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Web Font Generator for Mac OSX | FontPrep
FontPrep takes your TTF and OTF font files and generates all of the respective font-formats for the web: WOFF, EOT, and SVG.
typography  software 
june 2013 by Nbsheeran
Lea Verou: Easy color contrast ratios (tool)
Nice tool for testing contrast of body text vs background
color  typography  webtools 
october 2012 by Nbsheeran
Baseline.js | Vertical rhythm made easy
Simple tool for maintaining a vertical rhythm, especially with images.
typography  jquery 
july 2012 by Nbsheeran
Incremental leading | Mark Boulton
How to correctly deviate from an overall vertical rhythm.
may 2012 by Nbsheeran
Modular Scale
From Tim Brown's Build presentation
typography  webtools 
january 2011 by Nbsheeran

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