Naypyidaw 
3 days ago
RIP FoundationDB
Apple buys promising open source database, yanks it offline
foundationdb  apple  opensource 
4 days ago
Raffi Krikorian to Uber
Old friend and former Twitter VP heading up "advanced technologies" for Uber
uber  cmu  raffi  twitter  engineering 
4 days ago
Google and FTC
Includes details on the Adwords API licensing making competition difficult
adwords  api  google  ads  antitrust  monopoly  ftc 
4 days ago
Chris Sacca profile
Angel investor, financier, former Googler
sacca  startups  financing  twitter  investment  venturecapital 
4 days ago
Oslo vs IOC
Ridiculous Olympic Committee requests
olympics  corruption  oslo 
5 days ago
Bazel build tool
Google's internal make replacement, now open source
build  make  google  bazel  blaze  ant 
5 days ago
DEM tool to make Cities: Skylines game maps from real world data
games  citiesskylines  dem  maps 
5 days ago
Goldman's plan for the White House
Blogger / Twitter product guy heads to the White House, his words on why and what he's doing
goldman  twitter  blogger  whitehouse  government 
5 days ago
WWII B-17 pilot IAmA
Great set of answers from a World War 2 bomber pilot. he's hilarious.
pilot  aviation  ww2  history  b17 
6 days ago
There is No Now
Nice simple paper about problems of time synchronization
via:metafilter  distributed  ntp  time  systems 
6 days ago
Neutral typeface
A font designed to be unnoticed
fonts  text  sansserif  neutral  typography 
7 days ago
Chinese Mobile App UI Trends
Invaluably detailed info for how Chinese mobile apps differ from US
china  internet  product  mobile 
8 days ago
RiotLyte interview
More details on how League of Legends is trying to shape its community
riot  games  lol  behavior  community 
8 days ago
Solar power during eclipse
Neat graphs show the effect of the eclipse on German solar electricity generation
power  solar  eclipse  germany 
8 days ago
Powerline ethernet
New AV2 standard promises decent speeds for routing network over your home power lines
ethernet  network  hardware-cellphones 
8 days ago
Tangram map library
Slippy maps in WebGL with shader support
maps  visualization  graphics  fun  webgl  glsl 
9 days ago
1918 Portland traffic
Lovely old traffic visualization. Attn @enf!
maps  portland  traffic  via:metafilter 
9 days ago
A Medium critique
Counterpoint to the excellent Web publishing company
medium  publishing  blogging 
9 days ago
Rocket: the making of a space raccoon
Notes on the Guardians of the Galaxy character, some excellent animation
movies  guardiansofthegalaxy  mcu  rocket  racoon  animation  graphics 
9 days ago
Google skewed search results
FTC found Google deliberately manipulated ranking to favor its own lower quality properties
google  search  seo 
9 days ago
Pyramiden photos
More from the abandoned Russian town in Svalbard
svalbard  russia  sovietunion  pyramiden  via:metafilter 
10 days ago
The end of Tex-Mex?
Bemoaning the loss of the traditional slightly trashy cuisine
food  cooking  texmex  houston 
10 days ago
Reed sexism controversy
Remarkably good student paper article from my alma mater
reed  feminism 
10 days ago
Add patterns to SVG and D3 graphics
d3js  d3  svg  visualization 
10 days ago
Voyager images
Photographs and diagrams sent on the Golden Record in to deep space
space  voyager  anthropology  goldenrecord 
10 days ago
Web traffic stats for US government sites
government  us  transparency 
10 days ago
Pyramiden, Svalbard
An abandoned Russian coal mining town in the far, far north
russia  sovietunion  svalbard  spitsbergen  via:metafilter 
10 days ago
Schock: reporting matters
Details of how journalism resulted in rooting out a corrupt politician
politics  journalism  reporting  schock  gay 
11 days ago
Groups.io Update
Mark Fletcher's new mailing list service is adding good features
email  mailinglists  googlegroups  yahoogroups  mailman 
12 days ago
The Book of Shaders
Promising interactive primer on GL shader programming
gl  graphics  opengl  glsl  shaders  programming  visualization 
12 days ago
Alternate Brewer schemes
Tools and theories for designing color schemes like the Brewer scales, but different.
