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chamberlain; how to program your wireless 3 button remote control controls to open close your garage door opener
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Date: 2018/10;;;
IC: 2666A-7965;;;
FCC ID: HBW7965;;;
chamberlain;  how  to  program  your  wireless  3  button  remote  control  controls  open  close  garage  door  opener  912NPD  userManual  user  Manual 
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Create rules to filter your emails - Gmail Help ;;;
tags: gmail how to export or import " rules to filter " from one account to another needsEditing ;;;
gmail  how  to  export  or  import  "  rules  filter  from  one  account  another  needsEditing 
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how to add background image in html - YouTube ;;;
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00:55; body style = "background: url(https://image.freepik...) "
02:25; background-size: 100% 100%;
03:30; move background image inforamtion from <body></body> tag to <head></head> tag.
how  to  add  background  image  in  html  -  YouTube  |  video  body 
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Simple usage - JSFiddle
tags: Simple usage - JSFiddle | howto add comment comments from css ( not html ) on to the page display displayed web needsEditing ;;;
Simple  usage  -  JSFiddle  |  howto  add  comments  from  css  (  not  html  )  on  to  the  page  display  displayed  web  needsEditing  comment  code  sampleCode 
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Internal Links | page jumps to sections of a page
tags: link links hyperlink hyperlinks internal external how to go goto a certain part of the same or another page ;;;
link  links  hyperlink  hyperlinks  internal  external  how  to  go  goto  a  certain  part  of  the  same  or  another  page 
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New Inventions That Will Take Your Bike To Another Level - YouTube ;;;
tags: New Inventions That Will Take Your Bike To Another Level - YouTube | video invention needsEditing ;;;
New  Inventions  That  Will  Take  Your  Bike  To  Another  Level  -  YouTube  |  video  invention  needsEditing 
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Cascading Drop-down Navigation Menu with CSS (Part 2) - YouTube ;;;-
tags: HTML CSS cascading dropDown nav navigation menu youTube video by ralph needsEditing howTo create build convert hyperlink to button ;;;
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:15; refresh of what was done in Part 1.
01:05; horizontal layout / list; {float: left};
11:10; submenus disappear;
11:25; positioning of sub2;
12:00; move sub2 from below to right;
13:00; make sure that borders touch to ensure that menu items stay open.
16:10; give a visual indicator about which items have submenus;
HTML  CSS  cascading  dropDown  nav  navigation  menu  youTube  video  by  ralph  needsEditing  howTo  create  build  convert  hyperlink  to  button 
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How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2018) ;;;
How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2018) ;;;
tags: How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2018) | make StepByStep Step by GettingStarted needsEditing wordpress ;;;
How  to  Create  a  Website:  Step-by-Step  Guide  for  Beginners  (2018)  |  make  StepByStep  Step  by  GettingStarted  needsEditing  wordpress 
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How to save more money and grow your net worth — cut down on 3 things - Business Insider
I've saved nearly $270,000 at age 28, and I'm convinced the key to growing your net worth is spending less on 3 things
Last year, I vacationed to Alaska, Florida, Colorado, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Plus ski trips to Aspen, Colorado, and Whistler, Canada.
More than I'd like to admit, I also spent aimlessly on concerts and events, spoiled my pets with way too many toys, and cannot remember a single time I turned down a night at the breweries with friends.
Now's the part of the intro where I'm supposed transition to the bad news to let you know how much debt I've racked up, and how I'm living way beyond my means.
But I have a curveball for you. Despite all those expenses, I only spent about $25,000 for the whole year.
This level of frugality allowed me to grow my net worth by $73,000 last year. (Of which, about $35,000 was investment returns and the remaining $38,000 was from saving over 50% of my income, plus employer 401(k) contributions.)
I focused on just three expenses.
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I've  saved  nearly  $270_000  at  age  28_  and  I'm  convinced  the  key  to  growing  your  net  worth  is  spending  less  on  3  things  needsEditing  investment  retirement  Komal  Neha  Sonu  &  Neeraj  questionable  from iphone
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sushila-gupta | nxsvns ;;; ;;;
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nxsvns  wordPress  link  to  page  with  poems  and  essays  by  SXG  sushila  gupta  sushilaGupta 
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Why do flight attendants dislike flying to and from India? Quora has the answers — Quartz India
The dreaded destination: why foreign flight attendants dislike travelling to and from India
Maria ThomasSeptember 9, 2016
Reuters/Krishnendu Halder
In-flight entertainment.
Indians have a really bad reputation when it comes to air travel.
