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House of Cards, S02E11, about 25 minutes in. Gavin is tracking...
House of Cards, S02E11, about 25 minutes in. Gavin is tracking Stamper’s cell phone. Code makes sense: there is a loop that tracks the phone’s activity at every iteration and a “status” object that we don’t see but has a method (appropriately named “activityMonitorReturn”) that returns the activity when there is one. Neat.
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The Post-Hope Politics of ‘House of Cards’ -
The politicians in “House of Cards,” by contrast, are morally bankrupt and endlessly opportunistic. The show is no cri de coeur, but a cold dissection of the post-Obama (or post-the-Obama-many-hoped-they’d-elected), post-hope political landscape. It’s a vision of American government not as we wish it were, but as we secretly fear it is.
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Rabbithen comments on Why do you think we've gravitated towards shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and House of Cards, which showcase protagonists who are horrible people?
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I think a lot of it is sort of "competence porn". We enjoy stories where the hero is insanely good at what he does, especially when it comes to being smarter than other people. One thing a lot of these shows have in common is a web of lies and manipulation. We all have some fantasy of being able to control the people around us and always have situations unfold exactly as we planned, and there aren't a lot of ways to depict that fantasy in a story without it being evil, or at least very morally gray.
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