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Tag editors
A tag editor (or tagger) is a piece of software that supports editing metadata of multimedia file formats, rather than the actual file content. These are mainly taggers for common audio tagging formats like ID3, APE, and Vorbis comments (for example Windows Media Player and iTunes), but can also be taggers for JPEG and TIFF metadata, for example (iPhoto). A common purpose of tag editors is to correct and sort multimedia files, for example music collections. This often happens in a batch processing mode so that one doesn't have to manually edit every file on its own.
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may 2011 by navegador
[ Tagamac ] [ Tagging software ]
this is just a list of all the tagging software for Mac OS X that I know of ... (2008)
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september 2009 by navegador Tags for MediaWiki - Meta
This is a stub for fleshing out the idea of having tags for MediaWiki articles
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august 2009 by navegador
Get and set definitions for #tags - A dictionary for (hash)tags
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march 2009 by navegador
The Politics of Tag Clouds and Meme Tracking – mutually occluded
the proliferation and popularity of ‘tag clouds’ is capturing “the shift from message to contribution characteristic of communicative capitalism”. That is, in place of meaning and context, which in actuality govern discourse, tag clouds display information in terms of repetition, frequency, and intensity.
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february 2009 by navegador
Das neue Netz
Informationsmanagement in Wikis und Bookmark-Systemen
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january 2009 by navegador
Above the Tag Clouds
Over time, semantic and linguistic changes can modify the meaning and form of tags, and changes in tagging behavior can create disconnects between related tags. By conceiving tagging as a triad: object, user, tag, we completely miss the critical notion of time. Time leads to changes in semantics, vocabulary, behavior, and syntax. In order to address the problem of aging tags and aging folksonomies, we really need to include time as a critical facet of tagging: object, user, tag, time. The adaptive behavior of tags requires that there is a constant influx of new descriptive data about an object, but time-related changes have to overcome the weight of the pre-existing tags. In this poster we propose a new tag-cloud visualization technique that attempts to address these issues by including a dynamic factor: the changing weight of tags over time.
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november 2008 by navegador
tag, tags, tagging | Ask Metafilter
Tagging on delicious or flickr: are your tags singular or plural? do you have a set of guidelines or a system for the way you tag your items? if you have a system, can you describe it? I'm looking for a way to be more consistent in how I tag items.
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september 2008 by navegador

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