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Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry killing feminism? Author Camille Paglia slams singers' 'insipid, bleached-out personas' | Mail Online
Moving on to Perry, Paglia, 65, rather cuttingly describes her as a 'manic cyborg cheerleader'.

She says that despite Perry being 28 years old, she is still 'stuck in wide-eyed teen-queen mode' especially after her 14-month marriage to Russell Brand.

She explains that both Swift and Perry's personas are completely at odds with their glamorous and overtly sexy guises.

'Katy Perry’s schizophrenia - good-girl mask over trash and flash - is a symptom of what has gone wrong,' she writes.

In her essay she adds that she has noticed how many young women wear revealing clothing, however most seem 'seem curiously unaware of the erotic charge of their racy regalia'.

Paglia previously slammed Lady Gaga, insisting her over-the-top sexuality is actually 'stripped of genuine eroticism'.
And now she says 'emotional deficiencies in sanitized middle-class life' are moving into other areas of the entertainment industry, leading to the success of the five Twilight films as well as this year’s The Hun
LadyGaga  KatyPerry  Film  Women  Culture  CamillePaglia 
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IMDB Top 250 in 2 1/2 Minutes - YouTube
d on Nov 2, 2012 by Jonathan Keogh
This is one incredible list of films/movies. If Peter Weyland wanted
David to learn about cinema while the crew of Prometheus was still in
hyper sleep, he'd probably have him go down the IMDB Top 250. This
list does change infrequently, and I began the project over a month
prior to November 1, 2012, so yes...I know
some of these movies are not on the top 250. 53 Titles to be exact
(as of 11/1/12).

From what I can gather, each film that makes it on the list has to have a rating of at least 8/10 on IMDB. After all this is a democracy, so each film does appear because of a substantial amount of votes. However, I couldn't put "The Avengers" in without "Ferris Bueller", and I wasn't going to let "Scarface" slide if "Bringing Out The Dead" wasn't in there too.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy it.

The song, by the way, can be found here on youtube. It is a mashup
mix of Joan Jett, The Beatles, House of Pain and Cypress Hill by the
very talented DJ FAROF
DJFarof  Top250+33  IMDB  Mashup  Film  Videos  *****  Wow 
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BBC News - A Point Of View: JG Ballard and the alchemy of memory
As he recalled in an interview, "I remember walking onto the decks, with water swilling through the staterooms. Given the stability of the society we now live in, this is very difficult to convey."

Even more than the time he spent in the Japanese prison camp outside Shanghai, Ballard's experience of a great city from which all signs of normal life had disappeared shaped him for the rest of his life.

When asked why it took him so long to write Empire of the Sun, a fictionalised version of his early years that Steven Speilberg turned into a highly successful film, Ballard said, "It took me 20 years to forget, and 20 years to remember."
Film  Writing  Books  Memory  JGBallard  JohnGray 
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BBC News - Obituary: Tony Scott
Scott was an avid rock climber and liked driving fast cars and motorcycles, but he called filmmaking his real thrill.

"The biggest edge I live on is directing. That's the most scary, dangerous thing you can do in your life," Scott said in an interview for his 1995 submarine thriller Crimson Tide.

"The scariest thing in my life is the first morning of production on all my movies. It's the fear of failing, the loss of face and a sense of guilt that everybody puts their faith in you and not coming through."
Directors  Film  2012  RIP  TonyScott 
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Noreen Malone: The Rise Of The Himbo: Why Playing Dumb Is Working For Ryan Lochte | The New Republic
Susan Faludi, writing in the 1990s, labelled “ornamental masculinity”—“objectification, passivity, infantilization, pedestal-perching, and mirror-gazing” in the face of the disappearance of opportunities for “real” expressions of manly manliness. I encountered the Faludi phrase recently in Hanna Rosin’s excellent The End of Men, a rigorously reported update to the Faludi, out next month. Her sweeping argument, laid out in The Atlantic a few years ago, boils down to this: In all spheres, women are rising just as fast as men—particularly working-class men—seem to be sinking. Lochte might be plenty buoyant himself, but he’s still a product of whatever it is this new gender dynamic has done to the way many young men think about themselves in relation to the world. And so are the women reveling in his blank stare and bare chest.
Culture  Olympics  Words  Himbo  2012  Film  Men  Sports  RyanLochte  SusanFaludi 
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Bat Crap. | MetaFilter
As ever, Johnathan Rosenbaum sums up my thoughts: "Roger [Ebert]'s a friend of mine, even though we often disagree about films. I feel far more alienated from someone like Anthony Lane who doesn't care about movies at all."
ToRead  Spoilers  ChristianBale  KeiraKnightly  JohnathanRosenbaum  RogerEbert  AnthonyLane  2012  Reviews  Film  TDKR  ChristopherNolan 
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Celeste Holm, Broadway star in 'Oklahoma!' and Oscar-winner, dies - latimes.com
"Really in the Academy class for supporting honors is Celeste Holm, who brings joy and gaiety, as well as good common sense, to the screen in her thoroughly ingratiating rendition of her role of everybody's friend," film critic Edwin Schallert wrote in his review of the film, which also earned Oscars for best picture and best director. Holm received two more supporting-actress Oscar nominations while under contract to Fox — for playing a nun in the 1949 drama "Come to the Stable" and for playing the best friend of Bette Davis' aging Broadway star Margo Channing in the classic 1950 backstage drama"All About Eve."

