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Issuu - You Publish
Making digital publishing beautiful - Issuu is the leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences of magazines, books, catalogs, reports, and more. In just a few seconds users can create beautiful digital editions simply by uploading their publications. It's our mission to empower individuals, companies, and institutions to publish their documents across all digital platforms. Issuu is also a popular destination site visited by millions every month. It's a dynamic library where people are drawn to and engaged by great publications and where publishers find and build targeted audiences.
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april 2010 by navegador
16 Apps That Make Sharing Large Files A Snap
File sharing services are not as popular today as they were ... So why use a file-sharing app anyway? Actually for many reasons: for larger files, for privacy, multiple files, file format support, and more. 3 main issues when using file services: Free, Fast, and Useful . . .
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august 2009 by navegador
Today, Scribd is the largest social publishing company in the world — the website where more than 60 million people each month discover and share original writings and documents.
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august 2009 by navegador
SoundCloud lets you move music fast & easy. The platform takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals.
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august 2009 by navegador
Sharism: A Mind Revolution - Freesouls
The key motivator of Social Media and the core spirit of Web 2.0 is a mind switch called Sharism. Sharism suggests a re-orientation of personal values. We see it in User Generated Content. It is the pledge of Creative Commons. It is in the plans of future-oriented cultural initiatives. Sharism is also a mental practice that anyone can try, a social-psychological attitude to transform a wide and isolated world into a super-smart Social Brain.
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june 2009 by navegador
collaborative photo encyclopedia: share your pictures, organize and document them, nominate the most relevant, vote ...
photography  encyclopedias  images  sharing  photos  wiki  collaboration  social  community 
june 2009 by navegador
create & share mp3 mixtapes, the way we kids did ... some time ago
music  mp3  mixtapes  share  sharing  community  online  radio  social  media 
august 2008 by navegador - Share and remix data using open standards
Mission: To Consult, Design, Educate and Advocate Interoperable Data Portability to Users, Developers and Vendors.
Definition: Data Portability is the option to use your personal data between trusted applications and vendors.
web  standards  sharing  security  xml  microformats  connectivity  data  portability  openid  identity  identification 
july 2008 by navegador
RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
Per 1-Click-Hosting können grosse Dateien in einem Schritt hochgeladen und über einen Download-Link anderen zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Den Link erhält nur derjenige, der die Datei gespeichert hat. So sind die Daten vor unbefugtem Zugriff geschütz
web  hosting  files  sharing  filesharing  share  tools  download  online  resources  storage 
july 2008 by navegador
Search, Download and Share Music
music  online  mp3  download  p2p  sharing  songs 
february 2008 by navegador
Danke! Haben Sie’s gemerkt? Öfter mal Danke sagen wirkt. Menschen, die sich für uns einsetzen, macht es zufrieden. Und es motiviert. Von unserem guten Gefühl ganz abgesehen. Deshalb empfehlen wir: Einfach öfter mal Danke sagen!
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february 2008 by navegador
Control C is an automated solution that will monitor your clipboard and store the data for you so you can later share or retrieve for yourself contents copied to your clipboard that otherwise would have been lost forever.
software  tools  data  sharing  copypaste  controlc 
february 2008 by navegador
Wuala, your files online
Wuala, your free online hard-disk | Share files with your friends, privately | All files encrypted. No file size limits. No traffic limits. Fast downloads. Get as much storage as you like. Free and simple.
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january 2008 by navegador

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