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20190214-1143-How-to-edit-share-property-of-a-youtube-video - YouTube ;;;
tags: 20190214-1143 How to HowTo edit the share property of a youTube video ;;;
This video should be available only when you are logged into your psn email.
If available otherwise, please inform Mike Neeraj Singh at XXX-YYY-4411.
20190214-1143  How  to  HowTo  edit  the  share  property  of  a  youTube  video  psn  training 
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Pint-sized Firetruck with a Punch | Yanko Design
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Pint-sized  Firetruck  with  a  Punch  |  Yanko  Design  india  needsEditing  from iphone
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How It's Made - Onions (Gills' Onions) - YouTube
03:15; why cut onions smell bad after sitting for a while ; bacteria growth
why  cut  onions  smell  bad  after  sitting  for  a  while  ;  bacteria  growth  needsEditing 
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How To Make A Crosscut Jig For Your Table Saw - YouTube ;;;
tags: How To Make A Crosscut Jig For Your Table Saw - YouTube video table saw sled replacement ;;;
How  To  Make  A  Crosscut  Jig  For  Your  Table  Saw  -  YouTube  video  sled  replacement  DiyCreators  needsEditing 
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ezgo semipermanent tow bar - Google Search
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ezgo  semipermanent  tow  bar  -  Google  Search  |  HowTo  a  golf  cart  ez-go  using  towBar  from iphone
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How a Plumbing Trap Can Lose Water - YouTube ;;;
tags: How a Plumbing Trap Can Lose Water - YouTube video thisOldHouse a washing machine can cause surrounding p trap traps p-trap p-traps to lose water needsEditing;;;
How  a  Plumbing  Trap  Can  Lose  Water  -  YouTube  video  thisOldHouse  washing  machine  cause  surrounding  p  traps  p-trap  p-traps  to  needsEditing  why  vent  is  needed  in  pipe  pipes  line  lines  howTo 
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How to Build a Pondless Waterfall - YouTube
03:10; foam over stone to control the flow of water.
How  to  Build  a  Pondless  Waterfall  -  YouTube  video  thisOldHouse  howTo 
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How to Install a Basement Laundry - YouTube ;;;
tags : How to Install a Basement Laundry box - YouTube video thisOldHouse washer washing machine spigot needsEditing ;;;
01:05; dryer vent;
03:20; sump pump below laundry sink
03:55; replace galvanized pipe with pvc “y” fitting
04:20; soldering;
05:30; washing machine valve for both hot & cold water lines;
How  to  Install  a  Basement  Laundry  box  -  YouTube  video  thisOldHouse  washer  washing  machine  spigot  needsEditing  howTo 
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How Its Made - 1420 Office Chairs - YouTube
03:30; how to prevent fraying, unraveling, thread being pulled from the bobbin of a sewing machine.
How  Its  Made  -  1420  Office  Chairs  YouTube  video  03:30;  to  prevent  fraying  unraveling  thread  being  pulled  from  the  bobbin  of  a  sewing  machine  needsEditing 
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How to create a Facebook business page - step by step instructions - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to create a Facebook business page - step by step instructions - YouTube needsEditing ;;;
How  to  create  a  Facebook  business  page  -  step  by  instructions  YouTube  needsEditing 
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How To Create a List Group with CSS
margin-top: -1px; /* Prevent double borders
How  To  Create  a  List  Group  with  CSS  w3schools  prevent  double  border 
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#BlackLivesMatter 'essay,' and Stanford accepted him ;;;
tags: essay that got a kid admission into ivy league to college colleges university universities komal neha ;;;
essay  that  got  a  kid  admission  into  ivy  league  to  college  colleges  university  universities  komal  neha 
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How to create extra space in HTML or a web page ;;;
tags: How to create extra space in HTML or a web page ;;;
How  to  create  extra  space  in  HTML  or  a  web  page 
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ScanSnap iX1500 Tips: How to add Adobe Acrobat as a Scan Destination - YouTube ;;;
tags: ScanSnap iX1500 Tips : How to add Adobe Acrobat as a Scan Destination - YouTube video ;;;
ScanSnap  iX1500  Tips  :  How  to  add  Adobe  Acrobat  as  a  Scan  Destination  -  YouTube  video  HowTo 
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(26) How to Use a Power Drill and Impact Driver | WOODWORKING BASICS - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to Use a Power Drill and Impact Driver | WOODWORKING BASICS - YouTube | video HowTo ;;;
How  to  Use  a  Power  Drill  and  Impact  Driver  |  WOODWORKING  BASICS  -  YouTube  video  HowTo  komal  neha  sonu  neeraj 
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Must-Have Car Features, and Those You Can Skip - Consumer Reports ;;;
tags: must have features in a new car van minivan ;;;
apple CarPlay
trailer hitch (adapter for bike rack)
back up camera (standard since May 2016? or 2018?)
blueTooth (standard since May 2016? or 2018?)
remote start
Blind-spot monitoring
Dual-zone automatic climate control
Automatic high beams
Spare tire
Keyless entry
Driver Easy Speak (Toyota)
360 Degree Bird Eye View
110V outlet
USB Ports
Sound outlets for EarBuds or EarPhones
ceiling mounted Blu Ray dvd player; preferably with HDMI inputs somewhere low by the driver seat.

