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Google Maps a Japanese Nuclear Ghost Town - In Focus - The Atlantic
Google Maps a Japanese Nuclear Ghost Town - In Focus-The Atlantic
google  art  map  japan 
march 2013 by nandorocker
Droplr • IMG_0768.PNG
Emoji-exclusive conversations alone justify the price tag of an iPhone.
art  fb  from twitter
august 2012 by nandorocker
Stephan Doitschinoff | Diskursdisko
Intriguing recount of the brazilian artist who decided to paint a whole town.
artist  brazil  graffiti  branding  experimental  art 
january 2010 by nandorocker
The Driftlab (Yule) Log Drop!
I profess my love for casual gaming. Here's two GREAT and simple examples (thx @misterburton)
games  christmas  holidays  free  casual  awesome  art  design 
december 2009 by nandorocker
Jesus-With You Always
Jesus you can hang around and stuff but the touching might be a little too much.
art  religion  humor  illustration  drawing  funny  personal  career  lol  jesus 
september 2009 by nandorocker
eyes wide apart
Stumbled upon L.A. artist Paige Pooler, love her style. Then again I'm a sucker for 50s looking stuff
illustration  blog  art  blogs  artists  drawing  illustrations  design  artist 
august 2009 by nandorocker
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