So much so that when an Emirates flight from the southern state of Kerala made a hard landing in Dubai last month, an ex-flight attendant had no qualms referring to the panicked passengers as “fucking rats” and an “untameable bunch” as videos emerged of them rushing to grab their belongings in the midst of the emergency.
The post was slammed for its racist and insensitive undertones. But for frequent flyers from India, disgruntled or even disgusted flight attendants are nothing new. What’s behind the negative attitude? Quora has the answers.
Not used to the jet-set life
Many Indian passengers who take flights, notably to the Middle East, are first-time travellers from socio-economic classes that have little exposure to the jet-set life.
As Quora user Maazin Buhari puts it,
“A lot of the time, (on flights to the Middle East especially), the passengers on board these flights will be migrant workers who are travelling to earn a livelihood in the city they are flying to. Often they are of a lower socio-economic background, will be carrying all or a significant amount of their possessions with them, and are not used to frequent air travel.”
That explains the rush to grab belongings as soon as the flight lands, despite instructions to stay seated until the seatbelt sign is switched off.
Often, these passengers aren’t used to the in-flight behavioral norms that are mostly western. Quora user Sri Ka notes:
“For example, practically no Indian uses cutlery at home—they eat with their fingers—but the flights are not suitable for such a lifestyle as they are not designed with sufficient hand-wash facilities so one is forced awkwardly to eat with cutlery, that too the plastic ones. It is quite difficult. Similarly, the toilets in the flights are nowhere near like the toilets in Indian homes and many Indians, particularly first-timers, do not even know how to use paper instead of water. When people are forced to do something unnatural for them, they are likely to fumble and make a mess.”
But it’s also about civic sense
The first-timers can and should be forgiven but even among regular travellers, inconsiderate behaviour is common.
Supreeth Shankarghal, who describes himself as a frequent flier and aviation enthusiast, lists some of the worst offenses Indians are known for:
Being adamant about placing their overweight hand baggage in the overhead bin of only their preference.
Stealing cutlery.
Stealing headphones and blankets.
Not switching off the phone during take-offs or landings despite warnings.
Taking selfies and pictures inside the flight when asked not to do so.
Not making way or getting up from the seat for fellow passengers.
Reclining the seat even during take-offs and landings.
Not speaking proper English.
Ogling at air hostesses and other female passengers.
Moving up and down the aircraft many times.
Requesting for unnecessary seat changes.
Getting up and going to the toilet when seatbelt sign is on.
Removing seat-belts and getting up to remove overhead baggage when the aircraft is still taxiing.
Over-abuse of free alcohol served on board.
While it is a bit unfair to refer to poor English skills as inconsiderate behaviour, the consumption of a copious amount of alcohol does seem to be a big problem. For some passengers, the chance to gulp down one whisky after another during international flights proves irresistible and untoward incidents ensue.
Entitled passengers are the worst
But despite all of the above, it’s the rude and entitled regular travelers that pose the biggest problem with their assumption that the cabin crew exists to serve them and them alone.
Flight attendant and Quora user Buzzlair Voufincci noted that some travellers are quick to claim a higher status on every flight.
“They would explicitly say to the flight attendant, ‘I am a doctor’ to get treatment above all the others on board,” he wrote, adding that some even said things like “I know your CEO personally” or even “I pay for the seat, and the compartment above me, it’s my space.”
For Voufincci, it’s India’s “huge income gap” that leads to this “inflated ego.”
Some responses have been mildly edited for grammar.
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The  dreaded  destination:  why  foreign  flight  attendants  dislike  travelling  to  and  from  India  needsEditing  questionable  from iphone
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Chad Ludington’s Statement on Kavanaugh’s Drinking and Senate Testimony
I  do  not  believe  that  the  heavy  drinking  or  even  loutish  behavior  of  an  18-  or  even  21-year-old  should  condemn  a  person  for  the  rest  of  his  life.  I  would  be  a  hypocrite  to  think  so.  However_  I  have  direct  and  repeated  knowledge  about  his  drinking  and  his  disposition  while  drunk.  I  do  believe  that  Brett’s  actions  as  a  53-year-old  federal  judge  matter.  If  he  lied  about  his  past  actions  on  national  television_  and  more  especially  while  speaking  under  oath  in  front  of  the  United  States  Senate_  I  believe  those  lies  should  have  consequences.  It  is  truth  that  is  at  stake_  and  I  believe  that  the  ability  to  speak  the  truth_  even  when  does  not  reflect  well  upon  oneself_  is  a  paramount  quality  we  seek  in  our  nation’s  most  powerful  judges.  Chad  Ludington’s  Statement  on  Kavanaugh’s  and  Senate  Testimony  needsEditing  questionable  Brett  Kavanaugh  from iphone
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amazon sellerCentral How to Create One Time Use Coupon Codes for Amazon Product Promotions - YouTube ;;;
tags: amazon sellerCentral How to Create One Time Use Coupon Codes for Amazon Product Promotions - YouTube video ;;;
amazon  sellerCentral  How  to  Create  One  Time  Use  Coupon  Codes  for  Product  Promotions  -  YouTube  video 
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How to choose between worm-drive and sidewinder circular saws - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to choose between worm-drive and sidewinder circular saws - YouTube video saw needsEditing questionable ;;;
02:40; worm drive saws have a gear train that requires oil.