Forward-collision warning (FCW) uses laser, radar, or cameras to assess surrounding conditions, as well as the speed of your approach to a potential impact with a vehicle ahead of you. The system alerts you with visual and/or audible signals to a potential crash, allowing you time to react. Some systems also sense and alert you to the potential for a collision with pedestrians. We want to see forward-collision warning standard in every car.

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) adds to the benefits of forward-collision warning. AEB will sense a potential collision, and if you don’t react in time, the car will initiate braking for you. Auto-braking is another technology we would like to see standard in every car.

A backup camera is like having eyes in the back of your head, reducing the risk of reversing over or into something that might otherwise be unseen behind the vehicle. It’s both a safety feature and a convenience for parking.

Rear cross-traffic alert takes seeing behind you to the next level by warning you when other traffic is approaching from the side as you back out.

Blind-spot monitoring signals when there’s a car in the blind spot beside you on the road. The best systems illuminate little lights in the side mirrors where you should be looking anyway. They emit a chime if you signal a move toward a car next to you. We’ve found these systems to be very effective.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto bring the features and usability of your smartphone to the car’s dashboard. The appeal is being able to use interfaces you are familiar with to the larger screen of your car’s infotainment system. The systems allow you to use a selection of car-friendly apps, and make voice-activated texting simple.

Bluetooth connectivity lets you answer a cell-phone call hands-free, without fumbling with the phone or risking a law violation. In addition, Internet-sourced audio can typically be streamed to the car wirelessly, provided you took the time to pair the phone to the car.

360-degree surround-view camera systems help drivers park more easily, and check for obstructions, through a bird’s-eye view from above the vehicle. Multiple cameras positioned around the car show parking lines relative to the vehicle, making maneuvering in tight situations a snap.

Head-up displays share redundant information such as current speed, navigation information and audio selections on the windshield directly in front of the driver. This reduces the need for the driver to move their eyes from the road to the dashboard or central display screen, although it may take some getting used to.

A USB port can be used to charge a device and play music through the stereo.

Voice controls can keep you from fumbling either with your phone or the car’s controls when looking for the perfect song or trying to phone home. They’re also handy for entering a destination in the navigation system, even under way.

Heated seats and steering wheel can be much appreciated during a cold winter. Trust us, once you try these, you’ll never want to live without them.

Dual-zone automatic climate control allows the driver and front passenger to fine-tune temperature settings. Set and forget—the system will make adjustments as needed to keep everyone comfortable. It also has a safety benefit – in Auto mode, you’ll be fumbling less.

Automatic high beams take the stress out of driving on back roads at night by automatically turning off the high beams for oncoming traffic, and then turning them back up once the cars have passed. We’ve found some systems work much better than others, however.

Spare tire. Lots of cars come without them these days, so check before you buy. In many cases, a spare tire can be added for a fee.

