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tags: how to share this page with a friend link screencastomatic HowTo 20190516 training HTGFATS ;;;
how  to  share  this  page  with  a  friend  link  screencastomatic  HowTo  20190516  training  HTGFATS 
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SAT Math - How to find compound interest - Free Practice Question - 82157 ;;;
Jack has $15,000 to invest. If he invests two-thirds of it into a high-yield savings account with an annual interest rate of 8%, compounded quarterly, and the other third in a regular savings account at 6% simple interest, how much does Jack earn after one year? ;;;
savings account at 6% simple interest,
annual interest rate of 8%, compounded quarterly,
tags: SAT competitor varsityTutor simple compound interest HowTo write ;;;
SAT  competitor  HTGFATS  varsityTutor  simple  compound  interest  HowTo  write 
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How to pause record on screencast o matic with out hitting the record button EASY!!!!!! - YouTube ;;;
tags: howTo pause record on screencastomatic with out hitting the record button EASY!!!!!! - YouTube video needsEditing ;;;
00:00 to 05:15; setting up the computer to show audience how to pause using Alt+P.
05:15; start watching.
howTo  pause  record  on  screencastomatic  with  out  hitting  the  button  EASY!!!!!!  -  YouTube  video  needsEditing  Ronit 
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Draw & Zoom ;;;
tags: screencastomatic howTo Draw and Zoom needsEditing ;;;
00:20; Alt+D; to draw while recording.
01:15; double click to Zoom.
screencastomatic  howTo  Draw  and  Zoom  needsEditing 
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embed pdf in html - Google Search ;;; ;;;
03:00; location of html file
03:15; how to view something locally (via localhost) without uploading to justHost.
03:17; path written in address bar to display html file in browser.
tags: embed pdf in html - Google Search | howto ;;;
embed  pdf  in  html  -  Google  Search  |  howto  localhost 
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Partners - Payment Solutions - eClinicalWorks ;;;
tags: Partners - Payment Solutions eClinicalWorks ecw processing howTo accept payments from patients in ;;;
Partners  -  Payment  Solutions  eClinicalWorks  ecw  processing  howTo  accept  payments  from  patients  in 
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How to combine videos on your iPhone - YouTube ;;;
How to combine videos on your iPhone - YouTube | video HowTo needsEditing ;;;
How  to  combine  videos  on  your  iPhone  -  YouTube  |  video  HowTo  needsEditing 
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How To Set Up A Business Email Through Gmail For Free - YouTube ;;;
tags: How To Set Up A Business Email Through Gmail For Free - YouTube howTo questionable ;;;
How  To  Set  Up  A  Business  Email  Through  Gmail  For  Free  -  YouTube  howTo  questionable 
march 2019 by neerajsinghvns
How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free ;;;
tags: howTo How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free ;;;
try to use this video to setup email for
howTo  How  to  Create  Business  Email  &  Use  it  with  Gmail  for  Free  averageToSmart 
march 2019 by neerajsinghvns
How to create Data Entry Form in Excel - Ms Office? - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to create Data Entry Form in Excel - Ms Office? - YouTube video Microsoft HowTo ;;;
How  to  create  Data  Entry  Form  in  Excel  -  Ms  Office  ?  YouTube  video  Microsoft  HowTo 
february 2019 by neerajsinghvns
How To Create A Facebook AD 2019 - From Start To Finish ;;;
tags: How To Create A Facebook AD 2019 - From Start Finish Ruan M. Marinho
00:30; Ad account;
00:45; in order for you to have an ad account, you have to have a page.
mm:ss; justin's coffee shop
02:05; a lot of times a facebook business page will allow you to do a bunch of things that your personal facebook page will not allow you..
02:15; how to optimize every thing on your business's facebook page.
02:30; See All Page Tips
03:15; tool; canva;
04:15; create Ad.
mm:ss; Campaign

05:20; Traffic; used most by Ruan Marinho; Maurino; FaceBook > Product WebSite
06:30; lead generation
07:00; Campaign Name;
------ Ad Set; Audience; demographic
------ Ad
07:40; Ad Set; what kind of people to target.
11:35; summary of demographic selected;
12:45; What kind of devices.
--------Only when connected to wifi.

