Convicted Republican pedophiles
A handy list with citations of 45 Republicans convicted of sex crimes with children
politics  pedophiles  republicans  gop 
14 hours ago
A thoughtful talk on how a software platform could ban Nazis
nazis  dotclub  funny 
16 hours ago
Factorio is solved
For the game, a very tidy self contained thing for turning raw materials into science
factorio  games  reddit 
17 hours ago
Germanic strong verb
The historical linguistics explanation for irregular verbs in English and German
language  etymology  english  german 
18 hours ago
Kompromat and Trump
How the Russian culture of blackmail may have ensnared Trump
trump  politics  russia  blackmail  kompromat 
Google translate eschatology
Nonsense input in minority languages result in apocalyptic religious quotes in English /cc @mahelona
translation  neuralnetwork  ai  machinelearning 
Data portability
Major tech companies working on interoperable sharing of user data
data  sharing  antitrust  microsoft  google  twitter  facebook  dataliberation  opendata 
Maria Butina, 2016 tweets
A bunch of old tweets seem to implicate Butina as a Russian spy right out in public, two years ago
russia  politics  trump  mariabutina  espionage 
Hello Games recovery
No Man's Sky had a bad launch but the team has stuck with the game and improved it significantly
games  nomanssky  seanmurray  hellogames 
Blockchain for POIs
Mapzen alumni form a new startup for places of interest, include a blockchain economy
maps  poi  places  mapzen 
Voter purges
Yet another threat to vote integrity
voting  votingrights  politics 
2 days ago
Flip the 14
A progressive PAC focussed on the 14 currently Republican congressional districts
pac  politics  california  election  congress 
2 days ago
Kushner dodging a lawsuit
Secret service helping to make sure DNC can't serve papers to Kushner
kushner  dnc  justice  lawsuit  processserver 
2 days ago
Kirstjen Nielsen is a Nazi sympathizer
Head of Homeland Security can't bring yourself to say the Nazis at Charlottesville were wrong
nazis  neonazis  trump  politics  whitesupremacy  nazi  nazisympathizer 
2 days ago
Trump + Russia summary
Reasonably well sourced roundup of all the evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian intelligence
trump  russia  politics  summary 
2 days ago
Les projets abandonnés de Paris
Lovely collection of architectural things that were not to be. /cc @testastretta
paris  architecture  fantasy  via:metafilter 
2 days ago
Star Citizen still a scam
$190M for an unfinished game; now they're refusing refunds
games  scam  starcitizen  crowdfunding 
3 days ago
Venmo Drugs
Twitter account highlighting specific kinds of transacations on the public payment ledger
venmo  public  via:reddit  funny  drugs 
3 days ago
A scifi movement towards optimistic futurism
scifi  writing  solarpunk 
3 days ago
The Igbo slave trade
A Nigerian reflects on her family's history with slave ownership
slavery  nigeria  igbo  history  culture  via:metafilter 
3 days ago
National Prayer Breakfast
A sort of backdoor lobbying effort by Christian nationalists; they love Russia
russia  politics  trump  christian  theocracy 
3 days ago
History of Google safe browsing
A useful, quiet behind the scenes Google security effort
google  security  badtech  niels  nielsprovos  fritzschneider  fritz 
3 days ago
ICE stopping journalists
Bureaucratic nonsense making it nearly impossible to report what's happening to immigrants
immigration  politics  trump  ice  journalism  freepress 
4 days ago
Riot's cheat protection
Strategies used to stop cheating in League of Legends
games  lol  leagueoflegends  drm  copyprotection  cheating 
4 days ago
Bill Browder v Putin
Champion against Russian corruption and murder has some direct words to say after the Trump+Putin lovefest
trump  putin  russia  politics  magnitskyact 
4 days ago
Vaccinations in CA 2018
Despite the law many kids are still not vaccinated
california  vaccination  health 
4 days ago
Overwatch abuse prevention
Blizzard says abusive chat is down about 25% after they added a positive reinforcement system
blizzard  community  overwatch  abuse  moderation 
4 days ago
Rural Americans dominate politics
Details of how various forms of electoral math benefit rural areas and thus Republicans
america  democracy  voting  gerrymandering  electoralcollege 
4 days ago
Bill Calahan musing on Americana
america  music  video 
4 days ago
Child office jail
Second MVM facility, 20 kids in a 2000 sq ft office, bathing in sinks