Keyless entry makes a huge difference when you’re trying to open the car and you have your hands full of bags, babies, or a briefcase. Just walk up and open the doors—sometimes by touching a sensor on the handle. Almost all cars with keyless entry also have pushbutton start. But even if they don’t, it’s easier to fish for the key once your hands are free.
must  have  features  in  a  new  car  van  minivan  ConsumerReports 
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[no title] ;;;
My Top 10 Ways to Tie a Scarf - YouTube howto needsEditing komal neha sonu neeraj ;;;
02:30; another video; how to wear a blazer
My  Top  10  Ways  to  Tie  a  Scarf  -  YouTube  howto  needsEditing  komal  neha  sonu  neeraj 
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HTML td valign Attribute ;;; ;;;
tags: HTML td valign Attribute | w3schools html data alignment top in a cell ;;;
search for:
<td valign="top|middle|bottom|baseline">
HTML  td  valign  Attribute  |  w3schools  data  alignment  top  in  a  cell  LessonsLearnt  hindSight 
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[no title] ;;; ;;;
The memoir has a sad ending.
tags: lehman brothers brothers? statue of abraham lincoln in the LincolnMemorial memorial was carved by Piccirilli needsEditing memoir wonderful font in a diary ;;;
lehman  brothers  brothers?  statue  of  abraham  lincoln  in  the  LincolnMemorial  memorial  was  carved  by  Piccirilli  needsEditing  memoir  wonderful  font  a  diary 
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03:15; how to change battery ;;;
tags: TILE with a REPLACEABLE BATTERY - FULL REVIEW - YouTube | video theTileApp howTo change ;;;
TILE  with  a  REPLACEABLE  BATTERY  -  FULL  REVIEW  YouTube  |  video  theTileApp  howTo  change  button  cell  CR1632 
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Internal Links | page jumps to sections of a page
tags: link links hyperlink hyperlinks internal external how to go goto a certain part of the same or another page ;;;
link  links  hyperlink  hyperlinks  internal  external  how  to  go  goto  a  certain  part  of  the  same  or  another  page 
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What Is a Printer-Friendly Web Page? ;;;
tags: What Is a Printer Friendly Web Page | HowTo make ;;;
Underline all links.
Include a copyright notification.
What  Is  a  Printer  Friendly  Web  Page  |  HowTo  make 
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YouTube; Cascading Drop-down Navigation Menu with CSS (Part 1) ;;;
tags: dropDown menu youTube video by ralph needsEditing howTo create build HTML CSS cascading nav navigation howto instead of just the hyperlinks, the entire button becomes a hyperlink link ;;;
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
10:45; positioning of hyperlinks.
11:47; convert un-ordered list of hyperlinks to positioning them like a set of drop down menus.
displaying anchor tags; code> ul#navmenu a { }.
12:10; get rid of underline; {text decoration: none}
12:15; convert inline element anchor tags in to block elements. {display: block;}
12:25; make list items behave more like buttons. instead of just the hyperlinks, the entire button becomes a hyperlink.
{display: block;
width: 125px;
height: 25px;
dropDown  menu  youTube  video  by  ralph  needsEditing  howTo  create  build  HTML  CSS  cascading  nav  navigation  instead  of  just  the  hyperlinks  entire  button  becomes  a  hyperlink  link 
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How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2018) ;;;
How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2018) ;;;
tags: How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2018) | make StepByStep Step by GettingStarted needsEditing wordpress ;;;
How  to  Create  a  Website:  Step-by-Step  Guide  for  Beginners  (2018)  |  make  StepByStep  Step  by  GettingStarted  needsEditing  wordpress 
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Chad Ludington’s Statement on Kavanaugh’s Drinking and Senate Testimony
