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African Geographic
Anlässlich der WM in Südafrika hat die Fabrikzeitung die Sonderausgabe Nr. 262 African Geographic lanciert. 13 Autoren aus aller Welt erzählen über Afrika, was es ist und wird. Über Fashionaddicts, Fussballmagier und vieles mehr, von unserem südlichen Nachbarkontinent.
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Alla scoperta dell'America - Concerti Mosaico 2010
con i musicisti dell'Orchestra della Svizzera italiana in collaboraziione con l'Associazione Musica nel Mendrisiotto
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Slash Storage Costs, Archive to the Cloud
Technology workers today are well aware of the tremendous data tsunami, which keeps growing ever larger and larger while swamping the storage capacity and backup windows of businesses all over the world. Additionally, shrinking IT budgets and staffing levels have severely hampered IT staffsʼ ability to properly store and protect the ever increasing amounts of data while also providing the business with ready and secure access to all that data.
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Elso Schiavo - Fabelwesen
Mythical creatures searching for a name ... Fabelwesen, die einen Namen suchen ...
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