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Flight videos deconstructed
This week’s post isn’t entirely scientific, but I thought I’d upload it anyway since it’s related to animals and patterns in nature. When I worked in an insect lab as an undergrad, I helped out with an experiment about mosquito larvae. As part of the process we used a Matlab program to manually input the larva’s location during thousands of video frames.
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february 2017 by ndw
The Map of Mathematics
You can’t do physics without math. Hence we now have The Map of Mathematics. Created by physicist Dominic Walliman, this new video explains “how pure mathematics and applied mathematics relate to each other and all of the sub-topics they are made from.” Watch the new video above. You can buy a poster of the map here. And you can download a version for educational use here.
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february 2017 by ndw
YouTube - PIXELS
8-bit video game apocalypse
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april 2010 by ndw
Nature by the numbers
Spectacular. #fibonacci ♲@peropaal Gorgeous piece, must see! RT @kevsmith: Why math is beautiful:
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april 2010 by ndw
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Video Lectures
These lectures follow the first edition (1985) of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Many of the programs discussed were rewritten for the second edition (1996) of the book, and new material was added. These video lectures will still be us
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august 2007 by ndw
Chase Jarvis Blog: Chase Jarvis FRAMES: Hasselblad Masters
Here’s an interesting peek at the underbelly of professional photography--the gems and the warts, the outtakes, the volume, the repetition, light tests, blown angles, and the hero shots all wound together in one tight little ball.
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may 2007 by ndw

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