ICE legal tactics
Various dodges ICE uses to avoid people's civil rights
civilrights  ice  politics  immigration  police 
12 hours ago
ICE thuggery
Farmer reports outrageous behavior from immigration
ICE  immigration  civilrights  politics 
12 hours ago
Dymaxion sunset
jwz simulates sunrise and sunset on an unusual map projection
maps  fuller  dymaxion  projection  sunset 
Computing Pi in Javascript
Observable notebook; Javascript sure has come a long way
javascript  programming  code  math  pi  webworkers  generators 
Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico
Various shady business bros formed a blockchain thing in Puerto Rico
tirefire  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  fraud  puertorico 
Underscores in Python
Various ways the _ character is used in Python; some idiomatic, some built in
python  programming  syntax  underscore 
Californian taxes in 2018
Impact of the GOP/Trump tax plan; richer Californias get a significant tax hike
california  taxes  politics  trump  gop  via:reddit 
"Yelp for Noise"; crowdsourced measurements of noise at restaurants
noise  sound  iphone  ios  app  restaurant  dining 
Papua New Guinea lodges
Luxury travel in an unlikely place
travel  png  papua  tourism 
2 days ago
Mexican Repatriation
American ethnic cleansing from the 1930s
mexico  america  politics  immigration 
2 days ago
PyPI postmortem
Failed rollout for the Python package hosting, nice writeup
pypi  python  hosting  postmortem  cdn 
2 days ago
Internet lightbulbs
How many cloud servers does it take to change a light bulb?
lightbulb  internet  internetofshit  iot  philips  funny  automation 
2 days ago
Beyoncé detail
An appreciation of how complex and deep her work is
beyonce  depth  detail 
3 days ago
Danakil Depression
Extreme desert environment with many colors in Ethiopia
ethiopia  photography  photos  art 
3 days ago
OLPC retrospective
Utopian project to give laptops to kids in poor nations did not end well
medialab  negroponte  olpc  education  laptop 
3 days ago
Weibo bans the gays
Large social media in China tries a blanket ban on "homosexuality"
gay  lgbt  homosexual  weibo  politics  china 
4 days ago
City DNA
Abstract paintings inspired by city grids
maps  cities  via:kottke  via:migurski  painting  art 
5 days ago
Michael Cohen mobster
Remarkable photos from the Daily Mail
dailymail  photo  trump  politics  cohen 
5 days ago
Tesla malfeasance
NTSB won't work with them after they aggressively published one-sided information about the driver/passenger their autopilot killed
ntsb  tesla  selfdrivingcars  regulation  autopilot 
7 days ago
Autechre: elseq et al
Interview with the electronic music duo; they have a new album / live thing coming out soon
music  autechre  elseq  maxmsp  programming 
7 days ago
Mapping Out Protocols
Randy Meech on achieving permanence in a tech company by focusing on protocols
protocols  maps  mapzen  randymeech 
7 days ago
Reddit and hate speech
Conflicting, poorly considered policies
reddit  hatespeech  nazis  politics  freespeech 
7 days ago
Stanford research on efficient video streaming
salsify  dash  video  streaming  webrtc 
7 days ago
New PyPI
Python package library migrating to a new system, Warehouse
python  pypi  pip  software  security 
7 days ago
ICE sexual abuse
Rape and sexual assault used as a tool of control
ice  dhs  america  politics  immigration  rape  sexualabuse 
8 days ago
Mythology about security…
Jim Gettys on the legacy of crypto export control laws and how the Internet today is still less secure
security  crypto  politics  law  kerberos 
8 days ago
Tech debt in LoL
Riot Games talks about League of Legends' code and technical debt
deb  engineering  software  riotgames  games  riot  lol 
8 days ago
Observable computation
Details on their topological sort to run computation in dependency order
observable  toposort  topological  computing  notebook 
9 days ago
Homophobia 2018
Excellent performance of the fear and second-guessing we do
gay  lgbt  homophobia  glasgow  scotland  bbc 
9 days ago
American Chopper explained
In which @mattyglesias gets some value from his liberal arts education
americanchopper  meme  platonic  funny  culture 
9 days ago
Short film of shapes found in aerial imagery
art  maps  shapes 
9 days ago
Cohen raid op/ed
Simple article explaining the new high stakes
trump  politics  mueller  russia  fraud  cohen  sex 
9 days ago
ACP, Southern food
An American spin on arroz con pollo that sounds like mediocrity
food  south  mexican  cooking 
9 days ago
Meteora, Greece
Crazy cliffside monasteries
travel  greece  monastery  meteora 
10 days ago
Open Precinct Data
A call for an organized effort to gather geodata for elections
politics  america  opendata  precincts  gerrymandering 
10 days ago
Boys and toxic masculinity
