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Chad Ludington’s Statement on Kavanaugh’s Drinking and Senate Testimony
I  do  not  believe  that  the  heavy  drinking  or  even  loutish  behavior  of  an  18-  or  even  21-year-old  should  condemn  a  person  for  the  rest  of  his  life.  I  would  be  a  hypocrite  to  think  so.  However_  I  have  direct  and  repeated  knowledge  about  his  drinking  and  his  disposition  while  drunk.  I  do  believe  that  Brett’s  actions  as  a  53-year-old  federal  judge  matter.  If  he  lied  about  his  past  actions  on  national  television_  and  more  especially  while  speaking  under  oath  in  front  of  the  United  States  Senate_  I  believe  those  lies  should  have  consequences.  It  is  truth  that  is  at  stake_  and  I  believe  that  the  ability  to  speak  the  truth_  even  when  does  not  reflect  well  upon  oneself_  is  a  paramount  quality  we  seek  in  our  nation’s  most  powerful  judges.  Chad  Ludington’s  Statement  on  Kavanaugh’s  and  Senate  Testimony  needsEditing  questionable  Brett  Kavanaugh  from iphone
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JG Visual
sample of what a facebook page can be like jgvisual;;;;;;
sample  of  howto  design  facebook  business  fan  landing  page  can  be  like  jgvisual 
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HOW TO: Design & Program a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business
HOW TO: Design & Program a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business ; sample of what can be like;;;;;;

While there are an enormous number of articles that talk vaguely about how to create a custom landing page, very few discuss the nuances of actually designing and programming one. Here we will discuss the subtleties of designing a Facebook landing page and FBML programming. To make this discussion more concrete, we’ll use the creation of our own JG Visual landing page as an example.
howto  HOW  to  Design  &  Program  a  Facebook  fan  Landing  Page  for  Your  Business  ;  sample  of  what  can  be  like  jgvisual 
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