I  do  not  believe  that  the  heavy  drinking  or  even  loutish  behavior  of  an  18-  or  even  21-year-old  should  condemn  a  person  for  the  rest  of  his  life.  I  would  be  a  hypocrite  to  think  so.  However_  I  have  direct  and  repeated  knowledge  about  his  drinking  and  his  disposition  while  drunk.  I  do  believe  that  Brett’s  actions  as  a  53-year-old  federal  judge  matter.  If  he  lied  about  his  past  actions  on  national  television_  and  more  especially  while  speaking  under  oath  in  front  of  the  United  States  Senate_  I  believe  those  lies  should  have  consequences.  It  is  truth  that  is  at  stake_  and  I  believe  that  the  ability  to  speak  the  truth_  even  when  does  not  reflect  well  upon  oneself_  is  a  paramount  quality  we  seek  in  our  nation’s  most  powerful  judges.  Chad  Ludington’s  Statement  on  Kavanaugh’s  and  Senate  Testimony  needsEditing  questionable  Brett  Kavanaugh  from iphone
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Amazing Agriculture Machines Latest Technology - Harvest of a Welsh onion in Japan
Amazing  Agriculture  Machines  Latest  Technology  -  Harvest  of  a  Welsh  onion  in  Japan  ||  israel  novel  new  efficient  Ideas  needsEditing  questionable 
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LaTeX Tutorial 1 - Creating a LaTeX Document - YouTube
00:10; what to download.
01:10; how to configure latex.
02:30; how to start writing the latex document.
LaTeX  Tutorial  1  -  Creating  a  Document  YouTube  video  howto 
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Smashwords – How to go from Average to SMART: SSAT & ISEE Math (UPPER) – a book by neeraj Raguvanshi ;;; ;;; ;;;
tags: Smashwords – How to go from Average SMART : SSAT & ISEE Math (UPPER) a book by neeraj Raguvanshi || needsEditing ;;;
coupon codes
KD85J, 98%OffFrom$49.99
HC52Y, 90%OffFrom$49.99
ED72R, 50%OffFrom$49.99
Smashwords    How  to  go  from  Average  SMART  :  SSAT  &  ISEE  Math  (UPPER)  a  book  by  neeraj  Raguvanshi  ||  needsEditing  link  iBook 
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The Washington Post: A guide to the financial crisis — 10 years later
The Washington Post
Ten questions as we look back at the Great Recession. Read the full story
Shared from Apple News
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A  guide  to  the  financial  crisis    10  years  later  WP  Washington  Post  WashingtonPost  needsEditing  Interesting  Reading  InterestingReading  investment  from iphone
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tags : GFCI RCD A Simple but Life-Saving Protector Komal Neha Sonu & Neeraj DBS needsEditing
01:40; how do the devices work; the principle behind it.
02:10; animation
GFCI  RCD  A  Simple  but  Life-Saving  Protector  Komal  Neha  Sonu  &  Neeraj  DBS  needsEditing 
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How the new tax law creates a ‘perfect storm’ for Roth IRA conversions - MarketWatch
tags: How the new tax law creates a ‘perfect storm’ for Roth IRA conversions - MarketWatch | READ comments
You are mistaken. 401k and IRA are separate contributions with their own limits. You can max out your 401k and still do maximum contribution to your IRA (either traditional or Roth.) Anyways, In my opinion, its inevitable Roth's will be taxed in the future when too many of us middle class peasants start not paying taxes on income. The Roth scam worked great when only the Rich knew about it, but there is no way the gov't is going to let ordinary people avoid taxes.
Bert MLeader
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You should convert as much as you can up to the max limit of 12% tax bracket. When you start SS at whatever age or start RMDs at 70.5, depending on your income, you may be in the higher 22% tax bracket. I can convert about $14k per year right now from age 62 to 66, but when I start SS at 66, I will have to stop converting because it will bump me into the 22% tax bracket and will make my stock dividends taxed at 15%. My dividends are taxed at 0% right now.
8 Aug
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am in a higher tax bracket and now retired 10 years--
I have one rental, one pension, 2 roths and one IRA, 2 SS checks.