How  to  choose  between  worm-drive  and  sidewinder  circular  saws  -  YouTube  video  saw  needsEditing  questionable 
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Smashwords – How to go from Average to SMART: SSAT & ISEE Math (UPPER) – a book by neeraj Raguvanshi ;;; ;;; ;;;
tags: Smashwords – How to go from Average SMART : SSAT & ISEE Math (UPPER) a book by neeraj Raguvanshi || needsEditing ;;;
coupon codes
KD85J, 98%OffFrom$49.99
HC52Y, 90%OffFrom$49.99
ED72R, 50%OffFrom$49.99
Smashwords    How  to  go  from  Average  SMART  :  SSAT  &  ISEE  Math  (UPPER)  a  book  by  neeraj  Raguvanshi  ||  needsEditing  link  iBook 
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The Washington Post: A guide to the financial crisis — 10 years later
The Washington Post
Ten questions as we look back at the Great Recession. Read the full story
Shared from Apple News
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A  guide  to  the  financial  crisis    10  years  later  WP  Washington  Post  WashingtonPost  needsEditing  Interesting  Reading  InterestingReading  investment  from iphone
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Smashwords – How to Publish an ebook with Smashwords | Ebooks Publishing, Distribution & Marketing Tools ;;;
- Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3:
tags: Smashwords – How to Publish an ebook with Smashwords | Ebooks Publishing Distribution & Marketing Tools
Smashwords    How  to  Publish  an  ebook  with  |  Ebooks  Publishing  Distribution  &  Marketing  Tools  needsEditing 
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Learn what's new in Gmail - Gmail Help ;;;
Gmail is getting an update
In less than 1 week, Gmail will get an updated look and new features like Snooze.
You can still go back to classic.
Learn more
tags: Learn what is new in - Gmail Help | HowTo go back to older version style of google email ;;;
Learn  what  is  new  in  -  Gmail  Help  |  HowTo  go  back  to  older  version  style  of  google  email 
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401(k) Mistakes to Avoid | 401ks | US News
401(k) Mistakes to Avoid
Those who understand the 401(k) rules can take care to minimize penalties and fees.
Fees and penalties for your 401(k) can often be avoided if you understand how your 401(k) plan works. You can also take advantage of employer contributions and tax breaks once you figure out how to qualify. Here's how to fix several common 401(k) problems.
A low default savings rate. Many employees are automatically enrolled in a 401(k) plan, typically at the default savings rate of 3 percent. But sticking with this low savings rate could be a mistake. "That 3 percent is not enough," says Shannon Nutter-Wiersbitzky, head of participant strategy and development at Vanguard. "If a younger person could start at the 12 percent rate, they are certainly going to benefit tremendously from the benefit of compounding over time." If you can't save that much at the beginning of your career, aim to increase contributions each year. "It's typical that you would start at potentially a lower percentage and then increase that over time," Nutter-Wiersbitzky says. "If you generally get your raise at the end of the year, set your 401(k) to automatically increase. You won't feel it as much in terms of what is being saved for you out of your pay."
[See: How to Max Out Your 401(k) in 2018.]
Missing out on the 401(k) match. Find out if your employer provides a 401(k) match, and make sure you save enough to qualify for the maximum possible match. One common 401(k) match formula is 50 cents per dollar saved up to 6 percent of pay. In this case you would need to save at least 6 percent of your salary in order to claim the full match. "A 401(k) match anywhere from 4 to 6 percent of pay is typical," says Gregg Levinson, a senior retirement consultant for Willis Towers Watson. "It might require 8 percent deferral [of your pay] to get the full 4 percent [match]."
