Terms of Service; Didn't Read
Terms of Service; Didn't Read (ToS;DR) is an active project to fix the biggest lie on the web. We help you understand the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of websites.
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8 weeks ago
Great idea. Easily compare Pixel model phone sizes.
pixel  mobile  shared 
october 2018
Kyoto, Japan : gifs
Mesmerising gif. Would love to experience this one day.
gif  shared  japan 
october 2018
Why work is exhausting even when it involves no physical labor - Vox
"boosting our motivation to stay on a task could lead us to feel less fatigued"
energy  lifehack  shared 
september 2018
The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX
For the animation not to look mechanical and artificial, the object should move with some acceleration or deceleration — just like all live objects in the physical world.
shared  ux  web_development  design 
september 2018
Improve your motion – Erick Leopoldo – Medium
Great tip to use transition-duration instead of transition-delay for fluid animations
css  web_development  ux  shared 
august 2018
How To Hack Your Brain At Any Age: John Medina #509 - Full Episode (Audio Only) - YouTube
Great podcast episode! Learnt a lot about the brain and the best way to raise kids.
shared  neuroscience  parenting  health 
july 2018
All Movies and TV Shows
Search for movies and TV shows and see which streaming services they are available on.
tv  tools  australia  shared 
june 2018
Clippy — CSS clip-path maker
Create CSS shape generator tool using clip-path!
shared  css  web_development  clip-path  tools 
may 2018
SUBJECT: Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail
Smart Compose, a new feature powered by artificial intelligence, to help you draft emails from scratch, faster.
shared  gmail  technology 
may 2018
'Life Force' Linked To Body's Ability To Withstand Stress -- ScienceDaily
The current study found that that extroverts, and in particular those high "dispositional activity" or engagement in life, have dramatically lower levels of the inflammatory chemical interleukin 6 (IL-6)
shared  health  mbti  science 
march 2018
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