13:30; daily budget.
14:10; Advertisement; Ad Pages;
14:20; Advertisement; Fullscreen Experience;
14:30; Advertisement; Media; how to upload advertisement video.
14:50; Advertisement; Text;
14:55; Advertisement; Media; Video Thumbnail.
15:10; Advertisement; Media; Video Caption
15:30; Advertisement; Text; Persuasive Text; Offer something FREE. Free Trial, etc..
16:35; Sponsored Advertisement.
16:40; profile picture.
16:50; customer's options with respect to the ad. "Like Page", "Like", "Comment", "Share".
17:15; Ad has to OFFER something or have something FREE. Not just information about the biz.
17:30; Add the URL / home page for the business.
18:15; HEADLINE will be displayed below the picture. Offer something. i.e. FREE.
18:30; NewsFeed Link description.
19:20; Recap.
19:25; Ad Set; Audience.
19:55; Place Order.
How  To  Create  A  Facebook  AD  2019  -  From  Start  Finish  Maurino  Ruan  M.  Marinho  HowTo  advertisement 
february 2019 by neerajsinghvns
Sentry - Stripe Center ;;;
tags: sentryLogin Stripe HowTo ;;;

Remember: if you want to create or manage "One Time Payment Stripe plans", that's done here at Sentry in the My Setup area. On that page, begin by clicking the Add New Plan button.

To create or change "Stripe Recurring Subscription Plans", that's done from inside your Stripe account. Just follow these instructions.

