Analogue - Super Nt
A reimagining of perhaps the greatest video game system of all time. Engineered with an FPGA. No emulation. 1080p. Zero lag. Total accuracy. The Super Nt is not a plug n' play toy. It is the definitive way to explore Nintendo's 16-bit era. Compatible with the 2,200+ SNES and Super Famicom game cartridge library. Explore and re-live one of the greatest video game systems of all time with no compromises.
3 days ago
Palette Gear: Hands-on Control of your Favorite Software
Palette is a modular hardware device that provides creators with personalized control of any software.
15 days ago
Propel ML
Propel provides a GPU-backed numpy-like infrastructure for scientific computing in JavaScript. JavaScript is a fast, dynamic language which, we think, could act as an ideal workflow for scientific programmers of all sorts.
javascript  deep-learning 
4 weeks ago
a hardware-accelerated
machine intelligence
library for the web
javascript  deep-learning 
4 weeks ago
PocketSprite - Tiny Retro Gaming on your Keychain
The world’s smallest portable gaming device
5 weeks ago
The Book of Shaders
This is a gentle step-by-step guide through the abstract and complex universe of Fragment Shaders.
graphics  books 
6 weeks ago
Flow - A new class of motion design for mobile.
Import Sketch Designs. Make Animations. Export Dev-ready Code.
animation  design 
6 weeks ago
Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration.
6 weeks ago
Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, 2nd Ed.
The second edition of my wildly successful book on D3, data visualization, and coding for the web.
books  d3  dataviz 
6 weeks ago
Framer - Interactive Screen Design Tool
Design everything from detailed icons to high-fidelity interactions—all in one place.
design  animation 
6 weeks ago
No, really, what's a monad?
What follows is yet another attempt at explaining monads.
python  λ 
7 weeks ago
Tools and resources for naming things.
8 weeks ago
People of Programming Languages
An interview project in conjunction with POPL 2018
8 weeks ago
rr: lightweight recording & deterministic debugging
rr aspires to be your primary C/C++ debugging tool for Linux, replacing — well, enhancing — gdb. You record a failure once, then debug the recording, deterministically, as many times as you want. The same execution is replayed every time.
10 weeks ago
Front End Center — Screencasts for Web Professionals
Screencasts on the web platform for web professionals.
december 2017
Adaptive Capacity Labs
Incidents are encoded messages your system is sending you
about how it really works.

We help you decode them.
november 2017
Suburban Jungle (NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, & Dallas)
The Suburban Jungle is an award winning innovative concept in the world of real estate, specializing in moving families from urban to suburban… The firm created the first of its kind “town first” truly objective approach which helps buyers before they make one of the largest investments of their lives, allowing them to ask the right questions and objectively look in the right places.​
november 2017
Tips for First-Time Buyers - The New York Times
With the median price for a Manhattan apartment nearing the $1 million mark,
buying your first home can be a daunting task. And don’t forget to add in the fees.
november 2017
First-Time Home Buyers Who Did It on Their Own - The New York Times
Buying an apartment is a daunting task, particularly in a city like New York where even a shoe box can cost an eye-popping sum. Yet somehow, ordinary New Yorkers still manage to buy their own sliver of the city.
november 2017
PicketFencer - Find the perfect New York City suburb
PicketFencer searches over 600 NYC suburbs to help you find the perfect hometown. Just answer 5 quick questions and we’ll instantly send you a personalized town recommendation.
november 2017
How to Buy a Home - Real estate Guides - The New York Times
Buying a home can seem like a daunting process — it just may be the most expensive and emotionally charged purchase of your life. But with careful research and determination, the keys to that dream home can be yours. We’ll help you along your path toward homeownership.
november 2017
Amore - Minis - We "Love" Our Minis - Miniature Donkeys For Sale
Amore Mini's is a small miniature donkey farm in upstate New York. We are about 20 miles east of Syracuse.
november 2017
My VM is Lighter (and Safer) than your Container
Containers are in great demand because they are lightweight when compared to virtual machines. On the downside, containers offer weaker isolation than VMs, to the point where people run containers in virtual machines to achieve proper isolation. In this paper, we examine whether there is indeed a strict tradeoff between isolation (VMs) and efficiency (containers). We find that VMs can be as nimble as containers, as long as they are small and the toolstack is fast enough.
november 2017
Metaballs, not to be confused with meatballs, are organic looking squishy gooey blobs.
svg  css 
october 2017
The Docker Book
books  docker 
october 2017
The Terraform Book
A hands-on, introductory book about managing infrastructure with HashiCorp's Terraform tool. Start small and then build on what you learn to scale up to complex infrastructure. Written for both developers and sysadmins. Focuses on how to build, test and run infrastructure and applications with Terraform and integration with tools like Consul.
books  aws 
october 2017
[why] seed: resource leak bug
This is a set of readings seeded by

Viznut: The resource leak bug of our civilization

There are a lot of directions you can take this, and I ended up with a scattered cloud of things that felt resonant in some way. Most are short blog posts, or just excerpts that I've pasted into this email.
october 2017
A collection of solutions and tutorials for game developers
october 2017
Pharo MOOC: Live Object Programming in Pharo
If you are either a beginner or an expert in object-oriented programming, this MOOC will change the way you program with objects: come and learn or rediscover object-oriented programming with Pharo!

