Untitled (https://boards.greenhouse.io/reserve/jobs/26991?t=1xteik#.VS_PaRPF_Yw)
we're looking for a hungry candidate to join as Restaurant Ops Manager in SF. know anyone? ()
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Log In - The New York Times
Keys open doors, keys, keys open doors –alt title to 's scary report on how to break into newer model cars
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2 days ago
“Songlines” / Björk@MoMA | code plus sound
i correctly guessed Björk at @MuseumModernArt used iBeacons; full post on amazing tech used:
technology  art 
4 days ago
Untitled (http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/04/12/opinion/sunday/david-brooks-the-moral-bucket-list.html?referrer=&_r=2)
“suffering introduces you to yourself and reminds you that you are not the person you thought you were.”
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5 days ago
Funny Surfer Dude - YouTube
every once in a while you got to watch the "Surfer Dude" on youtube – one of the funniest videos of all time.
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6 days ago
naveen's tip at Il Gattopardo
"the bar. the lasagna with the tiny meatballs." Foursquare Tip
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8 days ago
Gigaom’s Culture of Context Lives On | Om Malik
"Quite literally, a star had to die so that you could exist."
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9 days ago
Electric Objects: The $5 Commission by Electric Objects — Kickstarter
I just backed Electric Objects: The $5 Commission on - One pledge, four works of art
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11 days ago
3D NEW YORKER is all kinds of amazing: such a simple photo concept, well-executed and put together in a neat gallery.
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13 days ago
Fur Card
here's your dose of adorable for this morning - thank me later for the unproductive Friday: 's Fur Card
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14 days ago
A Parched Soul | Om Malik
A most beautiful piece: 's 'A Parched Soul'
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15 days ago
WiThings - Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
anyone want my Withings Blood pressure monitor? don't use it at all and trying to have fewer things at home.
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15 days ago
Felt by Nils Frahm on Spotify
for your headphones, to help you fall asleep: Nils Frahm / Familiar.
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16 days ago
naveen - Electric Objects
get at my profile: one design by me; one design made by ; the others we found.
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16 days ago
Timehop: What did you do 1 year ago today?
This is from 5 yrs ago, but I read a report last year that said spies do use foursquare: to throw off tails.
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17 days ago
trying in LA for the first time to order from
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19 days ago
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