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SYMPOSIUM GUINEVERE - Virtual Round Table Web Conference
Games Used IN Engaging Virtual Environment for Real-time language Education
Moderation: Michael Thomas
RECORDING (1h44min): http://lancel…
games  online  Guinevere  Latiizia  C  Vance  Stevens  language  learning  Other_Bookmarks 
june 2018 by n2teaching
What is Pragmatics? | Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Pragmatics
Professional development modules for foreign language instruction at the high-school and college levels.
mmvc17  assessment  language  learning  teaching  pragmatics  Other_Bookmarks 
august 2017 by n2teaching
TEFL.net on Twitter: "Saying of the Day All that glitters is not gold https://t.co/YI8Q6wUJGa"
No es oro todo lo que reluce = All that glitters is not gold

#English #inglés #saying #learnenglish #language https://t.co/GNOl4RIZFk
English  inglés  saying  learnenglish  language 
april 2016 by n2teaching
We've Been Wrong About Where the Brain Processes
We've Been Wrong About Where the Brain Processes #Language for 141 Years: https://t.co/IeSy0bOI39 #science https://t.co/IO3dtku0nj
Language  science 
december 2015 by n2teaching
research on the topic of eye movement and other affective representations in language learning; with a variety of physical measures of eye movement
CLIL  eye  movement  research  physical  interactions  learning  language  learning  languages 
november 2015 by n2teaching
Blended learning » i-corpus
contains a WORDLE using the advanced feature, along with a variety of other language lessons, developments and activities
learning  language  english  moodle  Steve_Neufeld  WORDLE 
july 2010 by n2teaching
"WordSteps is a place for people to learn foreign words and keep their vocabularies in fit condition. Here you can not only enrich your vocabulary, but you can also track your progress and recall the words you could forget."
june 2010 by n2teaching
Google quietly rolls out Dictionary [Updated] | Technology | Los Angeles Times
"The search giant has quietly rolled out Google Dictionary, which presents definitions and synonyms. Exactly what you'd expect from a dictionary."
google  dictionary  search  language  words  vocabulary 
december 2009 by n2teaching
Make Your Own Academic Sentence
Need a sentence for your latest article? Write one here! Just select a word or phrase from each drop-down list and click "Write It."
interactive_application  word  phrase  sentence_generator  language  random  sentence  UChicago  interactive  application  generator 
november 2009 by n2teaching
Web English Teacher
What if we responded to reading with a 21st century twist? We could pique student interest and give kids a chance to show off reading, writing, and technology skills!

Here are some possibilities. Some integrate technology
technology  education  resources  english  writing  literature  teaching  languagearts  language  DIY  reading  library  book_review  book  review 
march 2009 by n2teaching
MrsP.com Magic Library
www.MrsP.com is a fun, new children's entertainment site that celebrates reading and books.
reading  books  storytelling  language_arts  mrsp.com  library  games  contests  stories  language  arts 
december 2008 by n2teaching
Giving Voice to the “dry” Textbook - TEXT to Speech! | EFL Classroom 2.0 - Teacher Talk
multi modal learning - a classroom and teaching style that begs / borrows and steals to create a dynamic and “rich” learning environment for students.

suggestions and reviews of text to speech software currently available
efl  text-to-speech  differentiated_instruction  text  speech  conversion  language  translate 
november 2008 by n2teaching
one word. so little time.
Exercise your brain and reflexes, while stimulating your response times to bring up long term memory connections.
writing  poetry  language  thinking  literature  education  fun  interesting  game  brain  exercise 
november 2008 by n2teaching
Bablingua - Welcome
"materials [that] combine audio, video and readting activities to offer a better perspective of the Hispanic world....created in Spanish speaking countries, covering different topics...."
bablingua  flash_cards  resources  language  Spanish  Hispanic  video  DVD  products  free  IceBreakers  Vocabulary  teachers  students  education_technology  flash  cards  education  technology 
october 2008 by n2teaching
¡Vámonos!: Filming Take Ten en español :o)
rehearsing three dance routines in Spanish with a group of Key Stage 2 pupils at WCPS in preparation for an excting challenge.Following on from the success of Take Ten en français
PBL  dance  Spanish  French  language  challenge  Take_Ten  project 
october 2008 by n2teaching
QN Web Extra | Mother Earth and Her Children
Learn how copyright issues affected Sieglinde Schoen Smith's new book, based on her interpretation of a 1906 German children's book of the same title.
One of the 2008 Growing Good Kids (sm) Excellence in Children's LIterature award
Mother  Earth  and  Her  Children  environment  mythology  fantasy  story  book  language  German  quilt  interpretation  copyright  American  Horticulture  Society  Jurnior  Master  Garden  Program  Growing  Good  Kids  News 
august 2008 by n2teaching
Fun Wheel of Fortune type game for spelling words.
spinandspell  spelling  smartboard  language_arts  language  arts 
may 2008 by n2teaching
Independent Study Credit Price List
this course seems to be good, yet would have to see if can give dual credit
Modern_Foreign_Language  independent  credit  French  online_activities  Modern  Foreign  Language 
may 2008 by n2teaching
Radio Lingua | Learn French, Spanish, Italian and German by podcast
podcasts of various language lessons; other teaching/learning materials, such as quizzes, worksheets, etc
blog  education  free  language  links  lessons  online  podcast  Reading  reference  resources  Podcasts  Italian  Languages  German  Learning 
march 2008 by n2teaching
Youth and Age « Reveal Ties
how a teacher focuses on differences in age while searching for same age language learners for her students; time is relative
teaching  teacher  VoiceThread  twitter  YouthTwitter  English  Spanish  foreign_language  language  practice 
march 2008 by n2teaching
Youth and Age « Reveal Ties
how a teacher focuses on differences in age while searching for same age language learners for her students; time is relative
teaching  teacher  VoiceThread  twitter  YouthTwitter  English  Spanish  foreign_language  language  practice 
march 2008 by n2teaching
About SIL International
translators, a linguistics research community; one of their partners is the Wycliff Bible Translators.
linguistics  semantics  community  tools  research  language 
march 2008 by n2teaching
About SIL International
translators, a linguistics research community; one of their partners is the Wycliff Bible Translators.
linguistics  semantics  community  tools  research  language 
march 2008 by n2teaching
wide open spaces · freedom to roam
Barbara Dieu's website; emphasis on collaboration, technology and language teachers
blog  web2.0  technology  education  online  website  language  ESOL  EFL  ESL 
february 2008 by n2teaching
association of various language teachers, including ESOL; announcements, information
blogs  OpenSource  aggregator  community  education  language  resources 
february 2008 by n2teaching
So Much to Learn...So Little Time: The Importance of Learning Another Language...or not if league table are invovlved
required testing in UK, called league tables, are cited by "experts" as a reason for fewer students learning other languages; Adam Sutcliffe responds
blog  AdamSutcliffe  twitter  language  testing  assessment  leaguetables  UK 
february 2008 by n2teaching
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