"My agent didn't want me to do 'Eve.' Can you imagine?" Holm told the [AP] in 1997. "He was afraid 'Miss Normal' would get caught between two cats, Bette Davis andAnne Baxter."

As Holm often recalled, when she walked onto the set the first day of shooting and said, "Good morning," Davis responded by saying, "Oh, [expletive], good manners."

"I never spoke to her again — ever,
SinglePage  BetteDavis  History  Film  Oscars  RIP  2012  CelesteHolm 
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Oneiric (film theory) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Filmmakers noted for their use of oneiric or dreamlike elements in their films include Luis Buñuel,[3] Wojciech Has,[4] Sergei Parajanov, Ingmar Bergman, Terry Gilliam, David Cronenberg, Alexander Dovzhenko, Andrei Tarkovsky,[5] Lars von Trier,[6] Krzysztof Kieslowski (e.g., The Double Life of Véronique from 1991)[7], Carlos Atanes[citation needed], Alejandro Jodorowsky, Sergio Leone (particularly Once Upon a Time in America)[citation needed], Orson Welles (particularly his adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Trial), and David Lynch (e.g., Mulholland Drive).[8] Film genres or styles noted for their use of oneiric elements include 1940s and 1950s film noir and surrealist films; moreover, oneiric elements have also been noted in musicals, thriller and horror films and in comic films such as Marx Brothers movies.
Theory  Words  Oneiric  Dreams  Film 
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Fabula and syuzhet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fabula and syuzhet (also sjuzhet, sujet, sjužet, or suzet (сюжет) ) are terms originating in Russian Formalism and employed in narratology that describe narrative construction. Syuzhet is an employment of narrative and fabula is the chronological order of the retold events. They were first used in this sense by Vladimir Propp and Shklovsky.[citation needed]

The fabula is "the raw material of a story, and syuzhet, the way a story is organized."[1] Since Aristotle (350 BCE, 1450b25) narrative plots are supposed to have a beginning, middle, and end. For example: the film Citizen Kane starts with the death of the main character, and then tells his life through flashbacks interspersed with a journalist's present-time investigation of Kane's life. This is often achieved in film and novels via flashbacks or flash-forwards. Therefore, the fabula of the film is the actual story of Kane's life the way it happened in chronological order; while the syuzhet is the way the story is told throughout
Structure  Time  Words  Story  Narrative  Poststructuralism  Film  Literature  Syuzhet  Fabula 
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Your best friend is suing you for $600 million, and will soon go into tax exile in Singapore. | MetaFilter
America is going to totally unfriend him if he keeps this shit up.
But he seemed like such a nice boy in that movie.
the conclusion that the US tax system creates tax exiles is one of the most bullshit things I've ever seen. The US system is incredibly supportive to bazillionaires; it's just that Saverin found one of the few places on Earth that is even more so.
Is he still gonna play Spiderman?
Any alien who is a former citizen of the United States who officially renounces United States citizenship and who is determined by the Attorney General to have renounced United States citizenship for the purpose of avoiding taxation by the United States is inadmissible."
EduardoSaverin  Government  Law  Film  Money  LOL  Funny  Fun  Spiderman  Singapore  USA  Taxes  2012  Facebook 
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How I got my 007 body: Bond star Daniel Craig reveals his ice-cold beauty secret | Mail Online
The session itself involves moving around in a cold chamber which is between minus 100ºC – 135°C, for up to 3 minutes.

Journalist Vincent Graff in the Kriotherapy Chamber at Champneys Spa

The extreme change in temperature can trigger cold receptors which in turn affect the nervous system by releasing endorphins, the body’s own pain killing and anti-inflammatory agents.

And with this sudden drop in temperature, blood is directed to vital organs and stops the amount of blood flow to injured areas. This makes kriotherapy useful for easing recurring injuries or aches and pains.

Heptathlete Jessica Ennis is believed to have recently tried out the therapy following an ankle injury.

Renata Zejer, a therapist for Champneys Tring Health Resort said: ‘A lot of athletes are having this kind of therapy. It makes them feel energised and enables better blood supply so it is easier to do exercise.

‘The intense change in temperature pumps the blood around the body and releases more endorphins
Cold  Energy  2012  007  Film  JamesBond  DanielCraig  Health  Sports  Exercise  Pain  Endorphins  Kriotherapy 
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BBC News - Cabin in the Woods: Do movie trailers now reveal too much?
Offering audiences everything upfront can backfire, according to Xan Brooks, a Guardian film critic, who rarely watches trailers before screenings. "I'm always kind of stunned at how it's almost like a little abridged version of the film," he says.

"I'd be absolutely incensed to sit down and basically see the same thing I'd seen on the trailer but just kind of cranked out to two hours."

For producers the divide between divulging too much and not enough is a "fine line", says Fiona Cole, a freelance trailer producer.

"You have to show the jeopardy so that the audience will 'need' the resolution, but the second you've shown too much, the audience disengages," she says.