My income is 33% higher than the year I retired.

I intend to convert the one IRA (400K) to a roth this year or over 4 years. That IRA id adding 15 to 18 K to my taxable income each year.
31 Jul
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A few observations about Roth IRA/conversions:
Remember, the holy grail of Social Security benefits were not taxable until it was changed under the leadership of Republican President Reagan in 1984. So what's to prevent future Presidents and Congress, of any political persuasion, from dipping into Roth withdrawals in the future?
I have heard that its not advisable to pay Roth conversion taxes with pre-tax(IRA) funds. If you do ,your retirement nest egg takes an immediate dip based on your tax rate (e.g. 20% tax rate will be $200K on a $1000K amount). You may not have to pay taxes on withdrawals but future returns will have to make up for the reduction in asset base.
If you are in pre-medicare status and are retired with ACA health coverage, watch out!! The premium subsidies vanish if you go even $1 above the allowable taxable income limit. For example, monthly premium could jump from $300/month to $1500/month if taxable income is not closely monitored.
So the question is - in a specific individual's situation, a Roth conversion could be a benefit or a major losing proposition.
Mike Grant
30 Jul
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I agree way to many variables. I am really surprised that most people would be in a higher tax bracket when they retire. I have figured it out for my wife and I and we will be living on 50% of our current income. Once the kids are gone and we downsize it won't even be close. Maximizing all the tax deductions I can get while we are working is by far our best option. It may not be for you, but it's not nearly as cut and dry as the article would suggest
jon deanInfluencerMike Grant
31 Jul
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I thought that I'd be in a lower tax bracket when I retired. Didn't do the math; should have. I'm in a higher tax bracket because the last decade that I worked, I was maxing out contributions to a 401K and a 357 retirement savings plan, plus a health savings plan. Combined, all those deductions from my pay put me in a lower bracket. Now, over 70, even those RMDs put me in a higher bracket when combined with my SS and pensions.
Bert MLeaderMike Grant
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Most retirees are not in a higher tax bracket after retirement. A very small percentage may be in higher tax brackets due to large RMDs. For example, I am 62, retired since age 59 and have $111k per year income. I have $10k Roth dividends (not taxed) and $38k in stock dividends at 0% tax rate. If you deduct the $24k married deduction, I'm only paying tax on $39k for a 4% overall tax rate. I haven't started my SS or RMDs yet, so my tax rate will go up, but I probably will never be paying a higher tax rate from when I was working.
How  the  new  tax  law  creates  a  ‘perfect  storm’  for  Roth  IRA  conversions  -  MarketWatch  |  read  comments 
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Mark Cuban owns just a handful of stocks and 'a whole lot of cash'
Mark Cuban owns just a handful of stocks and 'a whole lot of cash'
"I'm down to maybe four dividend-owning stocks, two shorts, and Amazon and Netflix," the billionaire says.
Matthew J. Belvedere
Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban told CNBC on Monday that he's holding much more cash than he normally does because he's concerned about the stock market and U.S debt levels.
"I'm down to maybe four dividend-owning stocks, two shorts, and Amazon and Netflix. I've got a whole lot of cash on the sidelines," Cuban said on "Fast Money Halftime Report." "[I'm] ready, willing and able if something happens" to invest.
Cuban said Amazon and Netflix are his biggest holdings. But he refused to reveal his short positions, the stocks that he's betting against. "I'll keep that to myself."
"Put aside tariffs, put aside what the president is doing, he's got his reasons," said Cuban, an outspoken critic of Donald Trump as a candidate and as president. "There just no way where you can say, 'I just trust everything that's going on.' And that concerns me."
"We borrowed from the future to kind of pump up the current market," said Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. Running up the national debt is just as bad as the Federal Reserve continuing historically low interest rates much longer than needed after the 2008 financial crisis, he contended.
"If I get a feeling that [economic] growth will continue at 4-plus percent and the debt will then come down, then I'll get back into the market," said Cuban.
The "Shark Tank" investor provided no update in Monday's CNBC interview on whether he might run for the White House in 2020. Asked in June whether he's given more thought to running, Cuban told The New York Times via email then, "Yes. But not willing to discuss at this point."
Disclosure: CNBC owns the exclusive off-network cable rights to "Shark Tank," which features Mark Cuban as a panelist.
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Thank you,
Sent from my phone. Please ignore any auto correction errors.
Mark  Cuban  owns  just  a  handful  of  stocks  and  'a  whole  lot  cash  "I'm  down  to  maybe  four  dividend-owning  stocks_  two  shorts_  Amazon  AMZN  Netflix  ntflx  _"  billionaire  says.  NeedsEditing  from iphone
