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Ouya | anmut und demut
Android ist eigentlich eine nette offene Plattform für Spiele. Und eine Hardware auf der man an Android-System laufen lassen kann, kann nicht soviel kosten. Also: Warum nicht eine kleine Konsole für wenig Geld bauen, die für eine wirklich offene Entwickle-Gemeinde eine Plattform bietet? Oder nochmal in kurz: Warum nicht eine eigene Konsole für Indie-Games bauen? Um die initialen Kosten für das Projekt tragen zu können, gab es ein überaus erfolgreiches Kickstarter-Projekt. 63,416 Menschen haben 8.596.474 Dollar vorgestreckt, um die Entwicklung zu ermöglichen.
ouya  android  spielekonsole  game 
july 2013 by mxmerz
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Quake 3 bots with AI stop fighting each other after long 4 years.
künstliche-intelligenz  bots  quake-3  game 
july 2013 by mxmerz
Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe | Math with Bad Drawings
Once at a picnic, I saw mathematicians crowding around the last game I would have expected: Tic-tac-toe.

As you may have discovered yourself, tic-tac-toe is terminally dull. There’s no room for creativity or insight. Good players always tie.
game  math  tictactoe  blog-todo 
june 2013 by mxmerz
Zwei Runden hab ich verloren. Tolles Spiel!
game  vier-gewinnt  online 
february 2013 by mxmerz
Pong Reborn - Imgur
Jemand hat die Pong-Schaltpläne ausgegraben und nachgebaut. Total verrückt. Das machen wir grade in Technische Informatik.
pong  game  arcade  computer  informatik  logic  logic-board  hardware  computer-science 
december 2012 by mxmerz
Lord of the Rings Drinking Game (Original)
Now for the official rules:
Everyone must have one drink whenever..
1. There's a close-up of the ring
2. Someone draws a sword
3. Someone speaks in elvish (the language of Mordor counts)
4. Merry and/or Pippin do/say something stupid
5. There's a gay look/line/implication between Frodo and Sam
6. Legolas says something poetic or looks off into the distance
7. Gandalf says something wise/mysterious
8. Someone speaks about the Strength of Men or Aragorn's bloodline/future.
9. Out of respect, when a character of importance passes away - SKULL.
10. Whenever Legolas does something kick-arse (can be judged by the participants)
11. Whenever Frodo falls over.
12. Whenever there is an Elf vs. Dwarf moment.
13. At the "Share the Load" moment in the last movie, the person with the least alcohol in their drinking vessel must skull that of the person with the most.
drinking-game  game  humor  alcohol  drugs  beer  shots  lord-of-the-rings  lotr 
december 2012 by mxmerz
Interesting. I tried some lemmas and I always ended up with Philosophy and Reality.
wikipedia  game 
august 2012 by mxmerz

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