The ailing economy and pricey cinema seats also encourage oversharing trailers. Movie marketers must work harder to get audiences in the door, and viewers increasingly rely on trailers to decide which movies are worth their money.
Continue reading the main story
Trailer trivia
flim clapperboard

Trailers original
Advertising  Spoilers  Previews  Trailers  Film 
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2001: A False Flag Odyssey
Monolith = Movie Screen -- The monolith is the movie screen rotated by 90 degrees. This is probably the single-most important insight to make in the entire film, because unlocking all the other codes and symbols in the film flow from this. Kubrick executes a Tour de Force of embedding the movie with hints of this, as will be deliniated later. Once this identification is made, we must ask ourselves what the Monolith and Movie Screen themselves symbolize.
Monolith = Shock and Awe by an External Influence -- Each of the 4 monoliths in the film instill shock and awe by a seeming external influence. These will be spelled out in greater detail later, but in short, the 1st monolith represents the fear of the leopard, the 2nd and 3rd represent an apparent extra-terrestrial influence, and the 4th in the renaissance room represents death itself.
Movie Screen = Manipulated Perception -- The movie screen represents how our perception of the truth can be manipulated by sounds and images projected
Interpretation  Film  Kubrick  StanleyKubrick 
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BBC News - Goldman Sachs resignation: Muppet letter is everyone's fantasy
At a - as yet unspecified - later stage in the fantasy, a small plane shudders to a halt on the dusty landing strip. The executive - having shed his suit and dressed in blue shirt and chinos - comes out to offer a new deal. "Maybe I can learn something from you," he says. It turns out he always wanted to play the flute.

Even taking Morgan Freeman out of it, real life is rarely like that. The main reason being, if you've ever been in a company where someone has sent a stinker of an email on their departure day, you will see an entire office-full of people hunkering down and cringing at their desks.

"Braver man than me," they'll whisper. No matter how accurate the zingers of the dearly departed are, a goodly proportion of those who remain will shrug and possibly even feel a little defensive. Then after a while, like everyone who leaves a big company, they're forgotten.

Once the hoopla dies down, Goldman Sachs will move on and Greg Smith - no doubt after clinching a deal to write a bo
Fantasy  Film  Fun  Work  Jobs  2012  Resignation  GoldmanSachs  Muppets 
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Film review – The Grey (2012) « Cinema Autopsy
To push the metaphoric journey idea one step further, what if Ottway’s physical journey is really a spiritual journey in a way akin to that of the William Blake character in Jim Jarmusch’s 1995 masterpiece Dead Man. Curiously, director Joe Carnahan’s previous film The A-Team, which also starred Neeson, was a hyperactive celebration of masculinity. In stark contrast, masculinity is hell in The Grey. Prior to the plane crash, many of the opening scenes involve Ottway trying to mentally escape to a memory of being with his wife and being at peace. He is continually pulled out of that memory and back into the harsh and masculine world of the oil drilling team, visually torn away from a shot of his wife to appear in a shot set in the ‘real’ world. The memory of his wife is Ottway’s version of heaven, but the film is not ready for him to join her there – first he must journey from the hell of the all-male oil drill environment and then be tested in the purgatory of the Alaskan wilderness.
Reality  Death  Life  Interpretation  Metaphor  2012  Reviews  Film  TheGrey 
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David Cronenberg arrived on the world’s cinema screens with a viscous splash. His unmistakable Cartesian horror films Shivers, Rabid, The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome, and Existenz were extraordinary meditations on making the mental physical, and made Cronenberg one of the most admired auteurs of the late seventies and early eighties.

But since 1983’s The Dead Zone, most of Cronenberg’s films — like The Fly, Dead Ringers, M. Butterfly, Naked Lunch, Crash, Spider, A History of Violence, A Dangerous Method, and the upcoming Cosmopolis — have not been made from his original scripts, but have been adaptations from the works of others.

Curious about his hero’s transition from originator to adapter, Los Angeles Review of Books Film Editor Jonathan Penner recently sat down with David Cronenberg to discuss the artist’s life and work.


It’s Dangerous to Be an Artist

As a young upstart filmmaker I felt that you were not a real filmmaker if you didn’t write your own stuff and it should be o
2012  Art  Film  ToRead  DavidCronenberg 
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Quantum Quackery: Scientific American
In spring 2004 I appeared on KATU TV's AM Northwest in Portland, Ore., with the producers of an improbably named film, What the #$*! Do We Know?! Artfully edited and featuring actress Marlee Matlin as a dreamy-eyed photographer trying to make sense of an apparently senseless universe, the film's central tenet is that we create our own reality through consciousness and quantum mechanics. I never imagined that such a film would succeed, but it has grossed millions.

