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command line - How do I start Chrome using a specified "user profile"? - Super User
GUI method with proper icon (for Windows)

Type chrome://settings/ in address bar (or Menu > Settings)
Scroll down to Users section
Select the user marked (current) & click Edit button
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september 2018 by ndf
Why do I recieve BUG: soft lockup kernel messages
Why do I recieve BUG: soft lockup kernel messages
Error messages similar to the following appear in the kernel message log:

kernel: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 10s! [events/0:50]
The CentOS/RHEL kernel has a default softlockup threshold of 10 seconds. This can sometimes be too low if the system is very busy with I/O.

We have also seen these messages on an idle system with a large core count. In this case it may be caused by a bug in the kernel when the CPU wakes up from an extended idle period.

The following Redhat knowledge base article has some additional information:


The problem can often be worked around by increasing the softlockup threshold to are larger value. For example:

echo 120 > /proc/sys/kernel/softlockup_thresh

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september 2018 by ndf
RPI vcgencmd usage - eLinux.org
vcgencmd commands

... Find power source ??
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august 2018 by ndf
Course: Digital Literacy
Art and Media
Digital Literacy
Your progress Topic outline

About this course

This course explores Digital Literacy and its importance for teachers and students. The course is optimised for the mobile app. Please try it out!


* SOURCE ~ https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=332437

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august 2018 by ndf
Moodle in English: 3.3.2 Installation Broken
Re: 3.3.2 Installation Broken
Fadhla Junus
Thursday, 21 September 2017, 6:34 AM
Finally I successfully installed Moodle 3.3.2 in localhost using XAMPP.
I did clear all internet-browser cookies and cache and increase max_execution_time from 30 to 600

What a simple solution.! 

Thanks to the maker of this 
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august 2018 by ndf
mysql - Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements - Stack Overflow
Because of your password. You can see password validate configuration metrics using SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'validate_password%'; in mysql or you can set the password policy level lower, for example :

SET GLOBAL validate_password_length = 6;
SET GLOBAL validate_password_number_count = 0;
You can watch this video:
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august 2018 by ndf
How To Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL | DigitalOcean
How To Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL
PostedJune 12, 2012 3.5m views MYSQL

Etel Sverdlov
MySQL is an open-source database management software that helps users store, organize, and later retrieve data. It has a variety of options to grant specific users nuanced permissions within the tables and databases—this tutorial will give a short overview of a few of the many options.

What the Highlights Mean
Throughout this tutorial, any lines that the user needs to enter or customize will be highlighted! The rest should mostly be copy-and-pastable.

How to Create a New User
In Part 1 of the MySQL Tutorial, we did all of the editing in MySQL as the root user, with full access to all of the databases. However, in cases where more restrictions may be required, there are ways to create users with custom permissions.

Let’s start by making a new user within the MySQL shell:

CREATE USER 'newuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
Note: When adding users within the MySQL shell in this tutorial, we will specify the user’s host as localhost and not the server’s IP address. localhost is a hostname which means “this computer,” and MySQL treats this particular hostname specially: when a user with that host logs into MySQL it will attempt to connect to the local server by using a Unix socket file. Thus, localhost is typically used when you plan to connect by SSHing into your server or when you’re running the local mysql client to connect to the local MySQL server.

At this point newuser has no permissions to do anything with the databases. In fact, even if newuser tries to login (with the password, password), they will not be able to reach the MySQL shell.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to provide the user with access to the information they will need.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO 'newuser'@'localhost';
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august 2018 by ndf
moodle-auth_oidc/user_created.php at master · Microsoft/moodle-auth_oidc
* @package auth_oidc
* @author James McQuillan <james.mcquillan@remote-learner.net>
* @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU GPL v3 or later
* @copyright (C) 2014 onwards Microsoft, Inc. (http://microsoft.com/)
namespace auth_oidc\event;
* Event fired when OIDC creates a new user.
class user_created extends \core\event\base {
* Return localised event name.
* @return string
public static function get_name() {
return get_string('eventusercreated', 'auth_oidc');
* Returns non-localised event description with id's for admin use only.
* @return string
public function get_description() {
return "A user (user id '{$this->userid}') was creatd using the OpenID Connect authentication plugin.";
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march 2017 by ndf
Moodle in English: How to inject custom css and javascript to any moodle page
Re: How to inject custom css and javascript to any moodle page
Tim Hunt
Friday, 1 May 2015, 8:38 AM

Implement your plugin as a Block plugin.