Tip: If you've already previously created Products and Plans in Stripe, just skip to Step 5 below and click Load My Plans.
sentryLogin  Stripe  HowTo 
february 2019 by neerajsinghvns
20190214-1143-How-to-edit-share-property-of-a-youtube-video - YouTube ;;;
tags: 20190214-1143 How to HowTo edit the share property of a youTube video ;;;
This video should be available only when you are logged into your psn email.
If available otherwise, please inform Mike Neeraj Singh at XXX-YYY-4411.
20190214-1143  How  to  HowTo  edit  the  share  property  of  a  youTube  video  psn  training 
february 2019 by neerajsinghvns
tags: CHEAP AND SIMPLE YOUTUBE STUDIO SETUP - YouTube video || howTo record video for ;;;
CHEAP  AND  SIMPLE  YOUTUBE  STUDIO  SETUP  -  video  ||  howTo  record  for 
february 2019 by neerajsinghvns
Dust Collector Upgrade | Separator & Exhaust. - YouTube ;;;
tags; Dust Collector collection Upgrade | Separator & Exhaust. - YouTube video hose layout and connections how where to mount component components ;;;
02:10; circle cutting jig
Dust  Collector  Upgrade  |  Separator  &  Exhaust.  -  YouTube  video  hose  layout  and  connections  how  where  to  mount  component  components  collection  exhaust  air  outside  howTo  build  good  design  gunFlint  Designs  affects  conditiner  conditioning  capability 
january 2019 by neerajsinghvns
ezgo semipermanent tow bar - Google Search
Please click on "Reply All" when replying to this email.
Thank you,
ezgo  semipermanent  tow  bar  -  Google  Search  |  HowTo  a  golf  cart  ez-go  using  towBar  from iphone
january 2019 by neerajsinghvns
How a Plumbing Trap Can Lose Water - YouTube ;;;
tags: How a Plumbing Trap Can Lose Water - YouTube video thisOldHouse a washing machine can cause surrounding p trap traps p-trap p-traps to lose water needsEditing;;;
How  a  Plumbing  Trap  Can  Lose  Water  -  YouTube  video  thisOldHouse  washing  machine  cause  surrounding  p  traps  p-trap  p-traps  to  needsEditing  why  vent  is  needed  in  pipe  pipes  line  lines  howTo 
january 2019 by neerajsinghvns
How to Build a Pondless Waterfall - YouTube
03:10; foam over stone to control the flow of water.
How  to  Build  a  Pondless  Waterfall  -  YouTube  video  thisOldHouse  howTo 
january 2019 by neerajsinghvns
How to Install a Basement Laundry - YouTube ;;;
tags : How to Install a Basement Laundry box - YouTube video thisOldHouse washer washing machine spigot needsEditing ;;;
01:05; dryer vent;
03:20; sump pump below laundry sink
03:55; replace galvanized pipe with pvc “y” fitting
04:20; soldering;
05:30; washing machine valve for both hot & cold water lines;
How  to  Install  a  Basement  Laundry  box  -  YouTube  video  thisOldHouse  washer  washing  machine  spigot  needsEditing  howTo 
january 2019 by neerajsinghvns
👀 Facebook Ads in 2019 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One Video! - YouTube ;;;
tags: Facebook Ads in 2019 | From Beginner to EXPERT One Video! - YouTube video advertisement HowTo ;;;
Facebook  Ads  in  2019  |  From  Beginner  to  EXPERT  One  Video!  -  YouTube  video  advertisement  HowTo 
january 2019 by neerajsinghvns
W3Schools How TO - Code snippets for HTML, CSS and JavaScript ;;;
tags: W3Schools How TO - Code snippets for HTML CSS and JavaScript HowTo needsEditing ;;;
W3Schools  How  TO  -  Code  snippets  for  HTML  CSS  and  JavaScript  HowTo  needsEditing 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
ScanSnap iX1500 Tips: How to add Adobe Acrobat as a Scan Destination - YouTube ;;;
tags: ScanSnap iX1500 Tips : How to add Adobe Acrobat as a Scan Destination - YouTube video ;;;
ScanSnap  iX1500  Tips  :  How  to  add  Adobe  Acrobat  as  a  Scan  Destination  -  YouTube  video  HowTo 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
(26) How to Use a Power Drill and Impact Driver | WOODWORKING BASICS - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to Use a Power Drill and Impact Driver | WOODWORKING BASICS - YouTube | video HowTo ;;;
How  to  Use  a  Power  Drill  and  Impact  Driver  |  WOODWORKING  BASICS  -  YouTube  video  HowTo  komal  neha  sonu  neeraj 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
iTunes - Working with iTunes - Sell Your Content - Sell Your Books - Apple ;;;
tags: iTunes - Working with Sell Your Content Books Apple HowTo ;;;
search for:
Apple-approved aggregator
iTunes  -  Working  with  Sell  Your  Content  Books  Apple  HowTo 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
[no title] ;;;
My Top 10 Ways to Tie a Scarf - YouTube howto needsEditing komal neha sonu neeraj ;;;
02:30; another video; how to wear a blazer
My  Top  10  Ways  to  Tie  a  Scarf  -  YouTube  howto  needsEditing  komal  neha  sonu  neeraj 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
How To Create a Hero Image ;20181202-2309 ;;; ;20181202-2303 ;;; ;;;
tags: w3schools css html landing page fullscreen or hero image and1 howto adjust location of text and clickAble button ;;;
w3schools  css  html  landing  page  fullscreen  or  hero  image  and1  howto  adjust  location  of  text  and  button  clickAble  sampleCode 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Tryit Editor v3.6 ;20181201-1742 ;20181201-1736; 20181201;
tags: box shadow sampleCode w3schools howto change angle or location of light source needsEditing background-color inside the box is orange shadow is black and blurred ;;;
