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Aly, Michelangelo's Son - Kindle edition by Peter Cane. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

For all these years, how did we get it SO wrong? Careful examination of the painting reveals an atrocity we never remotely imagined.
Read the #book that reveals what they hid from us all: https://t.co/TmBZfmN4vB

#memoir https://t.co/3kMlZRrFgU
book  memoir  nakedtruth  goodreads  bookaholic  tales  saturday  happysaturday  saturdays  saturdaymorning  weekend 
may 2018 by n2teaching
How To Get Your Book Reviewed Now by @sugarbeatbc - BadRedhead Media
RT @MondayBlogs: #Authors: How To Get Your #Book Reviewed Now by @sugarbeatbc https://t.co/CEL9tNWXap via @BadRedheadMedia #MondayBlogs
Authors  Book  MondayBlogs 
august 2017 by n2teaching
Get started with Firefox - An overview of the main features | Firefox Help
This article covers the basics features of Firefox - bookmarks, tabs, search, add-ons and more. It also links to more articles that you'll want to explore.
book  Other_Bookmarks 
june 2017 by n2teaching
THE SELKIE GIRL by Susan Cooper , Warwick Hutton | Kirkus Reviews
The familiar Scottish/Irish tale of a crofter who captures and marries a seal maiden whose beauty and magical singing have entraced him.
myths  picture  book  selkie  Susan  Cooper  Other_Bookmarks 
january 2017 by n2teaching
The Chicken's Child by Margaret A. Hartelius, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®
The Hardcover of the The Chicken's Child by Margaret A. Hartelius at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more!
book  wordless  book  Other_Bookmarks 
january 2017 by n2teaching
Finding Your Hero by Jamie Schwandt — Kickstarter
Finding Your Hero #Kickstarter has 8 days left! Only $385 left to get this #book donated to @CASAkansas #fostercare http://t.co/3sf06rqfGX
Kickstarter  book  fostercare 
october 2015 by n2teaching
Present Shock
perception of time and our place
book  review  book_review  time  space 
may 2013 by n2teaching
Gail Collins on Texas’s Abstinence Sex Education Problems - The Daily Beast
avid Wiley and Kelly ilson, two professors of health education at exas State University, contacted every district and requested on their sex struction programs. Wiley said he was drawn o the subject since his undergraduate tudents regularly told him that they got little r no sex education in school. Also, he said, Last year a sincere male student asked aloud, What is my risk for cervical cancer?’”
Texas  State  University  access  to  appropriate  health  care  USA  primitivism  book  reviews  Gail  Collins  education  research  Kelly  Wilson  David  Wiley  sex  education  sexuality  Texas  Women  &  Families 
june 2012 by n2teaching
Lesson 4: Adapting to Change uses Drylongso as the literature springboard for learning about drought, seasonal change, overcoming environmental challenges
virginia_hamilton  jerry_pickney  book  children's  literature  environmental_disaster  science  drought  Drylongso  trade_book  literacy_programs  family  multicultural  teacher  stories  integrating  literature  books  google  books  google 
february 2012 by n2teaching
Teacher to Teacher: Multicultural Books in Family Literacy Programs
" Drylongso, written by Virginia Hamilton and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney, is a bit longer picture book than most. The story of an African-American farm family living through a recent drought, Drylongso evokes old legends and folk heroes and makes history feel like a living, breathing part of our beings. If you've not read any books of Virginia Hamilton, considered by some to be our country's best children's author, this would be a wonderful place to start. Young girls especially will like the winsome character of Lindy. "
virginia_hamilton  jerry_pickney  book  book  reviews  reviews  Kirkus  children's  literature  environmental_disaster  science  drought  Drylongso  trade_book  teacher  multicultural  family  literacy_programs 
february 2012 by n2teaching
Jack Likes to Read | Front Cover | School book Read
Nedra wrote the story and took the pictures. This is a great little book.
jack  likes  to_read  front  school  book  to  read 
september 2011 by n2teaching
Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities » Putting our diagrams to work
"Our goal in writing Digital Habitats was to recognize and move forward the literacies that are involved in stewarding technology for communities. "
habitats  technology  digital  book  graphic_organizer  graphic  organizer 
july 2010 by n2teaching
Google Translate
Uqbarin discovery was due to the conjunction of a mirror and encyclopaedia. Peili hämmensi käytävän perukkaa Gaona-kadun maatalossa Ramos Mejiassa
Tlon  Uqbar  Orbis_Tertius  book  history  Jukka_Kemppinen 
february 2010 by n2teaching
LIAR » Home
"Liar by Justine Larbalestier is one of those books that you finish reading and then keep thinking about. Readers ask each other, “So what did you think it was about?”"

