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Create rules to filter your emails - Gmail Help ;;;
tags: gmail how to export or import " rules to filter " from one account to another needsEditing ;;;
gmail  how  to  export  or  import  "  rules  filter  from  one  account  another  needsEditing 
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Simple usage - JSFiddle
tags: Simple usage - JSFiddle | howto add comment comments from css ( not html ) on to the page display displayed web needsEditing ;;;
Simple  usage  -  JSFiddle  |  howto  add  comments  from  css  (  not  html  )  on  to  the  page  display  displayed  web  needsEditing  comment  code  sampleCode 
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Who Gains and Loses From the Falling Rupee - News18
Who Gains and Loses From the Falling Rupee
The rupee slumped to a record low of 71 against the dollar on Friday. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, but what, exactly, causes a currency's value to rise and fall? Simply put, currencies fluctuate based on supply and demand.
The rupee slumped to a record low of 71 against the dollar on Friday. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, but what, exactly, causes a currency's value to rise and fall? Simply put, currencies fluctuate based on supply and demand. Most of the world's currencies are bought and sold based on flexible exchange rates, meaning their prices fluctuate based on the supply and demand in the foreign exchange market. A high demand for a currency or a shortage in its supply will cause an increase in price. A currency's supply and demand are tied to a number of intertwined factors, including the country's monetary policy, the rate of inflation, and political and economic conditions.
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Who  Gains  and  Loses  From  the  Falling  Rupee  needs  USD  INR  questionable  from iphone
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Why do flight attendants dislike flying to and from India? Quora has the answers — Quartz India
The dreaded destination: why foreign flight attendants dislike travelling to and from India
Maria ThomasSeptember 9, 2016
Reuters/Krishnendu Halder
In-flight entertainment.
Indians have a really bad reputation when it comes to air travel.
So much so that when an Emirates flight from the southern state of Kerala made a hard landing in Dubai last month, an ex-flight attendant had no qualms referring to the panicked passengers as “fucking rats” and an “untameable bunch” as videos emerged of them rushing to grab their belongings in the midst of the emergency.
The post was slammed for its racist and insensitive undertones. But for frequent flyers from India, disgruntled or even disgusted flight attendants are nothing new. What’s behind the negative attitude? Quora has the answers.
Not used to the jet-set life
Many Indian passengers who take flights, notably to the Middle East, are first-time travellers from socio-economic classes that have little exposure to the jet-set life.
As Quora user Maazin Buhari puts it,
“A lot of the time, (on flights to the Middle East especially), the passengers on board these flights will be migrant workers who are travelling to earn a livelihood in the city they are flying to. Often they are of a lower socio-economic background, will be carrying all or a significant amount of their possessions with them, and are not used to frequent air travel.”
That explains the rush to grab belongings as soon as the flight lands, despite instructions to stay seated until the seatbelt sign is switched off.
Often, these passengers aren’t used to the in-flight behavioral norms that are mostly western. Quora user Sri Ka notes:
“For example, practically no Indian uses cutlery at home—they eat with their fingers—but the flights are not suitable for such a lifestyle as they are not designed with sufficient hand-wash facilities so one is forced awkwardly to eat with cutlery, that too the plastic ones. It is quite difficult. Similarly, the toilets in the flights are nowhere near like the toilets in Indian homes and many Indians, particularly first-timers, do not even know how to use paper instead of water. When people are forced to do something unnatural for them, they are likely to fumble and make a mess.”
But it’s also about civic sense
The first-timers can and should be forgiven but even among regular travellers, inconsiderate behaviour is common.
Supreeth Shankarghal, who describes himself as a frequent flier and aviation enthusiast, lists some of the worst offenses Indians are known for:
Being adamant about placing their overweight hand baggage in the overhead bin of only their preference.
Stealing cutlery.
Stealing headphones and blankets.
Not switching off the phone during take-offs or landings despite warnings.
Taking selfies and pictures inside the flight when asked not to do so.
