BBC - The Sound of Style
pepp på BBCs stora "The Sound of Style" om musik och mode som drar igång nu.
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2 days ago
HR trend 2: Fokuset på Varför | Tommie Cau
Agile People Sweden´s comperer HR trend 2: "Fokuset på Varför"
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2 days ago
The Posthuman Scar-Jo | The Los Angeles Review of Books
Contributor Sophia Nguyen on Scarlett Johansson and her posthuman roles in Her, Under The Skin, and Lucy.
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3 days ago
perma/tasks.py at develop · harvard-lil/perma · GitHub
interesting technique in - configure phantomjs to take a picture of a webpage through a warcprox instance
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4 days ago
The King Is Dead: Heidegger’s "Black Notebooks" | The Los Angeles Review of Books
Why would Martin Heidegger one of the most influential philosophers of the last century, embrace National Socialism?
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5 days ago
The Discovery of AIDS in Zambia | Wellcome Library
The Discovery of AIDS in Zambia | a new blog post on the Rev Dr Anne Bayley
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6 days ago
Leah Buley – UX as a Team Sport » UIE Brain Sparks
Leah Buley on how introducing UX theories & practices into larger teams gets everyone moving in the same direction.
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6 days ago
Alain de Botton on Twitter: "An invitation to stay up thinking late at night. Kersting, 1851. http://t.co/TAcfxfkjY6"
Science fiction today, the thinking part MT @alaindebotton: An invitation to stay up thinking late at night. Kersting
13 days ago
Colour: Colour Science for Python
Colour: Colour Science for Python
15 days ago
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