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Pouchography, CT, and MRI Features of Ileal J Pouch-Anal Anastomosis : American Journal of Roentgenology : Vol. 187, No. 6 (AJR)
Small Bowel Obstruction - CT Scan See Figure 5 a and b.
Small-bowel obstruction is the most frequent complication of pouch-anal anastomosis, with the obstruction point classically on the ileostomy closure site and in the small bowel distal to it. Small-bowel obstructions are reported to occur in 33% of patients, with most of these obstructions occurring more than 30 days after ileostomy closure [2]. Most of these obstructions are caused by postoperative adhesions, strictures, and small-bowel volvulus. Surgical intervention is usually necessary, and CT examination can help identify the small-bowel obstruction site (Figs. 5A and 5B)
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