Not making way or getting up from the seat for fellow passengers.
Reclining the seat even during take-offs and landings.
Not speaking proper English.
Ogling at air hostesses and other female passengers.
Moving up and down the aircraft many times.
Requesting for unnecessary seat changes.
Getting up and going to the toilet when seatbelt sign is on.
Removing seat-belts and getting up to remove overhead baggage when the aircraft is still taxiing.
Over-abuse of free alcohol served on board.
While it is a bit unfair to refer to poor English skills as inconsiderate behaviour, the consumption of a copious amount of alcohol does seem to be a big problem. For some passengers, the chance to gulp down one whisky after another during international flights proves irresistible and untoward incidents ensue.
Entitled passengers are the worst
But despite all of the above, it’s the rude and entitled regular travelers that pose the biggest problem with their assumption that the cabin crew exists to serve them and them alone.
Flight attendant and Quora user Buzzlair Voufincci noted that some travellers are quick to claim a higher status on every flight.
“They would explicitly say to the flight attendant, ‘I am a doctor’ to get treatment above all the others on board,” he wrote, adding that some even said things like “I know your CEO personally” or even “I pay for the seat, and the compartment above me, it’s my space.”
For Voufincci, it’s India’s “huge income gap” that leads to this “inflated ego.”
Some responses have been mildly edited for grammar.
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The  dreaded  destination:  why  foreign  flight  attendants  dislike  travelling  to  and  from  India  needsEditing  questionable  from iphone
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Smashwords – How to go from Average to SMART: SSAT & ISEE Math (UPPER) – a book by neeraj Raguvanshi ;;; ;;; ;;;
tags: Smashwords – How to go from Average SMART : SSAT & ISEE Math (UPPER) a book by neeraj Raguvanshi || needsEditing ;;;
coupon codes
KD85J, 98%OffFrom$49.99
HC52Y, 90%OffFrom$49.99
ED72R, 50%OffFrom$49.99
Smashwords    How  to  go  from  Average  SMART  :  SSAT  &  ISEE  Math  (UPPER)  a  book  by  neeraj  Raguvanshi  ||  needsEditing  link  iBook 
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USA TODAY: Car buying red flags: 5 signs that you need to walk away from deal
Haggling over a new car or advertised lease deal can still be an unpleasant shopping experience. Sometimes it pays to walk out before you enter into a bad deal. Read the full story
Shared from Apple News
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Car  buying  red  flags:  5  signs  that  need  to  walk  away  from  deal  howto  tips  and  tricks  from iphone
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Homemade Panel Saw From Pipes And Castors -- Every Workshop Should Have One!
Way Out West Blow-in blog
Homemade  Panel  Saw  From  Pipes  And  Castors  --  Every  Workshop  Should  Have  One!  Way  Out  West  Blow-in  blog  howto  build  needsEditing  questionable  created  using  a  circularSaw  circular 
may 2018 by neerajsinghvns
05:45; green electric bike trike tricycle; EV4 semi recumbent
electric  bike  trike  needsEditing  questionable  semi  recumbent  from  Poland  Polish 
may 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Recording #60; change tab from 0.5" to 0.125" - YouTube ;;; Recording#62; 3rd attempt, LessThan1Minute. ;;; Recording#61; 2nd attempt, Shorter video. ;;; Recording#60; 1st attempt, Longer video. ;;;
tags: Recording #60; change tab from 0.5" to 0.125" - YouTube | video psn training screencastomatic microsoft ms word msWord ;;;
Recording  #60;  change  tab  from  0.5"  to  0.125"  -  YouTube  |  video  psn  training  screencastomatic  microsoft  ms  word  msWord 
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How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo In Photoshop - YouTube ;;;
tags: How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo In Photoshop - YouTube | video edit ;;;
How  To  Remove  ANYTHING  From  a  Photo  In  Photoshop  -  YouTube  |  video  edit  nice 
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How to route small circles and arcs - CRB7 Combination Router Jig - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to route small circles and arcs - CRB7 Combination Router Jig YouTube | video bosch cut large in from wood needsEditing ;;;
How  to  route  small  circles  and  arcs  -  CRB7  Combination  Router  Jig  YouTube  |  video  bosch  cut  large  in  from  wood  needsEditing 
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How to go from Average to SMART: SSAT and ISEE by neeraj raghuvanshi on iBooks;;;
tags: How to go from Average SMART : SSAT and ISEE by neeraj raghuvanshi on iBooks | iTunes link HTGFATS book ;;;