The film's avatars are New Age scientists whose jargon-laden sound bites amount to little more than what California Institute of Technology physicist and Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann once described as "quantum flapdoodle."
Quantum  Physics  Reviews  2004  Film 
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Paris special: Jane Birkin | Music | The Observer
Having lived such a vivid early life, Birkin says she has no fear of mortality, welcomes it, as long as she can go before her children. In the meantime she has a desperation to avoid settling into old age. 'I sometimes fear I am like that other undersea creature who spends its whole life searching for the perfect rock and when it finds it, it eats the one thing it does not need any more, its brain. The motto is: never find your rock.'
JaneBirkin  2007  Interviews  Quotes  Life  Death  Film 
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Spoilers Don’t Spoil Anything | Wired Science | Wired.com
The first thing you probably noticed is that people don’t like literary stories. ... But you might also have noticed that almost every single story, regardless of genre, was more pleasurable when prefaced with a spoiler.
Spoilers  Psychology  Books  Reading  Film  Art  Research  2011 
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BBC News - V for Vendetta masks: Who's behind them?
The masks are from the 2006 film V for Vendetta where one is worn by an enigmatic lone anarchist who, in the graphic novel on which it is based, uses Fawkes as a role model in his quest to end the rule of a fictional fascist party in the UK.

Early in the book V destroys the Houses of Parliament by blowing it up, something Fawkes had planned and failed to do in 1605.

British graphic novel artist David Lloyd is the man who created the original image of the mask for a comic strip written by Alan Moore. Lloyd compares its use by protesters to the way Alberto Korda's famous photograph of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara became a fashionable symbol for young people across the world.

"The Guy Fawkes mask has now become a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny - and I'm happy with people using it, it seems quite unique, an icon of popular culture being used this way," he says.
V  GuyFawkes  Anarchists  Film  2011  2006  Symbolism  Activism  OWS  OccupyWallStreet 
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IMDb - V for Vendetta (2006)
Your rating:
Ratings: 8.2/10 from 291,725 users Metascore: 62/100
Reviews: 1,919 user | 485 critic | 39 from Metacritic.com
V  Film  2006  Top500 
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A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not "Crazy" | MetaFilter
It is a little irritating to see this dude present this insight as a new thing, when there's whole books written about the historical classification of women's discontents as "mental illness."
Has he never read "The Yellow Wallpaper"? Because it was written by a woman, who clearly understood the whole controlling-women-by-labeling-them crazy idea. In 1892.
At any rate, yes, dismissing normal reactions as crazy reactions is a common tactic of abusers and manipulators... I'm going to file this piece under "Well-intentioned Mansplaining," give the guy a pat on the head, and say, "That's very nice, now maybe try seeing if other people have already thought of your awesome idea next time."
 The only thing that helps in those moments is trying to get to the root of why someone is acting that way, asking them questions about what their feelings are, respectfully listening but trying to soothe and defang arguments. In other words, respect.
Psychology  MentalHealth  Gaslighting  Words  Film  1892  Abuse  Mansplaining  Respect  Relationships  Communication 
september 2011 by n_m
A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy” | The Current Conscience
Gaslighting is a term, often used by mental health professionals (I am not one), to describe manipulative behavior used to confuse people into thinking their reactions are so far off base that they’re crazy.
The term comes from the 1944 MGM film, Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman. Bergman’s husband in the film, played by Charles Boyer, wants to get his hands on her jewelry. He realizes he can accomplish this by having her certified as insane and hauled off to a mental institution. To pull of this task, he intentionally sets the gaslights in their home to flicker off and on, and every time Bergman’s character reacts to it, he tells her she’s just seeing things. In this setting, a gaslighter is someone who presents false information to alter the victim’s perception of him or herself.
Today, when the term is referenced, it’s usually because the perpetrator says things like, “You’re so stupid” or “No one will ever want you” to the victim. This is an intentional, pre-meditated f
Psychology  Gaslighting  2011  MentalHealth  Film 
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But what does God think? | MetaFilter
"The mystery about The Tree of Life is how a work that is truly terrible in so many respects can remain so weirdly interesting."
It's an audacious, ambitious, BIG work of (so-called) art. As such, it takes big, big chances, foremost among them, choosing not to worry about many of the generally accepted essentials of narrative film making so that it can focus more fully on other stuff. Whether it works or not then has a lot to with the degree to which the audience is willing to take the leap with the filmmaker. Simply put, how far out are you willing to go?
To suggest this kind of conscious creative choice is "terrible-making" is to completely miss the point about much of what makes some of the greatest works of art so great. Which is not to suggest we can say that yet of Tree Of Life. It's too soon. But I do suspect we will be talking about it in all manner of weird ways for a long time to come. 
Lord God Whoever You Are, be praised. 
and Hollywood money, too
TheTreeOfLife  Film  God  Religion  ToRead  Art  TerrenceMalick  2011 
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The Cooler
cinema ruminations by Jason Bellamy
Film  Blogs  JasonBellamy 
july 2011 by n_m
The Conversations: Terrence Malick, Part 2: The Tree of Life | The House Next Door
in the comments, Matt Zoller said:Hey, guys…I really enjoyed this conversation, but I had one question: What makes you think the ending sequence is necessarily supposed to be set in Heaven, or that it's some vision of the afterlife?I mean, it MIGHT be that, but given how obliquely Malick has come at spiritual matters in every other movie, I tend to doubt it. I've read review after review, positive and negative, singling out this sequence as problematic or simplistic, but I wonder if (a) Malick's intent is being misperceived, either because he didn't execute the concept fully or because people are reading it through the lens of organized religion? If the latter, why? Malick's vision is pantheistic, maybe beyond or apart from organized religion, very primitive or advanced depending on how you want to read it, and his notion of the soul is so intertwined with psychology and psychological development that the two concepts — religion and psychology — are practically indistinguishable...
Film  TerrenceMalick  TheTreeOfLife  2011  ToRead  Reviews  Time  Continuum  JasonBellamy  EdHoward  Conversation  Discussion  Excellent 
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'Consider the Lobster' - New York Times
First Chapter
'Consider the Lobster'

