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CNBC: 'One of the worst inventions in tech is shared calendar' says Basecamp CEO
Basecamp co-founder and CEO Jason Fried is speaking out against endless meetings, emails, being on call 24/7 and 80-hour workweeks. Nothing will change, he says, until people raise their hands and voices and demand: 'We need to have a life.' Read the full story
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CNBC:  'One  of  the  worst  inventions  in  tech  is  shared  calendar'  says  Basecamp  CEO  32  hour  4  day  workweek  work  week 
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Most Interesting Construction Inventions And Ingenious Machines ▶12 - YouTube
tags: Most Interesting Construction Inventions And Ingenious Machines ▶12 - YouTube video || tile level leveling system ;;;
01:35; vaccum lift for bricks, cinder blocks and other heavy things.
04:45; tile leveling system
06:30; quick light duty road construction
Most  Interesting  Construction  Inventions  And  Ingenious  Machines  ▶12  -  YouTube  video  ||  tile  level  leveling  system  vaccum  lift  for  bricks  &  cinder  blocks  quick  light  duty  road 
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10 Inventions that could SAVE YOUR LIFE - YouTube
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Tornado  shelter  etc  10  Inventions  that  could  SAVE  YOUR  LIFE  -  YouTube  from iphone
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New Inventions That Will Take Your Bike To Another Level - YouTube ;;;
tags: New Inventions That Will Take Your Bike To Another Level - YouTube | video invention needsEditing ;;;
New  Inventions  That  Will  Take  Your  Bike  To  Another  Level  -  YouTube  |  video  invention  needsEditing 
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10 Most Interesting Inventions for Construction 2018
10  Most  Interesting  Inventions  for  Construction  2018  Reading  InterestingReading  needs 
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Mighty Blaster | BulbHead
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example  of  amazon  Pay  new  invention  inventions  needsEditing  questionable 
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do you have a patent to license to us?;;;
Inventors Page

Have a clever idea?

To submit a product invention for review, click here to begin the process!

Inventor Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a patent to submit? You will need to have filed for a patent application before submitting your idea. We require a patent application to have been filed in order for us to review your information.

Does the NDA (non-disclosure form) protect me? No, if you have a patent pending or patented product, that protects you and nothing in the NDA takes that right away. It’s always good to consult an attorney if you have questions.

What do I need to submit for consideration? Click on the link above that reads “To submit a product invention for review, click here to begin the process!” You will be taken to another website and can follow the step-by-step directions on that site to submit your invention.

What is the process? Your information wil
invention  got  inventions  clopay  FAQ  do  you  your  have  a  patent  license  to  us  inventor 
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New Product Contact Form
inventors click here.
What we look for in new product:
-Not yet sold in retail stores
-Be extremely visual and demonstratable
-Perceptibly beneficial to consumers and offer genuine value
-Impulse driven
-Consumable in order to encourage repeat buys and backend continuity sales.
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invention  inventions  inventor 
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