Making the Jump: How Desktop-Era Frameworks Can Thrive on Mobile
How do tools that grew up on the desktop, like Ember, Angular and React, make the jump to the mobile future?

This post is adapted from my JSConf EU talk, given May 6, 2017 in Berlin.
ember  javascript  presentation 
20 days ago
TrueOS | FreeBSD Desktop Operating System with ZFS - TrueOS
Safe, Secure, Modern OS
with the Reliability of OpenZFS
4 weeks ago
SHADERS.XYZ - Sharing shading knowledge
SHADERS.XYZ is a forum created in an effort to unite all look-development nerds from the various render engines out there. The focus is on doing monthly material challenges whilst being as transparent as possible about your process. It’s all about learning from and sharing with like-minded people. To get started, choose a challenge. Start a habit, be one of the first to contribute!
5 weeks ago
Mastering console.log()
Working with the developer tools most used console function
5 weeks ago
radio(6) (man pages section 6: Demos)
radio– Radio Free Ethernet receiver
unix  manpage 
5 weeks ago
Apple ARKit by Example – Mark Dawson
With the beta release of ARKit by Apple, I will be writing a series of articles working through a real world example integrating ARKit in iOS. Every time I publish a new part to this series I will update the links below.
swift  vr 
5 weeks ago
Introduction · Linux Inside
A book-in-progress about the linux kernel and its insides.
The goal is simple - to share my modest knowledge about the insides of the linux kernel and help people who are interested in linux kernel insides, and other low-level subject matter.
book  linux 
6 weeks ago
Jupyter Notebook Viewer
This notebook covers the basics of probability theory, with Python 3 implementations.
python  statistics 
6 weeks ago
An Introduction to Statistical and Data Sciences via R
book  statistics 
6 weeks ago
What to Know Before Debating Type Systems
I would be willing to place a bet that most computer programmers have, on multiple occasions, expressed an opinion about the desirability of certain kinds of type systems in programming languages. Contrary to popular conception, that’s a great thing! Programmers who care about their tools are the same programmers who care about their work, so I hope the debate rages on.
6 weeks ago
Beautiful differentiation
Automatic differentiation (AD) is a precise, efficient, and convenient method for computing derivatives of functions. Its forward-mode implementation can be quite simple even when extended to compute all of the higher-order derivatives as well. The higher-dimensional case has also been tackled, though with extra complexity. This paper develops an implementation of higher-dimensional, higher-order, forward-mode AD in the extremely general and elegant setting of calculus on manifolds and derives that implementation from a simple and precise specification.

In order to motivate and discover the implementation, the paper poses the question “What does AD mean, independently of implementation?” An answer arises in the form of naturality of sampling a function and its derivative. Automatic differentiation flows out of this naturality condition, together with the chain rule. Graduating from first-order to higher-order AD corresponds to sampling all derivatives instead of just one. Next, the setting is expanded to arbitrary vector spaces, in which derivative values are linear maps. The specification of AD adapts to this elegant and very general setting, which even simplifies the development.
6 weeks ago
It is as if you were doing work
The robots are here! No more work! It’s great! Is it great?! Wait! You feel apathetic and unproductive! You miss clicking buttons! You miss waiting for progress bars! You miss checkboxes! You miss work! But it’s going to be okay! Use this handy application and it is as if you were doing work!
games  art 
7 weeks ago
7 weeks ago
Emacs as the Ultimate LaTeX Editor
Everyone knows, that GNU Emacs is THE Best Programmer’s Editor. Not everyone knows, though, that when you combine it with AUCTeX macros, it also becomes THE Best Editor for LaTeX.
emacs  LaTeX 
8 weeks ago
How to GraphQL - The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL
The free and open-source tutorial to learn all around GraphQL to go from zero to production.
9 weeks ago
Run arbitrary commands when files change
9 weeks ago
Upcase by thoughtbot | Learn Web Development Online
We turn junior developers into ass-kicking name takers. We're not a bootcamp, we're a finishing school.
11 weeks ago
Standard Ebooks: Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover.
Free and liberated ebooks,
carefully produced for the true book lover.
june 2017
What does a VP of Engineering do, again?