A reflection on how misogyny harms boys and men
feminism  masculinity  culture  gender 
10 days ago
Henry Gerber
A very early gay rights activist in the US, Society for Human Rights dates to the 1920s
gay  lgbt  politics  history  civilrights  america 
12 days ago
Molly Ringwold on John Hughes
Nuanced, complex discussion of rapey themes in Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, etc
movies  johnhuges  mollyringwald  metoo  gender  harassment 
13 days ago
RIP Twitter clients
Twitter API changes mean third party Twitter clients like Tweetbot will probably stop working
twitter  tweetbot  api 
13 days ago
Queering the Map
Collection of LGBT stories on a map
maps  lgbt  queer  via:metafilter 
13 days ago
NYT on the royal wedding
Fantastic interactive web article from the NYT team
nytimes  art  web  funny  wedding  via:metafilter 
13 days ago
Notebook computing
Nice article about the value of Jupyter and Mathematica notebooks for science
science  publishing  jupyter  notebooks  mathematica  wolfram  via:metafilter 
14 days ago
Steam in 2017
Interesting gaming data from Steam Spy
steam  steamspy  games  china  via:metafilter 
14 days ago
MtGox thefts
Article from last year claiming Alexander Vinnik stole most of MtGox's bitcoin
bitcoin  theft  fraut  mtgox 
15 days ago
MtGox Bitcoin AMA
Mark Karpelès answering questions with candor
bitcoin  mtgox  fraud 
15 days ago
Snap Map
Showing live social media activity on a map
maps  snapchat  socialmedia 
16 days ago
Axis Maps projects
Twitter thread of various projects by an innovative mapping group
maps  axismaps  twitter 
16 days ago
Grindr sharing HIV status
Sensitive data shared with third parties
grindr  privacy  sex  lgbt  aids  hiv 
17 days ago
Spotify's direct listing
Company taking an unusual method to go public
spotify  ipo  wallstreet  finance 
17 days ago
History of the first largely known public DNS server
dns  level3  bbn  networks  internet 
17 days ago
DNS services compared
CloudFlare's new DNS service compared to Google, Quad9, others
dns  cloudflare  google  via:hackernews 
17 days ago
Archaeology vs Genomics
Survey of the changes in the study of humanity's past as DNA evidence becomes available
science  archeology  archaeology  anthropology  dna  history  genomics  via:hackernews 
18 days ago
Cloudflare launches a new public DNS service
dns  cloudflare  internet 
18 days ago
Cambridge Analytica's models
Technical details on what it did with Facebook data
facebook  politics  ca  cambridgeanalytica  svd  netflix 
19 days ago
Teen Bo$$!
Description of the creepy children's magazine
tirefire  teenboss  magazine  culture  business  teenagers 
21 days ago
pre-Columbian Amazon towns
Armchair archaeology using Google Earth
archaeology  amazon  via:hackernews 
21 days ago
Parkland students demands
List of gun control changes requested by victims of one of America's mass school shootings
guns  guncontrol  politics  parkland  students  nra 
21 days ago
Unprisoning your Think Rhino
Whiteboard techniques from TED-future
funny  bullshit  whiteboard 
21 days ago
Trump v Mueller
Worried about a legal investigation? Smear the investigator.
trump  politics  mueller  russia 
22 days ago
Mercer, NM sheriff
Hedge fund billionaire moonlights as a volunteer sheriff so he can carry a concealed gun anywhere in the US
guns  mercer  politics  newmexico  trump 
22 days ago
GDC unsafe in SF
Twitter discussion from conference attendees on how unsafe and shitty San Francisco felt
sanfrancisco  safety  tenderloin  gdc  conference  business 
22 days ago
FEMA and Puerto Rico
Details from Trump administration shows favoring Texas over Puerto Rico
hurricane  fema  politics  trump  shame  puertorico  texas 
23 days ago
Facebook Container
Mozilla publishes an addon to let you keep using Facebook while limiting data leakage
facebook  privacy  mozilla  firefox  addon  browser 
23 days ago
1970s Custom Vans
A celebration of sex and drugs
drugs  sex  funny  70s  van  vanlife  cars 
23 days ago
Maria LoL update
Pro gamer and trans woman talks about her personal situation with botched gender reassignment surgery
surgery  trans  leagueoflegends  lol  games 
24 days ago
SF names history
Map of names of streets, etc and their history
maps  history  sanfrancisco  sf  via:reddit 
25 days ago
2016 election precinct map
Still unmatched, a student made an unprecedentedly detailed map of the 2016 presidential election
maps  politics  elections  precincts  data 
26 days ago
OpenStreetMap in Jerusalem
Academic paper about the lack of Palestinian mappers
26 days ago
Google Apps Script
Scripting language for Calendar, Gmail, etc
26 days ago
#MeToo in China
A summary of anti-sexual-harassment as it has played out in China
27 days ago
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