Failing to maximize tax breaks. Workers defer paying income tax on the money they contribute to a traditional 401(k) plan. Participants can delay paying taxes on up to $18,500 in 2018. Those age 50 and older can make catch-up contributions of up to an additional $6,000. A 55-year-old in the 24 percent tax bracket could reduce his income tax bill by $5,880 if he maxes out his 401(k) plan. "There is a big tax advantage if you contribute to the max allowed," says Lavina Nagar, a certified financial planner and president of Maya Advisors in Palo Alto, California. "If you can stretch yourself and save the full $18,500, that is the ideal situation." Income tax won't be due on the money in your traditional 401(k) plan until it is distributed from the account.
Automatically accepting the default investment. Workers who are automatically enrolled in a 401(k) plan are invested in a default fund selected by the plan sponsor. The most common default investment is a target-date fund, which typically contains a mix of stocks, bonds and cash that grows more conservative over time. However, the fees, underlying investments and rate at which the fund grows more conservative won't be an ideal fit for all employees. Take a look at the other investment options in your 401(k) plan before sticking with a target-date fund.
Paying excessive 401(k) fees. While some 401(k) plans negotiate for low costs on behalf of their employees, others are riddled with expensive funds and excessive fees. However, you can move your money to lower cost funds within your 401(k) plan. Your 401(k) plan is required to send each participant an annual 401(k) fee disclosure statement that lists how much each fund in the 401(k) plan costs to own in a single chart. "There are disclosures that have to come with those investments that detail the fees," says John Scott, director of the The Pew Charitable Trust's retirement savings project. "You should be able to get that information from your human resources person or the plan service provider or the mutual fund provider." Check this document each year to see if there are lower cost funds in the 401(k) plan that will meet your investment needs.
[See: 9 Ways to Avoid 401(k) Fees and Penalties.]
Leaving the company before you are vested. You don't get to keep employer contributions to your 401(k) until you are vested in the account. Some 401(k) plans immediately vest company deposits, while others require several years of job tenure before you can keep any of the 401(k) match. There are also graduated vesting schedules that permit employees to keep a portion of the 401(k) match based on their years of service at the company, and some employers require five or six years on the job before employees qualify for the entire 401(k) match. "Vesting can be immediate or vesting can stretch over a period of time," Nagar says. "If you move you might leave something on the table, and that should be part of your negotiation for the new job."
Triggering the 401(k) early withdrawal penalty. Cashing out your 401(k) plan before age 59 1/2 (or in some cases age 55) will trigger a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty in addition to the income tax you will owe on the distribution. A $5,000 withdrawal at age 50 will result in a $500 early withdrawal penalty and another $1,200 in income tax for someone in the 24 percent tax bracket.
Initiating a 401(k) loan. If you need access to your savings before retirement, account owners are often allowed to take a 401(k) loan of as much as 50 percent of the vested account balance up to $50,000. The loan typically must be paid back with interest within five years. However, 401(k) loans charge a variety of fees and you miss out on the investment gains you could have earned in the account. "It should be a last resort because the interest isn't deductible and you're tapping into a retirement asset," says David Clarken, a certified financial planner for FWI Wealth Management in Atlanta, Georgia. If you leave your job, the loan balance must be paid back by the due date of your federal income tax return. Loans that aren't repaid on time are considered distributions, and taxes and penalties may apply.
Forgetting to take 401(k) distributions in retirement. 401(k) withdrawals are required after age 70 1/2. The penalty for missing a required distribution is 50 percent of the amount that should have been withdrawn. But you don't need to wait until age 70 to take retirement account distributions. Some retirees start withdrawals during their 60s, which allows you to space out the tax bill and in some cases pay a lower tax rate.
[See: How to Pay Less Taxes on Retirement Account Withdrawals.]
Ignoring old 401(k) plans. When you change jobs you can generally leave your retirement account balance in the 401(k) plan. You might want to maintain a 401(k) plan with a former employer if the plan has especially good investment options, low costs or contains company stock. However, if you have multiple 401(k) plans at several former employers you can simplify your financial life by consolidating accounts. Some workers open an IRA and roll their 401(k) balance into it each time they change jobs. Moving your money to an IRA maintains the tax benefits, while also giving you a wider range of investment options.
10 Tips for Rolling Over a 401(k) When You Change Jobs
1 of 12
(Getty Images)
Rollover options
Each time you change jobs you need to decide what to do with the money in your 401(k) plan. While you can typically leave the money in a former employer’s 401(k) plan, there’s also an opportunity to transfer your retirement savings to an individual retirement account or a new 401(k) plan. Here’s how to roll over your retirement savings when you leave a job.
Updated on May 16, 2018: This slideshow was originally published on Oct. 23, 2017, and has been updated with new information.
