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However, from time to time, you'll see temporary overload on your system. If you do messaging, this is going to be around sporting events or events like New Year's Eve. If you're a news site, it's gonna be when a big thing happens (Elections in the US, Royal baby in the UK, someone says they dislike French as a language in Quebec).
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november 2014 by mxmerz
Added highlight the result of testing. #179

Since Erlang R16 support coloring for console, I've added support of coloring for unit tests' results.

To turn on colors I've added options colored. For example:
eunit:test([test_module], [colored]).

Without this options eunit doesn't colored anything.
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february 2014 by mxmerz
When you somehow message the wrong process
"Hello, Mike"
"Hello. Yes, this is dog"
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june 2013 by mxmerz
Sharding /dev/null
Sehr witzig!
Joe: Okay. Tell you what. This is bullshit. If kids these days don’t want to use Erlang, which is the real “rock star tech” then fuck it. I’ll turn this video off and go home. Take my nine nines with me!
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april 2013 by mxmerz
Haskell vs. Erlang for bittorent clients
Interesting comparison. I will learn Haskell at my university and I went throught part of, so I now want to get an overview over both of the languages. Haskell definitely sounds very cool, but out of some irrational feeling, I like Erlang.
Interesting times lie ahead!
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september 2012 by mxmerz

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