box  shadow  sampleCode  w3schools  howto  change  angle  or  location  of  light  source  needsEditing  background-color  inside  the  is  orange  black  and  blurred 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns ;;;
tags: HTGFATS video screencastomatic training link HowTo use website webpage web site page needsEditing ;;;
HTGFATS  video  screencastomatic  training  link  HowTo  use  website  webpage  web  site  page  needsEditing 
november 2018 by neerajsinghvns
03:15; how to change battery ;;;
tags: TILE with a REPLACEABLE BATTERY - FULL REVIEW - YouTube | video theTileApp howTo change ;;;
TILE  with  a  REPLACEABLE  BATTERY  -  FULL  REVIEW  YouTube  |  video  theTileApp  howTo  change  button  cell  CR1632 
november 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Simple usage - JSFiddle
tags: Simple usage - JSFiddle | howto add comment comments from css ( not html ) on to the page display displayed web needsEditing ;;;
Simple  usage  -  JSFiddle  |  howto  add  comments  from  css  (  not  html  )  on  to  the  page  display  displayed  web  needsEditing  comment  code  sampleCode 
november 2018 by neerajsinghvns
HTML div tag ;;;
tags: w3schools HTML div tag HowTo add style inside div tag tags ;;;
w3schools  HTML  div  tag  HowTo  add  style  inside  tags  background-color  background  color 
november 2018 by neerajsinghvns
What Is a Printer-Friendly Web Page? ;;;
tags: What Is a Printer Friendly Web Page | HowTo make ;;;
Underline all links.
Include a copyright notification.
What  Is  a  Printer  Friendly  Web  Page  |  HowTo  make 
november 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Cascading Drop-down Navigation Menu with CSS (Part 2) - YouTube ;;;-
tags: HTML CSS cascading dropDown nav navigation menu youTube video by ralph needsEditing howTo create build convert hyperlink to button ;;;
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:15; refresh of what was done in Part 1.
01:05; horizontal layout / list; {float: left};
11:10; submenus disappear;
11:25; positioning of sub2;
12:00; move sub2 from below to right;
13:00; make sure that borders touch to ensure that menu items stay open.
16:10; give a visual indicator about which items have submenus;
HTML  CSS  cascading  dropDown  nav  navigation  menu  youTube  video  by  ralph  needsEditing  howTo  create  build  convert  hyperlink  to  button 
october 2018 by neerajsinghvns
YouTube; Cascading Drop-down Navigation Menu with CSS (Part 1) ;;;
tags: dropDown menu youTube video by ralph needsEditing howTo create build HTML CSS cascading nav navigation howto instead of just the hyperlinks, the entire button becomes a hyperlink link ;;;
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
10:45; positioning of hyperlinks.
11:47; convert un-ordered list of hyperlinks to positioning them like a set of drop down menus.
displaying anchor tags; code> ul#navmenu a { }.
12:10; get rid of underline; {text decoration: none}
12:15; convert inline element anchor tags in to block elements. {display: block;}
12:25; make list items behave more like buttons. instead of just the hyperlinks, the entire button becomes a hyperlink.
{display: block;
width: 125px;
height: 25px;
dropDown  menu  youTube  video  by  ralph  needsEditing  howTo  create  build  HTML  CSS  cascading  nav  navigation  instead  of  just  the  hyperlinks  entire  button  becomes  a  hyperlink  link 
october 2018 by neerajsinghvns
<img height=""> »
tags: html css img image height width why HowTo ;;;
Search = "annoying, glitchy page jump when the other elements on the page move to accommodate each image as it loads"
Why indicate the height?
Typically, with modern web design layout, you do not specify the height of an image or other element. The rendered, display height is a result of the width. (Hence the prevalent use of height: auto; in CSS layouts). For example, given an image with an intrinsic size of 200 px by 100 px (2:1 aspect ratio), if the rendered width is 150px, the rendered height will be 75%. Why does this matter? The browser doesn't know what the intrinsic size of an image is until it has downloaded and inspected it. So, until that happens, it doesn't know how much space to allot to it on page. Depending on the way the layout is structured, it can often (not always) figure out the width, but it won't be able to figure out the rendered height without information on the image's actual proportions. This causes an annoying, glitchy page jump when the other elements on the page move to accommodate each image as it loads. On a page with a lot of images, this can be a real problem. The simple solution is to include information about an image's height and width in the markup. You still need to specify the display size in the CSS, but providing information about the file will help browsers render the page faster and more accurately.

.img-full { max-width: 100%; height: auto; }
<img src="/wp-content/uploads/very-large-flamingo.jpg" width="1280" height="850">

Read more:
html  css  img  image  height  width  why  HowTo 
october 2018 by neerajsinghvns
LaTeX Tutorial 1 - Creating a LaTeX Document - YouTube
00:10; what to download.
01:10; how to configure latex.
02:30; how to start writing the latex document.
LaTeX  Tutorial  1  -  Creating  a  Document  YouTube  video  howto 
september 2018 by neerajsinghvns
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