Maintain the tax benefits.
(Getty Images)
Maintain the tax benefits.
You can maintain the tax benefits of your 401(k) plan by rolling the account balance over to an IRA or transferring your savings to a new employer’s 401(k) if the plan allows it. However, there’s no need to make a quick decision. In most cases you can leave the money in a former employer’s 401(k) plan. Take some time to find another tax-deferred account that has the investment options you want at the best possible price.
Transfer your money directly.
(Getty Images)
Transfer your money directly.
If you decide to move your money, you can avoid taxes and penalties by having the account balance directly transferred to a new retirement account via a trustee-to-trustee transfer. If a check is made out to you, 20 percent will be withheld for income tax. If you don’t put the entire distribution, including the withheld 20 percent, in a new retirement account within 60 days you will owe income tax on that money. A 10 percent early withdrawal penalty could also apply if you are under age 55. A trustee-to-trustee transfer allows you to avoid the tax withholding and potential fees.
Find better investment options.
(Getty Images)
Find better investment options.
401(k) plans have a limited menu of funds, typically chosen by an employer, plan sponsor or consultant. While some 401(k) plans provide excellent investment options for participants, other 401(k) plans are riddled with overpriced funds and unnecessary fees. IRAs have a much wider selection of investment options. Take some time to shop around for the investments that make the most sense for your retirement portfolio. A job change can be an opportunity to move your money into better funds with lower fees.
Keep costs low.
(Getty Images)
Keep costs low.
Retirement accounts charge a variety of administrative and maintenance fees and each individual fund charges an expense ratio or fee to maintain the fund and perhaps other costs. However, it is increasingly possible to find retirement accounts and funds that charge very low fees. It’s especially important to choose low-cost funds for your retirement savings because you are investing over a long period of time and might pay those fees for several decades. Paying lower fees means you get to keep more of your investment returns.
Pay attention … [more]
If  it  is  something  urgent_  after  you  send  me  the  details  by  email_  please  contact  text  401(k)  401k  Mistakes  to  Avoid  |  401ks  US  News  needsEditing  Interesting  Reading  InterestingReading 
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Mark Cuban owns just a handful of stocks and 'a whole lot of cash'
Mark Cuban owns just a handful of stocks and 'a whole lot of cash'
"I'm down to maybe four dividend-owning stocks, two shorts, and Amazon and Netflix," the billionaire says.
Matthew J. Belvedere
Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban told CNBC on Monday that he's holding much more cash than he normally does because he's concerned about the stock market and U.S debt levels.
"I'm down to maybe four dividend-owning stocks, two shorts, and Amazon and Netflix. I've got a whole lot of cash on the sidelines," Cuban said on "Fast Money Halftime Report." "[I'm] ready, willing and able if something happens" to invest.
Cuban said Amazon and Netflix are his biggest holdings. But he refused to reveal his short positions, the stocks that he's betting against. "I'll keep that to myself."
"Put aside tariffs, put aside what the president is doing, he's got his reasons," said Cuban, an outspoken critic of Donald Trump as a candidate and as president. "There just no way where you can say, 'I just trust everything that's going on.' And that concerns me."
"We borrowed from the future to kind of pump up the current market," said Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. Running up the national debt is just as bad as the Federal Reserve continuing historically low interest rates much longer than needed after the 2008 financial crisis, he contended.
"If I get a feeling that [economic] growth will continue at 4-plus percent and the debt will then come down, then I'll get back into the market," said Cuban.
The "Shark Tank" investor provided no update in Monday's CNBC interview on whether he might run for the White House in 2020. Asked in June whether he's given more thought to running, Cuban told The New York Times via email then, "Yes. But not willing to discuss at this point."
Disclosure: CNBC owns the exclusive off-network cable rights to "Shark Tank," which features Mark Cuban as a panelist.
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Mark  Cuban  owns  just  a  handful  of  stocks  and  'a  whole  lot  cash  "I'm  down  to  maybe  four  dividend-owning  stocks_  two  shorts_  Amazon  AMZN  Netflix  ntflx  _"  billionaire  says.  NeedsEditing  from iphone
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These 9 Dividend Stocks Are About to Soar — Thanks to Donald Trump
These 9 Dividend Stocks Are About to Soar — Thanks to Donald Trump
August 13, 2018, 12:26 PM EDT
There’s a lot uncertainty in today’s market, but one thing is guaranteed. It’s as sure as the sun rising again tomorrow … The new tax reform law is about to cause an avalanche of money to rush into a very specific kind of investment in the weeks and months ahead — dividends.
