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ERIC - Preparing for Success through Apprenticeship, Technology and Engineering Teacher, 2012-Sep
The fact that many companies outsource jobs and contracts for manufactured products can be attributed to the shortage of technically trained and skilled workers in America's workforce. Today, business and industry, educators, parents, and students are significantly interested in STEM education and technological literacy. With the majority of emphasis being placed on careers in engineering and science, it is beneficial to know that many rewarding and well-paying careers are readily available through apprenticeship programs. For many years, apprenticeship has been thought of as an outdated form of education. Visions of the early American colonist apprenticing under a blacksmith or shoemaker may come to mind. However, it is beneficial to know that apprenticeships still exist today and provide many advantages to individuals, schools, and businesses that make the bottom-line investments. This article provides a fresh perspective and new understanding of apprenticeships in the 21st
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