mooc  smalltalk  pharo  video 
october 2017
Production - Designing for Testability
Michael Bryzek explores what it’s like to build quality software with no development, QA, or staging environments. He includes a deep dive into “verification in production” and what it really takes to build software that can safely be tested continuously in production.
presentation  video 
october 2017
Open offices are overrated
If you work in an office, there's a good chance it's an open one. How did we get here? And why is it so bad?
october 2017
Essential C
Stanford CS Education Library: A 45 page summary of the C language. Explains all the common features and techniques for the C language. The coverage is pretty quick, so it is most appropriate for someone with some programming background who needs to see how C works. Topics include variables, int types, floating point types, promotion, truncation, operators, control structures (if, while, for), functions, value parameters, reference parameters, structs, pointers, arrays, the pre-processor, and the standard C library functions.
c  books 
october 2017
VCV - Open-source virtual Eurorack DAW
VCV Rack is the engine powering VCV modules. Add modules, connect cables, edit parameters, and save/load patches. Create generative patches with your mouse, perform with your MIDI keyboard controller, or connect it to your favorite DAW using the Rack Bridge VST/AU plugin (coming soon). In Rack, control voltages and audio signals are equivalent, so you can modulate parameters with sonic-range VCOs to create customizable FM synths or chaotic wave-shaping oscillators. If you already own a modular synthesizer, you can enhance your setup with an audio interface supporting CV signals (see [1] [2]) or a CV-MIDI-CV interface module with Rack's CV Interface (coming soon).
audio  music 
september 2017
Making the Jump: How Desktop-Era Frameworks Can Thrive on Mobile
How do tools that grew up on the desktop, like Ember, Angular and React, make the jump to the mobile future?

This post is adapted from my JSConf EU talk, given May 6, 2017 in Berlin.
ember  javascript  presentation 
august 2017
TrueOS | FreeBSD Desktop Operating System with ZFS - TrueOS
Safe, Secure, Modern OS
with the Reliability of OpenZFS
august 2017
SHADERS.XYZ - Sharing shading knowledge
SHADERS.XYZ is a forum created in an effort to unite all look-development nerds from the various render engines out there. The focus is on doing monthly material challenges whilst being as transparent as possible about your process. It’s all about learning from and sharing with like-minded people. To get started, choose a challenge. Start a habit, be one of the first to contribute!
august 2017
Mastering console.log()
Working with the developer tools most used console function
august 2017
radio(6) (man pages section 6: Demos)
radio– Radio Free Ethernet receiver
unix  manpage 
august 2017
Apple ARKit by Example – Mark Dawson
With the beta release of ARKit by Apple, I will be writing a series of articles working through a real world example integrating ARKit in iOS. Every time I publish a new part to this series I will update the links below.
swift  vr 
august 2017
Introduction · Linux Inside
A book-in-progress about the linux kernel and its insides.
The goal is simple - to share my modest knowledge about the insides of the linux kernel and help people who are interested in linux kernel insides, and other low-level subject matter.
books  linux 
august 2017
Jupyter Notebook Viewer
This notebook covers the basics of probability theory, with Python 3 implementations.
python  statistics 
august 2017
An Introduction to Statistical and Data Sciences via R
books  statistics 
august 2017
What to Know Before Debating Type Systems
I would be willing to place a bet that most computer programmers have, on multiple occasions, expressed an opinion about the desirability of certain kinds of type systems in programming languages. Contrary to popular conception, that’s a great thing! Programmers who care about their tools are the same programmers who care about their work, so I hope the debate rages on.
august 2017
Beautiful differentiation
Automatic differentiation (AD) is a precise, efficient, and convenient method for computing derivatives of functions. Its forward-mode implementation can be quite simple even when extended to compute all of the higher-order derivatives as well. The higher-dimensional case has also been tackled, though with extra complexity. This paper develops an implementation of higher-dimensional, higher-order, forward-mode AD in the extremely general and elegant setting of calculus on manifolds and derives that implementation from a simple and precise specification.

In order to motivate and discover the implementation, the paper poses the question “What does AD mean, independently of implementation?” An answer arises in the form of naturality of sampling a function and its derivative. Automatic differentiation flows out of this naturality condition, together with the chain rule. Graduating from first-order to higher-order AD corresponds to sampling all derivatives instead of just one. Next, the setting is expanded to arbitrary vector spaces, in which derivative values are linear maps. The specification of AD adapts to this elegant and very general setting, which even simplifies the development.
august 2017
It is as if you were doing work
The robots are here! No more work! It’s great! Is it great?! Wait! You feel apathetic and unproductive! You miss clicking buttons! You miss waiting for progress bars! You miss checkboxes! You miss work! But it’s going to be okay! Use this handy application and it is as if you were doing work!
games  art 
july 2017
july 2017
Emacs as the Ultimate LaTeX Editor
Everyone knows, that GNU Emacs is THE Best Programmer’s Editor. Not everyone knows, though, that when you combine it with AUCTeX macros, it also becomes THE Best Editor for LaTeX.
emacs  LaTeX 
july 2017
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