mvm  immigration  children  humanrights  politics  trump  phoenix 
4 days ago
Sexual Assault by ICE
Personal accounts of two women sexually abused by ICE guards
ice  immigration  humanrights  rape  politics  trump 
4 days ago
Instapaper independent
Pinterest spinning the small web service back out into a separate company
instapaper  pinterest  startup  spinoff 
4 days ago
Interactive street orientations
Vector maps let you do the popular street orientation histograms in the browser
maps  osm  vectormap  mapbox  mourner  orientation 
4 days ago
Maria Butina photos
Turns out lots of people like to be photographed with a pretty young Russian spy
nra  russia  politics  espionage  spy 
5 days ago
Presentation of political ads on Facebook
facebook  ads  politics  trump  targeting  benfry  fathom 
5 days ago
Moment of Truth for Republicans
Clearly written editorial that the GOP must stand up now against foreign election interference
republican  gop  trump  politics  russia 
5 days ago
PSA Rips process
Details of an H.265 pirate scene video group
pirates  video  h265  h.265  x265  hevc  scene 
5 days ago
Pussy Riot at the World Cup
Details on the protest of people running on the field
pussyriot  russia  politics  protest  worldcup  soccer  football 
5 days ago
Trump, Treasonous Traitor
Occasionally it's nice to read something written clearly
trump  politics  treason  russia  badtech  electionsecurity  elections 
5 days ago
Elon Musk is a jerk
Compilation of various times he's rude on Twitter, etc
twitter  elonmusk 
6 days ago
Tech arrogance
Elon Musk's submarine for Thai rescue as an example of Silicon Valley stupidity
elonmusk  elon  thailand  rescue  submarine  tech  siliconvalley 
6 days ago
Is this OPSEC?
Mocking Wikileaks' stupidity in how they worked with the GRU
gru  wikileaks  meme  assange  funny 
6 days ago
Russia Indictment 2.0
Detailed analysis of Mueller's indictment of 12 Russian intelligence agents
russia  politics  trump  election  fraud  crime  badtech 
6 days ago
make at ProPublica
Ancient software build tool useful for data journalism /cc @mbostock
make  gnumake  data  datajournalism  etl  propublica  processing 
7 days ago
Bad reporting
Guy fakes a paragraph of the Mueller indictment, gullible journalists fall for it without verifying
truth  journalism  politics  mueller  trolling 
7 days ago
Russian hack details
Specifics on the indictment of 12 GRU hackers who aided the Trump campaign
clinton  trump  politics  russia  badtech 
7 days ago
Roundup of discussions about creepy YouTube videos targeting children
youtube  children  internet  jamesbridle 
8 days ago
Please give back mi son
Woman in Guatemala begs DHS secretary to release her 8 year old son back to her
guatemala  prison  immigrants  children  trump 
8 days ago
KotakuInAction drama
Creator of the GamerGate hate group has second thoughts, tries to delete the subreddit. Reddit's owners ended up stepping in and restoring everything.
gamergate  feminism  nazis  politics 
8 days ago
Sleeper Russian propaganda
Actual fake news; legit-seeming local newspaper accounts that are fictitious, run out of Russia
politics  propaganda  news  journalism  twitter  facebook 
8 days ago
Tony Perkins flooded
God visited his judgement on one of His most fervently hateful servants
lgbt  antigay  flood  irony  tonyperkins  familyresearchcouncil  frc 
8 days ago
More street orientation viz
Popular histograms going around this week, but the idea of drawing city streets by orientation goes back several years
maps  orientation  streets  cities  visualization 
8 days ago
Splitting racist hairs
The difference between white supremacy and white nationalism. There is one, but it's mostly a matter of semantic details
racism  hatred  politics  trump  whitesupremacy  whitenationalism 
8 days ago
Hawaiian blood quantum
Standard for renewing a Homelands lease changed from 1/4 native blood to 1/32 in 2017
hawaii  homelands  hawaiianhomelands  hawai'i  nativerights  land  politics 
8 days ago
Trump, white nationalist
Interview with The Sun where he shares his blatantly racist views
immigration  politics  trump  europe  whitesupremacy 
9 days ago
Canadian sketch comedy remembered by Scott Thompson
scottthomspon  kidsinthehall  via:metafilter  comedy  canada  newfoundland 
9 days ago
Broken Promises
A new study of the Hawaiian Homelands, a program that was supposed to give land and housing to native Hawaiians but has mostly failed.