As you probably know, the new tax law slashed the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%.
According to Forbes, the corporate tax cut will save U.S. corporations $600 billion in taxes over the next decade. That’s $600 billion not going to Uncle Sam that companies will now put to use elsewhere.
InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips
That’s a lot of money, but it’s not even the biggest piece of the big tax reform cash avalanche that’s coming.
According to the Citizens for Tax Justice, the total amount currently being stashed overseas by Fortune 500 companies in order to avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes tops $2.6 TRILLION!
Just look at some of the names on this chart … Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), General Electric (NYSE:GE), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Gilead (NASDAQ:GILD), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) … we’re talking about big, blue-chip companies hiding billions overseas. But the new tax law holiday lets companies bring back that cash at a 15.5% tax rate.
With $2.6 trillion sitting overseas, that’s potentially a $400 billion windfall for Uncle Sam …
And a more than $2 TRILLION bonanza for investors as companies put all that repatriated cash to work.
So where will it go?
Well, politicians and the media will tell you that bringing this money back will help fuel investment and create jobs.
But the pundits and the politicians will be wrong (yet again).
How You Can Grab Your Share of the $2.6 Trillion Tax Cut Bonanza
See, the tax holiday isn’t a new concept.
Every few years, Washington thinks it would be a great idea to allow this money back in at a lower rate to spur growth and increase wages.
In 2004, after President Bush delivered big tax cuts, he and Congress created a tax holiday.
Companies — many of the same ones sitting on big overseas profits today — were allowed to bring that cash back at an effective tax rate of only 3.7%. It spurred companies to bring $362 billion back to the U.S …
BUT almost none of it went to American jobs, wages, R&D or infrastructure.
Instead, according to studies by the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Wharton School of Business, this money was used to significantly increase payments to shareholders in the form of dividends and buybacks.
The studies proved that the increase in repatriated profits matched the increase in dividends and buybacks almost dollar for dollar.
And despite Washington’s best intentions, that’s exactly what will happen this time around, too.
Sure, some of that $2 trillion of corporate cash will go to workers.
Companies like American Airlines, Comcast, Bank of America and Disney have announced one-time bonuses for some workers. Walmart and Wells Fargo have announced they are raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour.
These announcements are great PR for these companies. And it’s a smart way to get on President Trump and congressional Republicans’ good side by giving them “proof” that their tax cuts are helping every day Americans.
But the reality is that this is small potatoes. The bonuses and wage increases announced only impact about 3.5 million of more than 125 million U.S. workers.
And the amount of money corporations will spend on wage increases and bonuses account for a drop in the bucket of total tax savings.
According to a report by Morgan Stanley, only 13% of companies’ tax savings will go to workers.
Where will the rest go?
A whopping 43% will go to stock buybacks and increasing dividends.
Bloomberg says that closer to 60% is going to buybacks and dividends. That’s still $1.5 TRILLION about to flood into dividends and stock buybacks.
That means this will be the largest investor windfall in history.
Before the ink was even dry on the new tax law in December, companies announced a slew of new stock buybacks …
Boeing announced an $18 BILLION buyback. Home Depot (NYSE:HD) committed to $15 billion. Honeywell (NYSE:HON) authorized another $8 billion for share buybacks. Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) said it will buy an additional $5 billion of its own stock.
MasterCard (NYSE:MA) $4 billion. United Airlines (NYSE:UAL), $3 billion.
Then right out of the gates in January another 61 companies announced $88 billion more in buybacks.
Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) announced a giant $22.6 BILLION share buyback plan.
Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN), $10 billion.
Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) $8.6 billion.
Visa (NYSE:V), $7.5 billion.
Ebay (NASDAQ:EBAY), $6 billion
Lowes (NYSE:LOW), $5 billion …
In February, Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) announced a massive $25 million buyback plan. Applied Materials jumped in to the tune of $6 billion.
In May, American companies announced a record $201 billion in stock buybacks and cash takeovers.
Apple accounted for half of that, announcing that it would buy back $100 million in stock.
Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU) announced a $10 billion buyback and Qualcomm’s (NASDAQ:QCOM) $8.8 billion.
I could go on and on and on.
We are looking at the biggest buyback announcements ever recorded so early in the year.
And this massive spending spree is likely just the start. JP Morgan forecasts an $800 billion buyback boom thanks to tax reform.
Buybacks are pouring $4.8 billion a DAY into certain stocks.
And that number will grow in the weeks ahead. Here’s why these buybacks matter …
When a company buys back its own shares, it reduces the number of shares in the market.
That’s good for shareholders for several reasons.