Published: March 12, 2006

THE AMERICAN ACADEMY of Emergency Medicine confirms it: Each year, between one and two dozen adult US males are admitted to ERs after having castrated themselves. With kitchen tools, usually, sometimes wire cutters. In answer to the obvious question, surviving patients most often report that their sexual urges had become a source of intolerable conflict and anxiety. The desire for perfect release and the real-world impossibility of perfect, whenever-you-want-it release had together produced a tension they could no longer stand.
DavidFosterWallace  DFW  2006  AVN  Film  Awards  Writing  Essays  Porn  Books 
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The Secrets of Creative Success: An Interview With Rob Long - Entertainment - The Atlantic
Like pulling off Archie Bunker.

Yeah, yeah, you're right, which of course they can never do now.

That's the great tragedy of American culture: that you could not do All in the Family now. They would not let you. Americans have decided that the worst thing in the world is to be offended, and so they're constantly running around being offended. And there's no cultural elite to say, "Get over it."
Creativity  Writing  Interviews  2011  Film  TV  SinglePage  ArchieBunker 
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Silence Less Golden in Movies With Talking, Texts - ABC News
Hollywood's focus on the 18-24 demographic is also a factor. "A big opening release is like going to Chuck E. Cheese," Atchity said.

While adults might believe what's on screen deserves their full attention, kids nowadays view the movie-going experience as interactive, said Bill Goodykoontz, film critic for The Arizona Republic and father of four.
Film  EtiquetteAndManners  Texting  Mobility  Attention 
june 2011 by n_m
Movie-goer's furious voicemail is turned into a trailer after she's kicked out of theatre for texting | Mail Online
Despite several warnings to stop texting, the young woman ignored the warning and was forced to leave before the end of the film.

Her voicemail message goes on for almost two minutes and is full of expletives. She can be heard telling staff at the theatre that it was 'too f****** dark to find my seat' and that she was using her phone as a 'flashlight'.

She adds that she hoped the cinema enjoyed treating their customers like 'pieces of s***'.

The Alamo Drafthouse were more than happy to justify their actions on the cinema's blog.

'A customer persisted in texting in the theater despite two warnings to stop.

