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A GeekyMomma's Blog: Advice For New Bloggers - Please Contribute
help with guidance from your experiences for new bloggers/classes/teachers
blog  professional_development 
july 2010 by n2teaching
My Island View
a humorous discussion of PLNs with a serious purpose: How to integrate more of our peers. Annotated link http://www.diigo.com/bookmark/http%3A%2F%2Ftomwhitby.wordpress.com
PLN  edchat  whitby  blog  socialnetworking  teaching  professional_development  technology 
february 2010 by n2teaching
n2teaching: Positive Communication - School, Home, Community Part 1
What thoughts can you express that evaluate your philosophy of the Effective School Correlate: positive communication in the professional learning network of school, home and community?
21st_Century_Schools  best_practices  community  n2teaching  effective_schools_research  research  learning  positive_behaviors  professional_development  seven_correlates 
january 2010 by n2teaching
n2teaching: Quantum Aspects of Game Theory
"Hagen Lindstädt and Jürgen Müller, authors of Making Game Theory work for Managers, explain the ways in which Game Theory can be used to help business"
professional_development  n2teaching  Lindstadt  Muller  game_theory  anthropology  teaching  pedagogy  business 
january 2010 by n2teaching
n2teaching: Winsome Wednesday: Google Friend Connect
"As I continue the Winsome Wednesday feature, we'll look at a utilitarian web application, Google Friend Connect. Used effectively, it can improve productivity and increase the amount of time you can spend reading blogs of people in your Professional Learning Network. "
n2teaching  Winsome_Wednesday  Google  FriendConnect  blog  blog_roll  PLN  Reading_List  professional_development  Professional_Learning_Network 
january 2010 by n2teaching
n2teaching: Do You Lock Your Doors?
"Many of my Professional Learning Network, including me, have recently experienced troubles with our various interactive social networks, including blog comments and Twitter. There is also the less obvious, yet serious problem: thieves that steal your postings without attributing the work to you."
n2teaching  internet_safety  twitter  blog  education  professional_development  phishing  spamming 
december 2009 by n2teaching
In the Know NOW: Student Glogs: Fossilized Life Found in Mines
"Environmental Life Science students selected a narrow topic to create a thesis statement, research their topic and make a poster."
glogs  teaching  learning  techniques  pedagogy  professional_development  posters  technology  environmental_life_science  web2.0  tools  interactive  science  education  resources  collaboration 
december 2009 by n2teaching
Resources - ASKe - Oxford Brookes University
"some practical ways in which teaching staff can improve their students' learning."
aske  learning  teaching  brochures  pamphlets  techniques  pedagogy  professional_development 
december 2009 by n2teaching
5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2010 -- THE Journal
"A look at the top technology tools and trends to keep an eye on in the coming year"
technology  k-12  2010  trends  resources  web2.0  education  THEjournal  professional_development 
december 2009 by n2teaching
Take small steps to use technology (aplaceforeducatorstobeginusingtechnology)
simple ideas that can help teachers and anyone who wants to learn more about online interactive web applications and technology in general
technology  professional_development  PLN  blog  brentjones.org  gmail  password  collaboration 
november 2009 by n2teaching
USGS: Maps, Imagery, and Publications
a wide variety of resources are available, including free and low cost. There is also an rss feed.
science  environmental_life_science  geology  USGS  resource  reference  images  video  maps  rss  imagery  education  professional_development  teacher  fieldtrip  guide  professional  development 
november 2009 by n2teaching
Fractal Geometry
"create paper sculptures of fractal shapes by cutting and folding paper. The emphasis will be on making Cantor sets."
fractal_folds  fractal  geometry  Cantor_Sets  mathematics  sculpture  constructivism  education  project  Yale  teacher  professional_development  Sierpinski  gasket  folds  Cantor  Sets 
october 2009 by n2teaching
Host Your Own Webinars | LearnCentral
application and information group for those wanting to use the LearnCentral public Elluminate to run large group meetings.
