So it turns out that kangaroos are what nightmares are made of
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22 hours ago
Informatics Professor: Is Medicine Precise Enough to Achieve Precision Medicine?
Furthermore, although we tend to think of gene sequencing as very precise, it turns out that it too has imprecision. Last year, a study of two commercial whole genome sequencing platforms found that medians of 9-17% of 56 genes recently identified as having potentially high clinical importance were not covered by sufficient numbers of repeated sequencing reads to achieve clinical grade variant detection [5]. While whole genome sequencing is likely to improve, and it is not the only way to assess genomic variation, these data show that even gene sequencing can be imprecise.
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4 days ago
AstraZeneca launches project to sequence 2 million genomes : Nature News & Comment
In all, the project should generate about 5 petabytes of data. “If you put 5 petabytes on DVDs, it would be four times the height of the Shard,” said Pangalos, referring to a nearly 301-metre London skyscraper. “If you wanted to put it on your iPod, it would take about 5,000 years to listen to it all.”
8 days ago
MeSH Linked Data (beta)
In my presentation at "Linked Data in Sweden" meeting I'll point to Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) RDF Linked Data
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9 days ago
John Lanchester · When Bitcoin Grows Up: What is Money? · LRB 21 April 2016
Blockchains could become merely a new technique to ensure the continuation of banking hegemony in its current form. That would be one of those final plot twists which leaves everybody thinking that although they enjoyed most of the show, the ending was so disappointing they now wish they hadn’t bothered. Or, along with peer-to-peer lending and mobile payments, they could have an impact as great as the new kind of banking introduced in Renaissance Italy. That would be more fun.
9 days ago
ERRT: Jodi Schneider | www.lis.illinois.edu
In this talk Schneider will present work in progress on both representation (a data model) and acquisition (an evidence curation pipeline). The data model has a reusable generic layer, provided by the Micropublications Ontology, as well as a domain-specific layer represented using the new Drug-drug Interaction and Drug-drug Interaction Evidence Ontology (DIDEO). She will discuss the motivation for this approach and possible implications for representing evidence from other biomedical domains. On the curation side, she will describe how the research team is hand-extracting knowledge claims and evidence from the primary research literature, case reports, and FDA-approved drug labels. This work has implications for ontology development, the design of curation pipelines, and improving medication safety.
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9 days ago
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