'Our policy at that point is to eject the customer without a refund, which is exactly what went down that night.
'Luckily, this former patron was so incensed at being kicked out, she quickly called the office and left us the raw ingredients for our latest Don't Talk or Text PSA (public service announcement).'
LOL  Funny  Austin  Film  Cool  AlamoDrafthouse  Bravo 
june 2011 by n_m
James Franco deletes his Twitter account | Mail Online
But last night a more serious Franco contemplated the danger to creativity that sites like Twitter and Facebook pose.Wearing a sharp grey suit with one hand running through his trademark tousled hair, he addressed the benefit.'If you want to write, make the time,' he encouraged.Before adding: 'We all have an hour or two a day that can be used for surfing Facebook or writing. No one is going to beg any new writer to write.'
JamesFranco  SocialNetworking  Twitter  Facebook  Oscars  Film  Actors  Awards  TV  Writing 
april 2011 by n_m
Flavorwire » The First Real David Foster Wallace Documentary
In the first big David Foster Wallace documentary since his suicide, the BBC’s Professor Geoff Ward discusses the author’s childhood, legacy, preoccupations and battles with the gentleness of a true fan but the exactitude of a scholar. On the radio missive, which first aired on the BBC on February 6th, Ward interviews Wallace’s contemporaries (Rick Moody and Mark Costello, who was also Wallace’s college roommate), Don DeLillo, Michael Pietsch, editor of Infinite Jest, Wallace’s agent, Bonnie Nadell and his sister, Amy Wallace. He also mines archives of interviews with DFW — some of the most wonderful are with Wallace discussing irony —  and accents his ruminations and conversations with passages from Infinite Jest as well as the forthcoming The Pale King.
If you’re a reader, a writer or even just a member of the television saturation generation, it’s worth a listen, and if you’re a fan of Wallace, the program may tug at your heartstrings, suggesting what might have
DFW  DavidFosterWallace  Film  Documentary  ToWatch  2011  Books  Writing 
february 2011 by n_m
Endnotes: David Foster Wallace | MetaFilter
Endnotes: David Foster Wallace. Professor Geoff Ward discusses David Foster Wallace.
This audio-only documentary includes interviews with writers of fiction (e.g. Mark Costello, Rick Moody, Don DeLillo), Wallace's editor (or the editor of Infinite Jest, anyway) Michael Pietsch, Wallace's agent Bonnie Nadell, and Wallace's sister Amy. It also includes illustrative excerpts from Wallace's writing. Most of these are from Infinite Jest, though at least one comes from Wallace's forthcoming unfinished work, The Pale King.
DFW  DavidFosterWallace  2011  Film  Documentary  ToWatch 
february 2011 by n_m
The King's Speech: good movie, very bad history. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine
Edward VIII proved so stupid and so selfish and so vain that he was beyond salvage, so the moment passed. Or the worst of it did. He remained what is only lightly hinted in the film: a firm admirer of the Third Reich who took his honeymoon there with Mrs. Simpson and was photographed both receiving and giving the Hitler salute.
Film  2011  ChristopherHitchens  UK  History  TheKing'sSpeech  Hitler  SinglePage 
january 2011 by n_m
"The best single film criticism site.." | MetaFilter
Roger Ebert: "In the last year or two, the world's cinema has become even more available. This instant, sitting right here, I can choose to watch virtually any film you can think of via Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, MUBI, the Asia/Pacific Film Archive, Google Video or Vimeo. At Europa Film Treasures, I can watch films none of us has heard of." Ebert on how the accessibility of film online is making for more and better film criticism from around the world "..by their early 20s, Wael Khairy of Cairo and Seongyong Cho of Seoul had seen every significant film ever made." "The best single film criticism site is arguably davidbordwell.net".Others: Internet Archive, Jaman, ...
Film  RogerEbert  2011 
january 2011 by n_m
James Franco on playing gay characters: 'You know what, maybe I'm just gay' (Exclusive) | Inside Movies | EW.com
“And there are also lots of other aspects about these characters that I’m interested in, in addition to their sexuality. So, in some ways it’s coincidental, in other ways it’s not. I mean, I’ve played a gay man who’s living in the ’60s and ’70s, a gay man who we depicted in the ‘50s, and one being in the ‘20s. And those were all periods when to be gay, at least being gay in public, was much more difficult. Part of what I’m interested in is how these people who were living anti-normative lifestyles contended with opposition. Or, you know what, maybe I’m just gay.”
JamesFranco  Quotes  Film  2011  Actors  Acting 
january 2011 by n_m
Jared Loughner's world of illusion. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine
Jared Loughner's World of Illusion … and OursThe accused Tucson killer isn't the only one who has a love affair with alternative realities.By Jack ShaferPosted Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011, at 7:32 PM ET
Reality  Film  Art  Books  PhilipKDick  Philosophy  2011  JaredLoughner  Crime  MentalHealth  Jared  Loughner's  World  of  Illusion    and  Ours  The  accused  Tucson  killer  isn't  only  one  who  has  a  love  affair  with  alternative  realities.  By  Jack  Shafer  Posted  Thursday  Jan.  13  2011  at  7:32  PM  ET 
january 2011 by n_m
The birthday of the cinema - Roger Ebert's Journal
My reader Tim O'Neill reminds me: "Today, December 28, marks the 115th Anniversary of the birth of cinema. The Lumiere Brothers presented the first public screening of motion pictures at the Salon Indien du Grand Cafe in Paris. This was the beginning of one of the great art forms of the 20th Century. Unfortunately, the 21st Century will be remembered as the death of film."
I don't believe it will mark the death of film, but certainly it will mark the birth of new forms of cinema.
Film  History  French  France  Birthdays 
january 2011 by n_m
Not an Action Figure
Perhaps this trend is not so surprising, given that Hollywood outlier Johnny Depp is the biggest star in the world. But these younger men are out-kooking even Depp, with Franco as lead kook. After beginning in the usual way, with the requisite franchise role in Spider-Man, he’s become something else entirely: “Franco’s turnaround is a work of art in itself,” says Gosling. “Basically dismantling this image which he’d constructed and building up something new—it’s very impressive. He’s getting a goddamned Ph.D.! Look around,” he goes on. “There’s a reaction against [conventional wisdom], there are people pushing back. Fassbender and Hardy—they show up and put who they are on the line; they don’t try to trick you. They’re not lying. They’re not playing good guys or bad guys. They’re not playing one note, even if it’s a great note. They’re adding dissonance.”

With Franco as a surprise choice to host the next Oscars, Hollywood appears to be sanctifying these new oddballs.
SinglePage  Actors  2010  Film  JamesFranco 
december 2010 by n_m
The Five Biggest Nontraditional Leading Men Right Now -- New York Magazine
The Brainy Bunch
James Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Jesse Eisenberg, and Michael Fassbender.
Actors  Film  JamesFranco  2010  5 
december 2010 by n_m
In ‘All Good Things,’ Murders Described, if Not Proven - NYTimes.com
IF there were one person you’d expect to take issue with “All Good Things,” the new movie directed by Andrew Jarecki, it would be Robert A. Durst, since it implicates him in three killings, two of which he is depicted as committing and a third as orchestrating.
Film  Reviews  SinglePage  ToRead  2010  Crime  Murder 
november 2010 by n_m
The James Franco Project [New York Magazine]
As Franco adds layer upon layer, wink upon wink—as he slides further along the continuum from Gyllenhaal to Warhol—his entire career is beginning to look less like an actual career than like some kind of gonzo performance piece: a high-concept parody of cultural ambition. He’s become a node of pop-cultural curiosity in roughly the same universe as Lady Gaga. Blogs report Franco’s texting habits at parties and spread bizarre secondhand rumors about his film shoots. (“Franco is in a wheelchair, with a blanket over his legs like FDR, and a camcorder in his hand …”) There are YouTube tributes that splice together all his onscreen kisses, a Tumblr account that publishes daily pictures of him, and even an online interactive James Franco dress-up doll. It’s hard to imagine this is all accidental: It seems like the work of a virtuoso public-image artist. And yet Franco plays the role, fairly convincingly, of the earnest boy just following his interests. (It’s worth noting that, although the
JamesFranco  Art  Film  Literature  Poetry  Actors  Wow  Funny  LOL 
november 2010 by n_m
Faster Forward - Congress's latest awful tech-policy idea: the Net-censorship bill
No idea is too bad not to get a second chance in Congress -- especially when it comes to tech policy.