9:31 AM 12/15/2017
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How  to  go  from  Average  SMART  :  SSAT  and  ISEE  by  neeraj  raghuvanshi  on  iBooks  |  link  HTGFATS  book  iTunes  promotion  promotional  code 
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How to apply or remove a template from an existing document in Dreamweaver;;;
How to apply or remove a template from an existing document in Dreamweaver;;;
tags: How to apply or remove a template from an existing document in Dreamweaver dw howto detach html .html dwt .dwt ;;;
Detach a document from a template

To make changes to the locked regions of a document based on a template, you must detach the document from the template. When the document is detached, the entire document becomes editable.


You cannot convert a template file (.dwt) to a normal file by simply resaving the template file as an HTML (.html) file. Doing so does not delete the template code that appears throughout the document. If you want to convert a template file to a normal file, you can save the document as a normal HTML file, but must then manually delete all of the template code in Code view.

Open the template-based document you want to detach.
Select Tools > Templates > Detach from Template.
Select Modify > Templates > Detach from Template. in CSS3;

The document is detached from the template and all template code is removed.
How  to  apply  or  remove  a  template  from  an  existing  document  in  Dreamweaver  dw  howto  detach  html  dwt 
november 2017 by neerajsinghvns How to go from Average to Smart: ISEE (Upper) Math, Practice Test with Solutions eBook: Neeraj Raghuvanshi: Kindle Store;;;
tags: How to go from Average Smart: ISEE (Upper) Math Practice Test with Solutions eBook: Neeraj Raghuvanshi: Kindle Store ;;;  How  to  go  from  Average  Smart:  ISEE  (Upper)  Math  Practice  Test  with  Solutions  Neeraj  Kindle  Store  eBook  :  Raghuvanshi  |  amazon  HTGFATS 
november 2017 by neerajsinghvns
How do I delete one name (s) from a gmail contact group without deleting from my ALL Contacts list? - Google Product Forums!msg/gmail/fbOg_0xbNxI/2EqEP5zlzucJ ;;;
tags: How do I delete one name (s) from a gmail contact group without deleting from my ALL Contacts list | ? ;;;
How  do  I  delete  one  name  (s)  from  a  gmail  contact  group  without  deleting  my  ALL  Contacts  list  |  ? 
november 2017 by neerajsinghvns
How to generate a Random List in Excel - YouTube
tags: How to generate a Random List in Excel - YouTube | video from a known list and display information from selected columns ;;;
How  to  generate  a  Random  List  in  Excel  -  YouTube  |  video  from  known  and  display  information  selected  columns 
october 2017 by neerajsinghvns
[no title];;;
tags: 25 tips from the dean , how to choose a college , get in , and pay for it , ;;;
Page09; actually page12of59;
Conversely, if she is Asian, she may expect the bar to
be set higher. I see so many amazing Asian students—Indians and Chinese in
particular—who are denied by combo-med programs
25  tips  from  the  dean  how  to  choose  a  college  get  in  and  pay  for  it  |  howto 
september 2017 by neerajsinghvns
Can I Switch from COBRA to ObamaCare? - Obamacare Facts;;;
tags: Can I Switch from COBRA to ObamaCare ? - Obamacare Facts | affordable care act ACA obama care obamacare ;;;
Can  I  Switch  from  COBRA  to  ObamaCare  ?  -  Facts  |  affordable  care  act  ACA  obama 
july 2017 by neerajsinghvns
Windows - Taskbar Has Disappeared from the Desktop;;;
tags: Windows - Taskbar Has Disappeared from the Desktop | start button missing;;;
Open the Task Manager using either
Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
If explorer.exe is already running, select it and choose End Task before continuing on.
Click the File menu and select New Task.
In the dialog box, type 'explorer.exe' to restart the process.
Windows  -  Taskbar  Has  Disappeared  from  the  Desktop  |  start  button  missing 
july 2017 by neerajsinghvns
pinboard howto;;;
tags: howto export from exportFrom delicious and import in into importIn importInto Pinboard ;;;
How to export your bookmarks from
Go to your settings page
Select export/back up links from the right sidebar.
Click the Export button (use the default settings).
Once you've exported your bookmarks,
go to the settings page on Pinboard,
choose the 'import tab',
and upload the file there.