elluminate  webinar  learncentral  webinars  meetings  collaboration  pd  education  technology  online  PLN  professional_development 
august 2009 by n2teaching
Exploring Web 2.0 Teaching Ideas - Exploring Web 2.0 Teaching Ideas
@bookjewel has developed a new wiki for educators and collaboration on teaching ideas. She used a web application called imagechef to make WORDLES in various shapes. Hers is a star
Web2.0  exploring  resources  professional_development  vocabulary  bookjewel  teaching  ideas  wordle  imagechef 
july 2009 by n2teaching
Education Week's Digital Directions: Characteristics of 'Highly Qualified' Online Teachers
background on attempts to define a "highly qualified" online teacher, plus some tips on what an online teacher would likely do if highly qualified and wanting to help students learn effectively online
online  teaching  highly_qualified  skills  professional_development 
july 2009 by n2teaching
Dual Perspectives Article
how Twitter and other social networking sites may change the landscape of interactions, and other perspectives
Twitter  PLN  social_networking  education  professional_development 
june 2009 by n2teaching
Presentermatch (BETA) | Matching Presenters with Customers at the speed of the Web
Presentermatch is a site designed to connect quality professional development presenters with schools, districts, and other agencies that need their services.
presentation  site  professional_development 
may 2009 by n2teaching
Involve the Audience through backchan.nl
tool for involving audiences in presentations by letting them suggest questions and vote on each other's questions.
backchannel  online  meetings  conference  PLN  professional_development  opinion  survey 
may 2009 by n2teaching
n2teaching: I Skype!
It seems to me that the increased communication capacities when using audio and video, as well as sharing links and screenshots make Skype one of the best free web applications to improve student access to teachers and their learning.
Skype  PLN  professional_development  students  teacher  education  audio  video  webcam  Free  Technology  for  Teachers  n2teaching  mr.robbo 
april 2009 by n2teaching
Who, Why
"The point of the title is that I believe what librarians have done and are doing has, at bedrock, not changed
librarian  libraries  online  functions  evolution  collaboration  socialnetworking  PLN  professional_development 
april 2009 by n2teaching
Teachers Lead Adoption of Web 2.0, but Perceptions Stifle Social Networking : April 2009 : THE Journal
Web 2.0 tools are now in use at most schools, and teachers have been largely responsible for making this happen, according to a national K-12 technology survey released this week. But of all the various applications of Web 2.0 technologies, social networking remains the outcast, with the vast majority of districts reporting that few or no teachers engage in this type of communication.
Web2.0  socialnetworking  definitions  under-reporting  research  perceptions  PLN  professional_development 
april 2009 by n2teaching
Learning How to Ask - Cambridge University Press
By focusing on these errors and exploring how they may be avoided, he is able to propose new techniques for designing, implementing, and analyzing interview-based research.
interview  research  active_research  evaluation_methods  evaluation  linguistics  anthropology  sociolinguistics  professional_development  community 
april 2009 by n2teaching
Deep Democracy Institute - Program evaluation
The evidence-based approach of our model requires a stringent program evaluation for the purposes of quality management, research for future program development, and accountability towards our donors. With program evaluation, we plan to research the short and long term influences of our program on the participants' professional development, as well as on their experience of empowerment and organizational/community involvement.
evaluation_methods  professional_development  informal_education  effects 
april 2009 by n2teaching
SCoPE: Seminars: Evaluation Practices for Informal/Self-Paced Adult Learning: April 13-May 1, 2009
Informal learning is a key part of our personal development. It is also becoming a larger part of our working lives. But in an era of increasing accountability, we begin to question the role of evaluation for informal / self-paced adult learning...
evalprac  evaluation  online_instruction  informal_education  formal_education  evaluation_methods  education  professional_development 
april 2009 by n2teaching
Go to the source « Educational Discourse
missing a crucial voice in all the discussions

a discussion of educational discourse where time is a factor in participation.
twitter  miniblog  tweet  discussion  PLN  time  resources  opportunity  kwhobbes  n2teaching  professional_development 
april 2009 by n2teaching
DIY Marketing: Social Object Theory for Social Network Design
chapter that really caught my attention—because it’s new to me, although not new—is the idea of social objects.
social_object  theory  action_research  social_network  PLN  professional_development  DIY:_Maximizing_Your_PLN  DIY:  Maximizing  Your 
march 2009 by n2teaching
Rating Systems and Personal Rules // NoahBrier.com
Rating systems are something I find myself discussing fairly frequently. Partly because the idea shows up in a lot of projects and partly because I usually end up relating it to the rules people set for themselves within different social networks.

