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Sass Bites #47 - Putting Susy Grids to Work
This week we'll start using Susy grids to create some complex layouts. Check out the code I use at http://sassmeister.com/gist/a00a3c3ba...
sass  susy 
may 2015 by Nbsheeran
JohnAlbin/normalize-scss · GitHub
Normalize for Sass 3.3 and Compass 1.0
sass  compass  webdev 
july 2014 by Nbsheeran
A Sass-based CSS architecture for creating predictable and maintainable application style.
june 2013 by Nbsheeran
Notes from My Workshop at Webstock ’13
Good little nuggets here from Chris Coyier. Need to re-look at using MAMP
webdev  sass 
february 2013 by Nbsheeran
SassMeister | The Sass Playground!
Write Sass in the browser, see the resulting CSS. Numerous extensions available (Bourbon, Susy, etc).
sass  webtools 
january 2013 by Nbsheeran
Think of Toolkit as your swiss army knife for Progressive Enhancement and Responsive Web Design
sass  rwd 
october 2012 by Nbsheeran
Sass 3.2 is released
Good intro to the new features of Sass 3.2, straight from the developer.
august 2012 by Nbsheeran
Susy: Getting Started
My favorite grid framework, by far
sass  grids  rwd 
may 2012 by Nbsheeran

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