This week's demonstration of that principle is a bill called the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act," which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday after being set aside in September.

COICA would empower the attorney general to get court orders barring Internet providers from routing their users to sites suspected of copyright infringement. The bill's text provides a generous definition of what would qualify a site for such punishment: It could be "primarily designed" or marketed for copyright infringement or have no other "demonstrable commercially significant purpose or use."

Copyright infringement, in turn, is broadly defined: It could include not just hosting downloads or streams of photos, music or movies but also providing "a link or aggregated links to other sites or Internet resources for obtaining access to such copies."
RobPegoraro  Government  2010  Law  USA  Copyright  IAPs  Policing  Internet  Tech  IntellectualProperty  Film 
november 2010 by n_m
Zadie v Zuckerberg: Smith says Web2.0 makes you dumb • The Register
For Lanier, whose You Are Not A Gadget is the first and best book on the Web 2.0 culture, and the bland conformity that it requires from us, the answer is simpler.

Lanier notices that to make “connections” or “share”, as Facebook and other Web 2.0 norms demand, you have to be a dumber, simpler version of yourself. Lanier is not surprised by this. Web 2.0, like most of our software, was created by autistic people. Zuckerberg is autistic, and can’t see individuality, let alone understand it. So he can only understand what humans want through the hive mind. And by creating Facebook, he created a massive machine to help him figure it out.

“He wants to be liked… For our self-conscious generation,” writes Smith, “not being liked is as bad as it gets. Intolerable to be thought of badly for a minute, even for a moment.”
Facebook  Film  Reviews  Books  MarkZuckerberg  ZadieSmith  JaronLanier  Autism  Web2.0  2010 
november 2010 by n_m
Generation Why? by Zadie Smith | The New York Review of Books
The Social Network
a film directed by David Fincher, with a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin

You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto
by Jaron Lanier
Knopf, 209 pp., $24.95

How long is a generation these days? I must be in Mark Zuckerberg’s generation—there are only nine years between us—but somehow it doesn’t feel that way. This despite the fact that I can say (like everyone else on Harvard’s campus in the fall of 2003) that “I was there” at Facebook’s inception, and remember Facemash and the fuss it caused; also that tiny, exquisite movie star trailed by fan-boys through the snow wherever she went, and the awful snow itself, turning your toes gray, destroying your spirit, bringing a bloodless end to a squirrel on my block: frozen, inanimate, perfect—like the Blaschka glass flowers. Doubtless years from now I will misremember my closeness to Zuckerberg, in the same spirit that everyone in ’60s Liverpool met John Lennon.

At the time,
ZadieSmith  Facebook  Film  JaronLanier  Reviews  2010  SinglePage  Books  MarkZuckerberg  Philosophy  ToRead  Culture  Identitiy  Sociology  TheSocialNetwork 
november 2010 by n_m
Creative Commons' Branding Confusion | Techdirt
About a year and a half ago I released my film Sita Sings the Blues under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. That license allows truly free distribution, including commercial use, as long as the free license remains in place. But my experience is that most people see the words "Creative Commons" and simply assume the license is Non-Commercial -- because the majority of Creative Commons licenses they've seen elsewhere have been Non-Commercial.

This is a real problem. Some artists have re-released Sita remixes under Creative Commons Non-Commercial licenses. Many bloggers and journalists assume the non-commercial restrictions, even when the license is correctly named:
CC  CreativeCommons  Licensing  Law  IP  IntellectualProperty  Terminology  Confusiong  Copyright  Sharing  Film  Art 
october 2010 by n_m
FilmSnobbery.com shines a spotlight on independent filmmakers and their projects, and gives exposure to great films that would otherwise be ignored by the mainstream media.
october 2010 by n_m
Inception (2010) - FAQ
[Warning: Spoilers!] The Spiritual / Metaphysical explanation: From a spiritual perspective there is a different reading again. This movie is one with a profound spiritual idea at its heart, for those interested - just as with 'The Matrix', and Guy Ritchie's 'Revolver'. In 'Inception', Nolan seems to be using the metaphysics given in 'A Course In Miracles', a seminal spiritual text from the 1970s that was purportedly channelled from Jesus and which continues to profoundly influence modern spiritual thinking. In ACIM the key idea is that what we think of as reality is in fact a dream - that there is no difference between the dreams we see at night, and what we see with our eyes open. Both are projections of our mind, which is trying to escape a core guilt by projecting guilt outside of itself onto projected 'dream figures'. [spoiler](For more on this see the FAQ titled 'If the spinning top really did keep spinning at the end...'). Thus, although Cobb returned to 'reality', Nolan seems t
Inceoption  Spirituality  Metaphysics  ACourseInMiracles  Dreams  Reality  Film  Inception  Spoilers  Religion  Philosophy  2010  IMDB 
september 2010 by n_m
The Matrix :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews
"The Matrix" did not bore me. It interested me so much, indeed, that I wanted to be challenged even more. I wanted it to follow its material to audacious conclusions, to arrive not simply at victory, but at revelation. I wanted an ending that was transformational, like "Dark City's," and not one that simply throws us a sensational action sequence. I wanted, in short, a Third Act.
TheMatrix  Film  Reviews  RogerEbert  Comparisons  1999 
september 2010 by n_m
"Roger Ebert presents At the Movies" - Roger Ebert's Journal
"Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies," a weekly half-hour film review program, was announced today by its producers, Chaz and Roger Ebert. The program continues the 35-year-old run of a reviewing format first introduced by Gene Siskel and Ebert and later by Ebert and Richard Roeper.
It will return to its birthplace, launching nationally on public television with presenting station WTTW Chicago, where it began in 1975 as "Opening Soon at a Theater Near You" and then in 1976 as "Sneak Previews," became the highest rated entertainment show in PBS history. The original format moved into syndication as "At the Movies" in 1982 with Tribune Entertainment and a quarter-century with Buena Vista Television.