Your bookmarks should import within no more than five minutes. If there are duplicates in your import file, Pinboard will ignore them (so it's safe to import the same thing multiple times).
howto  export  from  exportFrom  delicious  and  import  in  into  importIn  importInto  Pinboard 
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Delicious; howto export links from delicious;;;;
delicious  howto  export  links  link  from 
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Download Royalty Free Stock Photos and Stock Image Subscription from 123RF Stock Photography; - tags: royalty, free, stock, images, Download, Royalty, Free, Stock, Photos, and, Stock, Image, Subscription, from, 123RF, Stock, Photography,; - 20 credits for $20
royalty  free  stock  images  Download  Photos  and  Image  Subscription  from  123RF  Photography 
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CSS3 - Part 1 - How to make a website from scratch - YouTube;;;
tags: html5 html css3 css howto how to make a website web site from scratch;;;
html5  html  css3  css  howto  how  to  make  a  web  site  website  from  scratch 
december 2012 by neerajsinghvns
Automatic Drop Down Menu

Choose Destination
Web Site Design Made Easy
Background Magic
Almost a Newsletter

Just change the links in each option value to make it work for your site. Use the full URL for links leading off of your site.
html5  html  links  from  dropdown  drop  down  menu 
december 2012 by neerajsinghvns
Ultimate Web Builder - the most powerful & easy website builder software to build your own website | Ultimate Web Builder - Best Website Builder Software
Ultimate Web Builder - the most powerful & easy website builder software to build your own website | Ultimate Web Builder - Best Website Builder Software;;;
tags: create design and manage your site web website from anywhere with internet;;;
create  design  and  manage  your  site  web  website  from  anywhere  with  internet 
december 2012 by neerajsinghvns
CutePDF Writer Readme
howto upgrade from
cutePDF writer
cutePDF pro
pro  to  writer  cutePDF  from  upgrade  howto 
february 2012 by neerajsinghvns
ReadyShare USB Storage Access - YouTube
ReadyShare USB Storage Access - YouTube;;;;;;
netgear  ready  share  WNDR3700  router  USB  HDD  hard  drive  hardDrive  from  anywhere  in  the  office  or  internet  video  youTube 
november 2011 by neerajsinghvns
What is reCAPTCHA?
This is a standard security test that we use to prevent spammers from creating fake accounts and spamming users.
This  is  a  standard  security  test  that  we  use  to  prevent  spammers  from  creating  fake  accounts  and  spamming  users.  reCAPTCHA  verification  it  human  being 
september 2011 by neerajsinghvns
What the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know: A Cpa Reveals the Tricks of the Trade // Discounted Books from Excel Tip .com
book amazon ; What the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know: A Cpa Reveals Tricks of Trade // Discounted Books from Excel Tip .com;;;;;;
book  amazon  ;  What  the  IRS  Doesn't  Want  You  to  Know:  A  Cpa  Reveals  Tricks  of  Trade  //  Discounted  Books  from  Excel  Tip  has:Know 
september 2011 by neerajsinghvns
see page 6;;;;;;

Of the 364 cases of “other fall from one level to another”, the leading descriptor coded was fall from an embankment, haystack, stationary vehicle or tree at 46%.  
This was followed by fall from a bed at 28% or other furniture at 16%
Report  on  Unintentional  Fall  Related  Injuries  from  bed  injury  head  trauma  nebraska  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2011 by neerajsinghvns
Sending mail from a different address - Gmail Help
I'm a Google Apps for Business user sending from a domain alias or nickname.;;;
Sending email from a different email address; using drop down menu as in gmail;;;
Sending  mail  from  a  different  address  -  Gmail  Help  howto  email 
august 2011 by neerajsinghvns
Complying with the Made in USA Standard | BCP Business Center
Textile Fiber Products Identification Act and Wool Products Labeling Act — Require a Made in USA label on most clothing and other textile or wool household products if the final product is manufactured in the U.S. of fabric that is manufactured in the U.S., regardless of where materials earlier in the manufacturing process (for example, the yarn and fiber) came from. Textile products that are imported must be labeled as required by the Customs Service. A textile or wool product partially manufactured in the U.S. and partially manufactured in another country must be labeled to show both foreign and domestic processing.
made  in  usa  from  imported  parts 
march 2011 by neerajsinghvns
WAIS Document Retrieval
19007. "Bedding" means any quilted pad, packing pad, mattress pad,
hammock pad, mattress, comforter, quilt, sleeping bag, box spring,
studio couch, pillow or cushion made of leather, cloth or any other
material, which is or can be stuffed or filled in whole or in part
with any concealed substance or material, which can be used by any
human being for sleeping or reclining purposes.

19007.5. "Filling material" means cotton, wool, kapok, feathers,
downs, hair, liquid, or any other material, substance, or any
combination thereof, loose or in batting, pads, or any other
prefabricated form, concealed or not concealed to be used or that
could be used in articles of bedding or upholstered furniture.
california  bedding  definition  conceal  concealed  ;  filling  material  is  difined  very  different  from  law  label 
march 2011 by neerajsinghvns
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