systemd myths
A technical defense written in the middle of controversy
systemd  linux  init  unix  redhat 
6 minutes ago
Hi, Billy Mays here!
Exterminate all rational infomercial thought
infomercials  tv  mashup  billymays 
16 minutes ago
Going back to the hateful Republican playbook
tedcruz  politics  lgbt  republicans  gop 
58 minutes ago
CDNs aren't just for caching
Introduction to reasons CDNs improve web serving
cdn  networking  performance  web  http 
1 hour ago
A nifty machine learning art piece
ai  machinelearning  via:metafilter  art  previeux 
20 hours ago
Pentagon on Hospital attack
Some acceptance of mistakes, but no criminal charges
pentagon  army  iraq  war  humanrights 
21 hours ago
Zero Hedge explodes
Anonymous writers for a crank financial site have a fight, go public
zerohedge  journalism  finance 
23 hours ago
Spacecraft software error
Heartbreaking cascading failures in control systems of Hitomi
hitomi  astronomy  space  badtech  software 
23 hours ago
Service that coordinates authentication from multiple identity providers
authentication  oauth  openid  login  identity 
Burundi concerns
Reminders of the leadup to the Rwanda genocide
rwanda  burundi  africa  genocide  humanrights 
100M parcels
Mapping organization trying to get GIS data for every land parcel in the US
maps  openaddresses  parcels  openstreetmap  osm  gis  geodata 
Machine Learning Curriculum
Old friend of mine from Google is working on learning machine learning; curriculum and notes
machinelearning  ml  python  programming 
2 days ago
Elon Musk financing
Eyebrow raising strategy of borrowing against one of his companies to fund the others
spacex  tesla  solarcity  musk  elonmusk  financing 
2 days ago
US tornado probabilities
Nice animation of tornado risk during the year
weather  via:reddit  tornado  maps  visualization 
2 days ago
Apple abusing MacOS
When Microsoft did this self promotion crap there was anti-trust actions
microsoft  apple  antitrust  safari  macos 
3 days ago
Ultra-macro insect photography. /cc @celesteramsay
insects  photography  macro  via:metafilter 
3 days ago
More Vinod Khosla ugliness
Famous venture capital investor acts like a jerk for coastal access
vinod  beach  coast  california  vc 
4 days ago
River map prints
Australian guy makes river maps like my US one, good enough to print and sell
maps  rivers  prints  art 
4 days ago
Elizabeth 2016
Make America Great Britain Again
politics  funny  trump  america 
4 days ago
Lemonade Transcript
Text of the poetry in Beyonce's new release
lemonade  beyonce 
4 days ago
CA handgun permits
Correlation of Republican party membership and gun permits
guns  california  politics  republicans  visualization  via:reddit 
5 days ago
Web scraping as a service
scraping  http  web  programming 
5 days ago
Garlic science
Details of how processing garlic changes the flavor
cooking  garlic  food 
5 days ago
Reddit interview with one of the most prolific movie pirates
yify  torrent  movie  scene  video 
5 days ago
American Slavery
Modern visualization by decade
maps  slavery  visualization 
6 days ago
webaudio synthesis
Javascript programmed sound toys
javascript  webaudio  music  synthesis 
7 days ago
Facebook Tor: 1M users
Facebook explicitly supports Tor and it gets a lot of use
tor  facebook  china  via:hackernews 
7 days ago
Turgot map of Paris
1739 atlas, beautifully drawn and incredibly detailed
maps  paris  cartography 
7 days ago
Pyongyang metro
Photos from stations previously off limits to tourists
northkorea  pyongyang  metro  photos  tourist  via:metafilter  subway 
8 days ago
Trump and gays
Probably a big fan of Roy Cohn
trump  gays  politics  lgbt 
8 days ago
Raph Koster on virtual world history
6 minute video going over the history from MUDs to MMOs
games  mmos  history  koster 
8 days ago
Rumsey maps at Stanford
Big collection of maps housed at a university
rumsey  maps  cartography  davidrumsey  stanford 
8 days ago
Ad tech is broken
Some technical commentary on the shitshow of online advertising
ads  adtech  badtech 
8 days ago
Amilia St. John on women in tech
Estranged daughter of a toxic asshole tears her father's childish argument sto shreds
sexism  feminism  tech  funny 
8 days ago
Ubuntu 16.04
Release day for a great Linux distribution
ubuntu  linux  xenial  xerus 
8 days ago
On the Road to Recap
Phenomenal essay by Bill Gurley on the distorted market for late-stage private companies
finance  unicorns  startup  financing  investment  vc 
8 days ago
US heating fuel
Map of how people heat their homes
via:reddit  maps  visualization  energy  heating 
8 days ago
Amazon delivery racism
Improved service not available in black neighborhoods. Direct racism? Economic decision? Why not both?