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Applying to College: A Step by Step Guide to the Application ;;;
tags: Applying to College : A Step by Guide the Application | steps in process || neha komal sonu neeraj ||| questionable ;;;
Applying  to  College  :  A  Step  by  Guide  the  Application  |  steps  in  process  ||  neha  komal  sonu  neeraj  |||  questionable 
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These 5 tech stocks are in a dot-com-like bubble (and they aren’t all FAANGs) - MarketWatch
These 5 tech stocks are in a dot-com-like bubble (and they aren’t all FAANGs)
Getty Images
Spot the micro bubbles.
Although the overall stock market looks reasonably valued, there are pockets of extraordinary risk where stocks with 2000-bubble-like valuations lurk.
Specifically, there is a “micro bubble” in certain tech stocks, where valuations reflect expectations for future cash flows that would require unrealistically high margins, growth, and market share. These expectations might not be so “bubbly” if not for the fact that the current margins and cash flows of these companies have trended at very low or negative levels for years.
5 tech stocks in a micro bubble
Figure 1 lists the five tech stocks we put in our first micro bubble. They share a few key characteristics:
• Low or negative return on invested capital (ROIC) and free cash flow
• Unrealistically high valuations: all 10 companies either have negative economic book values, or they have a PEBV above 20
• Expectations that they achieve heretofore unseen dominant market shares
These are five of the largest micro-bubble companies. Briefly, here’s what makes each of these companies part of the micro-bubble.
Fun fact: Amazon’s AMZN, +0.20% $885 billion market cap is higher than Walmart WMT, +0.45% Home Depot HD, +0.69% Oracle ORCL, -0.39% and Disney DIS, +0.53% combined. Investors are betting that Amazon can grow to dominate multiple industries while earning significantly higher margins than it does now.
Amazon has finally shown an ability to earn a profit, but it still must grow net operating profit after tax (NOPAT) by 30% compounded annually for 19 years to justify its current valuation. See the math behind this dynamic DCF scenario. For comparison, only six companies in the S&P 500 SPX, +0.28% managed to grow NOPAT by 30% compounded annually for just the past 10 years. Maintaining that growth rate for nearly double that time frame would be an extraordinary feat.
Amazon prefers to point investors to free cash flow, but its reported free cash flow numbers are an illusion. In reality, the company continues to experience significant cash outflows.
Investors who focus on understanding true cash flow and fundamentals know the disconnect between actual cash flow and the market’s expectations for future cash flows borders on the absurd.
Netflix NFLX, +0.16% has become one of the leading creators of original content, but it’s done so with an unsustainable cost structure. As this excellent video from The Ringer explains, Netflix earns an accounting profit, but only because its reported content costs understate its actual content spending by about 50%. The company continues to lose billions of dollars a year and grows increasingly dependent on the high-yield debt market.
Felix Salmon of Slate recently published a piece titled “Netflix Can Either Become the Dominant Media Monopoly of the 21st Century or Go Bust.” The market values Netflix as if it will be that dominant monopoly when, frankly, there’s a very good chance it goes bust. Risk/reward for this stock is so bad that no investor with any respect for fundamentals can own this stock in good conscience.
Salesforce CRM, +1.21% has racked up losses for years while pursuing growth at any cost. The theory behind this strategy is that the company will eventually be able to cut back heavily on its marketing and R&D costs while maintaining its recurring revenue stream.
Even if this strategy does work, which is far from certain, the company is currently valued at 10 times revenue, or double the valuation of Oracle. This hasn’t dissuaded bulls, as Salesforce generates classic tech bubble-style headlines like “Ignore Salesforce’s Valuation.” In other words, they want investors to ignore fundamentals.
Tesla TSLA, -1.09% currently has a higher market cap than GM GM, -0.05% despite selling about 1% as many cars in 2017. What’s more, GM is already ahead of Tesla in self-driving technology and rapidly catching up when it comes to electric vehicle production.
Elon Musk keeps promising that Tesla will revolutionize the auto industry, but so far Tesla hasn’t shown an ability to navigate the manufacturing logistics that the established auto makers figured out decades ago. The company’s valuation is blind to fundamentals and seems entirely focused on the cult of personality that has built up around Musk.
Read: Tesla confirms intention to go private, sending stock up 11%
Spotify Technology SPOT, -0.24% wants to disrupt the music industry, but so far it remains beholden to the Big Three record labels that own 85% of the music streamed on its platform. The market thinks of Spotify as a trendy tech company, but as we wrote in our report on the stock, the economics of its business are more similar to the movie theater industry.
