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JohnAlbin/normalize-scss · GitHub
Normalize for Sass 3.3 and Compass 1.0
sass  compass  webdev 
july 2014 by Nbsheeran
A Package Manager for the web
webdev  bash 
june 2014 by Nbsheeran
Tour Iconic
Much more than a static icon set
webdev  graphics 
june 2014 by Nbsheeran
A jQuery plugin for empowering footnotes
jquery  text_editing  webdev 
june 2014 by Nbsheeran
A huge list of frontend development resources
june 2013 by Nbsheeran
Highlight.js highlights syntax in code examples on blogs, forums and in fact on any web pages. It's very easy to use because it works automatically: finds blocks of code, detects a language, highlights it.
code  javascript  webdev 
june 2013 by Nbsheeran
jrodl3r/h5bp-codekit · GitHub
H5BPCodeKit is a collection of tools and libraries that work in unison to form a simple starting point for building Apps & Websites (without the Command Line). H5BPCodeKit uses CodeKit for Sass-CSS pre-compiling, JavaScript minification, and more. -- [includes Susy as well]
webdev  software 
june 2013 by Nbsheeran
Paid service to handle your RSS feeds
webdev  tryout 
may 2013 by Nbsheeran
Well-crafted website monitoring
tryout  webdev 
march 2013 by Nbsheeran
Notes from My Workshop at Webstock ’13
Good little nuggets here from Chris Coyier. Need to re-look at using MAMP
webdev  sass 
february 2013 by Nbsheeran
Deploy your projects with Git
Use git manually, with hooks, or Capistrano
git  webdev  from instapaper
january 2013 by Nbsheeran
Codular - Home
All kinds of how-to's for web-related topics
tutorial  webdev 
january 2013 by Nbsheeran
The Browser Package Manager
Additionally, a searchable list of Bower packages here:
software  webdev 
october 2012 by Nbsheeran

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