amazon  race  racism  delivery 
9 days ago
Filtered reviews of iOS apps; spam, etc removed
apps  ios  appstore 
9 days ago
Magic Leap skepticism
Reasonable counterpoint to Wired's fawning piece
virtualreality  magicleap  journalism 
10 days ago
Poi for Passover
Thoughts on Hawaiian and Jewish culture
passover  poi  hawaii  hawai'i  judaism 
10 days ago
All Prior Art
Algorithmically generated prior art
patents  ip  intellectualproperty  funny  via:reddit 
10 days ago
Georgetown U's slaves
A well documented sale of slaves to fund a university
georgetown  history  america  slavery 
11 days ago
Haiti cholera
More evidence that the disease was tragically brought by UN relief efforts
disease  cholera  haiti  nepal  un  cdc 
14 days ago
Ziim - Esolang
Fun esoteric programming language with arrows and threads
programming  languages 
14 days ago
TensorFlow Examples
Simple Python notebooks showing off using the machine learning library
tensorflow  ml  machinelearning  python  via:reddit 
14 days ago
Generate code projects from templates; sort of a poor man's wizard for open source
programming  template  opensource  python  wizard 
15 days ago
UC Davis pepper spray
Four videos from different angles, synced
brutality  ucdavis  police  occupy 
15 days ago
Gay children's book author
Sweet story of coming out and it not being such a big deal
gay  lgbt  books  authors 
15 days ago
BlackBerry back door
Canadian police have been able to decrypt messages
crypto  badtech  civilrights  blackberry  canada  rcmp 
15 days ago
Another human-friendly JSON
json  data  configuration  format 
15 days ago
Human JSON
Proposal for a JSON that's easier to edit and maintain by hand
json  via:hackernews  data  configuration  format 
15 days ago
Making a TV show
Nice feature on the work that goes into making The Americans
tv  americans  via:metafilter  television  film  production 
15 days ago
The Minecraft Generation
Excellent long feature on the unprecedentedly successful game
games  minecraft 
15 days ago
Eve Online historian
The process of Andrew Groen writing his history book about events in Eve Online
eveonline  eve  games  ccp  groen  journalism  history 
15 days ago
Civil Comments
Portland startup providing a comment moderation product
portland  comments  moderation  community 
16 days ago
UC Davis SEO scandal
University wasted $175k+ trying to hide the truth about their cops assaulting students
ucdavis  california  seo  scandal  katehi 
16 days ago
Needlework Rivers
Lovely little cross-stitch maps
maps  cross-stitch  crafts  rivers 
16 days ago
A deliberately illegible but kinda nifty font
fonts  design  typography  graffiti 
17 days ago
TensorFlow Playground
Nifty interactive demo of training a small neural network
learning  visualization  ml  machinelearning  neuralnetwork 
17 days ago
Riot Games API goals
Details on strategy for having an open API for developers
games  api  business  riot  lol  leagueoflegends  riotgames 
17 days ago
I am on the Kill List
Amazing editorial from a target of drone strikes in Pakistan
drones  terrorism  politics  pakistan  afghanistan  waziristan  assassination 
17 days ago
SF 1906 Quake photos
Excellent collection of photographs of the damage from the quake and fire
sanfrancisco  1906  quake  earthquake  disaster  photos  journalism 
17 days ago
Abusive comments
Major Guardian analysis of hateful comments left on articles. Specifically how women suffer more abuse.
gender  women  comments  guardian  via:reddit  harassment  trolls 
17 days ago
NYT on study abroad
Young people enjoy sex and alcohol and the New York Times IS ON IT. Terrible article.
journalism  nytimes  students  studyabroad 
18 days ago
Castro/Noe cable car
Nice history of a small public transit line in San Francisco /cc @burritojustice @enf
sanfrancisco  transit  cablecar  noe  castro  history 
18 days ago
GoLang book: troff
New programming book typeset in a 30+ year old system
golang  go  programming  typesetting  typography  text  via:hackernews 
18 days ago
Slack Platform Roadmap
Clear business strategy for third party relationships
slack  strategy  business  api 
19 days ago
Internet of Things problems
Implications of software services attached to your appliances
internet  privacy  nest  google  iot  internetofthings  consumer 
19 days ago
ev on Medium goals
Thoughtful criticism of "junk food" media
ev  twitter  medium  evhead  journalism  media 
19 days ago
Chinese restaurant names
New China Garden Panda Wok House. /cc @rchen
china  restaurant  via:metafilter  chinese 
19 days ago
Trinity College clock
Giant mechanical clock in Cambridge is accurate to 1 second in 4 months
via:hackernews  clocks  escapement  cambridge 
20 days ago
Fox News on eSports
Early days still, but real world slowly figuring out the appeal of esports
games  esports  lol 
21 days ago
More Trump threats
Trump power-behind-the-man sounds like he's intimidating delegates
politics  trump  republicans  gop  brownshirts 
21 days ago
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