Spotify’s leverage against the record labels is further weakened by the rapid growth of competitors like Apple Music AAPL, -0.08% It’s hard to see how Spotify can justify the growth expectations implied by its valuation unless it could pull off the unlikely feat of taking over ownership of its content from the labels while holding off competition from other streaming services (all without having to overspend like Netflix has).
Again, we see a company where the valuation reflects the best-case scenario with little to no tether to fundamentals.
How to bet against the micro bubble
Investors that want to bet against these micro-bubble stocks can short them directly, but that can be expensive and risky for these momentum-driven companies. As the saying goes, the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.
Another way to profit from the busting of this micro bubble is to invest in the incumbents from which these companies must take major chunks of market share. When these micro-bubble stocks fall back to earth, a great deal of capital should be reallocated to the incumbents.
Macro bubbles vs. micro bubbles
Today’s market has some micro bubbles, or smaller groups of overhyped stocks trading at ridiculous valuations.That makes it very different from the tech bubble, which was a macro bubble, a marketwide phenomenon that distorted the valuation of the entire market.
A few new features are shaping the market now and explain why today’s bubbles are unlikely to spread to the entire market, at least for the foreseeable future:
• Politicians and policy makers are focused on preventing macro market crashes. Today’s politicians and policy makers are heavily shaped by both the housing bubble of the mid-2000s and the tech bubble of the late 1990s. They will likely do everything in their power to prevent recurrence of such cataclysmic events on their watch.
• Rising influence of noise traders. Noise traders, who make investment decisions based on noise and have no regard for fundamentals, are an increasingly influential force in today’s market. Roughly a quarter of all U.S. adults with internet access are retail online traders. That’s around 50 million investors who don’t have professional trading (much less investing) experience and might be more susceptible to buying into “story” stocks without understanding the fundamentals. There’s power in those numbers.
• Overhyping “transformative” technology. The splintering of online media has led journalists to overhype nearly every new technology and trend in a relentless competition for clicks. For example, despite the “Retail Apocalypse” narrative, brick-and-mortar sales still account for 90% of retail sales, and Walmart earned nearly three times more revenue than Amazon last year. In reality, very few new technologies are as transformative as we like to imagine.
• Value transfer vs. value creation. Too many investors overestimate the value-creation opportunities for new technologies. Even when technologies are transformative, predicting who will reap the benefits of these technologies is difficult. Often, most of the value accrues to end users/consumers and not corporations. When it does accrue to a company, it’s usually at the expense of another company. During the tech bubble, bulls believed the internet would make our economy radically more productive and allow the GDP growth rate of around 5% in the late 90’s to persist for many years. When this utopian future failed to materialize, the market collapsed. By contrast, today’s micro-bubble companies compete against firmly established incumbents from which they must take large chunks of market share to survive. Instead of adding value, these companies aim to take value from existing players. Even if they succeed, we think much of that value will eventually pass to consumers.
This last point is key. In 1999, investors gave Microsoft MSFT, -0.10% its absurdly high valuation because they believed its software would create enormous amounts of value and growth for thousands of other companies. On the other hand, Tesla’s sky-high valuation implies it will take market share away from General Motors and Ford F, +0.50% which decreases the valuation of those companies.
These modern-day micro bubbles reflect the zero-sum nature of today’s crowded and more mature competitive landscapes.
Why we’re not in a macro bubble
Figure 2 sums up the difference between the tech bubble and today’s market pretty clearly. It shows the price to economic book value (PEBV) of the largest 1,000 U.S. stocks by market cap going back to 2000. PEBV compares the current valuation of a company compared to the zero-growth value of its cash flows, i.e. NOPAT, so a higher PEBV means the market expects more future cash flow growth.
While the market’s PEBV has more than doubled since 2012, from 0.7 to 1.5, it’s nowhere close to its tech bubble level of 5.7.
There are definitely some outrageously valued companies out there, but those high valuations … [more]
If  it  is  something  urgent_  after  you  send  me  the  details  by  email_  please  contact  text.  These  5  tech  stocks  are  in  a  dot-com-like  bubble  (and  they  aren’t  all  FAANGs)  -  MarketWatch  Amazon  AMZN  Netflix  NFLX  Crm  salesForce  Spotify  Tesla  TSLA  dotComLike  from iphone
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How  to  Install  a  Safety  Grab  Bar  with  the  World's  Strongest  Fastener  -  YouTube  |  bathRoom  room#5 
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