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Seeing Equinoxes and Solstices from Space : Image of the Day
The four changes of the seasons, related to the position of sunlight on the planet, are captured in this view from Earth orbit.
phenology  equinox  Earth  space  images  Earth_Science 
april 2018 by n2teaching
morgueFile free photos for creatives by creatives
suggested by my online colleague Elaine Griffin Plybon
photos  images  free_stuff  database 
july 2012 by n2teaching
Flickriver: Most interesting photos tagged with munstead
This is an image of dry land grouping of plants including lavender and African Daisies that worked well in my outdoor clay pot on the west side of the house. There are also some tiny insects, beetle types, on the African Daisies....I don't know what they are.
interesting  photos  flickriver  munstead  n2teaching  images  insects  gardening  horticulture  biology  science  Master_Gardener 
june 2010 by n2teaching
NASA Releases Time-Lapse Video of Gulf Oil Spill : TreeHugger
poignant time lapse satellite images of the BP oil spil and the Mississippi River delta area.
nasa  time  releases  video  modis  satellite  images  environmental_disaster 
june 2010 by n2teaching
HistoryPin website lets you 'pin' historic photos onto Google Streetview | Mail Online
"new online project will let you ‘pin’ historic photos to images on Google Streetview giving you a snapshot of that particular location throughout history. "
website  historypin  pictures  images  Streetview  Google  n2teaching  @marynabadenhors  #edtech 
june 2010 by n2teaching
Scientists extract images directly from brain ::: Pink Tentacle
"reconstruct the images inside a person’s mind and display them on a computer monitor, "
images  brain  scientists  ethics 
may 2010 by n2teaching
Mighty Mites of Origami
I saw these images and had to share them. The tiniest are just over 1mm. That's amazing.
allie  art  gentry  mini  mm  tiny  images  origami 
march 2010 by n2teaching
Flickr API Profile
a phenomenal number of flicker api (web applications) for you to try.
DIY  API  flickr  mashup  photos  images  tools  web2.0  photography 
february 2010 by n2teaching
A shot of life · a portfolio of works by John Martin
John Martin's website featuring his various images with commentary.
portfolio  images  work  John_Martin  art  photography  website 
january 2010 by n2teaching
USGS: Maps, Imagery, and Publications
a wide variety of resources are available, including free and low cost. There is also an rss feed.
science  environmental_life_science  geology  USGS  resource  reference  images  video  maps  rss  imagery  education  professional_development  teacher  fieldtrip  guide  professional  development 
november 2009 by n2teaching
H1N1 Glogster: text, images, music, video | Glogster
a sample from a teacher's assignment for students when using Glogster
glogster  text  h1n1  images  video  music  poster  online  assessment  web_app 
november 2009 by n2teaching
New York City Geology | Earth and Planetary Sciences
"New York City is primarily composed of sediments that were metamorphosed during the Taconic and Acadian orogenies roughly 500 - 400 million years ago. Garnets can be found in the rocks of the Hartland Formation and Manhattan Schist (view a NYC rock sample). It is in these hard rocks that the city skyscrapers have their foundations."
landscapes  geology  planetary  education  labs  google  NY  natural_history  images  natural  history 
october 2009 by n2teaching
NY Landscapes in Google Earth
download virtual tours of New York, its landscapes, including geology
landscapes  geology  NY  natural_history  images  google  labs  education  natural  history 
october 2009 by n2teaching
New York Geology
"New York City is the site of ancient earth-shaking and earth-shaping events."
geology  NY  Manhattan  natural_history  images  natural  history 
october 2009 by n2teaching
Avartize.com - Avartize your Avatar
create and publish your own overlays and run your own campaign– no installation or coding needed. need transparent image
avartize  avatar  avartize.com  overlay  images 
august 2009 by n2teaching
Mosaic Maker: A world of creative photo possibilities.
use your Flickr photos or other images to develop a wonderful mosaic (collage) of images
Flickr  photos  images  creative  online  web_application  free 
august 2009 by n2teaching
Boobytrapped images pose threat to Mac users, warns Apple | Graham Cluley's blog
n a security advisory posted on its website, the Cupertino-based vendor of iMac and MacBook computers warned that it had discovered that hackers could create specially crafted image files capable of running malicious code without the user's authorisation,
Apple  code  malicious_code  hacker  images  security  Mac  iMac  MacBook  operating_system  MacOS  security_patch 
august 2009 by n2teaching
Sony Party-shot Collects the Evidence (So You Don't Have To) - Photography News - Digital Trends
camera that uses Sony research on face recognition to take pictures by panning 360 degrees and a tilting stand
partyshot  Sony  privacy  face_recognition  pictures  images  remote  camera  digital_citizenship  digital_camera 
august 2009 by n2teaching
A flickr CC search toy
For me, this website remains the most effective search site for images to be used in my blog or wiki.

"wee test search for creative commons flick photos, click on the thumbnail to see a small image and get the code to embed the photo with attribution on your blog"
flickr  cc  photos  photography  toy  blog  code  attribution  images  pictures 
july 2009 by n2teaching
Information Age: People, Information
a brief history of the information age, beginning w/Samuel Morse's telegraph in 1837 through present day
Smithsonian_Institute  photography  images  research  resource  education  learning  history  Information_Age  information_literacy 
july 2009 by n2teaching
Pixelpipe - Free your content, post, upload and share anywhere
media gateway that allows users to publish text and upload photos, video and audio files once through Pixelpipe and have the content distributed across over 95 social networks, photo/video sites and blogs, and other online destinations
pixelpipe  media  social_networks  images  video  audio  text  blog 
july 2009 by n2teaching
Civil War Sallie: Photos
pictures of various civil war museums, etc and NECC2009 where Sarah presented
sallie  Civil_War_Sallie  images  NECC2009 
july 2009 by n2teaching
Underwater Photography magazine
excellent resource from some unique folks: underwater photographers
underwater  resource  ocean  pictures  images  education  teacher  science  photography  cool 
july 2009 by n2teaching
Mashface Beta
monster mashup with your pictures or ones on site
education  technology  webcam  photos  fun  web2.0  tools  voice  DIY  mashup  mashface  images 
march 2009 by n2teaching
Shape Collage - Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker
Make picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks
collage  web_application  online  free  images  pictures 
february 2009 by n2teaching
ZooBorns brings you the newest and cutest exotic animal babies from zoos and aquariums around the world.
zoo  zooborn  animals  exotic  world  images  science  elementary  education  teaching  learning  biology 
january 2009 by n2teaching
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