The Eberts said the new program will air in January 2011, and in addition to reviewing new movies will expand into coverage of New Media, special segments on classics, on-demand viewing and genres, and an extended website. It will use the copyrighted "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down"® format
Film  TV  Reviews  RogerEbert  2011  Copyright  ThumbUp 
september 2010 by n_m
19 Things You Didn't Know About Inception
When Nolan first started writing the movie, he was influenced by The Matrix, Dark City and The Thirteenth Floor, movies that were supposed to make you wonder how real the world around you really is.
as of last week, Inception is the highest-grossing film ever in three categories: Crime Time, Heist/Cape, and Mindbender.
19  Inception  Reality  Dreams  Film  2010  ChristopherNolan  TheMatrix 
september 2010 by n_m
Woody Allen on Faith and Fortune Tellers - Question - NYTimes.com
Q. The ideas of psychic powers and past lives, or at least people who believe in them, are central to your latest film. What got you interested in writing about them?

A. I was interested in the concept of faith in something. This sounds so bleak when I say it, but we need some delusions to keep us going. And the people who successfully delude themselves seem happier than the people who can’t. I’ve known people who have put their faith in religion and in fortune tellers. So it occurred to me that that was a good character for a movie: a woman who everything had failed for her, and all of a sudden, it turned out that a woman telling her fortune was helping her.
Interviews  WoodyAllen  Film  Faith  2010 
september 2010 by n_m
Whole lotta cantin' going on - Roger Ebert's Journal
There's a human tendency to resent anyone who disagrees with our pleasures. The less mature interpret that as a personal attack on themselves. They're looking for support and vindication. In the area of movies, no phenomenon has dramatized this more than the rise of Rotten Tomatoes. When a movie is running at 100% on the Tomatometer, an inevitable death watch occurs, as readers await the first negative vote. Recently the perfect ratings for "Toy Story 3" and "Inception" were "spoiled" by Armond White. There was outrage. The Twitterverse was in flames. A. O. Scott and 22 others also disliked the film, but it was White who got the attention, because he has been cast as the spoiler. As many actors will tell you, it's more fun to be the villain than the hero. Actually, the Meter on "Inception" is holding at around 84%, but that's small consolation for some of its fans. They require perfection.
Film  Reviews  Meta  Inception 
september 2010 by n_m
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg opens up : The New Yorker
Zuckerberg may seem like an over-sharer in the age of over-sharing. But that’s kind of the point. Zuckerberg’s business model depends on our shifting notions of privacy, revelation, and sheer self-display. The more that people are willing to put online, the more money his site can make from advertisers. Happily for him, and the prospects of his eventual fortune, his business interests align perfectly with his personal philosophy. In the bio section of his page, Zuckerberg writes simply, “I’m trying to make the world a more open place.”
SinglePage  MarkZuckerberg  Facebook  2010  Film 
september 2010 by n_m
Chris Marker — Notes from the Era of Imperfect Memory
Chrismarker.org is an randomly-compiled, taxonomically naive and hopefully useful archive of ruminations, bibliographic & filmographic notations, untimely meditations, mnemonic minutiae and other glosses on the cinematic, written, photographic and multimedia work of world-citizen & time-traveler Chris Marker – the “mercurial international man of semiotic mystery.”* (Or, as the endnotes to Abschied vom Kino puts it, Chris Marker is: “Autor, Aktivist, Filmemacher, Fotograf, Internaut, Kritiker, Medienkünstler, Poet, Publizist / Author, activist, filmmaker, photographer, Internaut, critic, media artist, poet, journalist.” We might add: friend to animals).

We welcome contributions in short article form from the global village that Marker helped to map. We also welcome Chris Marker news, links, memorabilia, aphorisms, quotations, images and stray insights. Contributions from animals are welcome too, of course, including but not limited to cats, owls, giraffes, emus
Film  Art  Philosophy  Activism  Blogs 
september 2010 by n_m
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