Success here means that teams accelerate even as technical complexity is added.
june 2017
Here's how to design ecommerce CTAs that convert - InVision Blog
One of the core principles of good UX design is that every page should have a single primary purpose. If you can’t answer the question “What is the one thing you want the user to do on this page?” then you can probably improve its effectiveness.
design  ux 
june 2017
Listen and create ambient sounds easily
Listen to relaxing music, ambient atmospheres and astonishing sound effects. Just click on an image below to start chilling. If you want, you can even create your own atmospheric sound mix, online and for free. Every audio template can be easily edited for your own needs. Here is a short video explaining some of our features.
music  audio 
may 2017
AUCTeX - Sophisticated document creation
AUCTEX is an extensible package for writing and formatting TEX files in GNU Emacs and XEmacs. It supports many different TEX macro packages, including AMS-TEX, LATEX, Texinfo, ConTEXt, and docTEX (dtx files).
AUCTEX includes preview-latex which makes LATEX a tightly integrated component of your editing workflow by visualizing selected source chunks (such as single formulas or graphics) directly as images in the source buffer.
emacs  LaTeX 
may 2017
Gstreamer cheat sheet
This page contains various shortcuts to achieving specific functionality using Gstreamer. These functionalities are mostly related to my Digital Video Transmission experiments.
may 2017
Competitive Programmer's Handbook
The purpose of this book is to give the reader a thorough introduction to competitive programming. The book is especially intended for students who want to learn algorithms and possibly participate in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) or in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).
book  algorithms 
april 2017
Increment: On-Call
Increment is dedicated to covering how teams build and operate software systems at scale, one issue at a time. In this, our inaugural issue, we focus on industry best practices around on-call and incident response.
april 2017
Flourish | Data Visualisation & Storytelling
Flourish allows anyone to create stunning visuals and stories to understand and explain data.
data  dataviz 
april 2017
A Better RETURN for Org
If you’re in a bullet list, for example, you can type Meta+Return (or is it Ctrl+Return? I always get it wrong) at the end of an item to automatically begin another list item. Kitchin’s code allows you to just type return and it will do the right thing. It’s return-dwim. A double Return will end the structuring and do what a normal Return does now.
april 2017
Telnet BBS Guide
The Telnet BBS Guide is the largest active listing of Dial-Up and Telnet accessible Bulletin Board Systems on the Internet! We list a total of 395 BBS and related systems with brief and detailed descriptions and a downloadable text-version listing suitable for listing on your BBS or for as a download for others to view and use.
april 2017
International Dark Sky Parks
An IDA International Dark Sky Park (IDSP) is a land possessing an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and a nocturnal environment that is specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, cultural heritage, and/or public enjoyment. The land may be publicly owned, or privately owned provided that the landowner(s) consent to the right of permanent, ongoing public access to specific areas included in the IDA designation.
april 2017
Learn TLA+
TLA is a formal specification language. It’s a tool to design systems and algorithms, then programmatically verify those systems don’t have critical bugs. It’s the software equivalent of a blueprint.
march 2017
Sci-Tech Awards | Oscars.org | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards honor the men, women and companies whose discoveries and innovations have contributed in significant and lasting ways to motion pictures. Honorees are celebrated at a formal dinner held two weeks prior to the Oscar ceremony. The Sci-Tech Awards presentation has become a highlight of the Academy Awards season.
february 2017
The Extempore programming environment — Extempore 0.7.0 documentation
Welcome to Extempore’s documentation site. It’s a work in progress—up till now things have been hosted on Ben’s blog but this is an attempt to do things right, using Sphinx.
lisp  scheme 
february 2017
GStreamer: open source multimedia framework
GStreamer is a library for constructing graphs of media-handling components. The applications it supports range from simple Ogg/Vorbis playback, audio/video streaming to complex audio (mixing) and video (non-linear editing) processing.
february 2017
Facebook Live API - Video
A fun, powerful way to connect with your followers and create new ones along the way.