shared on Plurk
noahbrier  Plurk  rubric  rating_systems  project  social_networks  DIY  professional_development  judge  evaluate  analysis  analytics  rating  systems  social  networks  professional  development 
february 2009 by n2teaching
n2teaching: Opportunity to Comment: Activating Links
Commenting on a blog post helps the reader/commentator and the blog author. The author of the blog always benefits from the feedback of their colleagues and other readers, while the commentator benefits by sharing their ideas and related links.
n2teaching  url  link  commenting  blog  post  professional_development  active_link  education_technology  education  technology 
february 2009 by n2teaching
Link Building Via Blog Comments | SearchRank Blog
gaining a link should not be your main objective. You should be commenting in order to join the conversation. That is what blog comments are all about.
searchrank  links  url  professional_development  n2teaching 
february 2009 by n2teaching
ShareTabs - The easy way to share your links as tabs
Add a list of links to the form below and submit it to get a single link to them all, conveniently displayed in tabs. USE this for presentation resources you will share with others.
tabs  tags  mashup  presentation  resources  Professional_Learning_Network  professional_development 
february 2009 by n2teaching
n2teaching: Opportunity Revisted: Email Part 1
Opportunity is my professional development focus for 2009. I will examine various aspects of opportunity. Today, opportunity revisited is the topic. My first opportunity to revisit is EMAIL. Despite the problems with viruses and spam, it still remains a viable mode of electronic communication.
n2teaching  email  PLN  plurk  communication  professional_development  opportunity  Opportunity_Revisited  blog  post 
february 2009 by n2teaching
Assessment Literacy Project
The KSDE Assessment Literacy Project includes 21 different modules designed to enhance the assessment literacy of educators in an online, interactive format that can be used individually or in groups. Module topics range from AYP and Assessments to Validity.
literacy  modules  Kansas  assessment  professional_development  teachers  educators  interactive  professional  development 
january 2009 by n2teaching
Quest Atlantis
Quest Atlantis is a technologically-rich learning environment that requires certain skills and knowledge to use effectively in a classroom context.
atlantis  PLN  professional_development  project_based_learning  technology  DIY  online  professional  development  project  based  learning 
january 2009 by n2teaching
World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others | Edutopia
one of the most profoundly important articles I have read recently.

"For educators and the schools in which they teach, the challenges of this moment are significant. Our ability to learn whatever we want, whenever we want, from whomever we want is rendering the linear, age-grouped, teacher-guided curriculum less and less relevant. "
edutopia  collaboration  education  richardson  learning  online  professional_development  professional  development 
december 2008 by n2teaching
Wired Campus: Professor Turns His Online Course Into a Role-Playing Game - Chronicle.com
And Mr. Wiley is inviting anyone to play along. Although only students at Brigham Young who enroll and pay for the course will get official credit, Mr. Wiley is inviting anyone else to participate informally free. And he’ll send homemade certificates of completion to the unofficial students, just as he did in a previous experiment.
chronicle.com  BYU  Brigham_Young_University  Wiley  psychology  instructional_technology  game  professional_development  Brigham  Young  University  instructional  technology 
december 2008 by n2teaching
NASA Earth System Science Data and Services
The Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) manages and distributes data products through the Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). The centers process, archive, document, and distribute data from NASA's past and current research satellites and field programs.
nasa  clearing_house  Earth_System_Science  earth  observation  science  PBL  education  professional_development  research  satellite  data  teaching  learning  clearing  house  System 
november 2008 by n2teaching
DailyConnections » TechTAlk
example of how and what one district provides for their teachers in a newsletter style
dailyconnections  techtalk  wikispaces  newsletter  archive  teaching  learning  professional_development  PLN 
november 2008 by n2teaching
tropic » home
professional development program by teachers for teachers. Its purpose is to support teachers to implement effective strategies for positive teacher-learner interactions and to continuously improve teaching practice through sharing and reflection. from Simon Brown
professional_development  Australia  TAFE  teachers  PLN  support  reflection  DIY  strategies  teacher-learner  continuous-improvement  teaching  sharing  best_practice 
october 2008 by n2teaching
n2teaching: Say It Ain't So Joe!
an invitation to teachers who have not had opportunities to move into the 21st century with their tools of technology for teaching and learning
n2teaching  student_engagement  teacher  professional_development  PLN  technology  tools  DIY  student  engagement  professional  development 
september 2008 by n2teaching
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