2 Factor Authentification on Apple TV | Official Apple Support Communities
How to solve the repeated password prompts on an older Apple TV when you have two-factor authentication enabled on your iCloud account
icloud  howto  appletv  authentication 
january 2018
When the World Is Led by a Child - NYTimes.com
Armchair psycho-analysis of President Trump that makes a lot of sense.
politics  security  trump 
may 2017
58% of high-performance employees say they need more quiet work spaces.
High-performance employees are less productive in open-plan work spaces.
business  productivity  offices  distraction 
march 2017
Node.js ES2015/ES6 support
Which new JavaScript features does a particular version of Node support?
node  node.js  es6  javascript  support 
february 2017
Smyck Color Scheme
Excellent color scheme provided in .tmTheme format (for TextMate, VS Code, Sublime), plus macOS Terminal format.
colorschemes  color  themes  texteditors  terminal  shell 
february 2017
Penetration Testers’ Guide to Windows 10 Privacy & Security – Medium
Good guide for how to securely configure a Windows PC in a corporate environment
windows  it  security  configuration  howto 
december 2016
Node.js, TC-39, and Modules
How import differs from require, and the implications for Node.js. Excellent detail about the inner workings of the require() system.
node.js  javascript  es6  dependencies  require  import 
november 2016
Cryptosense Discovery
Discover and assess external-facing crypto
configuration  security  ssl  testing  tls 
october 2016
Updating Windows 7 Fast From Scratch
Build a Windows 7 image quickly and cleanly. Should be much faster than Windows Updating over and over again.
it  deployment  windows 
october 2016
References and foreach - Johannes Schlüter
Explains PHP’s unexpected behavior when a reference is used with a foreach loop.
php  references  stupidity 
december 2015
12.10 - How do I resize my /boot partition? - Ask Ubuntu
Another tip for dealing with a full /boot partition, especially if the old kernels you remove keep coming back like zombies due to some kind of dependency.
ubuntu  /boot  howto  stupidity 
november 2015
Can't clean a full /boot because of unmet dependencies - Ask Ubuntu
How to fix a full /boot directory on Ubuntu.

When you can’t even remove the old kernels that Ubuntu leaves behind in /boot because the /boot is full.
ubuntu  howto  /boot  stupidity 
november 2015
Journal of Aristotle (5147)
PHP: The blind leading the blind

How do the developers of PHP fix an overflow problem? Their first attempt started with "if (size > INT_MAX)".
c  php  programming  security  stupidity  humor 
september 2015
The replacement for the venerable Blacktree Nocturne
mac  osx  display  night-vision  software 
july 2015
Share localhost with SSH & Apache – Brian Wigginton
Share a web app running on localhost to the web, using a reverse SSH and Apache tunnel.
ssh  apache  localhost  web  development  tunnel 
june 2015
CIPB - Create Country ACL
Get a list of IP address ranges, by country.
cisco  security  sysadmin  ip  addresses  blocking 
march 2015
The Worlds of David Darling: Encyclopedia of Science
astronomy  science  reference  encyclopedia 
february 2015
Embracing SQL In Postgres — Rob Conery
Great examples of PostgreSQL’s SQL syntax, including partitioning to combine aggregates.
postgresql  sql 
february 2015
Online version » PEG.js – Parser Generator for JavaScript
Parser generator for JavaScript. Nice alternative to using regular expressions.
javascript  parsers  generators  grammars  regex  programming 
february 2015
Hypercritical: Better Pasta
John Siracusa’s tips for cooking pasta
cooking  food  pasta  recipes 
january 2015
Chinese Firewall Test - ViewDNS.info
Test whether a site can be accessed from mainland China.
china  dns  networking 
january 2015
Interesting complete mail server solution to install on a fresh cloud VM.
cloud  diy  email  server  smtp  activesync 
september 2014
[messaging] Modern anti-spam and E2E crypto
The most detailed explanation I’ve seen for how Gmail’s anti-spam filter works, and how encryption might change that. From one of its creators.
email  spam  gmail  filtering  reputation  encryption 
september 2014
furbo.org · The Terminal
Even if you think you know your way around the command line, you’ll learn something from this.
osx  bash  shell  howto  tips 
september 2014
CGSociety - Building 3D with Ikea
Most of those beautiful photos in the IKEA catalog are rendered 3D scenes.
graphics  3d  cgi  ikea 
august 2014
A PLC using Node.js as a runtime.
development  hardware  automation  iot  plc  node.js 
august 2014
dweet.io - Share your thing- like it ain't no thang.
Publish data from automation devices and send pub-sub notifications, called “dweets” (like tweets for devices).
api  development  hardware  iot  automation 
august 2014
Extensionizr - boilerplate for your chrome extension
Generates a skeleton Chrome extension per your specifications.
chrome  javascript  extensions  programming 
august 2014
One-page summaries of current tech trends.
technology  capital  industry  trends  buzzwords  definitions  explainers 
august 2014
Input: Fonts for Code
A new font designed for coding, with a modern approach. Includes 168 styles, both monospace and proportional.
development  fonts  programming 
august 2014
Watch Example Short 23.976 Online | Netflix
Example Netflix movie that shows your current streaming speed
netflix  broadband  speed  testing 
july 2014
Web Kiosk software by Webconverger
Interesting kiosk OS. Alternative to a ChromeBox.
linux  kiosk  os 
july 2014
Collections for JavaScript
An attempt at a standard collections library for both server- and client-side JavaScript.
javascript  programming  node  node.js  collections 
july 2014
RainLoop Webmail
Free webmail app you run on your own server, with a commercial option. Strong competitor to Roundcube.
web  mail  webmail  email 
june 2014
Data Doppelgängers and the Uncanny Valley of Personalization - Sara M. Watson - The Atlantic
The Uncanny Valley of advertising. “Personalized ads and experiences are supposed to reflect individuals, so when these systems miss their mark, they can interfere with a person’s sense of self. It’s hard to tell whether the algorithm doesn’t know us at all, or if it actually knows us better than we know ourselves.”
uncanny  valley  creepy  advertising 
june 2014
Microsoft Update Catalog
Search for and download Microsoft-certified drivers. You must visit this site using Internet Explorer, not Chrome or Firefox.
microsoft  windows  drivers  downloads 
april 2014
Erasing a FileVault 2-encrypted Volume | Der Flounder
Properly delete a FileVault volume before re-assigning a Mac.
mac  osx  mavericks  encryption  filevault 
april 2014
Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery
Amazing paintings of a futuristic past that never was.
art  futurism  scifi 
march 2014
The plural of anecdote is data, after all
Ever heard the saying, “the plural of anecdote is not data”? It turns out the original quote said exactly the opposite.
data  analysis  anecdotes  famous  quotes 
march 2014
Wi-Fi Sync Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it for All iOS Devices
How to make Wi-Fi Sync actually work. It’s simple. Why Apple doesn’t fix this is beyond me.
iphone  itunes  wifi  syncing 
march 2014
JavaScript Promises: There and back again - HTML5 Rocks
Excellent overview of promises, with various implementations compared and contrasted.
javascript  web  programming  promises  es5 
march 2014
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