february 2017
This document was originally written for real text terminals which were like monitors (with keyboards), but could only display text with a command line interface (no pictures). They were widely used to access mainframe computers in the late 1970's and 1980's but use of them declined in the 1990's and they are seldom used anymore. However much of this howto also applies to command-line interfaces on Linux PC's which are in wide use today. It's not about the user programs one might run on the command line, but about setting up, managing, and understanding the interface itself Such as using a monitor as a virtual (text-only) console, using a text-window in a GUI such as xterm, connecting to a remote computer over a network via ssh, telnet, etc., or even using software on another PC to turn it into a serial-port text-terminal. All these 4 methods are known as "text-terminal emulation". But unfortunately, the main emphasis in this howto is real text terminals and the coverage of emulation is inadequate for the first 3 methods of emulation mentioned above. The Keyboard-and-Console-HOWTO filled much this gap but it was written for Linux 2.0 and now needs rewriting (or merging into this Text-Terminal howto). A new author is needed that has time to do all this. For the seldom used real text-terminals, it explains how they work, explains how to install and configure them, and provides some info on how to repair them. This HOWTO also provides a brief overview of modern GUI terminals.
february 2017
The Termcap Library
Termcap is a library and data base that enables programs to use display terminals in a terminal-independent manner. It originated in Berkeley Unix.
books  unix 
february 2017
Mastering Bash and Terminal | blockloop.io
If there is one tool that every developer uses regardless of language, platform, or framework it's the terminal. If we are not compiling code, executing git commands, or scp-ing ssl certificates to some remote server, we are finding a new version of cowsay to entertain ourselves while we wait on one of the former. As much as we use the terminal it is important that we are efficient with it. Here are some ways I make my time in the terminal efficient and effective.
january 2017
Red Blob Games 
I explore visual and interactive ways of explaining math and computer algorithms, especially those used in computer games. Whereas many MOOCs are exploring a classroom style of learning with videos and assignments, I’m instead exploring an on-demand style of learning single topics with text, hypertext, and interactive diagrams. I want to learn by playing with things. Interactive essays:
january 2017
PagerDuty Incident Response Documentation
This documentation covers parts of the PagerDuty Incident Response process. It is a cut-down version of our internal documentation, used at PagerDuty for any major incidents, and to prepare new employees for on-call responsibilities. It provides information not only on preparing for an incident, but also what to do during and after. It is intended to be used by on-call practitioners and those involved in an operational incident response process (or those wishing to enact a formal incident response process). See the about page for more information on what this documentation is and why it exists.
january 2017
Errors by Gerald M. Weinberg
Errors drive us crazy. Computers can reduce errors, but in a minute can multiply a single error a million times. To use a computer successfully, you need to know more about errors than you ever imagined.
january 2017
Front-end Style Guides
Creating and Maintaining Style Guides for Websites
january 2017
Jiro Ono and Rene Redzepi Have a Cup of Tea
Jiro Ono (who Dreams of Sushi) and René Redzepi (who is probably the current Best Chef in the World™) sit down for a cup of tea and a chat.
food  video 
december 2016
Unity C# Tutorials
These tutorials teach you about C# scripting for Unity. The tutorials build on one another, introducing new programming concepts, math, algorithms, and Unity features. They will be useful to you, whether you're brand new to scripting or an experienced developer.

The tutorials are all written, not videos. They are enhanced with plenty of screenshots and diagrams. Recent tutorials also contain short animations.
december 2016
Unscii - a bitmapped Unicode font for blocky graphics
Unscii is a set of bitmapped Unicode fonts based on classic system fonts. Unscii attempts to support character cell art well while also being suitable for terminal and programming use.
december 2016
An Analysis of Skip Lists
The Skip List[1] is a probabilistic data structure that has the same average case asymptotic performance as more complex data structures such as AVL trees, balanced trees, etc. on average. The following is a hopefully more understandable probabilistic analysis, curated from various sources.
december 2016
Skip Lists: Done Right
In short, skip lists are a linked-list-like structure which allows for fast search. It consists of a base list holding the elements, together with a tower of lists maintaining a linked hierarchy of subsequences, each skipping over fewer elements.
december 2016
Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes
Lessons learned from three container-management systems over a decade
december 2016
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