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The fantasy of social media as a magical tool of social connection contrasts starkly with its reality as a cesspool of vicious personal attacks and paranoid indignation.
socialmedia  politics  health 
5 days ago
The New Common Senselessness
The Gilets Jaunes protests have rocked France over the past month, opening up new spaces in contemporary European politics. Yet, the left's reaction to it has either been to passively follow the protests, or to question some of its reactionary articulations.
politics  diamat  samkriss 
5 days ago
PROGRESSIVE REALISM – The Left-Wing Case For Immigration Restrictionism
To be on the left and to argue for immigration restrictionism is difficult, nigh-on impossible. If you try to do so you will soon be accused of advocating ‘socialism in one country’ (Neo-Stalinism,) or even ‘nativism with a human face’ (crypto-Fascism.
diamat  politics 
8 days ago
Owning a car will soon be a thing of the past
If ours is an age in which no end of institutions and conventions are being disrupted, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most basic features of everyday life seems under serious threat.
12 days ago
Car Free Days
ng fewer cars and probably fewer accidents at least in some parts of the city, but considered that this was not the bottom line.
12 days ago
Car Free Days and Britain’s poisoned air
A collapse in the number of British towns supporting World Car Free Day – the annual event that encourages motorists around the globe to leave their cars at home in favour of bicycles, trains and buses – reflects our country’s inability to tackle serious air pollution.
12 days ago
5 reasons your city should go car-free
People are the life-blood of cities. Cities host over half of the world’s population, a number expected to grow to nearly 70% by 2050. So we need cities that serve people first, instead of being dominated by cars and traffic.
12 days ago
Learning Gutenberg: Series Introduction | CSS-Tricks
This series is more for developers who are curious about this new world and wanna get started working with it. This series isn’t necessarily for site owners who want to know how it’s going to affect their site or who are worried about it for any reason.

It’s clear there is a lot of possibility with Gut
gutenberg  javascript  tutorial  wordpress 
27 days ago
Concise Media Queries with CSS Grid
Media queries are commonly used to control responsive layouts on websites. Organizing layouts this way is intuitive: On a wide desktop display, we want to present information in columns, and as screen width diminishes below a threshold, we stack elements vertically.
css  grid  webdesign 
6 weeks ago
Meditation in the Time of Disruption
When I was 8 or 9, I became preoccupied with death. It wasn’t that I was afraid; I just like to be prepared.
clubmed  meditation 
7 weeks ago
UX past, present, and future
I’m going to start possibly a little earlier than you imagined… in 1880. There was a young man in his twenties by the name of Frederick Taylor who started work as a clerk at a steel manufacturer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Within a couple of years he was promoted to foreman.
ux  history 
7 weeks ago
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