First, no matter what else happens in the market, buyback programs also mean these stocks have a guaranteed flow of buying pressure as they snap up shares of their own stock.
And companies love to buy their shares when they are cheap. So these stocks can see an influx of buying anytime their stock is down, which acts as a floor under the stock price.
Second, reducing the number of shares available means the earnings per share goes up.
AND the P/E ratio (price-to-earnings) goes down.
Both of those things make the stock more attractive to investors.
So new investors pour more money into the stocks, sending the share price higher.
In addition to pouring their tax savings into stock buybacks, companies plan to return a big chunk of their tax savings and cash stash to shareholders through dividends.
Since the tax bill became law, a slew of companies have announced they were raising their dividends.
Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ) announced a 42% dividend hike.
Boeing (NYSE:BA) announced a 20% dividend hike.
MasterCard raised its dividend 25%.
First Horizon (NYSE:FHN) raised its dividend 33%.
Sabine Royalty Trust (NYSE:SBR) jacked its payment 26%
Meridian Bancorp Inc. (NASDAQ:EBSB) a 25% increase.
Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM) a 20% increase.
And Toll Brothers (NYSE:TOL) and AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV) both hiked 35%.
Dividend increases for the first quarter came in at a whopping $19.9 billion. That’s more than double the same time last year.
Here’s why these dividend increases matter …
Obviously, anyone who owns these stocks will see bigger dividend checks.
And not only will shareholders be rewarded with more income … higher dividends will make select dividend stocks even more attractive, causing more investors to pour in, driving these stock prices even higher.
But there’s another reason we want to buy stocks that are increasing their dividends …
Over the last 30+ years, there is one type of stock that has beaten all others, in good markets and in bad …
Stocks that raise their dividends.
These “dividend growers” have outperformed non-dividend paying stocks by a huge margin.
As you can see from the chart below, a $10,000 investment in non-dividend paying stocks in 1972 would be worth just $30,136 now.
But that same $10,000 in stocks that are increasing their dividend would be worth a whopping $630,024.
That’s an extra $600,000 in your nest egg by investing in dividend growers.
A rising dividend alone isn’t enough to make a stock a good buy.
But I’ve carefully selected nine stocks that are not only increasing their dividend, but also sport INCREDIBLE fundamentals like rising cash flows and solid earnings growth.
Stocks like:
Those are just a few of the stocks I’ve hand-picked for readers of my Growth Investor research service.
You can get their names and my full analysis on each one in my new report, 9 Rising Superstars: A-Rated Stocks with Growing Dividends.
There is a massive, unstoppable flood of money about to pour into the market. You want to own the stocks that will attract the lion’s share of that money.
I’m very confident this is one of the biggest money-making opportunities you’ll see in years. That’s why I’ve produced an entire online presentation on it. You can view this presentation, learn more about this opportunity, and learn how to access my list of “super elite” dividend paying stocks by clicking right here.
Louis Navellier
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Applying to College: A Step by Step Guide to the Application ;;;
tags: Applying to College : A Step by Guide the Application | steps in process || neha komal sonu neeraj ||| questionable ;;;
Applying  to  College  :  A  Step  by  Guide  the  Application  |  steps  in  process  ||  neha  komal  sonu  neeraj  |||  questionable 
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Nonvoters Handed 2016 Election to Trump, Pew Study Finds | Fortune
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Nonvoters  Handed  2016  presidential  Election  to  Trump_  Pew  Study  Finds  |  Fortune  vote  votes  voter  voters  from iphone
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USA TODAY: Car buying red flags: 5 signs that you need to walk away from deal
Haggling over a new car or advertised lease deal can still be an unpleasant shopping experience. Sometimes it pays to walk out before you enter into a bad deal. Read the full story
Shared from Apple News
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Fwd: How to make your iPhone videos look like Hollywood movies
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How to Install a Safety Grab Bar with the World's Strongest Fastener - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to Install a Safety Grab Bar with the World's Strongest Fastener - YouTube | bathRoom ;;;
How  to  Install  a  Safety  Grab  Bar  with  the  World's  Strongest  Fastener  -  YouTube  |  bathRoom  room#5 
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How to Carry Building Materials with Your Car
How  to  Carry  Building  Materials  with  Your  Car  YouTube  video  dan  pattinson  2x4  2by4  on  the  roof  of  or  van  needsEditing  questionable 
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eClinicalWorks v9: How to Change your Password - Lake Cook Orthopedics - powered by Helpdesk Pilot ;;;
tags: eClinicalWorks v9: How to Change your Password - Lake Cook Orthopedics - powered by Helpdesk Pilot | ecw ;;;
eClinicalWorks  v9  :  How  to  Change  your  Password  -  Lake  Cook  Orthopedics  powered  by  Helpdesk  Pilot  |  ecw 
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How to Change Your Gmail Password - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to Change Your Gmail Password - YouTube | video psn security training ;;;
00:15, how to change your password.