hawaii  hawai'i  homelands  maps  nativerights  history 
9 days ago
Immigrant jails
Details on how US counties are collaborating with ICE to imprison immigrants
immigration  politics  trump  jail 
9 days ago
Single neutrino detection
Remarkable astronomy achievement; single neutrino is detected, implicates a far-away galaxy as the source of a whole lot of cosmic rays
astronomy  science  neutrinos  detector  icecube 
9 days ago
Guido stepping down from Python
Benevolent dictator is worn out. PEP 572 specifically mentioned
python  guido  bdfl  community  leadership  software  programming 
9 days ago
Kavanaugh shady finances
$100,000 in credit card bills paid off with an unbelievable story
kavanaugh  fraud  supremecourt 
9 days ago
DMV appointment scalping
Scummy business YoGov is selling government appointments for $20 a pop
yogov  scam  business  dmv 
10 days ago
Progressive lawyer and Hammond pardon
Larry Matasar, well known progressive lawyer in Portland, helped get the Hammonds their pardon from Trump
trump  politics  hammond  matasar  ranching 
10 days ago
The pain of being reunited
Stories from small immigrant kids reunited with their parents after the government separated them.
children  immigration  trump  politics 
10 days ago
Aloha shirt history
The development of Hawaiian shirts
hawai'i  hawaii  fashion  shirts  aloha  prints 
10 days ago
LoL client hacked
Garena claims the Bitcoin mining script was placed by a hacker. That's worse, guys.
riotgames  lol  garena  security  badtech  games 
10 days ago
Shutting down Bitcanal
ISP accused of being a source of BGP attacks, kicked off the internet
badtech  via:hackernews  bgp  internet  portugal  bitcanal 
11 days ago
A Lesson in Code Switching
Well written essay about the faces we present in public
race  america  via:metafilter  culture 
11 days ago
LoL client mines bitcoin
League of Legends in SE Asia is surreptitiously mining bitcoin
badtech  malware  lol  leagueoflegends  riotgames  garena 
11 days ago
Oldest living PC games
Games from the 80s still being maintained, mostly fantasy RPGs
games  rpgs  history  nethack  mmos 
11 days ago
Jimena Madrid
6 year old we heard asking for her mommy is still 1000 miles away from her mommy
immigration  trump  politics  children 
12 days ago
2 of 102 kids returned
Detailed accounting of the 102 children under 5 snatched from their parents by ICE
immigration  politics  children  trump  dhs  ice 
12 days ago
RIP Tab Hunter
50s film star came out at age 84
gay  lgbt  tabhunter  movies  film  actors 
12 days ago
Kerala modernist Churches
Christian group in India builds amazing churches
church  india  kerala  architecture  via:metafilter 
12 days ago
Google vs Firefox Mobile
Google's web apps give a degraded experience to Firefox Mobile users
gecko  firefox  browser  google  monopoly  antitrust 
12 days ago
Thai boys vs US border kids
Americans have more compassion for kids trapped in a cave halfway around the world than the ones we put in cages at the US border
children  immigration  politics  trump 
13 days ago
OSM bad hike
Limited cartography in default style leads people to get trapped on a mountain
maps  cartography  osm  hiking 
13 days ago
Shodan for S3 buckets
Tool for searching unsecured Amazon cloud storage
amazon  aws  s3  greyhat  badtech  via:metafilter  shodan 
13 days ago
Twitter bot purge
Suspending 1 million accounts a day
twitter  bots  politics  propaganda  via:reddit 
14 days ago
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