You can set a block to appear on every page in Moodle (like the Navigation block).

The block gets called when the page is being output. The block does not have to appear as a block at the side of the page (except when editing is on) but it can inject some JS and CSS using $PAGE->requires->... after looking at $PAGE->pagetype, and other such properties, to work out what sort of page it is.

Useful (3)
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march 2017 by ndf
[MDL-54836] Accessibility enhancements: use proper heading mark-up for 'Aspect...' heading - Moodle Tracker
Moodle workshop activity.

OU contact: Adrian Bickers.

Hi David Mudrák & Loc Nguyen Dinh,

I thought I'd chip in with a bit of background, and some suggestions. I did the accessibility testing at the Open University that led to Loc's bug report...
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july 2016 by ndf
OSS Watch - Moodle: a case study in sustainability
In the latter half of 2006, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) commissioned a study via its Teaching and Learning committee to examine the issues surrounding sustainability of open source software. The resulting report drew together seven case studies of successful but very different open source projects and examined each project's sustainability model. Each of these case studies has been told from the point of view of the lead developer or one of the key personnel and gives a fascinating insight into the factors that have determined the success of each project. These case studies are now presented by OSS Watch as stand alone documents in a series.
This case study, examining the Moodle project, has been written by Martin Dougiamas, Managing Director, Moodle Pty Ltd.
1. Brief description
Moodle is an open source Web application (released under the GNU General Public License) designed for producing Internet-based courses and websites...
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february 2010 by ndf
MoodleMoot 2006: Nick Freear, C Colwell - Improving the Accessibility of Moodle: experiences, guidelines and the road ahead
The presentation introduces the context for accessibility work at the Open University, and legislation in the UK and worldwide. There is then a primer on the accessibility guidelines, disability and assistive technology. We discuss the evaluation and development process used to date in 2006.
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february 2010 by ndf
MDLMOOT06: Nick Freear, Chetz Colwell, The Open University, UK. - Improving the Accessibility of Moodle: experiences, guidelines and the road ahead
The presentation introduces the context for accessibility work at the Open University, and legislation in the UK and worldwide. There is then a primer on the accessibility guidelines, disability and assistive technology. We discuss the evaluation and development process used to date in 2006.
PDF, MP3 audio, links.
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february 2010 by ndf
Using Moodle: Results of accessiblity testing
by Lori Holden - Monday, 15 February 2010, 01:14 AM - Accessibility_issues_from_AFB.doc
This post is similar to Randall's; essentially an accessibility test of Moodle 1.9.5 was run by consultants with the American Federation of the Blind for a client...
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february 2010 by ndf
Data Plus - Moodle.org: Modules and plugins
LTS/ A.J.Forth.
DataPlus is a Moodle module conceived and developed at The Open University. It enables the production of customisable, portable, standalone SQLite3 databases for teaching and learning.
The module is designed to build upon many of the strengths of the existing Moodle Data module, but with increased performance, improved search...
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february 2010 by ndf
Outcomes - Slideshare
Maryel Mediola. Moodle 1.9.
Outcomes are specific descriptions of what a student is expected to be able to do or understand at the completion of an activity or course. In simple terms an Outcome is like any other grade except that it can be applied to multiple activities...
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february 2010 by ndf
iMoot 2010 Maryel Mendiola
"Connective knowledge is knowledge of the interaction" 1
Moodle global community is more than a community, it is a huge family concerned about learning and teaching and development.
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february 2010 by ndf
Tomaz Lasic - joining Moodle HQ, Feb 2010.
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february 2010 by ndf
Using Moodle book - MoodleDocs
2nd edition 2007 (Moodle 1.8), by Jason Cole and Helen Foster.
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january 2010 by ndf

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