How  to  Change  Your  Gmail  Password  -  YouTube  |  video  psn  email  security  training 
july 2018 by neerajsinghvns Motion Sensor Light Bulb Dusk to Dawn 5W Radar Motion Detector Light E26 Base A19 Indoor Outdoor Light Bulbs Soft White 2700K 450 Lumens LED Bulbs By LUXON: Home & Kitchen ;;;
tags: Motion Sensor Light Bulb Dusk to Dawn 5W Radar Motion Detector Light E26 Base A19 Indoor Outdoor Light Bulbs Soft White 2700K 450 Lumens LED Bulbs By LUXON: Home & Kitchen | amazon MrUmeshKumar ;;;  Motion  Sensor  Light  Bulb  Dusk  to  Dawn  5W  Radar  Detector  E26  Base  A19  Indoor  Outdoor  Bulbs  Soft  White  2700K  450  Lumens  LED  By  LUXON:  Home  &  Kitchen  |  amazon  MrUmeshKumar 
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How to Build Garage Shelving - Easy, Cheap and Fast! - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to Build Garage Shelving - Easy, Cheap and Fast! - YouTube ;;;
00:10, first set of three (2x4)s on the wall
00:40, second set of three (2x4)s on the wall.
00:45, protruding Screws.
01:10, Adding vertical (2x4)s .
01:20, Size of screws for vertical (2x4)s .
01:45, removing the vertical (2x4)s .
01:50, Adding Horizontal (2x4)s perpendicular to the (2x4)s on the wall. Use Pocketholes.
How  to  Build  Garage  Shelving  -  Easy  Cheap  and  Fast!  YouTube  |  video  pocketHoles 
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You can't buy this tool, but I will show you how to make it.
Ron Paulk
You  can't  buy  this  tool  but  I  will  show  how  to  make  it.  Ron  Paulk  needsEditing  questionable 
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01:05; jig to make circle circles on a band saw
jig  to  make  circle  circles  on  a  band  saw  YouTube  video  needsEditing  questionable  BUILD  Dust  Separator 
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How to Install a Wireless Light Switch - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to Install a Wireless Light Switch - YouTube | video needsEditing questionable ;;;
How  to  Install  a  Wireless  Light  Switch  -  YouTube  |  video  needsEditing  questionable 
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(26) How to Program the Maestro Motion Sensor Light Switch -- by Home Repair Tutor - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to Program the Maestro Motion Sensor Light Switch -- by Home Repair Tutor - YouTube | video Lutron ;;;
How  to  Program  the  Maestro  Motion  Sensor  Light  Switch  --  by  Home  Repair  Tutor  -  YouTube  |  video  Lutron  600W 
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Make an easy circle cutting jig
tags: howto build Make an easy circle cutting jig needsEditing questionable by jack houweling adjustable to one pitch of thread ;;;
howto  build  Make  an  easy  circle  cutting  jig  needsEditing  questionable  by  jack  houweling  adjustable  to  one  pitch  of  thread 
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YouTube ;;;
tags: Matthias Wandel correct MatthiasWandelCorrect table saw mistakes to avoid howto do things right way needsEditing questionable ;;;
Matthias  Wandel  correct  MatthiasWandelCorrect  table  saw  mistakes  to  avoid  howto  do  things  right  way  needsEditing  questionable 
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Real-World Maths | SkillsYouNeed ;;;
tags: math graph graphs tricks to mislead readers komal neha sonu skillsYouNeed ;;;
Implied volume. One of the easiest tricks is to fool your eyes, and therefore your brain, by using a picture of something that has a volume. This can make you believe that the difference between two values is much bigger than it actually is, because your brain interprets the picture as having volume. If you look at our page on Volume, you will realise that it is a cubic measurement, and is therefore much bigger than simple surface area.

Read more at:
math  graph  graphs  tricks  to  mislead  readers  komal  neha  sonu  skillsYouNeed 
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(26) Text to Speech - Have your Computer Read to You - How to Use this Tool - YouTube ;;;
tags: (26) Text to Speech - Have your Computer Read to You - How to Use this Tool - YouTube ;;;
Text  to  Speech  -  Have  your  Computer  Read  You  How  Use  this  Tool  YouTube 
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