Responses will be accumulated and evaluated using WORDLE
liar  Justine_Larbalestier  book  reader  survey  Wordle  collection  literature  novel  janning 
january 2010 by n2teaching
Podcast: How To Become a Wealthy Author of Non-Fiction Books With Debbie Jenkins | The Creative Penn
"writing does not pay a full time income, but for some, it can be a path to wealth. I read “The Wealthy Author” a few weeks ago and thought it was full of fantastic tips for writers."
jenkins  debbie  book  writing  author 
december 2009 by n2teaching
10 Technology Enhanced Alternatives to Book Reports - TheApple.com
this is the tech version of the list of alternatives to essay format book report we've used for decades. Good ideas.

"Technology can help bring some excitement and creativity to the traditional book report while still displaying students understanding of reading."
reading  theapple.com  technology  differentiated_instruction  book_reports  books  resources  bookreview  reports  book 
july 2009 by n2teaching
Web English Teacher
What if we responded to reading with a 21st century twist? We could pique student interest and give kids a chance to show off reading, writing, and technology skills!

Here are some possibilities. Some integrate technology
technology  education  resources  english  writing  literature  teaching  languagearts  language  DIY  reading  library  book_review  book  review 
march 2009 by n2teaching
bookr :: pimpampum
a tool to create and make your own photo book
tools  flickr  photography  photos  mashup  album  book  books  bookr  DIY 
november 2008 by n2teaching
Wordle - CR2.0 project comments: Nov. 13-18, 2008
wordle contains the most frequently used 200 words of comments on CR2.0 project to improve access to professional development.
wordle  cr2.0  Ed_Tech_Trends  ed  technology  book  write  project  Tech  Trends 
november 2008 by n2teaching
View from Hubbert's Peak preface on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a wordle of the preface text of the 2005 book, View from Hubbert's Peak
WORDLE  View  from  Hubbert's  Peak  preface  oil  book 
november 2008 by n2teaching
IBM Research | IBM Research | Paul Keyser
Science accounts for more of the texts surviving from antiquity than any other sort of writing, and yet is rarely studied or even read because the texts are relatively hard to find in translation.\n\nMr. Keyser, with Georgia L. Irby-Massie, wrote the science source book: Greek Science of the Hellenistic Era: A Sourcebook w/ updated translations
Paul_Keyser  software_engineer  book  author  InnovationMatters  Ancient_Rome  GoogleEarth  resource  teaching  Georgia_Irby-Massie  IBM  science  Hellenist_Greek_Era  Ancient  Rome 
november 2008 by n2teaching
A Second Grade Teacher's Blog
blog about a new book called "The Shack"
book  blog  review 
october 2008 by n2teaching
Voting For A Book
studying about elections; books are surrogates for presidential candidates
election  candidate  book 
august 2008 by n2teaching
QN Web Extra | Mother Earth and Her Children
Learn how copyright issues affected Sieglinde Schoen Smith's new book, based on her interpretation of a 1906 German children's book of the same title.
One of the 2008 Growing Good Kids (sm) Excellence in Children's LIterature award
Mother  Earth  and  Her  Children  environment  mythology  fantasy  story  book  language  German  quilt  interpretation  copyright  American  Horticulture  Society  Jurnior  Master  Garden  Program  Growing  Good  Kids  News 
august 2008 by n2teaching
If Where A Tree
multiple award winning new book
science  children's  literature  If  I  Were  a  Tree  book  unique  environment  PBL  ecology 
august 2008 by n2teaching
Techlearning > > Making Flip Books to Improve Reading > August 1, 2008
These sixth graders use GarageBand, iTunes, and iMovies to make custom digital flip books. really they are learning reading fluency to make a podcast for their book that can be used in a 2nd grade class.
podcast  techlearning  reading  fluency  book  online  (reciprocal  teaching_learning) 
august 2008 by n2teaching
On the Same Day in March, Marilyn Singer, Frane Lessac | Scholastic.com
a book to add to your study of weather, phenology and the equinox; this one is about the Spring Equinox and what the day is like all over Earth
northern  hemisphere  southern  hemisphere  biologyscience  book  equinox  phenology  weather  Earth  equator 
june 2008 by n2teaching
Project SPOT
a variety of book studies available for educators and stakeholders to learn more about the evidence for particular concepts within education that share the evidence for success in education
book_study  spot  evidencebased  book  study 
may 2008 by n2teaching
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