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ShareTabs - The easy way to share your links as tabs
Add a list of links to the form below and submit it to get a single link to them all, conveniently displayed in tabs. USE this for presentation resources you will share with others.
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february 2009 by n2teaching
Tag Galaxy
Here is a representation of WORDLE, as the center of the Tag Galaxy.
flickr  tags  photos  visualization  3d  web2.0  tagging  galaxy  wordle  nonlinguistic_representation  data_visualization  data 
november 2008 by n2teaching
social bookmarking for images on vi.sualize.us
social bookmarking for images on vi.sualize.us - a showcase of visual content for inspiration or simply delight of the spectator based on people recommendations
photography  web2.0  bookmarking  social  photos  graphics  tags  Resources  DIY 
september 2008 by n2teaching
Social Networking » Onlinesapiens Blog
from blog postings of colleague Eduardo Peirano, @emapey2
all about social networking with twitter and del.icio.us for use in education
social_networking  onlinesapiens.com  emapey2  twitter  del.icio.us  tags  social  networking 
may 2008 by n2teaching
plasticbag.org: On Permalinks and Paradigms...
what are permalinks, how do you make them and why are they useful
tags  preservation  blogging  web2.0 
january 2008 by n2teaching
plasticbag.org: On Permalinks and Paradigms...
what are permalinks, how do you make them and why are they useful
tags  preservation  blogging  web2.0 
january 2008 by n2teaching
delicious blog
cool video: how to explain del. icio.us to your parents
blog  del.icio.us  bookmarking  video  social  blogs  online  tags  web2.0  training  education  technology 
january 2008 by n2teaching
Social Annotation: Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note & Clipping
like Clipmarks, but not as good; I don't like the way the bookmarks are stored there; Clipmarks makes your clips available for your blog and you can bookmark to del.icio.us or other popular social bookmarking sites. I don't see that the social networking
aggregator  blog  Del.icio.us  webdesign  website  software  tags  collaboration  webtools  online  reference  technology  content  annotation  bookmarks  web2.0 
november 2007 by n2teaching
you can use twitter to make notes with tags that can be used later; can rss twitternotes; can be public or private; notes will remain part of your twitter
twitter  twitternotes  notes  tags  rss  public  private 
september 2007 by n2teaching

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