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Sprachstil: Sie schreiben, wie sie talken - NZZ Feuilleton
Die Literatursprache verflacht. Was blüht, ist die Stillosigkeit.
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february 2017 by navegador
The Minimalist Principle: Omit Needless Things
While minimalist aesthetics and products and the minimalist lifestyle appeals to a lot of people, they find it easier to like it than to live it. Minimalism is something people might strive for, but they don’t know where to start ...
living  lifestyle  LIFE  style  simplicity  productivity  minimalism  zen  inspiration  zenhabits  howto  advice  aesthetics 
august 2009 by navegador
moleskinerie: The Beauty of it All...
"I am not the only one to suspect or confirm the Moleskine® and Phi association! I had noticed long ago that the proportions to my pocket Mole were extremely conducive to not only sketches, but the formatting of my writing just takes on a life of it's own. One day, out of sheer curiosity, I did the measurements, and lo and behold, the Moleskine® is almost a perfect Golden Rectangle. "
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august 2009 by navegador
Form style web 2.0 generator
Design and make your css for free, gradient image generation included
web  style  tools  css  html  graphics  generator  web2null 
january 2009 by navegador
The Art of Manliness
a blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art (or implications) of being a man ...
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september 2008 by navegador
small house style
small, simple, modular, prefab, modern, solar, small home & house plans & design @ small house style
architecture  small  house  housing  solar  design  simple  modular  style 
september 2008 by navegador
Modern Love - Why Spoil Great Sex by Dating? -
"Don't have a prospect? Check Facebook. Afraid to call? Text. With so many avenues for communication, one might expect an onslaught of romantic soliloquies, but that isn't the case. Casual is sexy. Caring is creepy."
living  relationships  modern  style  dating  communication  behaviours  retribalisation  nytimes  articles  2008  via:adamcrowe 
august 2008 by navegador
Turnstyle | Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Information Design
STYLE is a statement of personality. In an overcrowded marketplace, it helps to get noticed. It augments meaning and helps you connect with audiences. All other things being equal, style can evoke an emotional reaction that gives people a reason to choose
web  design  graphics  flash  branding  identity  inspiration  agency  business  style 
january 2008 by navegador
die Sammlerseite und Community für Schreibgeraete-Sammler, Montblanc Fuellfederhalter
art  culture  fountain.pens  collections  community  montblanc  writing  style  ink 
august 2007 by navegador

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