hsl  hsv  lab  colorbrewer  design 
12 days ago
YouTube loudness normalization
Third party claims YouTube has been adjusting audio for consistent volume
music  loudness  volume  youtube 
12 days ago
Netanyahu goes racist
Crazy rhetoric in Israeli elections
israel  politics 
12 days ago
Silent Protagonists
Borderlands game developer talks about the problems of having the main character not talk
games  borderlands  narrative 
12 days ago
MIT's ongoing suicide problem
4 students have committed suicide in the last year
mit  via:hackernews  depression  suicide  mentalhealth  health 
12 days ago
GDC talk on LoL community management
Riot's PhD updates us on what they're doing to fight and ban trolls
riot  lol  leagueoflegends  gdc 
13 days ago
Notes on rolling your own GPS-driven accurate clock
gps  ntp  time 
13 days ago
On "My Immortal"
Is the world's worst fanfic satire? Or just fanfic?
via:metafilter  fanfic  funny 
14 days ago
moot interview
Details from the 4chan creator, trying to move on
4chan  moot 
15 days ago
Mail a printed photo a day to someone.
photos  printing  delivery 
15 days ago
PHK on Time
Notes from a guy rewriting ntpd from scratch
ntp  time  programming  opensource  phk  ntimed 
16 days ago
NTP funding
Maintainer of NTP looking for more funding
time  ntp  opensource  via:metafilter 
16 days ago
SF frequent transit
Muni and BART that runs every 12 minutes or faster
sf  transit  muni  maps  via:metafilter 
17 days ago
SSD flash wear
Consumer drives can be written to 1000 times or more before failing
flash  ssd  via:hackernews 
17 days ago
Reddit's moderation problem
Great article about the troublesome but productive community
reddit  community  moderation  internet  culture 
17 days ago
Render geodata pictures in ASCII graphics
ascii  geo  maps  hack 
18 days ago
Colorized radio astronomy
Lovely image visualizing some radio astronomical phenomena
radio  astronomy  imaging 
19 days ago
In Praise of CSV
Excellent essay endorsing the simplest of data formats
csv  data  json  opendata 
19 days ago
Kindle Cover Disasters
Amateur book cover design is terrible. /cc @bookscout
books  funny  amazon  kindle 
19 days ago
RIP FriendFeed
Excellent aggregator basically ended when Facebook bought it, but is now dead for real
facebook  friendfeed  aggregator  rss 
19 days ago
Dal Makhani history
Origins of a popular restaurant dish
food  cooking  india  dal 
20 days ago
1980s Leningrad music
A forgotten era in Soviet dance and experimental video
music  video  via:metafilter  russia  sovietunion 
20 days ago
Map of human migrations
Nice use of an unusual projection
maps  history  via:vruba  migration 
21 days ago
Dal Bukhara
Reconstruction of the famous lentil dish (dal makhani-like) at Bukhara in Delhi
food  indian  dal  bukhara  recipe 
21 days ago
IBM SMS cards
Pre-chip computer designs, modular cards
ibm  computer  architecture  hardware 
21 days ago
Comcast blocks HBO Go
Playstation 4 app does not work for Comcast cable customers. Is it time for an anti-trust action yet?
playstation  netneutrality  comcast  hbo  via:reddit 
22 days ago
The Guy Who Ruined Dogecoin
Cryptocurrency that is more of a joke than the others also victim to a scam
scam  bitcoin  dogecoin 
23 days ago
2010 Redistricting
Algorithmic results for drawing voting districts.
voting  politics  maps 
23 days ago
$1.3B wasted on bad AIDS education
Insane US plan to try to promote abstinence in Africa had no effect
africa  aids  hiv  religion  stupid 
24 days ago
"Exclusive club for Kickstarter Backers". They charge $189 or 2% to be listed
24 days ago
mathowie leaving metafilter
The founder and operator of my favorite online community is moving on
metafilter  community  mathowie  haughey  culture  internet 
25 days ago
B4-XVI beforesixteen
Hip-hop vs. Renaissance art
hiphop  art 
25 days ago
Mechanical Turk workers review employers
labor  jobs  amazon  mechanicalturk 
25 days ago
Browser programming environment for visual and audio art
processing  music  art  livecoding  javascript  via:metafilter 
25 days ago
Coded life of William Prestwood
Diaries of an 19th century American farmer and his many trysts
sex  diary  via:metafilter 
25 days ago
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